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  1. run its slendman!!!!

  2. Dude, can I be unbanned now? It's been like a month or 2

    1. Absolute Dog

      Absolute Dog

      Public posts do not help. Message the moderator who banned you, a site mod or Twam.

    2. Slenderman


      Who banned me though?

    3. TuckerRvB


      One of the moderators. At the rules page you can find the email you need to send to help you get unbanned


  3. Need an idea for my new Minecraft server. What should it be?

    1. Spyro


      If it's on 360, I say a hardcore survival mode. Meaning only killing, no block breaking. If it's on PC, then Tekkit's always good.

    2. skummgummigubbe


      you and me can start a xbox minecraft server together, i can run the server :P


    3. Azaxx


      If on PC. Have the MLP mod

  4. Really? Just playn in the shoutbox

    1. Azaxx


      You have to watch what you say remember

    2. Spectral Jester

      Spectral Jester

      Not like you haven't been warned before. Have to use one of your other accounts then eh?

    3. SykoWolf
  5. Im gonna start when I have more views and to get more views I need more videos. Catch-22!!!!
  6. I got a series I'm gonna put up where I go through all the Spartan Ops episodes for now on, on legendary solo! Videos will be uploaded Hopefully on Tuesdays or Wednesday at 4:00 p.m. Here is a video of one of my episodes. Good thing there is no "Iron Skull" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHNBqNDpMPI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8KJxUqtBX8 If you guys are interested be sure to subscribe and drop me a like and a comment
  7. Beat Minecraft today and now installing Windows 8 on a seperate partition

  8. Just me making my point about how net equally is pathetic little lie in the shoutbox. :D

  9. Thanks to xJumPeR_JumPzZ for posting a ad off the German Xbox 360 Dashboard. On it, it shows 3 dates for the upcoming maps: Crimson MapPack = December 10 | Majestic MapPack = February 25 | Castle MapPack = April 1. Now this could be false, a error etc. since none of this has been confirmed by 343 Industries themselves. Don’t forget to order your season pass now nonetheless. Source: http://www.halocounc...packs-announced
  10. Maybe a Dyson Sphere like how Requiem or Onyx is.
  11. Just uploaded 2 new videos. Airlock vent easter egg & out of Composer. Visit my channel. Like Favorite & Subscribe http://www.youtube.com/user/thefailureoftheweek?feature=mhee

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