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  1. Haha ya me to! but (only until i reach my real rank) lol But like i said i like NEVER play offline so i dont see how i could get 1,000,000Cr just offline? do you really get CR THAT fast offline?
  2. That does make sence but i hardly Ever played Halo Reach offline and i sure didnt play it offline enough to where i would loose 1,000,000Cr.... But i dont guess there s anything to do about it.. thank you all for your help!
  3. Jackal, i did try that but it didnt work. (I have played alot on and offline sense then. so i guess that might of messed me up) I dont know much about Forums and i dont know who this "Jester" is but i would appreciate it if he could help!
  4. I was playing HaloReach and then my Xbox live expired, so I went a couple months without playing, then when I got back on and started playing halo I down ranked and lost 1million credits! I use to be a legand and now I'm a hero but I should almost be a Mythic. I don't know what todo! I lost 1,000,000Cr and that made me rank down. Please help me!
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