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Found 19 results

  1. Since the update to the Xbox One on January 11th Halo 2 will not load in co-op over live all the time. Was able to load the game 1 time out of 25 attempts and the successful load disconnected within a few minutes. Halo 1, 3, 4 are all fine. Called Xbox Support and they advised me the following steps with no success: 1) Remove my account from the Xbox 2) Power Down and unplug the xbox for 5 minutes along with my router and modem 3) Power up and re-add my account Obviously this didn't work as it is not an account issue but a game issue. Xbox Support then advised me that a few people have called in with issues with Halo 2 not working for co-op over Live and that we are to contact 343 Industries directly. So here I am 343, I am contacting you the only way possible and asking if you can please fix Halo 2 as it appears to be something incompatible with the latest Xbox patch. I have already confirmed with Xbox Support that my connection, ports, router, modem, and Xbox Settings are not to blame and it has been ruled an issue with your software. I am not mad by any means as I know that updates made by Microsoft directly often are not compatible with some software and causes issues. I have also contacted Frank O'Connor and your main Twitter handle @@halo through Twitter in hopes of a response. Thank's in advance for looking into this. ~MacDaddyToad
  2. I download the game on console after about 80 percent I got error message saying that Can't download this game I did trouble shooting with support team and still doesn't resolve. Help
  3. Yoshi For President This is the campaign thread for the peoples voice, Yoshi1176! You may be asking why vote for Yoshi? Well it is simple really, I here what you guys have to say, I can voice your concerns and issues and get them fixed. As president I will help rid the forum of all bad things like Shrek. ---- Credentials: I am one of few canidates that can say they are not communist. I know a lot of people on the site and have no problem talking to everyone I studied at Harvard ---- You have anything that you want voiced? Post it below! If you want to help support your voice and friend wear one of these snazy signatures - Thanks to Vitamin PWN for making these so wonderfully! -Supporters- 1.Vitamin PWN
  4. I just want to say goodbye to everyone from my name being Green, soon I will join the ranks of the Purple names and it certainly has been a privilege to green, but all good things must come to an end yes? As God closes the door, a window opens. I wish all of those good luck to being green and I say hello to all of those who are purple. Thank you.
  5. The folks behind the show promise that this year's award extravaganza will be a little different than previous years'—instead of red carpets and celebrity skits, we're going to see more awards and more chats with developers, host Geoff Keighley promises. We'll see games like The Witcher 3, Titanfall, South Park: The Stick of Truth, Broken Age, Destiny, and a lot more. VGX Start - The big show kicks off as hosts Joel McHale and Geoff Keighley take us through what kind of surprises are in store at VGX Our first secret world premiere - We cant divulge all of our secrets, but trust us, you're going to love this one] Smosh reveals the future of video games - What will video games be like in the future? The game at Smosh reveal all at VGX Tomb Raider announcement - Get a Tomb Raider announcement, exclusively at VGX. Lara Croft in the flesh - Camilla Luddington, the voice behind Lara Croft, appears at VGX.] The Vector Monkey finds a home - We're revealing the winner of either Best Action Adventure or Best Sports Game categories. You tell us which you want to see. Reggie takes the stage - Nintendo of America's fearless leader, Reggie Fils-Aime takes the stage for a demo Another Vector Monkey is awarded - VGX honours another of this year's best games.] Quantum Break revealed - VGX is the only place you can get a look into the world of Remedy's next epic title. Get even more Quantum Break - Remedy's Oskari Hakkien stops by VGX to take you deeper into Quantum Break. Bonus world premiere - Another surprise Bonus World Premiere] Hour 2 South Park and the Stick of Truth - Cartman, Kyle, Stan, and Kenny set out on their most epic journey ever. Game of the Year Award - The creators of South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, award this year's top honours. Mega 64 - Rocco and Shawn thought we left some awards out, so they filled in some of the gaps. Destiny