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  1. Personally I'm not too sure you know, but I don't think it will... Don't want to be too negative, but sometimes I remember this site exists, and it was kinda dying off once there was a platform divide back when MCC dropped on the new Xbox One (Project Scorpio still sounds better fight me). Some people couldn't join in on some of the community events because they didn't upgrade, and with the flop of Halo 5: Guardians, I think a lot of people just sorta drifted away into new games. Community events started to dry out and we'd be lucky to get six people for an event and at that point we might as well just play multiplayer. Now that the page isn't listed on the first page of Google, unless we plugged the hell out of this forums or got the site's overall views up to at least first page worthy, I doubt things will improve
  2. In terms of a serious answer, Sangheili takes the point due to their diverse range, however we all know grunts are best girl of the Halo series with their big blue... Assets... Yes let's go with that O.O
  3. Before I get into anything, that slipspace engine is not only incredibly impressive, but also fitting for the Halo franchise I kinda get an open world feeling from it, but I'm not too sure how well an open world Halo game would be, although I could be proven wrong. It also seems interesting from a story standpoint especially at the end with the AI chip. I don't believe it to be Cortana but it's all speculation and I want answers! More on the engine, it looks really freakin good! Especially in 60fps the game itself looks amazing, although the little Rhino scene for me seemed a bit off and that was my biggest issue with it, and it's incredibly minor. The visual effects are top, the lighting looks soooooooooooooo good and the few night scenes we got looked really impressive for me. I also like how Master Chief has a fresh sleek look again, and by doing that it looks like it's a continuation of Halo 5, so it could be Halo 6, we never know
  4. For me I'd be fine with it if they were actually put to some better use, rather than being shallow adversaries to the Chief, and were actually a potential threat like they were advertised to be. They were advertised as people who could kill the Chief, and instead they went on a picnic date at the end of Halo 5... Nah nah nah... Ain't having that
  5. Nah mate Shake that tail back here and try again
  6. Dare me boys, girls, AIs, animals... I have no clue what else I'm missing but I know I'm missing something
  7. Hands down my favourite weapon in the Halo series for the UNSC is the SAW because that gun is life, and don't @ me just fite me. I like the SAW because it just destroys people like I'm SAWing through wood, however this is closely followed by the railgun because it's like a safe rocket launcher (kinda), the Sniper because it's literally aim bot how can anyone miss a headshot and the shotgun because shotguns
  8. Oh My That KOALA! It looks just So Damn Fluffy... :3
  9. I'm kinda with Guts on this one... Noble Team sort of didn't really do a whole lot outside of Noble 6 who still failed. Jun just vanished for no reason, Kat got shot because she forgot her shields(?), Emile got backstabbed (literally), Carter... Erm I think he died by crashing or something, and Jorge blew up a ship out of a self sacrifice act which I don't really think was necessary. Overall if I had to pick one, I'd go with Noble 6, aside from that, yeah they had their moments, but most of them went out in a really lacklustre way
  10. 0/10... However if I could pet that tail or them ears then I'd smash that 10/10 button
  11. Nah mate, I think your big boom was a dud Ninja man Kakashi... Is that you I sense in the shadows?
  12. That's just cheating... Vitamin tell me you're cheating
  13. For me I liked Halo CE and Halo 3 a lot, as well as Halo 4 for multiplayer (probably an unpopular opinion but fite me). Overall I'd say the best MCC game for me is Halo 3 since (for me) it had a good balance of story and multiplayer. That and I'm not being biased to my first Halo game, nah nah nah
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