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Found 16 results

  1. Yo, this is the sign up thread for the Destiny Raid Event, use the following format below, with example Gamertag: Azaxx Subclass/Level: Bladedancer/Gunslinger 32, Bladedancer 32, Defender 31 Maxed Weapons used for Raid(s): All VoG Primaries, WoC, AD, SUROS, BH, IB, P&T, HoC, SoIY Availability/Time: Whole event Raid choice: Vault of Glass Hard When: Saturday March 7th, 2015 6pm - Roughly midnight (depends on when party is finished) EST Game: Destiny Xbox One, Vault of Glass/Crota's End Raid Additional Requirements/Notes: Dark Below DLC is required for those who want to do the Crota End Raid, those who do not have it will come at a lower priority if the rest of the party as the DLC on hand. Forum members also take top priority over those who are not. Additional note, the Fireteam will be First in, First serve. Just add me on XBL and send a message for an invite and I'll add the 5 messages who got in first on that day to be added. Time Converter here for reference Members planning on joining/with Raid preference: Agent York / VoG H Tony Stark / Nil SʜadowҒɪɛɴd216 / Crota's End N Yang Xiao Long / VoG N/H, Crota's End N Bnus / VoG N/H, Crota's End N Eqwinoxe / VoG N Laplace / Crota's End H Austintacious / VoG N, Crota's End N
  2. So this is still on paper, and nothing is finalised due to a variety of reasons. This is a rough idea of what I have planned and I'd like to get some feedback from people, and also to see how many people would be interested in doing it. Essentially this is what I have planned; Level 26 Normal VoG Raid for average Fireteam level of under 30 Level 30 Hard VoG Raid for average Fireteam level of 30 and/or above Level 30 Normal Crota's End Raid for average Fireteam level of 30 and/or above To all members who wish to play in the Raids, every member would be required to join the 343iCF clan for the intent of allowing members to get the Raiding Party achievement. On top of that, an expectation that a minimal knowledge of how the Raid works in the best strat is required (example the middle strat for fighting Crota/dual Gatekeepers in Atheon Summoning). I have a basic outline for times regarding the Raids also, earliest I could see viable to cover most timezones would be around 5pm-12am EST on a Saturday and/or Sunday. Due to not all timezones working out, Friday is out of the question. [Edit] Also to clarify that the Raids will be on the Xbox One Leave a comment if this sounds interesting enough/you'd be committed into attending this. I don't plan on making this long lasting, just enough Raids to get the members here the achievement/some loot.
  3. In more specifically the past month, but even as far back to Halo 4, we've had thousands of members sign up to the forums and pose their questions towards 343i. While we do have the banner with "Community Forums" at the top of the page, not everyone understands that this is simply a site for fans/community members. This can be caused by a number of reasons for example; lack of English comprehension, skipping over the top of the page and only going into the forum sections where required and or even being linked here by Microsoft's Customer Support themselves. All of these reasons are legitimate to why people don't always understand that this is simply a community website and nothing officially related to 343 Industries and Microsoft Corporation. Many of these people will post interesting and well thought out threads towards 343i and MS, with the intention of having them read over their posts and hopefully shape the games that are out and/or are to come. That could be bug posts, future game improvement ideas or even wanting to know from officials how to get/do things regarding the game. On the other hand you have people who come in with foul behavior with their posting and are dealt with accordingly, we thank the members who do report this to our attention. This really does help us clean out the forums to give a better look to the newer members who sign up, and to the guests who browse without need to log in. However on the other hand we have existing members who load up pages and see these confused members and simply link them to Halo Waypoint (the official website of 343 Industries) and quite simply telling them to go away over there. This isn't good for multiple reasons; It's a rude way of getting rid of people who sign up and lowers the prospect of having quality members stick around with our forums (no one can predict who will stay and who will go all the time), it also counts as spam (we've seen multiple people post simple one sentence lines linking them to Waypoint), and it's also known that people don't actually help these confused members anyways and just increase post count for themselves. This quite simply isn't acceptable, and is coming to an end. Any member who wishes to help these members should give an actual attempt to solving newer member's queries in the absolute best way they can, with the link at the end of their post to Halo Waypoint if it's further needed. Simply saying "This isn't 343i's real website, go to halo waypoint" is now a punishable offense and will be dealt accordingly. We'll start cleaning up the most recent forum posts of these, so expect posts to disappear with a moderator post in replacement for some of these threads as examples. Further continuation however will have to be dealt with unfortunately. In addition to this, if there is a rude post in the forums, you do not under any circumstances respond to it with a rude reply. This will be moderated harshly as it's not a good image for the forums as new and old members are equally guilty of this. If you wish to have the thread dealt with if you believe it's not at a standard to which we maintain, please simply report the thread and the moderator who's active will attend to it as soon as they can. We understand that most of you members will not need to change your acts with this, since you're all in the clear, but please keep this at the back of your mind anyways. -Moderating Team.
  4. Member of the Month is a special award given out to those who excel at being members who go above and beyond the standards that we expect of quality members. They do not complain, they help others in need, and they make something out of nothing to bring delight to others. This Member of the Month was chosen from these traits, and many more that they have shown over not only the past month of April, but also those beforehand in a consistent manner. That being said, it was his time in April that had him shine, his creation of the Art Week thread allowed so many artists to come together and share their love for a common interest, something that's been tried before but never successfully achieved. Truly something that really got the Staff's attention. If you couldn't guess from that mystic write up, I'm here to present to you the Member of the Month for May 2014. You may see his purple name in the shoutbox, you may see it in forums, or you might just catch a glimpse of him in a PM. Wherever the place, he is a well known member of our forums, I'm proud to present to you our current MoM. The Dumb Marine! May his month of glory be an epic one, and enjoy that sweet new award you've just been given. If you haven't seen his first Art Week thread, check it out here. It may be closed, but many great artists are yet to be seen.
  5. Azaxx

