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  1. ...Remember when Azaxx was king of the shoutbox?

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  2. Well, here is another update! First thing is that Chief now has update cosmetics. Check out his new portrait, which feels more at home. But here are all the costumes for just this one set of armor.
  3. It is possible to do that using the BrawlEx codeset (lots of builds use it to add extra characters). However we are currently working on just bringing the character into the game first before we make a streamlined system of codes to allow him to join the roster on his own without having to throw Snake to the cutting room floor (plus since we aren't making a huge build we couldn't just make a base roster expansion to use universally without everyone having to get up in arms about their own UI stuff being replaced). I'll keep you all updated. Good question / suggestion, Twinreaper!
  4. Personally, I'd love to see Spartan Thorne get some time in the spotlight. After Spartan-Ops, he kind of dropped off the grid, as well as the rest of Majestic...in the games at least. Not to mention, Thorne was originally in Fireteam Osiris for a period of time before being replaced by Buck (I love Buck, and Nathan Fillion, but come on!). I don't mind this, but I think it would've been great to see how Thorne could've evolved over time as it has been a long time since we've all been able to see him and his team in action. Plus, it would have also led to the whole concept of how he found himself included with Osiris anywho. I dunno about anyone else, but we've finally seen a Spartan-III go Hyper Lethal back in Reach with Noble Six...I think it's time we find a Spartan-IV who can do the same thing. Nothing against Locke, but I don't think he really fits the role of being that main character, unless they nail his personality better and really help him stand out as a Spartan, but more importantly, a human. The thing I'd love to see explored if they gave us a Spartan-IV as a main character would really be how they engage with their own moral compass and what those choices and decisions do to them as a character, setting up interesting conflicts; they've had plenty of time to live and find their personal values, whereas the older Spartan generations really didn't have that, as they knew war from early childhood until death. That's an idea that I can discuss another time though.
  5. Animation: Animation is one of the most important parts of making something in a game, movie, or any other form of 2/3D entertainment come to life. Without it, we would've have a lot of the cool media we have today. This is a small showcase of some stuff that was made (by me) for this project. None of it is exactly professional, some things still have stuff that needs to be ironed out. Forward Air - Based on Air Assassination from Halo: Reach: Idle: Since I cannot use .Gif format here, here is a link to the Imgur post...animations are in order as listed here (personally recommend opening each image up in a new tab to view it smoothly): https://imgur.com/a/1kfbba3 This is all I am comfortable showing for now, I don't want to give away too much in a short amount of time. I will keep this updated as the project continues.
  6. Remember that one time you got chosen to be MoM, mom? That was some cool stuff. We are the first full family to become MoMs.

