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  1. Just wondering what your rank is. I'm a colonel.
  2. I am tied between halo 2 and halo reach... Hmm can't choose.
  3. Scarab mabey? I mean that would be awesome! At least one level where you drive one.
  4. You should be able to spawn enimies and change there team so they don't attack you or just have them attack every player/AI
  5. I forgot about the scarab gun from halo 2...... OP! They should have one on every halo game.
  6. I'm just askin My favorite is the incineration cannon because it is an awesome weapon... BOOM!
  7. Yea i believe that the flood is coming back and I think they should add the rejected flood forms like the juggernaut.
  8. I just noticed in the halo 4 prologue when Halsey and the.. Other guy... Where talking, Halsey made the assumption that he wanted to replace the master chief and he said the master chief is dead. So that means they replaced master chief and they didn't know he was alive so when master chief went searching for cortana the other Spartan is hunting him.
  9. I just wanted to know if you will get borderlands the pre-sequal... Because I'm going to.
  10. It's jun! Lol jk he probably died a long time ago he is probably just a new spartan made by ONI
  11. Yea I prefer the old music more than the remastered it just bring me back to when I played Hal combat evolved on the regular Xbox
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