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Found 11 results

  1. I love the name! It's like a combination of my two favorite films Jurassic park and The lost world: JP (Very underrated), the story is not announced yet. Which is good cause I want to see the film my self. But I do want to story to focus on Biosyn, maybe JW is their version of InGen's park, and their animals escape. As shown I the pitch trailer. What characters do you want to see? I would not mind seeing a old Ian Malcolm, maybe teaching college students, lol. I'd also would not mind seeing Sarah Harding. Or Levine, a person from on of the books. And I'd like to see something that is not Rex be the star, they have been in too many dinosaur movies. Many species have been found since JP3, there is no reason o not add something new, there have been a Sh#$load of dinosaurs found. And here is the new logo, It's a fu***** T-Rex, which may mean they will be the star again, but screw it I'll see it anyway, June 15 2015
  2. After playing FPS on PC for years I had problems aiming with the thumbsticks in Halo 4. So I created a little target practice map in the forge mode and thought I'd share a video of said map. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgce1EFgBaE Search for "Target Practice v1" in the map name field or search by author "mac 1080" Waypoint link should be ready later this month when 343 adds the feature
  3. Ok i guys so if we all read the back of our Halo 4 cases it says in Bold! Reclaimer saga so stop complaining about What Halo 4 lacks and what Halo 5 : reclaimer saga needs they havnt made it yet ; they cant remake halo 4 with the stuff you want but they are making halo 5
  4. Hey, guys. iBot here again with a new Forge map contest. First of all, I made this contest for all of the dedicated Forgers in Halo, because there are not enough people who have been awakened to the awesomeness of Forge. Okay, the rules are: 1. It must be on Halo: Reach or Halo 4. 2. It must be a challenge map. Like ex. Indiana Jones, Ninja Test, etc. 3. It doesn't need it's own gametype. Just use Slayer, Oddball, etc. 4. It must be called, "Halo Forge Map Contest" 5. Send me a friend request saying who you are and what your map is like. 6. Must be UNDER 18 to enter. 7. In the comments, tell me your Gamertag and your age, nothing more personal than that, please. 8. Entries must be submitted to me by 12/15/2012. 9. MUST SPEAK CLEAR ENGLISH. Sorry, everyone else. 10. No Profanity, Please. I hope you enter, and I look forward to seeing all of you guys' creations. Til then, take care, and stay Forgin! -343iBot- P.S. - My gamertag is FloridaHero445.
  5. On December 3rd through the 14th the world's leading technological experts from around the globe will convene in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to discuss the Internet. These meetings will include many countries who will all have a vote in matters suggested. Some of these countries do not share the freedoms that the United States, United Kingdom, and others share. Some countries, like Russia, want to put harsh regulations on the Internet that would restrict world wide Internet use. http://bit.ly/Xyswui Google has put pressure on the United States' Government and other governments to keep their Internet Free and Open. If you haven't signed their petition yet then go to https://www.google.com/takeaction/ to tell your government to keep its Internet Free and Open. “A free and open world depends on a free and open Internet. Governments alone, working behind closed doors, should not direct its future. The billions of people around the globe who use the Internet should have a voice.” #FreeandOpen
  6. Right, I've been playing halo ever since the release of Halo 3, and the maps for forge have never been great. Until Halo: Reach's "Forge World". And basically the maps on Halo 4 are shabby to say the absolute least! And yes i do know that Bungie owned Halo: Reach, so if not Forge World, please bring out a massive new map, built with forge in mind. Just an open map which is perfect for building anything! I've also noticed that the maps on Halo 4 don't have a very high border, so height is an issue for most maps. So again, please bring out a map made for forge! And another thing, why on earth don't you get any Human aircraft? in the campaign you are accessed to The Pelican, which is an amazing new feature in Halo, so why not use it for online game play? where it is used and cherished most?! So please, give everyone what they deserve, Bring back Forge World. Sincerely, Players of Halo.
  7. I think in Halo 4 there should be different forge worlds. The same one from Reach but with a couple of tweaks We could have a Winter Forge World. We could have summer, fall, or some gigantic flat world which had no death barrier walls or soft kill barriers for at least 2 miles. So that we could make big maps. And add small moutains like the size of the island from Forge world as forge objects. Or have cliffs as objects. And make it so that you have Invisiable walls, cause I'm tired of people with mods getting out of my maps on Reach with the ant-soft kill barrier mod.
