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  1. Happy 20 years to Pokemon! Many games tend to stick around and warm our hearts throughout generations, Pokémon is one of them! In celebration of a successful 20 years, Nintendo and Gamefreak are sponsoring special promotions including a special edition New Nintendo 3DS that comes with the 2 classics, Red and Blue! (Yellow version will be available on the Nintendo E-Shop along with digital versions of Red and Blue) Pre-Installed onto your console! Along with limited-edition faceplates with 20th Anniversary designs! In other news, The Pokemon Center in Japan is releasing new 20th anniversary merchandise including, T-Shirts, Lanyards, Hats, Plushe, and MUCH MUCH more! What do you think of Pokémon's 20th anniversary? Voice your comments!
  2. This is where you RP as Bnus. Rules: 1. Bnus. 2. Bnus. 3. Bnus. Character sheet: Bnus: Bnus. Accepted characters: Bnus. Bnus. Bnus.
  3. Props to for his thread on repairing and general knowledge of the problem known as Red Ring of Death, or Red Dot of Death. I haven't seen a thread on it, so let's talk avoidance. Here are some tips & tricks to avoid an X-Box 360 systems crash. Keep your X-Box horizontal: This may sound odd, but a lot of X-Box 360's have issues with "disc slip". This is when something jars the console and the game disc inside the console slides out of the tray inside the X-Box. This is most likely to happen with consoles that are vertical (up and down, like this | ) There is very little reason why one wouldn't have their console horizontal (like this _ ), but if for some reason or another you need your console to be vertical, take the disc out when the console is not in use. Ventilation: Keep your X-Box in an area where the vents can grab air. Putting your console on wood is your best bet here. Putting it on carpet or other fabrics is a bad idea, because fabric grabs dust which your console will then pull into itself, clogging it's vents. Putting your console on metal is also a bad idea because metal heats up rather quickly. If you are having problems with ventilation, try putting your X-Box on a laptop cooling fan (which you can usually get at Wal-Mart for around 5 USD). Also, make sure the power cord ventilation box is in an area that it won't overheat as well. Proper Cord Connection: If you have your cords connected loosely, then this can cause extreme wear and tear on your connectors and ports. Always double check that they are connected properly. Remember, "Tight is Right". This goes for both the power and the audio/video cords. Make sure that your power cord is properly connected to your X-Box AND to it's ventilation box. Take the Disc Out: Always remember to take your game disc out of the X-Box 360 console before moving the console. Leaving the disc in while moving your console is bad for both the disc and your console. If you move your X-Box with the disc inside of it, the disc could slip loose of the tray and mess up some innards. Proper Cleaning: The only thing you should use to clean your console is air and a dry rag/q-tip. Do NOT for ANY reason get your console wet. Except for the ports, you can clean those using a SMALL amount of white vinegar (thanks again to Private Church for pointing that out). To clean your console, remove any disc in the tray, unplug ALL cords, and use a can of air or blow into your vents, and use a rag or q-tip to dust the outside. Do not take your console apart unless you know how. Taking your console apart will void any warranty that you have, and could ruin your X-Box. Keep it Cool: Don't put your console in an area that it will have difficulty staying cool in (a sunny area, on top of other electronics, under a blanket, so on and so forth). Also be sure to take a break after a long period of gameplay to give your console time to cool down. Try not to leave your console on all day, or even when you are going to the store. Every time you do this, you are playing Russian Roulette with a RRoD or a RDoD as a bullet. Don't Hit the 360: Light taps are fine, but beating your X-Box is like beating your child. Sure, it may still be okay after a few beatings, but you run the risk of killing it. If you are having trouble with your disc tray, either clean it or bring your console to a professional to have them fix it. Well, that does it for this time. Remember, RRoD's and RDoD's can be a bit random. You can follow all of these instructions and still get one. If you DO get one, see the other thread in this forum, which is dedicated to repairing them. If you have further tips, post them here and I will edit them into this post.
