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  1. So the rich get richer and the poor get poorer eh? This is a bad idea, plus if I wanted to play CoD I would play CoD, but this is Halo and I want to play Halo! That being said I do agree with you talking about the randomness of ordiances. It may just be me, but I almost never get power weapons, and always seem to see the winning team with them, but that might just be the rage talking XD. I disagree with having the duel ordinance setup. This would create a gap between the winning/losing team so that the losing team never gets power weapons that could help them make a come back, whereas the winning team will secure their win within the first few minutes of play! In the end though the key issue here is how random the drops seem to be! Also it would be nice to have control over what ordiance call in's people can use on maps/game type settings, but that might just be me.
  2. I honestly hate player made maps, usually. Now when I say player made I mean maps that I have seen in halo reach. As far as I have seen on Halo 4 the player made maps that have been introduced into Halo 4 match making are pretty strait forward and easy to understand. Also though they are pretty much the same as the dev maps. Small circle with paths leading from one end of the circle to the other, I.E. boring and done to death in Halo 4. I miss Asymetrical maps, but I also miss the vehicles and missing game types that got removed from previous halos but that aside I was actually wondering how you even submit a map to 343? I know with bungie it was worse than trying to get a job! With bungie you had to get X amount of downloads, X amount of players contacting them and recomending your map, map had to be reveiwed by bungie employees and recomended, then it had to be examined by bungie, and beta tested, and after all that you might get your map put on match making, but even then it's iffy...it's more like this though > :wallbash:
  3. I totally agree with this! I can do O.K. with a needler, assuming the map does not operate on distance, which like 90% of them do, so most of the drops are useless because of the DMR being the new version of the Halo 1 pistol. Also adding CoD streak system?! Are you high?! By far one of the worst system's implimented in a game and you want it on other games! CoD is very anti Noob due to the fact that it requires you to die and die and die just to unlock upgrades, whereas Halo, though veterans have advantages, they're not so damning as they are in CoD. Also instead of adding stuff like what CoD has they should bring back vehicles that were removed, such as the hornet, Chopper(though somewhat out of place without the game having brutes), Spectre. Honestly the game feels a bit light on vehicles and even lighter on matchmaking using them. I really agree with the hit box issue. Considering I have missed people with plasmas and then the grenade suddenly appears on their body, but that might be more of a lag issue than hit box. Also have gotten head shots and I am pretty sure I missed What needs to be fixed is vehicle defense! Two grenades to take out a ghost! By then the driver would get about 4-5 kills! Also not standardizing it. For example the more nimble, but less armored vehicles(basing that on the look of them)such as the mongoose and ghost should only take one grenade(stuck to the vehicle)to take down, whereas the slower more armored vehicles such as worthogs, spectre(if they ever did add it) etc... should take two sticks. Also having damage depend on location of the stick to the vehicle would be great. For example sticking the back of the worthog,where the gas cans are hanging, should do more damage to the vehicle. I honestly wish they wouldn't remove things from prior games. They don't have to use them, but giving custom game makers and forgers the ability to use things such as power ups, custom power ups in conjunction with the physics and abilities of Halo 4, would be amazing and show exactly how dynamic games can be. I think they could add that in if they choose to since microsoft now owns the rights to Halo. Next thing... fix the light sheild! While it's out I can't regen my sheild, nor do I have protection from splatters, this makes it one of the most useless abilities, in my opinion! If nothing else it would be great to have it use its power to stun a oncoming vehicle, think lock down from reach, but instead of being invulnerable just have it on the front. Now I have used it to protect a flag carrier from gun fire, but that is a really specific scenario to use it in. remakes of maps are frowned upon but I don't know why! At least remake the more popular maps like Zanzibar, blood gulch, Sidewinder etc... All this being said I still like Halo 4, but I feel it could've been so much more! Especially with forge.