  7. Special forum post from yours truly. I think it's time I finally shed some light on this project. http://343i.org/3kt

  8. Hello everyone, it is I, TDM (also most commonly known as The Dumb Marine). While I have been taking absence for a while, like I always do, I have still been slightly active on Discord, showing tidbits of something I've been hard at work on for over a year... Disclaimer: Everything you are about to witness in this thread is still in development and subject to change! Remember this going forward. Secondary Disclaimer: Modding your copy of Super Smash Bros Brawl is voiding the warranty of your game and console, and while I doubt anyone doesn't have any kind of warranty anymore, I wouldn't say go and totally do this at home. I also don't condone piracy, as I do this with a legitimate copy of the game. Index: 1. Project Details 2. Early Dev 3. Images / Concepts 4. Ideas 5. Other Stuff Project Details: Anyone who has been paying attention over the past couple of months may have seen me posting some stuff on Discord about our lovely man in sage: the Master Chief, but he isn't in a shooting gallery, or a battlefield...well, not the battlefield we're used to. You see, he has been making his way over to the 2.5D fighting dimension of Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Project M for quite a long time now. The current gameplan is to make a unique moveset and identity for Chief within the Smash Bros environment, but currently it comes at the cost of Snake getting kicked to the curb...sorry, not sorry, he comes back in Ultimate so it's fine. This project will come with quite a lot of stuff, being a complete overhaul of any, and all Metal Gear Solid assets, being stickers, music, trophies, models, stages, etc, with the end goal to put the Halo universe into the big world of Smash. Early Dev: As you can imagine, not every project starts in a super pristine condition. There is either that very beginning stage where everyone is learning what to do, or alternatively, the one guy working on it at the time was trying to figure out what he was doing while making sure he didn't break the game. Below I'm going to post some very old screenshots I had of in-progress work from 2014. Below you are going to see some old assets, utilizing at the time what I thought was the best direction to go in, using the Master Chief from Halo 4, with stances from Halo 4's multiplayer as portraits and also basing my recolors off of the normal colors in-game, or as I liked it better, Red vs. Blue. Default/Sage: Caboose/Blue: Tucker/Aqua: Grif/Orange/Yellow/Gold: Sarge/Red: Texas/Steel: Church/Cobalt: Of course, I have made some decent progress from these, and I hope you all will enjoy what I've had up my sleeves for quite some time. Images / Concepts: Over time, stuff had really changed. The first thing to go was the art direction I had been moving in. I looked back on Halo 3 and really fell in love with its design once again, which immediately made me think...I should move in Halo 3's direction! So I did. So, with this humble new beginning came the first ever, proper rendered image of the Master Chief...prepare yourself, these babies are HUGE. Now of course, anyone looking at this might say, "hey TDM, I'm sorry to break it to you, but that looks horrible!" and I couldn't agree with you more, but, on the bright side that was just an early concept thrown in there and, spoiler alert, it all kind of went full circle. For me the first task was making these armors fit into the Smash art style without looking too cartoony or anything, which is where the first few concepts for that came in. Concept #1 Concept #2 (Getting closer...) Concept #3 (Warmer...) Concept #4 (That's more like it!) Some of you are likely wondering...what is Chief wearing the Mark V helmet for? Wasn't he in Mark VI during Halo 3? Well, yes, he was. However I really loved the Mark V's design in Halo 3, so that's what I stuck with after painting it accordingly. However, over time more things started to come into the loop. I will show these things down below...now! Armor for you, and you! Some experimental poses followed soon after: Eventually though, they came full circle at the end of the day, and around this time once I had it decided I had finalized some of the armor sets, too. Once I had some of the very important stuff all said and done though I figured it was time for some extra, bonus stuff...which is when I started making various trophies. Description: "A soldier with remarkable luck and leadership traits who can eliminate just about any living creature with any weapon at his disposal. He has saved the human race three times from the Covenant, who have tried to activate the Halo rings. He has also defeated the Flood Parasite multiple times, earning him the legendary status of being deemed a Hyper Lethal Vector, wiping out entire armies." Description: "The CQB Armor is also very well known by it's longer name, the Close Quarters Battle Armor (CQB).It is specialized infantry armor compatible both with GEN1 Mark V and GEN1 Mark VI armor systems.The armor's main focus upon being developed was survivability in close combat, specifically by researching methods of improved joint mobility and K dispersal." Description: "The Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor/Rvariant, most commonly known as Recon Armor is a variant of the GEN1 Mark V and GEN1 Mark VI. The entire purpose of the Recon line of suits was to enhance stealth capabilities of the armor with little or no loss of endurance. It is also extremely illusive, many Spartans having to complete a series of detailed and difficult tasks to obtain the set." [No Image] Description: "Dubbed by many Spartan operatives as the only weapon you could ever need, the M6D Magnum is notorious for its infamous three headshot kill. While it is deemed highly effective against other Spartan operatives, it doesn't seem to have any advantages over the Sangheili Elites, whom are your equal on the battlefield. May the shieldless be wary." Last but not least, a little something I have as well that I likely showed off some time ago. Of course I was going to have a stage...but it changes scenery randomly upon being loaded in. Oh, but that's right! I can't forget two very old concepts. For a short duration of the project, I was working on making project based costumes, such as silly endorsements for soda. These are extremely bad and really not polished, as they were just concept material! Now that we finally have all that out of the way... Ideas: [Will leave this intentionally blank- post your ideas below and post them here.] Other Stuff: [Nothing to show...yet.]
  9. Nice to see the Mark V Delta with the lights working on both sides... http://343i.org/3jb

  10. TDM

    Halo 5

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    Welcome to the friendliest corner of internet! There's tons of members here to help you learn your way around, and everyone is awesome and unique in their own special ways. I hope to see you around, and keep that love for Halo strong my man!
  12. Hey everyone! Been wondering about my recent endeavors? You can find out all about it here: http://343i.org/3ek

  13. Hello everyone! It's... been awhile... Eh... Well, I wanted to come back and simply explain the reasoning behind my most recent absence. Recently, I've been given tools to animate things (I won't name whom it was who gifted it, since.. they aren't here). That said, I've been really busy lately with my work, as I look at it. I've actually put a couple of choppy animations together to show everyone! I should be back to finish off my special series soon, that needed a bit of delaying since it was lousily planned on my part. But all that aside, here's the album: http://imgur.com/a/UD1Vn (My favorite is the very last one). I'll see you all star side! P.S. Here's a bonus photoshop album too, it's only two photos, but it shows the real difference photo manipulation can have: http://imgur.com/a/A54Y4 -TDM
  14. 1. I assume it was the closest thing to Mark V due to the shape of the helmet, however, I can adjust this if you'd like me to. 2. A while back there was a leak, for the Halo 5: Guardians Arena REQ Bundle, which is much like the Warzone REQ Bundle, but only offers permanent items. There was an interesting REQ card placed all the way to the left. Players have come to the conclusion that this is a stance with the CE Magnum, thus meaning it MUST be coming into the game. However; other players on the Waypoint forums have been seeing a suicide grunt on that blurred REQ Card... So... Who knows...?
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