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Found 20 results

  1. As we are all winding down from the graceful heat of the summer, the time has come to recognise one of our most upbeat and friendly members as they rise to the pink. This member has always been one to show warmth and friendliness towards other members and has been an avid supporter of one of the most iconic and cute things ever to exist. :3 We hope you continue to grace us with your kindness, even if it can be cruel at times (ToD), and that you will always be welcoming to newcomers, with or without your chair. Congratulations Melody and enjoy your month in pink! ​
  2. Fellow forum members! A great age is upon us! The Reign of Hello Kitty is in due time. Now admire your new fluffy cute kitten in awe! Join now and become a wonderful part of a noble cause! What might you ask would a wonderful team do exactly? This is a great question! We will strive to keep the forum safe from all baddies that may try to spam or do other bad stuff! Also you will have the honor to help maintain cute and cuddleyness around the forum! ♥ ♥ Unofficial Team Hello Kitty 1. Melody 2. Twinreaper 3. Ash 4. Mr Kittens and Gibberish 5. 6. Caboose The Ace 7. BATMAN 8. 9. 10. Arbiter747
  3. Been on this site as a guest the past couple days and really like the site to keep updated with Halo news. I decided to join up and become a member
  4. My name is Abigail, also known as HaloGirl592. I love Halo, because It just makes sense to me for some reason, that everything I can picture and have connections. (None of Aliens, though). I research alot of Halo and I love to play COD and Modern Warfare, of course. I am a gamer by heart. This would be my third time at least signing up for a forums for Halo, and many other games including Bungi and 343 Industries. Both companies I strongly recommend with games, but I also wish that 343 Industries will follow the books, otherwise, I'm going to get more confused by the minute, but i also like a little mix to the stories, but the main important parts the same. My favorite characters are Master Chief, of course, and Cortana, although I strongly met some amazing characters that have died along the battle in the Halo series, espicially in Halo 3. I hope Halo 5 will come out strongly, and when i get enough money, I may be able to buy the Xbox One, but I highly doubt I will get enough money.... Although that may not be with you, I hope Halo 5 will become one of the strongest games and memoriable like it has been so far, in the time period 2000-2020. And i cant wait till i can lock and load and shoot some aliens
  5. Hello everyone, As I am still fairly new to Halo 3, (and I just joined this seemingly-awesome community!) I am still inexperienced with callouts, and some of the map spawns. Members should be able to be online most days of the weeks, (3-4 days at least) and commit to becoming better players, and working together as a team. Anyways, if you are interested, let me know. Having Halo 3: ODST with all of the Halo 3 map packs is preferred, though not required (though it is needed for team Doubles, Big Team, etc). My gamertag is: "Zicorth". I live in Canada, with my timezone being EST, which is 3:54PM, at the moment of this post. I will be online for most of this week. See you in the field, Spartans! =)
  6. Greetings 343i and Halo community! I'm happy to officially introduce myself, having just registered to the forums. My name is Falcon. I'm a gamer, former clan leader, and avid Halo fan. I've been a follower of the series since 2003 and a PC-exclusive player - meaning I've had more trigger time on Halo 1, Custom Edition, and Halo 2V than any of the recent titles. Alas, Halo 3, Reach, and now Halo 4 have been 360 exclusives ... but enough hot air about that. At any rate, I jumped in here initially to ask a question about fan-based literature and am looking forward to being part of the forums.
  7. Hello everyone new to this forum stuff, just looking for halo players possibly join a clan, Give me a shout! Cya!
  8. hey wassup im a mapmaker i like to forge ALOT alos i here this place needs some forgers i like to make a lot of infection and dominion maps i also like creating unique maps halo 3 is currently my favorite halo(not halo 4) mainly cause i am a halo 3 modder and cause it had all sorts of awesome features
  9. Hi my name is Liam and I am a second year college student in the wonderfully rainy and cold country of England I am a HUGE halo fan, I can't believe I was only 5 when I first played halo, and I have pretty much grown up with the franchise I guess. Might be starting my own YouTube channel soon, if college doesn't go so well, (hopefully I could make a living from that, it would be shweeeeeeet ) Yeah that's pretty much it, halo, halo, more halo is pretty much my life story, That and RoosterTeeth/AchievementHunter Long Live Halo!!!
  10. Espinoth


    Hi, just joined the forums because I'm looking forward to discussing possible events that might happen in 5, 6 and Spartan Ops. (Like maybe bringing back Cortana? *crosses fingers*) Anyways, I look forward to becoming a part of the community! Espinoth over and out!
  11. Well twas the night before the launch, so I bid a fond farewell to Reach for the foreseeable future, and an even fonder farewell to Bungie (been a solid blast all these years, so eager to play Destiny and fully expect to be blown away when it eventually comes out). And I bid a massive hello to 343i & map creators Certain Affinity (proper after Anni). And the might that is Halo 4.
  12. Hello 343i forums and other creatures of the void. I used to be apart of the old bungie forums. I mostly lurked and for good reason if you too have been apart of the bungie forum phenomenon. Anyways, I don't think this is quite the place to hand out my measurements and life story, but if you have any questions feel free to ask as I am quite friendly. Anything, ask me anything.
  13. Plagueasaur