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    Thank you! I've been on here for about a week already, but just now getting to doing the whole intro thing
  5. Title: Minotaur Description: Mintaur is a very slow moving flood that is given a mantis to hunt down the invaders of his maze! The invaders have 3 skills, cloak, pro vision, and hologram, to use in their survival attempt! The objective is not to kill, but to survive! The Minotaur is invulnerable, the mantis is the same, and the invaders cannot hijack it either. The invaders do have plasma pistols for those, oh crap, moments! That being said the time limit for this game type is 10 minutes. scoring: Minotaur gets 5 pts per kill, invaders get 25 points for surviving the entire time, last man standing gets 10 points for being last man standing(only reason I put this in is because I cannot remove the waypoint over last man standing/Flag carriers!) Suggested players: more the better Requirements: custom made mazes that fit the mantis and has the flood spawn near it. This game type isn't very good on generic maps due generic game mechanics. Title: Hide & Seek Description: It's hide & seek! The seeker is a flood that moves fast and is looking for you! Players have laser based weapons to get the seeker's attention, but the seeker is invulnerable. The weapons are to draw attention off of one of your allies or just for fun to annoy the seeker. This game and Minotaur are very similar, in concept, except this game type can be played on any level. Also feel free to tweek this game type based on what map your playing, how many people you have playing etc... Default is 5 minute long rounds. Bigger maps you may want to raise that and vice versa for smaller maps. Also there is no vechicle usage, lets face it a big worthog will kinda give you away! Scoring: survivers get 10 points(same with last man standing), if the seeker finds everyone, which once it hits last man standing he will inevitably find him, seeker gets 10 points. Feel free to tweek this also. Suggested players: more the better, I would say don't use large maps for only a few people though, but even then it could be fun! Requirements: None really. This is a game type for any map. Title: Joust Description: This his fast moving high flying chaos! Originally this was made using swords, but players just bounce off of each other! So instead I use shotguns! Originally this was to train myself, and friends, to hit fast moving targets with plasmas and practice with shotguns, but then it grew into a very fun slayer game type! It's simple kill each other, but unlike traditional slayer melee and assassinations give giant rewards! Also if you stick a player it gives more points! Each player has a waypoint over their head, its so chaotic that the waypoint is required for players to keep a grasp at high speeds. Also there is high jumps! In a bad situation? Then jump out of the way! However, jumping has it's draw backs. You are falling and people can wait for you to land, also every second your not in the chaos someone else is getting kills! And I do mean every second! Scoring: 15 for kills, 20 for sticks and melee, and a wooping 50 for a assassination! 600 is the winning score! Suggested players: Unlike the other two this is a great game type even if its just two players! But the more you have, the more chaos, the more fun! Requirements: None, but I highly recommend that large maps are used for this game type, as small ones and those with a lot of death traps can get annoying. All 3 of these game types and the required minotaur map are on my fileshare! Feel free to check them out. Even though I honestly like the idea of hide & seek/minotaur the most, I recommend Joust for it being the most versitle! Most importantly though I hope everyone enjoys these game types and maps that I've made! If they remove those blasted waypoints from last man/flag carrier I can make a lot more game types! Also I am going to ask this, anyone miss the game type assult?!
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    I'm Adensem, I play video games to have fun. If your game's not fun I don't play it. I don't care what system it's on or anything like that. If a game stops being fun I stop playing it. Loyalty? Video games aren't that important. That aside I'm 28, 29 in October, work for a play that makes motherboards, wife works for netflix and she is by far the 2nd best thing in my life! I like the weird stuff in games. "That's absurd!" Is what I usually like to see in a game/do in a game.
  7. honestly, I agree with Zelda, for the most part. I do admit some of the kills/deaths look fishy. I had a guy shot through a wall and kill me. On the Kill cam, which I know is unreliable, but his ridicule was shaky at best during his shot to my head(swat was the gametype), but I reviewed the reply and the shot went through the wall. It could be a lag issue and he did hit me, but due to lag it registered late, I don't know, but H4 is a very solid title. Honestly I only have a few complaints, maps are an issue since they are all the same design, including the originals, they are a circle with paths in the center. They adore their symmetry, but asymmetric maps have their uses too. I honestly prefer asymmetric CTF maps and symmetric for slayer and oddball. That being said H4 had the best story, and has a side story, in spartan ops! That alone is awesome, to me. Did they drop the ball on multiplayer? I don't think so, since they are having the same issues all FPS's have, lag, cheaters(I assume), and before I get rage replies, halo 1,2,3,ODST,Reach,4, also I really miss Chiron, the most hated H1 map! I loved playing cloaked shotguns on it! Anyway I personally would love to see remakes of other halo maps and I don't mean a few I mean like all of them! I know they really can't but it would be great to see Zanzibar, blood gulch/hemorrhage, boarding action, Terminal etc... That being said they gave us the resources to make our own maps and it's decent, not amazing, but I have seen... well honestly total crap. I keep seeing player made maps that look like either art projects or as if they were made symmetrical and tiny. Nothing out of the norm just another symmetrical slayer map with an, oh by the way we can play objective on here, but it wasn't made for it as seen by the poor objective placement and lack of anything that resembles a base. Now dev made maps suffer from similar issue. For example CTF on Exile doesn't make sense. Both flags are outside of perfectly good bases, and there are several maps that look great, but I honestly never see them in the match making. And yes I play several different match making mixing CTF, Objective, BTB, Slayer, SWAT, and sometimes action sack. Zombie if I am bored of the others/low population. The maps are good, though repetitive, but some of the placements feel off and even aggravating. All this being said I still feel the maps aren't bad, but they aren't great either. The difference is the maps all have potential. EDIT: grammar and spelling.
