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Found 10 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'm officially back. You may have seen me in the shoutbox or on here day-to-day. But that's more of just a drop in. I have been writing my Warlord series for those who like to read them, I'm still going to do that. Except, now that I'm back. I can partake in this community and their events. For those of you that didn't know. If I change my name to something other than Fishy. It usually means I'm in "Inactive" state. However, if my name is "Fishy" I'm in my "Active" state. The activity refers to forum involvement. I have plans already for you guys. Who's up for a Titanfall Playdate on Xbox One? I noticed discussions about everyone playing the game, but the question is. Do you want a Playdate? Or what's the new "Official" name they use today... Event? Anyways, I will contact staff about hosting a Titanfall Event on Friday 13th, this month of February. I will hopefully be able to attend more Friday Night Game Nights. Or do those no longer exist? If so, hopefully we can get those going again. If not, maybe more Community Events? I know how this Community has been lately with Events. Maybe we can get up and get gatherings going again. It's the best way to make friends on here. Also the year's coming around for discussion of last year. I have started a few major events on this forum. First one, New Year's Event. Second, Old vs New Event. Guess which one's next? That's right! I will be hosting the Old vs New member Event again this year on Halo The Master Chief Collection. Time and Date will be setup with Event Management. New Team won last year, how about Old Team delivers a comeback? Thanks everyone who read this! Glad to be officially back and not just writing chapters. Credits: Game Night Photo, Made by Absolute Dog. Titanfall Photo, From IGN.com
  2. Hello this is Uhie, i want to sound nice but want my point to get across. After contacting microsoft many times about this broken game they have shipped to us the consumers they said i would get no refund for a physical copy of the game. Which i think is unfair because your giving digital refunds no strings attached. With this being said i will not be buying a game from 343 again. A waste of money and a rushed game that is only about money. Xbox will soon lose my support for a nice playstation 4. Can i talk to someone that can actually help and not say I'm screwed. Microsoft has been no such help, even if i buy the game they sent out to people their fans from gamestop. They will give no such refund because the game is already open which is wrong, like i knew the game was broken when i bought it. Then on top of this no such fixes have fixed the game for some people like me its made it worse. Buggy and Glitchy can't play multiplayer. Not everyone buys the game for single player like you might have hoped. Many of us, your fans, or former. Want some sort of money back or word about this subject that you and microsoft seem to ignore. Sony may have many many many more customers in the next few months. Make it right morally for everyone who bought your broken game, or don't bother making games anymore. Not everything is about money. Microsoft your pulling really shady stuff and in ways can be illegal ( i don't know but have read online ). With all this being said i want my money back or you will lose me and many many other customers. Thanks have a good day.
  3. I wanted to do something special for my 1,000 post so I decided to write about my favorite armor ability, and why I think it should be in Halo 5. I hope you enjoy my 1,000 post, and post your thoughts below. Back in Halo: Reach, my favorite armor ability was Armor Lock. There were so many unique strategies you could develop from it. It allowed you to survive explosions, it was perfect for CQC pummels, you could ricochet projectiles with it, if you were really a team player it even allowed a distraction. Armor Lock became the first thing people think of when they hear Halo: Reach multiplayer. When the armor abilities in Halo 4 were being showcased I got a pretty excited seeing the Hardlight shield. I thought that 343 had decided that rather than completely removing an awesome gameplay element from Halo: Reach they'd just alter it a bit, or at least that's what I thought. Turns out they did remove armor lock following Reach's run. Completely. The Hardlight shield falls hard in trying to satisfy those that hated armor lock and those that loved it. Where Armor Lock was versatile for many play styles, the Hardlight shield's only use is to deflect. Well, I don't want to see the Hardlight shield return in Halo 5. I want to see Armor Lock return. I don't want to see Armor Lock return in Halo 5 in a way that it would cause gameplay to slow down. The only way I can see armor lock returning is if the way it's utilized is changed. What I mean is, no more 8 second Armor locking. Eight seconds is way too overpowered, I realize that. So what I suggest is quite simply make Armor Lock last for two seconds. When Armor Lock is used, it should deplete the entire refill cycle. The refill cycle can remain the same, I think it fits in quite all right with the current "play speed" in Halo. I also think that smaller vehicles such as the mongoose and the ghost should still explode when they ram into players in Armor Lock. But larger vehicles, such as the Wharthog and the tanks should only receive 1/3 or 1/2 the total amount of damage that particular vehicle can withstand. I think if Armor Lock were presented in a way such as this, that it would not only provide balanced unaltered gameplay flow, but also more innovative tactics and interesting CQC battles. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and please be sure to tell me what your thought are on this and if you'd like to see Armor Lock return in Halo 5. -BZ1