arrives at VGX - Bungies latest title shines in this exclusive premiere. VICE's Motherboard takes on Donkey Kong - Go behind the scenes and see the biggest rivalry this year's Donkey Kong world championships. A new look at Broken Age - Double Fine's Tim Schafer helps pull back the curtain on his next creation. Rooster Teeth present the pick for Cameo of the Year - You're never going to guess who wins.P[/size] World premieres as chosen by you - You tell us which world premiere you want to see next: Tom Clancy's The Division or The Withcher 3: Wild Hunter Who will be crowned best indie game? - Find out which little studio takes home the big award. Secret world premiere #2 - Another all-new game, brought to you by VGX. Hour 3 Zombies infect VGX - See if you can survive this demo of Dying Light. VGX welcomes PEWDIEPEW - One of YouTube's biggest names visits VGX. [*]Thief steals the show - Get an exclusive world premiere for the latest entry in this beloved franchise. [*]You choose the award - We're revealing the winner of either Best Shooter or Studio of the Year categiories. You tell us which you want to see. [*]We name the character of the year - You voted, now find out who you chose as your Character of the Year. [*]Another awesome world premiere - We've got some of this year's biggest trailers - only at VGX. [*]One final VGX award - You decide which award you want to see handed out. [*]Titanfall world premiere - VGX welcomes Respawn Entertainment's Vince Zampella for an exclusive look at one of next year's biggest games. [*]Rockstar rocks the house - An exclusive one night only performance of the music of Grand Theft Auto V [*]Source-Kotaku
  6. The biggest issue I had with Halo 4 was the fact it was still on Reach's experience system. You know, the one that maxes out every game making it not matter how good or bad you do. Making all matchmaking pointless except for the very casual gamer. Well, when I found out that the new CRS Ranking System was going to be implemented; basically making it like Halo 2 and 3, I almost exploded from sheer excitement... BUT then today when I got back on Halo 4 for the first time in a while I was so excited to see that it was implemented! Then immediate disappointment when I found out that it was only view-able through Waypoint. Now I must ask, what's the point? No one is going to go to Waypoint just to find their rank. Not a single person is going to do that. The whole point of having the system is to make it view-able IN GAME. So people can view it, and determine where you are skill wise, so you can brag about it, and so you actually get matched up with people with similar skill. I know for a fact I'm not the only person enraged by this. I miss my Halo experience. Halo 4 is superior to it's predecessors, but I just simply can't keep playing it like the older games because of the ranking system. Bringing Halo 3's ranking system to Halo 4 would make matchmaking extremely intense competitively. Fix it Sincerely, Everyone who loved Halo 3 and 2
  7. So I had a quick question for everyone regarding the xbox 720. Im curious as to If we are going to get to keep are 360 gamertag and all are Acievments and be able to have the same gamer score and gamertag on the upcoming consol. So in other words Will are gamertag jump to the new 720 consol?
  8. Here's a list of gamercard generators: ZaamIT.com: LusoGamer.com: XboxLC.com: Gamercards.Playfire.com: 360-HG.com: XboxGamertag.com: Raptr.com: GamerHandles.com: TrueAchievements.com: Lumabizz-Gamercards.webs.com: Content Partially Used From: http://www.xbox360ac...ad.php?t=296857 THERE YOU GO!
  9. Here's a list of gamercard generators: ZaamIT.com: LusoGamer.com: XboxLC.com: Gamercards.Playfire.com: 360-HG.com: XboxGamertag.com: Raptr.com: GamerHandles.com: TrueAchievements.com: Lumabizz-Gamercards.webs.com: Content Partially Used From: http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=296857 THERE YOU GO!
  10. Got a camera in your house? Well it might possibly be streaming live onto the internet. http://gizmodo.com/5...re-webcam-feeds Apparently a flaw in some Trendnet cameras allows others to be able to watch the feed. This issue is not even new. "The problem was first spotted early 2012, and was all over Reddit and 4chan this time last year. But, while Trendnet claims to have notified all owners of affected cameras, it clearly—for whatever reason—hasn't done a good enough job." Now there is a fix for it but you must update the firmware. The app itself is made to "raise awarness" and has a link to the firmware update. Crazy stuff eh?