    Ushio Okazaki

    From the album: Azaxx's Anime Art

    Those cute moe eyes.

    © Key (Company), Kyoto Animation.

  6. Azaxx

    Sakai Yuji

    From the album: Azaxx's Anime Art

    Couldn't be bothered shading him, this is Sakai Yuki as Snake of the Festival.

    © J.C.Staff, ASCII Media Works

  7. From the album: Azaxx's Anime Art

    Mash up of; Yami Bakura, Kyosuke Kousaka, Araragi Koyomi and the Survey Corps Emblem. Done for the Art Week 1

    © Shaft Inc., Production I.G., Toei Animation, ASCII Media Works

  8. Azaxx

    Yuno Gasai

    From the album: Azaxx's Anime Art

    Yuno Gasai from Future Diary/Mirai Nikki Only slightly insane

    © Funimation Entertainment

  9. This is just an idea, which I'm throwing out to everyone to see how many people would be interested. Essentially the idea is a Round Robin styled tournament having trainers battling out each other in games of best of 3. After X amount of weeks, the games end and the finals take over to see which Pokemon Trainer is the very best, like no one ever was. The number of rounds depends on how many people participate of course, and if there's an odd amount of people bye matches will be in each round. There will be no site reward to this unless I have this made into an official event, though that is unlikely due to it not being about Halo. The event would just be for people to have fun which is the most important thing with gaming. Post a reply to let me know if you would be interested, if there's above 8 people who would be wanting to see it happen, it will. Otherwise it may not happen, or I'll make it a Double Round Robin tourney. If you have any questions about the idea, ask away.
  10. Sup members from the site of blue. I have one big favour to ask from all of you that reads this. I need you to pick out every little flaw you can find in the images I provide, and I mean every one of them. Pretty much all of the time when I ask how someone thinks of my work they usually say "awesome, fantastic, you're great at this anon", but what I actually need is something on the lines of "this, that and this is off. You need to fine up area X and the Y line. The whole thing is crap anon do it again". Though if you really can't flaw me, by all means go ahead and compliment me in every possible way you can. Keep in mind, this style isn't like normal stuff, so saying 'the eye is too big' isn't really a point since it's meant to be that way for example. These pics below are the first of the genre that I've tried, so I'm very new to this whole thing,. which is why I want proper criticism on my work. So anyways, enough talk, here are a few, the others are in my FileShare which linked here because I don't wanna spam the thread out with pics, but feel free to comment about them here or there.
  11. Azaxx

    Araragi Koyomi #2

    From the album: Azaxx's Anime Art

    No colour this time, and full body

    © Shaft Inc.

  12. Azaxx

    Rikka Takanashi

    From the album: Azaxx's Anime Art

    Main character from the relatively new romcom series Chuunibyou/Chuunibyou 2

    © Kyoto Animation

  13. Azaxx

    Tomoya Okazaki

    From the album: Azaxx's Anime Art

    One of my favourite characters from any show, before adulthood.

    © Key (Company), Kyoto Animation

  14. Azaxx

    Hitagi Senjougahara

    From the album: Azaxx's Anime Art

    Don't do shading much, tried it for once and ending up having both hands covered in pencil lead.

    © Shaft Inc.

  15. Azaxx

    Nagisa Furukawa

    From the album: Azaxx's Anime Art

    Drew my waifu, because why the hell not.

    © Key (Company), Kyoto Animation.

  16. Azaxx

    Araragi Koyomi

    From the album: Azaxx's Anime Art

    Got bored so decided to draw my profile picture and my favourite character from any anime/tv show/movie. Was even bored enough to colour it.

    © Shaft Inc.

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