  4. This is a competitive remake map reimagined in Halo 4. It's simple enough to follow, it's non random weapons with other weapons scattered around in your base, each team gets a bunch of armour abilities, two Shotguns, DMRs, a sticky detonator, plasma pistol, rocket and sniper but they all have limited ammo with medium respawn times so don't waste the ammo. Also each teams gets a mongoose. Here is a neutral banshee in the middle. My Advice: Don't go for the banshee at the start as it gets chain hijacked until it is destroyed, my advise stay back and try to hold the middle where the banshee spawn is as it pushes the other team back plus just throw your grenades as you leave your base. Requires a custom gametype: Classic CTF adaption Credit goes to Xerbase for the original idea for this in Reach If you remember any spots or are rewatching the video of it to find some techniques it's called Frontline and it was reviewed on THFE. Good Luck Getting That Flag... Original map from Reach: The remake: and
  5. People should return to Halo 3. Add me if you want to play Halo 3. My tag is K1LL3RWOSK1TO
  6. What are your thought about the death of Cortana. Do you think that she should return, or that she should stay dead. Personally i think she will return, but she will not be the same Cortana. On one the of the campaign missions, Cortana says that she could have MC paired up with another Cortana. Could this have been a hint to the Halo 5 story line? Post a reply of what you think about Cortana returning or not. (this post is not for conversations)
  7. Hey, I know 343 has heard about the recent problems players are having with the game disc, I'm sure its not our Xbox being old or out dated, because its been said countless times by many players that cleaning the laser did not help, the disc is still in good condition seeing how the game is still very new, And most of the rebooting and resetting hard drives doesn't work either. Some players have even returned their discs, gained new ones from the store and Still had the issue. Unrecognized discs is just the 70%, Some people have issues with the disconnecting and crashing/Freezing during Campaign or multiplayer War Games/ Spartan Ops. Does 343/Microsoft plan to remake Halo 4 discs and ensure all players can return their faulty or 'problemed' discs for new working ones? Or whats exactly is their approach to this unexpected situation. Its going to have to make some changes if it wants to keep up with black ops. I still prefer halo but hey, if i cant play it. I'm sure i wont be the only one switching. Now to leave off on my honest opinion, 343, Amazing job on the game. Definitely living up to its expectations and it hasn't let me down, Great campaign continuation, Great with weekly spartan ops episodes, The armors are great, the multi player gameplay is also really addictive, All in all I'm happy i paid for the game. Always loved halo, Been playing it since it first came out. If any 'forumers' can help guide me to the question/Answers, Or Forum Mods, Or just people want to relate,leave a comment, Feel free, Will be checking this until the question is answered by a qualified Homo Sapien/ AI :3 Or heck, Even a Spartan III [Oh and dont take me as being a whiner or complainer, im just taking what i read, bunching up and trying to find one answer that everyone can refer to, I love the game still, Always will love the franchise.] Thank you :3
  8. Okay so I just picked up Halo 4 the other day and have to say it's one of the best games of the year! But, my only problem is the content for offline users. Because I can't exactly afford to get Xbox Live at the moment, so all I have is forge and replaying campaign levels :/ It's impossible to level up offline, well I mean it is but it'll take forever to do. So I can't customize my armor set or even play Spartan Ops, anything like that. So my question is should I just return it and get something new (it's pretty boring now) or wait and see if 343 releases all the Spartan Ops on a seperate disc and stores like Gamestop at the end of the season. I just need something to play till I get my Far Cry 3 that I pre-ordered in a few weeks. I mean Halo 4 is amazing don't get me wrong, just wish they put in more for those who don't have Live. Gets boring, suggestions?
  9. As much as the community resented the old Halo 2 and 3 ranking system, to me, it was a good reason to continue ranking up in matchmaking. Which, plus these other points, are the reasons I believe it should return. THERE WOULD BE A POINT TO WINNING. With Reach's system it honestly doesn't mater if you win or lose, nor will you be penalized for leaving. When you play matchmaking in Reach, no one cares! Which is okay for social matches, but for ranked there should at least be some competitive tension. I'm tired of playing in matches where half the people don't play. Besides boosters the number system made a matchmaking that was balanced with opponents. It wouldn't take weeks to level up once, to gain the customizable parts of the player characters would not take time but rather honing skills. Minor changes could make the simple system flawless. Additions like removing the (I think its called) heat system, or at least dumbing it down would remove the entire argument that it's too hard to rank up. However a heat deranking system I think would work. So for example if you won ten games in a row and lost one you wouldn't drop in rank. But if you play two games and lose both your chance is increased to derank. Now I know a lot of you are against its return. So share thoughts here.
  10. Hey guys, I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who's been a huge fan of the badass Halo 3 Master Chief. That's why I was so immensely dissapointed when I saw Master Chief's new look in both the trailer and in the new Halo 4 poster (http://www.tldrgamer.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/Halo4Poster.jpg). There is absolutely no reason his armor needs to be so dramatically different. His armor looks much too bulky compared to before. Please 343, this is the only thing I will ask of you: bring back Chief's armor from Halo 3.
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