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Found 7 results

  1. Fellow forum members! A great age is upon us! The Reign of Hello Kitty is in due time. Now admire your new fluffy cute kitten in awe! Join now and become a wonderful part of a noble cause! What might you ask would a wonderful team do exactly? This is a great question! We will strive to keep the forum safe from all baddies that may try to spam or do other bad stuff! Also you will have the honor to help maintain cute and cuddleyness around the forum! ♥ ♥ Unofficial Team Hello Kitty 1. Melody 2. Twinreaper 3. Ash 4. Mr Kittens and Gibberish 5. 6. Caboose The Ace 7. BATMAN 8. 9. 10. Arbiter747
  2. Join us and check us out http://www.bungie.net/en/Clan/Detail/174112 All who are loyal to us we shall be loyal also you join us and we join you. To are people we are bound but yet we are bound to nothing at all the only thing that limits us is time and yet time is not limited so are we then yet limited decide for yourself.....All I can promise is a brotherhood and sisterhood a fun and reliable community and a bond between members that shall last you a life time. Glory Honor Respect Fun Pride Humility Ambition Determination. These are qualities most appreciated and found within our clan gain some of these by joining the ranks and getting higher positions not based on recruiting but experience loyalty and Game ability. For a short amount of time high placing positions are available for 10 members worthy.
  3. Hello there, glad you stumbled upon this thread, keep reading onward! So, I've decided to put up a thread in which YOU the people can ask me an question no matter how serious, offbeat, stupid, or illogical you may believe it is! These will not be answered in this thread or even this month, but rather on June 28th, 2014. (Those who can decipher the date get a cookie). So ask away below, there's no limit to the number of questions you can ask, considering this is all in the Offbeat section, to ask as many as possible, I need material! Thanks for your time!
  4. Hello everyone, I am ROYSTAGE V2 and I present you: Raymundo (download link at the bottom) Raymundo is my best forged map, it's also symmetric and supports all gametypes! (except multi-team & Grifball). You can basically walk through the bases or walk on top of them. Red base: contains 3 ways to enter the top floor, has a initial 60 sec needler spawn, a 90 sec respawn timed Warthog and a Ghost with a 90 sec respawn timer. Blue base: contains 3 ways to enter top floor and also has a initial 60 sec needler spawn, a 90 sec respawn timed Warthog and Ghost. On the left side of blue base I tried to recreate the rock structure on the right side of red base, it has a initial 30 sec plasma grenade x2 spawn and with Dominion it also brings forerunner weapon ordnances, a turret, shields and a Vehicle Pad Warthog. The middle of the map contains a few little bridges and are quite important to control and also has a initial 180 sec Rocket Launcher spawn. The mid-right side of blue base: contains 'Dominion only' turret, UNSC weapon ordnances, cover, shields and 2 Vehicle Pad Ghosts, without Dominion it has a Machine Gun Turret and cover barriers. The mid right side of red base: contains 'Dominion only' turret, banshee and shields. With- and without Dominion it has a initial 180 sec Sniper Rifle spawn. And without Dominion it has a Mantis with a 180 sec respawn timer. This piece of the map contains: a (Dominion only) turret, shields, Covenant weapon drops and a Vehicle Pad Warthog. With- and without Dominion it also has a 30 sec plasma grenade x2 initial weapon drop. And here you see the middle of the map from a different view: Each base has in front of it a shotgun random ordnance drop: In the middle of the map under the bridge you can also find this random weapon drop: And on the other side of the middle of the map you find this random weapon drop: I started forging this map when I entered a contest on Forgecafe. I ended 3rd place with this map which was great because I never expected that when I started to forge this map. I haven't been able to test the map but because it finished 3rd in the contest I assume that the gameplay is fine. After I entered the contest I had to download a map which already had some things in it you were not allowed to change anything from. It looked like this with only the 5x5 block flat and the window things. Also, because I had to download this map for the contest the author name will read: Wildcaters45 Map download link: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/roystage%20v2/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=39c81010-8d3f-4dc8-b1b1-3bc3950daed1 I hope all you guys and girls enjoy my map!
  5. Is 343 doing anything with Reach anymore or have they turned there backs on it because of Halo 4 is out? Halo 4 is a good game but there is no reason to let Reach rot away just because you want to force people to play 4! There are still people out there that want to play Reach and Halo 4, it does not have to be either or.
  6. halo 4 unsc frigate on impact its got an armory vehicle bay blue team has a banshee not real detailed in the inside of the ship but its good for big team battle i cant get a picture so i put this up my name is x VK x ELITEZz but im going to change into TACTIC COMMAND0 try both my names TACTIC COMMAND0 and x VK x ELITEZz and go to my channle 33wasa i met some funny rager watch it
  7. One thing that personally disappointed me about Halo 3 and even more in Halo: Reach was the custom games. Why? Custom Games keep the game fresh. It made Halo 2 and 3 last several years past what they would have without it. In Halo 3, custom games were great. Don't get me wrong, but there were options that should have been there that just weren't. A perfect example is the beam rifle. Why couldn't a person assign it as a starting weapon? There was NO point to not being able to do that. Did Bungie just forget? Well it's not important now. The point I'm trying to make is that when the Bungie.net forum threw an outrage on this, Bungie didn't capitalize on it in Halo: Reach. Reach's custom game options are just pitiful. Awful. Horrendous. It's a mockery of itself. To me it removes the point of even having Forge World. Not only did Bungie fail to add the options it's fans begged for, but it also took away options that- AGAIN were completely pointless to remove. What I'm asking of 343; is to make sure the options that should be out, are out. Halo 2 in retrospect had more customibility than any other Halo! Bungie made sure any possible option that a user might want to use was right there. As well as all weapons could be started with. Enough of my ramble. Here's what I'm stating 1) All weapons that are in the game, and even previous games if possible, should be able to be selected to start with and place in forge. 2) Any possible options from previous games, and options we've all been asking for should be added. 3) Forge should reflect all these options and have a friendly UI that any person can properly use. No more of that "Not compatible with this gametype". Now I'm sure I'll be editing this later. I am fairly tired and I have a feeling I just repeat myself over and over. However, I don't care. I want to see opinions of the forum, and any options that any of you would add too.
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