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  1. With the addition of Infection mode, this might be fixed.
  2. I wonder if the Kurki Knife will be used in assassinations? Also I think its on the wrong side.
  3. L0rd_Kanti


    added i usually have time to get on late during the weekdays
  4. Some Background Info: We are a Halo Warsim that dates back to Halo 2, over the years we have tuned our craft, as we have played through Halo 3, Reach, 4 and MCC. Now in Halo 5 we are in the middle of a war, and are looking to recruit more members to participate in our War Simulation events. What We Do: On our War Sim events we divide up into two factions, simply named REDD and BLUE, who fight over control of various maps in Halo 5. Members in each faction are put into a number of squads who practice and compete together each weekend in Battle Nights, as well as other weekly events including matchmaking, practices, scrimmages, customs nights, and skirmishes. Overview of Battle Nights: These are our primary events and the highlight of the War Simulation. Every week, each faction chooses a map controlled by the enemies to attack, and the Battles occur on either Saturday or Sunday at 6:00 PM EDT. Those who attend are grouped into teams and face off against those from the opposing faction, aiming for wins in order to help their faction win the map. Each map has numerous games played on it, with 8v8 maps generally being best of 9 and 4v4 maps being best of 15, though this is adjusted based on attendance. After each Battle Night, the warmap is updated and the cycle begins anew. For those curious this is the current Warmap:http://puu.sh/o6rC8/5925f92509.jpg (there's other things which I'm not explaining as they get a bit complex, but there's an "Auxiliary Battle" system that works similar to RISK also at play, which is what the small squares and circles are for) The ultimate Goal of each army to reach the opposing Capital and capture it, ending the war. It does go deeper than that though, if you're curious about anything or want to know more, just ask. What we are looking for in our recruits: Able to be respectful (we don't want ***) Active in Halo 5 Sense of competitiveness We do ask you be at least older than 15 if you wish to join (those under 15 can join once we verify that you're mature enough) After enlisting in a faction, everyone has to go through a "bootcamp" where we explain the community rules and such What else can we do in Forerunner Conflict? In truth Forerunner Conflict has always been member-run, meaning “Forerunner Conflict is what you put into it." The main feature is the War Simulation and Battle Nights, but there are numerous other events hosted weekly by members and open to anyone. We have a leadership of members that have been dubbed the "War Council" and is made up of representatives from each army and a few neutral members as well. Our current leadership is as followers: REDD - Field Marshal Solus Exsequor Lieutenant General L0rd Kanti Major General WTFRaptor BLUE - Field Marshal Metkil5685 General GuzzieStyle Brigadier General Silko10 If you are interested or have questions feel free to message me in this thread. Also if you wish to get a feel on how we run our battle nights before joining, we can get you involved in our Scrimmages held the day before battles each week.
  5. ooo Man im excited to see what comes from this, Fallout is one of my favorite Game series.
  6. Oh man a Transport Hog would be sick, imagine if you could fit 2-3 in the back. All with The Answer.....heheheh
  7. I got the Pistol Skin, I still however prefer the Boomco (wish it was red like the one I have IRL) but Lone Wolf remains my Favorite still.
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    Hi, New to the site, been playing Halo since the beginning. Just got back into Halo 5 a few months ago. Really enjoying the direction 343 is taking Halo in.
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