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  1. if master chief crashed on a random planet, then why would there be pelicans? that would mean unsc was already there. I guess its possible he landed right in the middle of a war at a forgotten human colony or something.
  2. ? you mean like a tazer that hits someone from actually touching it to them, or the kind that shoots a laser a short distance, so you could get someone running away?
  3. IDEA- a gun that has some sort of attachment so you can change what it fires. Like a banshee fires missles and little bullets
  4. i don't really have any ideas, but i'm intrested to see what you guys think.
  5. as long as forge has a big map (like forge world) that a lot of maps are made of and it is really big
  6. noble 6. it would be cool if he and master chief were in the same room in the dark, and were fighting. then afterwards, theyd notice who each other were when the lights turned on. then they would fight together and at the end of halo 6, noble 6 would be dying and master chief would take off both of their helmets, and noble 6 would be master chiefs father or uncle or something
  7. for everyone who asked if its fun, the answer is it is but most people that wud find it young are much younger. but that doesnt mean older people wudnt like it, but its morelikely for younger people
  8. how come when you play pokemon, the wild pokemon wait patiently for you to go your turn. i dont get it.
  9. are you saying drop pods in a ship that you can actuually drive? because that would make the coolest btb and invasion maps evah!
  10. if we have all these clans intrested, then why dont we have a tournment? we will all discuss the rules.
  11. i dont know why you think they arent coming out with a new xbox, but they are, so get with the program
  12. im not saying hes wrong, im just saying that hes going a little too far and saying things that are irelevant. when i say "but its avideo game", im not saying that it doesnt matter, im saying that 343 doesnt have to do realistic things. since its a video game they can make up whatever they want for it. im sorry for the misunderstanding.
  13. true, but most likely, the xbox 720 is somehow going to be better than the 360 (duh), which means that there would be a reason to rebuy the games anyway. although i cant think of anything to make it better because its pretty good alredy.
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