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Found 4 results

  1. This map is what I feel is Husky Raid of Infection. Humans start on one side of the Trench and make there way towards the middle and end where there are 3 huts with roofs and cover. On the way through and outside the trenches are powerful REQ weapons that can make this mode very hectic. To balance this out and make it fun Infected spawn all around the Valley and Trench and can run as well as Alpha Infected have super powerful and fast ground pounds. Weapons: -Tartarus' Gavel -Voids Tear -Halo CE Magnum -Bayonet Battle Rifle -Minds Eye Beam Rifle -White Scar Plasma Caster -Jorge's Chaingun -Detached Chaingun -Overshield 1 -Damage Buff 1 Rules of the game mode are still being tweaked but the game mode is called Havoc and is an infection variant.
  2. Dr Element (Bob) Scotland!! Inspired by watching world war films i wanted to create a trench based map where the scared trench dwellers looked up only to see bullets and mortars over head. It was very important to me to try and capture the feeling of saftey when inside a trench and the fear of leaving a trench. This is what i came up with... The wars games system was hacked to try and simulate a classic world war trench enviroment. Gamertag - Dr Element Gametype - All gametypes set up. Id suggest a slayer or capture the flag, team snipers is great. But play whatever you want! Including griffball. Ill be uploading my World War II gametypes within the next week and will link them when available. I should also state this is not a recreation of the classic trenches type game. Just an all gametype World War map. Map - Trench Description - A symetrical map that suits a 6v6 red vs blue nicely but is set up for all teams and supports any number of players. The red and blue team each get a series of trench networks and underground bunkers. Warfare in the trenches brings out a mix of short range - mid range battles, while on on the surface it becomes a mid - long range war. The sniper rifles on this map are very powerful, make sure your team grabs one at the start then takes out the other teams sniper quick, whilst editing the map i found myself increasing the sniper spawn time more and more because of its effectiveness. On the surface i spent alot of time making sure there was huge open sightlines, especially over the middle, this is to keep players wanting to use the trench for cover and make hard decisions on whether its worth making a dash over to grab a power weapon or make a sneak side attack on the opposing team. The best way to move forward towards the other team is to make your way up the edges of the map, here there is more larger cover items. I chose Erosion simply for the dirty look to all the forge items, it is a muddy trench battlefield after all...... There are four platforms in each teams trench that not only allow a route out onto the surface but also provide a great place to stand and shoot over the open ground, if you crouch here you will be completely hidden. There a four mortar cannons (Wraiths fixed in place) that just look awsome when all shooting. I made it so the wraiths are difficult to use and not overpowerd, although the more experienced players will remember locations on the cave walls to gauge shots. The mine field is a dangerous place to let your guard down, forget where you are whilst jumping to avoid a bullet and you may well find yourself without a limb. Ive spaced the mines out to allow warthogs to drive through, but be careful. The bunkers provide a safe haven... but dont forget your trench gun.... i mean shotgun. The red shows where the trenches are. The blue is the bunkers. The green shows the locations of the main power weapons. I changed weapons on map to ordnance so flood gametypes could be created for this map involving the ordnance and so the weapons on map could be edited with the gametype alone. I hope you enjoy this map. Has been popular amounst my custom gamer friends. Please feel free to browse my fileshare and check out my other maps posted here, all are tagged with - Dr Elelemt. Every one of my maps has had hours of testing! Example, destruction derby was created in November, but only now have i released it! If you want to request more of my maps that are in the pipeline but not yet fileshare release worthy, please feel free to message my gamertag! Dr Element
  3. 1. GT: Hatchet Jackson 2. Taurus Station 3. Infinity slayer, CTF 4. Taurus Station Check out the map v2 and give suggestions. An original map on impact. Made for big team battle, ctf, or infinity slayer located on the impact map on the asteroid with the artifact building. It Is a mostly symmetrical horseshoe style map with two identical bases, a central buildinga ridge with a reactor plant, a research site, and a giant digger machine. So in building this map I tried to have most of the map look like it could be on a asteroid mining facility. The map currently has low Gravity and speed all over the exteriors on the map but has increased gravity and speed in the central. Neither the outside nor the central interior is to drastic that it feels uncompetitive or like a mini game map. I also played around with gravity volumes on ramps to give vehicles a bit of weightlessness and give the artifact an attraction to a kill ball.
  4. Hello, I'm zombiesocks99. And today, I will be showing you the Trench wars map and game type I have recently created. I should probably get this covered first. GamerTag: zombiesocks99 Map: Trench Warfare Game Type: Trench Wars Upon realizing that one of my most favorite game types in Halo wasn't on Halo 4 yet, and that I have pretty good forging skills, I decided to make one myself. And this beauty was born. After the fall of the Territories Game type, I decided to use Dominion, because It looked like it could include so much more for an already awesome game type. Let me be your tour guide for today, and show you around the map. (Sorry for the low quality pictures.) This is the interior of the red base. Everything you see here, is on the other side of the map, same goes with the blue base. I like symmetry. You have unlimited ammo if you are in your base, this includes the roof, but does not provide unlimited ammo at the main mortar cannon. (Coming up!) One Concussion Rifle ordinance drops in from time to time to offer support. The wings on the left and right of the bases are spawn rooms. To prevent spawn camping, there are two ways you can exit your base. The first exit is just the basic front exit, while the second one is up the ramps, which leads to the roof. Each exit is covered with a one way shield for obvious reasons. This is the warthog of the base, It provides mobility and firepower for the team. You've stuck with me this long, how about I show you the base's exterior defenses. This beast is the main mortar cannon of each base. I have positioned each (Symmetrically!) so that they can only cover a limited range, just outside of the enemy's base. (I will admit, it took me FOREVER to position the tanks like this, but it's worth it!) The main mortar is actually pretty difficult to get a kill with, but if you can plan where the shot is going, you will have a good time. Protip: When using this machine, the enemy's rocket hog is NOT your friend. Another angle of the mortar cannon in action. (A good example of what the enemy team will look at) More defenses! These two things are the Wraith mortar secondary defenses, it pretty much replaces the Revenants from Halo: Reach's Trench Wars. Unless you're a god, I doubt you could plan a kill with this thing. It's more of a "Shoot everywhere, and maybe I'll hit something" Weapon. If you can position your shot just right, you could be able to kill someone camping in a trench. Who knows? This is the third and final defense. The Shade turrets are well protected and the building that was placed over them keeps your head nice and warm from even the most trigger happy Spartans! This thing should be used if you want enemies to retreat and duck behind cover, or simply if you want to light up the battlefield. Protip: This should only be used if the enemy's main mortar cannon is destroyed. Otherwise, this'll happen... ... Yeah... Now, let's focus on the main trenches themselves. Shall we? Due to basic Dominion, you can not capture trenches if you are on the side of the trench. (Y'know, It's not territories...) You can only capture a base if you are in the middle of the trench, looking at the Base terminal. Once a territory is claimed, It will fortify, bringing up a few barricades and turrets with each trench. Resupply ordinance depends on the trench you're in. Once in a trench, enemy trench or ally trench, you will have unlimited ammo. Fortification of a trench in action! Once all trenches are captured by one team, or whoever racks up the most points within the time limit, that team wins. Thank you for sticking with me on this tour, I hope you are interested in this.
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