  4. As August rolls in, the weather turns more mild and the greens of the trees and grass become so much deeper green. The days are already growing shorter, and our eyes turn more and more to the coming events of the year. And with the turn of the month comes another thing to look forward to, the announcement of the new MoM. And this month's MoM is a veritable bombshell to kick off the month, give it up for... Self Destruct!!! Aside from his (joking aside) explosive personality, Self Destruct has really been a good member around the forum, one who contributes much. A regular at Community Events, and a dedicated bringer of news, Self Destruct is really an example of the caliber of member that the community has to offer. With his in-depth reviews and lengthy articles, Self-Destruct brings the news with wit and charm, and doesn't hesitate to make his topics long to make his point. And on top of that, even his posts are well written and detailed, and again show what a fantastic member he really is. I certainly hope that his MoM post is another testament. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, please give it up for Self Destruct!
  5. Hello Everybody, welcome to this years Christmas! If you remember the Christmas tree from last year than, you know what goes on. Kindness is good for the future members of this website, so lets spread that kindness. If you do not know what to do, read below this!! You can donate codes or anything that can be transferred through the internet. You can put down a 7 Day Xbox Live card, or A computer upgrade, or possibly Avatar Props. It can be anything, but this is the the catch. This is a random giveaway so winners are chosen from a box. So comment in this post what you want, and if you have anything you are willing to put underneath the tree comment what it is and personal message me the code. (I WONT TAKE THE CODE lol) but if you do not trust me, keep it with you until the names are drawn, than have your code ready to give to the winner. . Names will be drawn a week before Christmas. Make sure you comment if you wanna participate in the raffle. Donation and Wishes will be listed. Have Any Questions? Contact Lil Dog Within Personal Messaging Thank You Was given permission by AD Donations (Halo) Ghost Avatar Prop- halo5 follower Male Recruit MK 4 armor -halo5 follower Yoshi1176 14 Day Trial Toy Soldier Arcade game The Maw Arcade game Unsc Spartan ll Master Chief Avatar Armor (Female) Female Avatar Armor (Spartan-IV) Gryffin Custom YouTube Logo AND Channel Art -Custom Desktop Background (Any size according to your resolution)-JXZAW -Dawngate Closed Beta Code (New MOBA Game for PC) -See some 'Behind the Scenes' stuff on the Forging The Future Machinima Chaosgodloki 14 day Xbox Live Gold code siksilk7 14 day live code Bnus Gift -A secret gift JXZAW Special Signature Justin Ray Edward Kenway-Master Chief Avatar Armor for both male and female BreMerie93 Rokubot Won - 1 month of xbox live 2 - 14 days of xbox live 2 - 2 days of xbox live 1 - gears of war download Edward Kenway Gears of War 1 code Vitamin Pwn 14 day gold trial Bnus Natural Selection 2 Garrys Mod Magicka + All DLC 5$ to any charity- Mayh3m D38-Boss 20 dollar purchase of anything on Amazon/Ebay.-Gryffin RockuBot Halo 4 theme. Zaguroth Magicka +2 DLCs Natural Selection 2 Sanctum Collection Orcs Must Die! GOTY Cities in Motion 2 Orcs Must Die! 2 Complete Pack Garry's Mod Serious Sam 3: BFE- D-38 Boss Connor Kenway-psn Killzone Mercenary: ISA M224- AI Light Machine Gun Tearaway: Special Delivery Pack and the Jukebox Pack Puppeteer: Theatrical Pack Sparky- -Wargames Haven XBL Theme -Xbox Live Ghost Avatar -And a Lego Starwars 3 code. Connor Kenway - Beckoningzebra1 UNSC Eagle Avatar Tee (female) Wishlist Toy Soliders arcade game Natural Selection 2 steam games garrys mod signature I'm an Absolute Dog Hat Custom YouTube channel design Gryffin Desktop BAckground Winners 12/22/13 Bnus Silent Orbis RockuBot Congrats Emails will be sent. 12/23/13 Mayh3m D-38 Boss Gryffin 12/24/13 Animeaddict93 Connor Kenway JXZAW CHRISTMAS 12/26/13 Yoshi1176 Halo 5 Follower Zaguroth
  6. I_Make_Big_Boom

