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  1. its wild to see people I used to talk to religiously. If you ever catch this message dude, hope you've been doin well!

  2. This is unacceptable. I've only been assumed dead for years now. Surely this one is expected to pop into the thread at any time from the grave, yes? I will forgive the transgression. Mostly because poor Vit has been wrong twice now. Perhaps the third time will be the charm?
  3. You have created a paradox with that explanation of how your directions work, have you not?
  4. Making me actually vote while letting Fishy have a different option...*grumbles angrily* I'd say option 1. Graphical errors put me off of a map more than any slight atmosphere mismatch. Besides, there aren't enough bright maps anyway. Everyone wants their infection maps to be dark.
  5. Q1: I'd like to know what you can figure out about a...strange occurence. I'm 20, but I still look and sound like I'm maybe 13 or so. It isn't a particularly rare occurrence in the general population nor will it be a bad thing later in life, but it gets in the way right now so I'm curious about it. I imagine there are innumerable causes, but I am interested in what you put forward. Q2: This is the most important question. Purely hypothetical. Lets say you directed, but I failed to act. What would be the consequences? Side Note: I would never disobey a direct order. Sir. :3
  6. I have two. The first is trying to help a friend through Halo 2 on legendary when he loves to use the energy sword...and uses the sniper on every enemy he encounters. The second one was during some PvP with friends in Dark Souls III. Realized I lost over three million souls I had been saving for some levels. But the Halo 2 experience is worse. It's still ongoing... q.q
  7. If some random brony dude with the cat gamerpic adds you, don't freak out. Its me. :3
  8. Aye, that's what I expected from this community even after all these years. :3 I play Halo almost every day as well. But sadly, most of my friends want to play other games. It probably doesn't help that I suffer from extreme bouts of rage some of the time I play. XD I'm trying to fix that bit. But really, I was thinking the other day about my famous Khajiit line about warm sands and the road that leads you to them. :3 The road led me back here. It's much easier to avoid the "git gud" crowd here, don't you think? XD That, and I MISSED YOU GUYS!!! q.q
  9. Sadly, I'm exclusively an Xbox gamer right now. PC died on me and haven't gotten around to getting a PS4. So, my availability for events is limited to that. However, I am almost always available. May you all walk on warm sands, friends. :3 It is good to be home.
  10. First, I'd like to apologize for all the times before, when I claimed I was back and then disappeared again. I can't come up with a good excuse, so we'll settle for...I lied. :3 As for what I've been doing this whole time? Please don't kill me with fire for this. Elite: Dangerous. I even checked out the forums over there. It's one of the better communities out there. Not better than all of you, but still. :3 All of that aside, I'm back. For real this time. I promise. So, have I missed anything significant? Has anyone tried to steal my font? How many people now hate me!? Oh. And for those of you who are thinking "Who is this guy?" Or "I didn't like you much anyway, please leave again!" Well, there are a select few people who remember and like me and probably wouldn't mind me returning. This post is for them. :3
  11. Banned for disregarding basic safety rules and regulations.
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