  8. Hey everybody LEGEND here, what do you think Halo 4 will be World signed or region locked? I'm curious to know what everyone has to say. I have heard many different rumors such as Xbox exclusive games are never region locked to only bungie made halo world signed. Let me know what you think
  9. I am running through trees..the wind in rustlingthe leaves on this dark knight..dodging arrows as they are being shot at me..I swiftly move through anything that can keep me from getting hit by these arrows. Breathing heavily as I am short of breathe. Sweat is pouring down my face as I am now faced with a huge wall that I cannot get over. I turn around and there are hundreds of these things around me..Red eyes and they snarl at me. "What do you want from me?" I yell at the crowd of what seems to be demons. One approaches me and it makes a gurgling noise..It then runs at me and punches my chest impaling me. Blood runs down my mouth.."Why..?" It brings me to his face and in a demonic voice it says "This is your fate" and he tosses me to the other demons and just as I feel hopeless and lost....I awake from my nightmare. I awake gasping for air. "AHHHH!" I yell as I awake. Someone rushes in the room and holds me down a bit. "You okay Skys you have been hurt pretty bad you should rest a bit more. "I am fine i need to get to AD" I look up and instantly blush. "Oh..hi" I say trying to keep myself from staring to long. It is Cheese and she is looking as beautiful and unique as ever. She has a slim shirt on that is covered in chainmail and she has the most perfect curvy body with blonde hair peeking through her hood. You can only see her eyes but her face is so capturing it makes you blush. I begin to stare and start to daydream when suddenly a small dwarf walks in. "Skys you cheeky *******, you sure do know how to put a show on huh?" This dwarf is small with a 5 o clock shadow and plate armor. He is about up to my waist in size and carrys two small but heavy axes on his waist. He has some mead on his waist as well but what can you expect it's Mr.Biggles with his long but curlyish hair. I smile and reply "Well Biggles if you weren't at the pub you could've nearly died with me and Spectr.." Biggles cuts me off with urgency. "We need to see AD now" His facial expressions change and they begin to seem worried even for a little dwarf that is carefree he seems a bit serious now. I grab my equipment and put on my armor and walk out. We walk into a sort of tent thing outside in the dessert and AD is waiting inside. AD turns to us but he isn't greeting and he gets straight to business. "Skys I know you are recovering and most of my men are wounded but now is the time to strike" We have one of the strongest bases TheHaloCouncil ever had. And with this base we will need to defend Matowa. Biggles eyes widen and Cheese stands behind me shocked. "What is Matowa Absolute Dog?" AD looks up and then stares at me. "It is an area of land we have yet had the oppurtunity to take until now"...He pauses and then says.."I have sent countless men and woman out there and all I get back is..there remains.."This is where I put my faith in a small platoon of men that can handle hundreds maybe thousands of trolls at once." He looks at me and points.."You will take a small team I put together and take this place and defend it with your very life. I can only be of small service for I am drained from my last event claiming this base. Now go and capture this place for 343i!! He says this and turns around. We all nod and go outside. I see a row of men and woman standing some familiar and unfamiliar. I first notice someone that everyone knows but cannot put our finger on him. His name is Mayhem but really we should call him Ghost. He is a quiet person wearing all Grey light armor and has two small blades sheathed but you cannot see this persons face he is wearing a long hood. I nod and he nods back. Next is my old team that I spot. Yoshi, Spectral, and Tssicksense as well as Victory Element but Victory is busy flirting with some girls and doesn't acknowledge me like the rest. I chuckle and say "Well nice too see my team is back to normal" They all let out a nod and shout in agreement. Spectral walks up and reaches out his fist. *brofist* "Glad to see you're okay Skys" I smile and then turn to the new faces. One guy is wearing a pink suit and has a light helmet on with a pink visor and is carrying a bow and arrow but this bow looks tuned up. We all know him but never got in touch. His name is Bullet. I walk to him and shake his hand "Nice to meet you glad to have you on the team. I hear a snarl behind me and get startled. "Ermm..Hello sir" This man is standing in front of me wearing all Wolf Pelt and has a great sword with a wolf inscribed on the front. He snarls and sniffs me. He