    I'm new, so hi. I'm Stephen, pumped for Halo 4! SO, yeah!
  14. I say hello. Okay, so, this is a game and something to help me out. Let me explain: What you do is introduce yourself. Introduce yourself as to who you are here the first time. After that, introduce yourself however you want. Introduce yourself as Chuck Norris for all I care. This is the tricky part... The person below you has to back out in a way that doesn't seem rude from a regular conversation. I see that confused look on your face. Let me example: I am Zed The Evil Taco. I used to come to this forum frequently, but after a failed attempt at college, I dropped off the grid for a bit. Now I'm back! The next post would say something like: Yeah, hey listen, um... My... wife... just gave birth... and the baby... is making things float with its mind... so... I'll call you? Hey, I'm Chuck Norris. Don't question me or I'll roundhouse kick you. (End of example) Now we start playing. I am Zed The Evil Taco. I used to come to this forum frequently, but after a failed attempt at college, I dropped off the grid for a bit. Now I'm back!
  15. Is this thing on? *Tap tap* Psst! Just start typing already! Right! Right! Sorry! Ahem, so... where to start? A name? Hmm. Call me what ever you like. I have been called many things like: Awesome Caboose, Caboose, Slayer, Steven, Stevo, Stevie, Stephon, Kyuubi, Drake, Zach, Zachari, Smart Ass, Dumb Ass, retard, pony lover, halo fan boy, and many more. Likes? I like to draw, as can be seen on my deviantart. I like music, mostly any kind. But, I prefer techno, dubstep, and electronic. I'll play any video game, given I own it or can buy it. To be fair though, I'm mostly interested in FPS, RPG, MMO, and shooters. About me? I'm your typical 15 year old gamer, with a slight problem of multi-personality disorder. So expect me to be random and say something that would either make to much sense or no sense at all. I have been called crazy, do I believe it? Yes I do. I got into halo when I was six, that was in 2003, that's nine years ago. My aunt's fiancé was playing Halo 1, I was fairly interested in the, what I quote from my younger self, "Weird midget aliens." (aka Grunts or Unggoy) The next year I saw him playing Halo 2, asked him if I could play, and ended up beating and talking smack to a 20 year old. It was funny because he raged. From this day forth I have collected all the Halos and even pre-ordered the Legendary or Limited edition for most of them. Now that halo is over with, how about some other things about me? I'm a brony, and I love it. So get off my back. I rant occasionally and will end up making it sound like I'm Dr. Phil. I don't really know what else you want me to say so... this is it. Want to know anything else? Message me. Either here, on deviantart, or on the xbox. Oh! My gamertag! You'll never believe it. GT: Awesome Caboose "This is MrKyuubi signing off." 'I've always wanted to say that!'
  16. hi guys i just got my account yesterday because i realized the bungie sight doesnt work
  17. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wats up fellow noobs? I just wanted to Introduce myself to this lovely forum! (I know that I've been here a while and know quite a bit of you, but don't be raining on mah parade) I love all of you (I use the word love in the loosest of terms) and I just wanted to let you know that. Politenesses aside, I am Nohbdy, I came here because of Halo 4, I stayed for the free cookies. I think you can sum up my personality from that, but to be politically correct, I shall go into further detail for the Idiots out there. I am an avid forger, I enjoy projects but despise deadlines, I enjoy red meats, I also enjoy chicken. Last but not least, I am sexy, and I know it. Questions?
  18. So, I believe this is going to be post number two for me (post number one was the reason I signed up in the first place). Anyway, just wanted to say "Hi, how's it going?"
  19. Hey guys, been meaning to post an introduction but am just now getting time to. Well, I guess I'll start with saying that that yes, I'm obviusly a Halo fan, but that's all I really play. ....at all XD I'm 14, turning 15 on Friday, November 25 and have been playing Halo since I was about 6 and have been stuck with it ever since. I live in Tennessee, have a huge passion for music, and love graphic design, Science, and in-depth thinking. XD (I overthink everything, and usually have too much to say about the simplest things just because I think in many different perspectives) The musical instruments I can play are Trumpet, (main) Guitar, Piano. I also know how to play many other Brassinstruments, and can also play some on the dums, but those instruments are the ones that I know most fluently. I was thinking about making a Photoshoo/graphic design thread, but didn't know how many people ever... designed.. XD I was thinking that people coud post images that they had designed or digitally painted, annd maybe even give each other ideas on what to make, or maybe even have a different thread every week on a common subject to create images. Well, I'm glad to be aprt of this community and hope to make a lot of friends with you all. Thanks for reading, RANMAN
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