  8. O.K Just a heads up if anyone has downloaded this and the ordiances dropped right through the floor, its fixed now and if you want you can re download the map, or just go into forge, lift the ordiance drops a few feet up and set the physics from normal to fixed or phase. I have no clue as to why normal physics shots it through the floor but meh. Also I may be making a blank version for my new gametype Minotaur. Basically take out all the cover that is currently within the hallways and change ordiances to plasma pistal(part of the minotaur gametype requirements). Also for those wondering wtf minotaur gametype is, it is a larger version of my Hide & Seek gametype that uses a mantis(minotaur) that is invulnerable and seeks out the intruders to his maze! As the intruder you get 3 powers, cloak, pro vision, and halogram! Using your tools and your wits, and probably your plasma pistol in during those oh crap moments you have to survive for 10 minutes! Though the time may change depending on how people feel about the length of the matches. Also I highly encourage others to make maze maps for this gametype, if you feel like doing so!
  9. I have another map for Halo 4! This time it's a tribute to that yellow round guy, Pac-Man! Pac Attack was modeled after the 1st level of the maze game. Now you can know how it feels to be pac man from a first person stand point! Initially I was going to make a custom gametype to go along with this map, but that fell by the wayside. Though I have the map set to be played with slayer, oddball, KOTH, CTF, and had plans to do domination, but I felt it would be a bit much. Title: Pac Attack Description: 1st level of pac-man just a side note the image is a little out dated! The blue team's initial spawns were moved more North then where they in the picture due to balancing issues with objective matches. WARNING: As I stated with my previous map, this has not been fully tested! I don't expect to many issues because this is a much smaller map than Castle storm 3.0 and pretty simple setup. I do already know that one corner of the map, and I do mean very tip of the corner, is considered a soft kill zone(built into the level not by choice!)There is nothing I can do about that, short of moving the entire map over a few feet, which seems excessive for a small issue that I doubt will ever become a problem in game. Also so nobody freaks out when they play it the first time I had to remove the grids that are on top of the map to take the above picture. The grid gives it a more digital feel. I only have one photo because its friggin pacman! There isn't much to show that most people don't already know/remember! I added some small blocks and debris for cover. Before I did it was just a maze with 4 giant sniper alleys, which would've made the matches a bit annoying. CQC will dominate here. Also where the "power pellets" would be are energy swords. Originally I was going to have custom power ups, like those in halo reach, but as soon as I realized we were denied those in Halo 4 I adjusted the map to have this instead, hopefully you all enjoy this new map! Remember the best way to download my maps/gametypes is to search for my gamertag>fileshare>download whatever you're looking for! COMING SOON: Two gametypes will be put onto my file share 1. Joust- a high speed, high flying FFA with shot guns, grenades and a lot of cursing from your friends! 2. Hide & Seek-Everyone has played this as a child! Now play it as a spartan, and flood! Use your knowledge of the various maps and their nooks and crannies to hide until your the last hider! I hope you all enjoy my maps and the upcoming gametypes!
  10. A good game entertains the masses, but a great game will give them war stories! In Halo Reach I snuck into the enemy base, grabbed their flag, and ran behind a parked worthog awaiting a driver. I saw a enemy coming near the worthog, I hopped into the worthog and yelled into my mic "GET INTO THE HOG AND GET ME TO THE ENEMY BASE!" He immediately jumps into the driver's seat and starts to drive! As he does I hear over his mic an explosion of cursing and rage at the fact that he was driving his enemy to the enemy base with his own flag! He figured it out right about the time we got to the front door of my base. I thanked him by giving him a close up of the flag pole's hilt. Afterwards I hopped up and victoriously planted the flag. Now enough of my war stories! Do any of you have any you would like to share?! I'm sure you do.