then grabs me and hug me then walks away and stands behind the group. I now have in front of me Biggles the Dwarf, Cheese, Bullet, Mayhem the Ghost, SykoWolf, Spectral Tsickssense and Victory Element. I look at my team and smile. "Let us do this for the glory of 343i!" Victory jumps in and says "AND FOR THE LADIES!" Then Sykowolf jumps in and says "FOR MEAT!" We all then stare at him and he smiles with a wolfish grin. A portal opens in front of us and we all get our serious faces on..Yoshi jumps in and we all smile. Who could forget about you? He walks into the portal first and everyone follows in. We all are now in a jungle sort of place..In the distance everyone stares at what is called "Matowa" It is a tower like no other built before. Easily the size of Mt.Everest. Everyone gets in preparation for any ambush and suddenly as we do someone walks through the bush. Instantly Yoshi runs and jumps on the person coming through the bush and then.....begins licking his face. It is Zaguroth and we all sigh in relief. "About time you guys caught up I have been scouting for a few hours now" We all nod and Zaguroth leads the group. "What do we have here?" Spectral says on top of a tree. "How did you climb that so fast?" I said in my head. He looks ahead and sees a small camp of trolls by Matowa. SykoWolf snarls and his eyes turn a darkish red. "Cheese stand back with Bullet and Mayhem you guys are our support from the distance." We all creep up on this small camp and prepare to stike when suddenly..BOOM! an explosion is heard near us and everyone at the camp is startled and begin running towards us. I look behind me and see that Yoshi triggered a trap and explosives are now going off. "ROAR!!!" Says SykoWolf running towards the trolls jumping on one and impaling another with his great sword. I instanly see Zaguroth throw his axe at a few and get them stuck onto a tree where his axe stays. He then grabs a troll by its head and crushes it in his hands. I run up with Spectral and Spectral jumps up and slices through the air grabbing one while he is levitated. The troll looks at Spectral "You stupid Scr..." The troll is cut off from talking as Spectral throws him down at the ground instantly crushing the troll on the ground. A troll is about to jump on me when suddenly two arrows hit the troll straight in both its eyes. In the distance i hear "Got one!" and then another person says "My arrow hit his eye too!" I chuckle as I see Bullet and Mayhem competing. Cheese is in the distance just volleying arrows at a few trolls in the distance pinning them down. Suddenly a small thing passes my vision and it runs into a crowd of trolls. "You like that? How about some of THIS? Or THIS?" It is Biggles slicing away at the enemy like butter with a knife. Biggles then jumps on a larger trolls back and he repeatedly stabs the troll in the head til it falls lifeless on the ground. Spectral then grabs Zaguroths axe and hurls it at a few more oncoming trolls while Zaguroth jumps on Yoshis back and using the momentum jumps and plants his knee straight into a large trolls head instantly killing it. Everything gets quiet and the trolls seem to have stopped. "Is that it?" Biggles says sarcastically. Victory Element walks up to us and says "Stay quiet guys"...We all stay quiet when suddenly...BAM!! Bullets body is seen hurling through the sky. Spectral jumps up and catches his body. We look in the distance and see Mayhem and cheese fighting off something. My eyes widen as we now see the biggest troll ever. He grabs cheese and throws her at us. I jump up and grab her. "You okay Cheese?" She nods in pain. My hands begin glowing and my team is now prepared to deal with this monstrosity of a troll. We all charge at once. Spectral flys at it and throws his sword impaling the trolls arm but the effort seems useless the troll is still rampant. Syko wolf then jumps in the air and swirls and flys through the troll scratching a tearing at its legs but the troll grabs Syko and hurls him into a tree. Zaguroth then runs to him with his axe but the troll grabs Zaguroth by his hands and holds him up. The troll looks at him and then snarls "YOU WILL DIE NOOB" says the troll and Zaguroth gets punched right in the gut with this huge troll and Zaguroth goes unconscious. Arrows begin flying at the troll as I see Mayhem shooting arrow after arrow at this troll. Biggles now runs up with his small axes and begin stabbing the trolls foot..The troll kicks Biggles but Biggles grabs on and holds on. While the troll trys to kick him off. Victory Jumps on the trolls back and stabs it with his Great Sword and his sword is stuck lodged in its back. The troll is still moving. I then run up and start using my wind energy and start pushing it back little by little hurling my hands while they glow