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  1. I am selling belts on this site

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  2. I think we should invest in the pepper spray game 

  3. I am of legal age to consume alcohol now. That puts sikslik at like 85

  4. The old forums are gone, but hey at least y'all still have me :)


  5. Hey guys! After a few days of looking for where I left it, here is Site Poll 102! A quick recap of site poll 101, which was asking your opinion on what armor you want our boy the Master Chief to be rocking in Halo Infinite. It seems the mix of old and new is exactly the look you guys have been looking for. That being said, we should have a lot to look forward to in the upcoming Halo title. ​This weeks poll address not the game itself, but how we will be playing it. The last year or so there has been a lot of buzz about whether or not Halo will ever really come to PC. There is word of a new console that may be announced this year, and a possible launch for 2020. That puts Infinite as a prime contender for a launch title. Will PC get Halo? Will Xbox One be left in the dust? What devices will Halo Infinite be on? Additionally, you can give us your answer on our Twitter page! Twitter: 343iCommunity I look forward to your responses! Love, Yoshi
  6. Hey everyone, it's Yashi here bringing you Site Poll 101! Before we get to the poll, I would to thank UNSC Spartan-II, for doing such an amazing job creating these polls, and making them such a hit. I have been appointed to carry on the legacy for the time being, and I will try to not disappoint. Last poll, the question was asked, what do you like most about the forums? We received many answers, but unlike most polls these answers were largely the same. It seems that the community that has grown here, the people, relationships, and memories made between all of us is what keeps everyone around, and in love with this place. Recently there has been some more news on Infinite. One of the things we got to see was a possible design change to the Master Chief's armor once again. While 343 has said this is not the final product, it is likely this will be close to what we see in Infinite on our hero. Everyone has there favorite Chief look, and we saw a drastic change to our hero between Halo 3 and Halo 4, and a slight change in Halo 5. It appears however, that Infinite is going back to Halo's roots and taking inspiration for Chief's armor from earlier games. Which version of Chief's armor do you want to see? Halo 4 and 5's newer, bigger armor, or Chief's classic nostalgia scented armor? Let us know below! As always the poll is also available on Twitter Twitter: 343iCommunity Love, Yoshi
  7. Merry Christmas to me I guess, shoot me a random if you can!
  8. The forum has and always will have a special place in my heart. I still log on everyday and see whats up and try to post. That being said, I can't say that I particularly love were it it is right now. Lets go back to early 2012 when I joined. I'd say that 99% of the regular members that would be in the shout box and on xbox everyday are no longer here. The shoutbox was something that was constantly going and messages would be gone in moments because of how many new messages were being sent. Long running jokes, rivalries, friendships and the like were rampant. PM boxes would have 5 or more messages in them every time you logged in, and notifications wouldn't be one or two, it'd be in the 50's some nights. The forum has definitely slowed and I am willing to bet that the best days of the forums are behind us. That being said, it isn't time to jump ship, it isn't time to give up because I still, and I assume many of you since you are here, get some level of enjoyment out of it and the people that are here. This place has made an impact on so many people. Go look at the profiles of older members that haven't posted or been seen in years. Many of them have logged on within a few months or a year. Sure they don't post but they come and check in because of the impact it has had on them. Who knows, maybe when the new halo launches we will get some more activity and with an effort we can make this place pop again. Regardless of the state of the forum, and how many members are here as long as we continue to enjoy it thats all that matters. Love you all
  9. I've been playing a lot of Red Dead Redemption 2 lately. Ooooh and Sea Of Thieves.
  10. There have been accusations made against Sikslik7, who is a community moderator. These accusations are that he is in league with the Russian government. This has large impacts on the forum as Russian interference with forum life can have disastrous effects on our members. Sikslik has denied these accusations of collusion and has appointed me as special council to investigate these claims. I have done some research, investigating and even questioned a few key witnesses. Here are my findings. Sikslik has been working with the Russian government clearly. If that is not enough evidence, here is some witness testimony. My questions are in green VitaminPwn: Do you have any economic interests in sikslik or Russia? none at all. How long have you known the accused? i have known he exists for a few years but besides that i do not personally know him. Are you more of a boxers or briefs kind of guy? boxer briefs, comfort and support, the best of both worlds. Do you have any evidence of collusion? i have a screenshot taken from my phone of him banning you in shout does that count? if not no i don not. Please also make a statement about your history on this site in regards to sikslik and anything that can be used against him in court. i don't really know him at all, i can't even remember a time we interacted. i do know he ignored me in shout on November 15th and he was talking so much he made a heartfelt message i made to a one Drizzy_Dan disappear into the void forever. Thanks Vitamin. TwinReaper didn't really answer but gave me these photos he found at the department of justice: Thank you Twin Drizzy: Please also make a statement about your history on this site in regards to sikslik and anything that can be used against him in court. I love this place. I was in love with this place since I joined. None of my close friends were as passionate about Halo as I was and so when I found the site, it felt like I had a place where I could relate to those around me. If Sikslik rigged the 2016 election, he's going down. If you have anymore evidence, please come forward. Drizzy Another clue that shows collusion is below.
  11. Yoshi1176


    I played probably about 10 hours so far. I love the game. My only issue is just how many little things you have to do (like brushing your horse).
  12. Buck. Nathan Fillion is just so dreamy. Real talk though, Buck is a fun character, his dialogue, personality and what have you made him fun in ODST. In Halo 5 we got to play with him, and I made it a point to play as Buck whenever I could because he is just that good.
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