  11. I have been making maps for awhile, but haven't really published anything. I mainly make maps for my halo parties(lan parties). The map I am introducing today is called Castle Storm 3.0. It is a Asymetrical map with two giant castles. This is a BTB map, focused on slayer/objective only. Primarily CTF. This map is gigantic by the average map size for Halo 4. With that and the limitations in mind, it does not have as much cover as I wanted it to have, however I think it has enough for what it is. A map with every vechicle in the game and enough vechiles for every player! This map boasts a mantis, scorpion, wraith, two mongooses, two ghosts, three banshees at each base! This is not a fast paced run in and kill map! This is setup for strategic attacks and without good teamwork and strategy your team will fall and your castle will be taken over! The following pictures will show what the general design of the map and some of the highlights. I also have a tour video on my fileshare. Easiest way to find it is to put in my gamer tag, Adensem, in the search box. Title:Castle Storm: Overview Description: An overview of the entire map! Looks so small from this 20 mile up, or at least it felt like it considering how long it took for my camera to fly up that high to get the shot! Title: Castle Storm 3.0:side view Description: The entire map from a side view, well about 99% of the map from a side view. I got tired of flying out to fit it all. Title: Armory Description: back of the armory where the heavy vechicles are stored. Inside is where the smaller vechicles are stored. Highly recommended to gain vechicle dominance over your opponent! Title: Exterior of Blue Base Description: Due to Blue base being on the lower island they have been given more cover from sniper fire. Both bases have duel level paraphats, weapons within the bases, two chain guns on the two front guard towers, however blue base has a 3rd turrent within their scout towers, again to even out the fact that they are at a great height disadvantage! Also unlike Red base their landing pad for the 3 banshees is lowered to prevent their destruction from long range shots from DMR and sniper rifle fire! Title: The Bridge Description: This is the choke point of the map! This is the kill box, this is where the carnage will unfold! Going on foot isn't the best idea, however those that are brave enough to do so will be rewarded! Or those who are smart enough to grab a fast vechicle and grab the surprise in the center. Also it is rumored that there is a hidden turrent in the center that can destroy any air dominance that either side may have! How to get there though?! Title: Red base exterior Description: This is the red base exterior! Though they are different than blue base's exterior it balanced by it's height superiority! From the top of the guard towers a sniper can shot all the way into Blue base! This being said I made sure blue base had plenty of cover outside their base to abstruct sniper fire! Due to limitations of forge I was unable to put in as much outside of Red base, however I somehow felt it was for the best anyway since red has a large height advantage. Their scout tower is obviously not as defendable, however to even get a line of sight on the bunker blue has to get to the very top of the bridge! This being the case I felt that Red should have a less defendable position. The castles are identical, aside from the banshe landing pads! Title: Red Base Interior Description: See Blue Base Interior, just joking, but they are pretty much identical! Armory below, ramps, paraphats, guard towers with two mounted chain guns/sniper rifles, banshee pad with 3 banshees on it. There really isn't much to say beyond that. WARNING!!! This map has had very little testing done to it! I have tried to prepare for any and every issue, however I am sure something will go wrong, murphy's law and all that, but that is what forge is about! Make it, break it, fix it! Also keep in mind this was NOT my original design! the original design was going to have more of a symetrical design with two other routes leading from the two islands in a half circle with an infantry tunnel in the center, but yay for forge budget limitations, right?! EDIT: Just realized some of you might try to play this on FFA. Don't! This map is not meant for FFA, due to it's two base set up, and weapons/vehicle placement, it makes it next to impossible for this map to be a evenly matched FFA map. If you guys want me to make this FFA compatible I might be able to do it, but I don't think it's a good idea. Also if you've already tried it out, please leave feedback in the comments! I would like to hear thoughts on the map. My expectations for this map is simple. I hope players have fun exploring a facit of Halo 4 that the developers, for whatever reason, have not explored. Large scale wars as oppose to these tiny maps that, to me, get boring after just a few play throughs. To me, each map feels like the last one. They are all symetrical with tiny paths within the circle. I wanted to show that a large, even gigantic map, could be just as fun, if not more so, than the tiny/medium sized ones! But most importantly I hope those of you that do download this map enjoy it with your friends!
  12. Just a FYI the limits are entirely unreasonable to me! I get that lag can become an issue with to much stuff to load, but just give us a FPS counter and other stats to follow! Let the forger be the judge of what is to much! I made a giant two castle base map on forge islands, put in a small forest(would've been bigger, but apparently 10 trees is enough to 343) and used collosial walls as a giant bridge between two islands! I hate how small the game maps are and that they don't have BTB CTF anymore, but don't get me wrong! I understand why it was removed, it wasn't popular and I get that, but I still hated to see it go. Also I missed race... I had so many plans for H4 races, pac man lvl 1(made), castlestorm 3.0 (made), Joust, which is by far my most popular custom gametype(made), Classic CTF(can't make because there doesn't seem to be a way to remove the flag carrier waypoint ), and finally Hide and Seek(can't make same reason as classic CTF, but in this case it's last man standing waypoint which ruins the fun ). I don't understand why they put such limits on. Well I do, but I can't imagine that having a few more trees to draw will crash the game, I just feel having a limit number of any one item is stupid, but maybe I am way off base and having more of these items would crash the game. All I know is whenever I run into these hinderances I just over and over and have to readjust my plans again and again to fit the paramaters set forth.
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