    The Red

    From the album: Tacos and what not

    Bored one day and this is the result. This is the case with all the crap I make.

    © Me.

  7. If you’ve read any of the Halo books, keep reading. If you haven’t, stop reading, go buy all of them, read them, then come back. Or keep reading. First off. Contact Harvest: The beginning of the Human-Covenant War. SPOILERS TO HALO 3 AHEAD WARNING WARNING The book follows Staff Sargent Avery Johnson, and I don’t need to tell you guys who that is… r.i.p. It starts with the UNSC struggle against the Insurrection, but Johnson soon encounters the covenant. I think it would be a good game, and we’ve all wanted to play as Sargent Johnson. It would be a neat game, and yeah, a lot of people might not like it, but a lot of people like me would. It would reveal a lot of the story to people who didn’t read the amazing books. Next off, Halo: The Fall of Reach. The title speaks for itself. Everyone knows about noble team, and SPARTAN B312, but what about FREDERICK-104? Master Chief regretted thinking sending blue team down to Reach, thinking it was the easy task, but if you’ve read Halo: First Strike, you’ll find that all was not lost and glassed. Frederick, Grace, Lee, Kelly, and this other guy survived. The reason they weren’t glassed, is because the mountain where the Spartans were trained is host to a forerunner space-time warping crystal. The covenants are after it, and it would be great to play as Fred. The game would start out when Master Chief deploys blue team down to the surface of Reach. The Pelican in the books was severely injured, forcing all the Spartans to jump out. With 4 KIAs, the rest of blue team goes on to protect Reach. This would be an interesting game, I think. As long as it’s not like Halo: Reach, and you actually follow the plot of the books, all the way from the pelican drop to the destruction of the Unyielding Hierophant, it would be a spectacular game. I hope 343i looks into this. It would be really cool.
  8. As many of you know, the Red Ring of Death (RRoD) is something that plagues almost all Xbox 360 users at one time or another. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the RRoD, here is a brief (or not so brief) explanation. Xbox 360 consoles are power hogs. When paired with a lame cooling fan, power hunger is a no-no. And so, due to overheating, many consoles face an infamous problem: The RRoD. When the console overheats, several key components to the 360 can be easily damaged, causing the RRoD. There are four different types of RRoD, each one discernible by the number of illuminated red rings. These rings are the green controller indicators, but when the RRoD is in play, they flash red. The most commonly seen RRoD is the three ring malfunction. This indicates a general hardware failure. In this RRoD, when the system overheats, the solder which normally makes connections between components on the motherboard heats up to a degree where it actually begins to bend the board, causing the solder to flow in opposite directions, interrupting the electrical connection within the board. The board bends due to two components on the board: the clamps (commonly known as X-clamps) that hold the two cooling heatsinks on the CPU (core processing unit) and GPU (graphics processing unit) in place. These overly flexible clamps bend in the surplus heat, and the board bends with them. Another RRoD is the two ring error. This is a last-ditch, built-in failsafe for your 360. When it begins to flash two red rings, it is warning you that your console is getting WAY too hot, and that general hardware failure will be imminent unless you shut down your 360. The four red ring error can have several meanings. The most common occurrence is when your component video cable, HDMI cable, or the slots in which they fit in, become built up with dust and/or grime, or your cables are broken, and are unable to make a connection. Another problem which can cause the four RRoD is an overheat issue. This overheat problem results when the heatsink paste (a special paste that is spread on the GPU and CPU chips to spread the heat evenly) hardens, or is not spread evenly. This causes the chip to heat up dramatically when in use for only a short period of time, and, if unnoticed/left unfixed, your GPU will burn out, rendering your 360 permanently inoperable. And last, the one ring error. This RRoD is most commonly identified by an E74, E76, or E79 error displayed on the screen. This occurs when your North Bridge chip (this chip acts as a interpreter of sorts, it communicates with both the CPU and GPU) overheats, and scrambles the communication between the CPU/GPU and the rest of the system. There are many possible fixes for each RRoD. There are several fix kits that works the best for repairing both 3 RRoD and 1 RRoD (available here: http://xbrdepot.hostedbyamazon.com/). I have repaired many consoles by means of these kits (**WARNING** Do not attempt this if you do not view the INSTRUCTIONS available on the same website). And yet even it is not the only option. Some people simply overheat their 360 again in an attempt to restore solder connection. For the 4 RRoD, some people just clean their slots/cables with vinegar, which often works. Or a replacement cable may be necessary. Sometimes you need a new 360 if the cable slots are actually damaged. There is an option for repairing the burned out GPU also. You can buy a replacement one online, and after overheating your console to loosen the solder, you can remove and replace your GPU (**WARNING** Do not attempt this if you do not have INTENSIVE EXPERIENCE with repairing electronics). For two RRoD, your best bet is to immediately power off your 360, and hope for the best . There is also a NEW error, found only in the Xbox 360 slims, known only as the RDoD (Red Dot of Death). This new error means general hardware failure, but in this event, it is practically unfixable. There are many people working on trying to develop a fix for it, but at this rate, not enough consoles suffer from it for it to become a big deal. The only method i know of that "fixes it" is to overheat your console. Now this thread is for posting your experiences with the RRoD, telling funny stories of how you were "...only THIS far away from ________, when the infamous red ring..." and for asking for technical help/advice on how to deal with YOUR RRoD. CYA on the forums! -Church
  9. Gods NumaX