yellow intensely. The troll falls onto one knee and lets out a ROAR! We stand our ground and Yoshi knocks the troll back with momentum. The troll falls on his stomache and Tsickssense with Spectral jump on the stomache and begin stabbing it repeatedly in the chest. We all watch ready for the next attack when suddenly. Another huge troll comes in and kicks tsickssense off the almost dead troll and Spectral levitates up fast dodging the attack. Bullet then grabs his bow and aims at the almost dead troll and fires five arrows at once into the trolls head. The trolls screams in pain and agony then becomes lifeless. The other troll becomes enraged and grabs a tree as a weapon and swings it knocking me back and sending me flying next to the other wounded teammates. I get back up grabbing my chest. Victory then lifts me up and says very promptly " I am tired of these MOTHERF***** trolls in this MOTHERF****** land!" He grabs his greatsword and throws it with such incredible force and it impales the troll straight in its chest. It trys to remove the sword but biggles begins stabbing his foot. The troll soon dies and falls....right on Mr.Biggles. We all seem satisfied and we all smile while Mr.Biggles is asking for help under the troll. Spectral lifts up the troll and throws the lifeless body towards some rubble. Biggles stands up and says "You think its funny watching the little guy get squished by a big guy?..." We all group up and Zaguroth walks to us limping, " Can't we just find a camp that is filled with a buffet of food and hot girls?" I smirk and say "One does not simply walk into a camp without nearly dying first" Everyone lets out a laugh and SykoWolf lets out a small howl. Matowa is now in front of us and we all begin walking into the large tower. We all get a telepathic message from AD "Don't fail me now" AD says and quickly ends his message. We nod and press on. Yoshi opens the large doors with SykoWolf. As we open it we hear running in the distance towards us. Bullet turns around and readys his bow and arrow but stops and realizes who it is. 'Look who decided to join the party?" Cheese said while we all looked at The Lizard. Biggles shivered and said "Good lord it is bad enough I can't stand slimy scaly things..but you sir top it off" He shivers and walks in. we all smile. Cheese and Zaguroth are up ahead scouting while Mayhem is next to me. It is too quiet..The lights shine brightly at us and we are all now forming a small circle for an ambush. BZZTTT. We here as the lights turn off. I soon hear screams from my comrades and moving around. The lights turn on but all I now see is just a few of my team. I unsheathe my sword and everyone prepares for an attack. All that is here with me is Spectral, Wolf, Mayhem, Biggles and Zaguroth. Everyone must of fell or gone somewhere. The floor seems rigged with traps. Then CREEEEK. We hear as a door opens. My weapon is ready and in front of us is..hundreds of trolls snarling and calling us Scrubs and noobs of all sorts. My hands begin to glow. Mayhem is standing silent ready for an attack. Biggles drinks a bit of mead and unsheathes his two axes. Wolf howls and grabs his great sword. Zaguroth says "Well not again..." But has his axe in his hand. Spectral smiles and says..."Time for some badassery!" What happend to the rest? Yoshi. Bullet. Cheese Tsickssense, and Victory Element and the Lizard are all gone. What happened to them I hope they are alright..We run towards the trolls and Zaguroth prepares to throw his axe once again at the oncoming trolls.........Here we go again. Thanks guys for reading and supporting. Some characters weren't placed in this Chapter for the sake of too much talking and describing. The story is filled with non stop action so I will feature you guys in a later chapter or you make a small appearance. Another Chapter will be posted later today around 7 p.m Again I wouldnt keep going without the support and encouragement so like and lets try and get everyone to appear atleast once in these chapters Also character drawings will be posted tomorrow! P.S Sorry if you weren't featured again I try and get everyone in. Just keep inboxing me your stuff
  10. I would like you to reply to this, i believe that the forerunners could be human, or over evolved human species, according to the info. Example: Only human DNA can activate halo array, Forerunner technology is mainly found on or near earth. , Human kind is to selfish to of not made a genetic copy of its self. Please Respond
  11. Okay so my favorite game type is BTB because of Utopie, spire, trident, boneyard, etc. But I've only been playing one map for like 6 games straight, and its my least favorite, Hemmorrhage! Its not that amazing, people need to stop picking it!
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