  11. Anyone have any xbox live membership codes hat they don't want or feel like giving away?
  12. Hey I know there are a lot of clans out there looking to recruit, but a lot of people (myself included) like smaller clans that have more of a tight knit community where everyone knows each other and you are able to play freely. So I thought i would make a Topic where people could post their gamer tags or post recruitment opportunities so people with a love of the game and gererally smaller clans can come together and Just play Halo. GT: EnV Da MoNsTeR
  13. Hey there everyone! I've been knee deep in Spartan Ops and War Games over the past month, and have taken a long sip from the goblet of pandemonium and teamwork. There aren't many things I can see wrong with Halo4, and Matchmaking for me has become a near addiction. So, in saying that, I've also encountered of a lack of community which, personally, is what keeps me locked to the online experience. In saying that, I'm looking for a clan who like getting together and moving from game to game with mics, entertaining everyone with all flavours of banter. I reckon I'm not that bad of a player and I could be of benefit in competition. I dunno' what people look for as a pre-requisite. I have a positive kill/death ratio, if that helps. Oh, and I’m Australian. Anyway. Hit me up if you like. LeadingSimon316
  14. I was watching a bit of Yogscast and for some reason I thought of this topic. What if your doctor told you that you had 2 MONTHS AND 2 MONTHS ONLY to live? How would you spend it? Live life on the edge or play as Master Chief one last time? Spend all your money on trips around the world or throw it at bystanders? Do something recreational or skip around your neighborhood shouting the M.L.P song at the top of your lungs, JUST BECAUSE YOU COULD. So tell me, how would you spend your final hours? Me? Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is better than playing as a badass, 7-foot tall, super soldier.
  15. My personal opinion is that Halo should never leave XBOX and XBOX should never share Halo with any other console. I'd like to hear your opinion.
  16. If i get Dungeon Fighter Online Live! (DFOL!) will anyone buy it too and play with me ? because the game was pretty fun before and i always loved dungeon games like that, and since itll be over live, i figured someone else would get it too ^^
  17. Anyone else having troubles with xbox live like you cant connect with a certain account or it wont redownload your account? because its kinda stupid >:C I understand they know its a problem i hope they get it fixed soon.
  18. Now, before I begin, I must apologize in advance if this or something similar to this has been posted. Anyway, without further ado.... There are shots of blue-armored, short little aliens in the trailer. I thought to myself, knowing the fact that forerunners were only approximately a meter tall... which is about the same height of the blue aliens, that possibly, those could very well be the forerunners themselves. My evidence to prove this? Look at the image here: Where it says ``An Ancient Evil Awakens``, there is a symbol behind it. This, I am nearly certain, is a forerunner symbol. Therefore inferring that they will play a role in the game, and a major, bad-news one at that. And now, what do we have here? It seems that John has brought along a few friends. By the looks of them, it very well seems a possibility that they are Spartan III`s, or most likely, Spartan IV`s. These could possibly be the characters that fill in for the co-op experience. The question is, Who? Why? And How? I hope all of these questions will be answered in time. Now, I know that we already know about the prometheans, but I decided I would Include a picture of one in action Also, on a slightly different note, the banshee aesthetics have been revealed. Drum roll, please... And the reach looks are back! While I, personally, like the reach design better, what do you think? Support, or no? Anyway, unfortunately, there was no evidence on what playing style and physics the banshees use. But assuming the it is reach`s aesthetically, it may very well be the reach controls. Anyway, that is all I`ve got. I hope I found something useful!
  19. Post your signatures in the comments below and you could win a 2day xbox live pass. I will judge based on: relevance to halo awesomness creativity colorful You can score up to 5 stars in each category. You have until January 21 2012 to submit. Winners will be announced and awarded on January 31 2012. Be sure to invite your friends
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