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Found 5 results

  1. Hail to the King! With my recent Dominion event coming to an end I immediatly thought of another type of event. HAIL TO THE KING! This time we'll be playing: Halo 4 Regicide/KotH Sunday 29th of June 2PM EST Which is 7 PM GMT No more problems with balancing teams... No more fighting over who gets GSD on their team... Because this is going to be an all out rumble! Featuring the first gametype I've ever played on Halo 4. Which was at a games convention before Halo 4 even released. AND I WOULD HAVE WON IF IT WEREN'T FOR SOMEONE HIJACKING MY BANSHEE!!!! (...Anyway...) Regicide is fighting over who gets to kill the most fabulous person. (me) While King of the Hill is all about grenade spamming the absolute crap out of anyone and anything within a circle of certain death. This should switch it all up a little. The lobby will hold up to 15 players. So what are you waiting for?! Sign up! 1. rrhuntington 2. Bnus 3. P1NKZAW 4. Butch Flowers 5. Delpen9 6. DarkAngel 7. Halo5willbecool 8. Rue 9. Coldfreeze 10. UNSC Spartan-II 11. Sub ZeroX7 12. 13. 14. 15.
  2. Hello, I just noticed today, my Oddball, King of the Hill, and Community Forge Island are now gone from my War Games list, but can only be obtained in Team Objective now. They disappeared just today, anyone have help or a solution? This is for Halo 4
  3. This map was inspired by a game I've seen in Minecraft. You spawn with a Gravity Hammer, Railgun, and Thruster Pack, your goal is to float to the platform at the top of the map and keep control of it. For the best experience, play with 4-16 people. Overhead view of the spawn area and Levitator Platform at the top of the map that contains the hill Another picture of the hill platform Third picture of the hill platform (it's not a very big map...) Map: King of the Levitator Gametype: Kng of the Levitator So that's the map, enjoy!
  4. From the album: Comics

    A placeholder signature until I get around to making one. Part of a comic I did a while ago.
  5. Been working on this for a while, figured I'd see what the community thought about it. Essential Information: 1. Gamertag: Dienekes2294 2. Map Title: Siege in Space (in fileshare) 3. Game Type: Siege KOH (in fileshare) 4. Blue and Red team battle to dominate the gatehouse of Red's castle in space. Blue must traverse the walkway and break down the gate while Red seeks to hold it for as long as possible. Since the Hill resides permanently inside the castle, there are two rounds. Whoever holds the castle longer as Red team is the winner. Blue team's job is to contest the Gatehouse as long as possible when on the attack. 1 Class: Assault - Energy Sword and Hardlight Shield, no grenades. Rail Guns are scattered throughout both the Castle and the Siege Camp (Sniper Rifles were too OP and ruined everything). Recommended player count: 16 The Castle from the Blue team's perspective. The Siege Camp from Red team's perspective.
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