    I don't think I'm the only one but I really miss Griffbal and would put it in Halo 4. I don't think I'm the only one who really, REALLY, wants to have them put it up! -Numa
  10. I am looking for anyone interested in starting up a clan with me. I of course will be a leader, but in my clan there will be a ranking system. I currently have yet to select a name for this clan, but I do have 3 ideas. 1.)F.W.S. (Forever We Stand) 2.)Crimson 3,)Immortal/Immortals. I would like to have those who want to join to vote on which name they like the most and when I feel like I've decided on a name based on your opinions then I'll announce it. So please join, vote, and hit me up online so we can play some Halo!
  11. 4th mission, top of the tree on the far right as you spawn. Hard to miss when you're looking for a box on top a tree. Unlike episode 2, the dialogue isn't fantastically funny, but still, it's there. Good stuff, Rooster Teeth.
  12. iTz Vplus2

    Comic-Style Avatar

    From the album: My avatars/signatures

    Comic-Style. I like the rising sun background
  13. iTz Vplus2

    2nd Text Only Sig

    From the album: My avatars/signatures

    Someone on my msn said this looked like an image from GTA. I took it as a compliment
  14. iTz Vplus2

    GTA-Style Avatar

    From the album: My avatars/signatures

    Someone on my msn said this looked like an image from GTA. I took it as a compliment
  15. iTz Vplus2

    Scary Text

    From the album: My avatars/signatures

    1st text-only signature i made.
  16. iTz Vplus2

    Phoenix Avatar 2

    From the album: My avatars/signatures

    Current avatar without text
  17. iTz Vplus2

    Phoenix Avatar 1

    From the album: My avatars/signatures

    Current avatar with text
  18. iTz Vplus2

    The Blast

    From the album: My avatars/signatures

    My current signature
  19. iTz Vplus2

    Phoenix Sig 1

    From the album: My avatars/signatures

    1st signature with new emblem. I wasn't happy with the spartan outline though.
  20. iTz Vplus2

    Heartshield Avatar

    From the album: My avatars/signatures

    Matching to the Heartshield Sig
  21. iTz Vplus2

    Heartshield Sig

    From the album: My avatars/signatures

    Thought i'd keep that emblem forever lol
  22. iTz Vplus2

    Monster Avatar

    From the album: My avatars/signatures

    Fitting avatar
  23. ViperSRT3g

    Mido - HDR01

    From the album: Mido

    One of my first forays into HDR imaging. This was my first HDR image of a set I took altogether as a photo shoot. She looks pretty fine if I do say so myself.
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