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  1. Personally I agree that the shields take just a bit too long, but at the same time I think that it's just a new dynamic that you have to get used to and try to involve it into a different strategy. Maybe try being more passive and it's always best to have a party so you can get support from them.
  2. I wasn't saying you were making it up I just think you are complaining when you obviously don't need to because you are doing well in terms of K/D and Win/Loss. Stop getting so butt hurt -.-
  3. Surely if you coming up against guys who are dominating you your K/D wouldn't be 2.0 and your win/ loss would be bad, so I don't know how they are dominating you every time?
  4. probably because all the noobs are on the waypoint forums and we aren't
  5. The amount of lag in this game makes it unplayable and I completely agree with regicide, it just rewards the player who gets an occasional kill and just waits for people to get the kings shields down. It's so stupid!
  6. It's really annoying that it stops your momentum as well. For instance if you grav lift then use Thruster pack then it will cause you to die because you will just stop.
  7. Sounds like someone is just annoyed because they keep getting killed by jumpers.
  8. Okay so I was playing me some halo 4 and al of a sudden I get completely **** on by a guy in the middle of the map with what seems to be a saw by the sound of it. So I go back to kill him with a grenade and a DMR shot but I get completely wrecked in about 3 secs again. Then a different guy comes along with what also seems to be a saw and does exactly the same thing. Then I manage to kill one of them and realise that they were using AR's.? So then I began to start using the AR in other games and basically was able to destroy everyone and I almost always had the disadvantage. I never had to melee anyone all I had to do was point and hold down the trigger and that was a kill. So what I'm asking is there anyone else who thinks that the AR maybe has a little to much juice.
  9. The AR is overpowered! it can take people out at mid to close range at probably the same rate as the saw.
  10. can someone explain to me the reasoning for a cap?
  11. I completely agree with you about Cortana. I didn't care about her she wasn't a big impact on the game.
  12. tbh Cortana really annoyed me in the campaign just because of her constant look as though she was constantly trying to cry. I cheered when she died/disappeared just because there would be no more crappy pathetic whining from her. just my opinion.
  13. I think its just shadow. http://i.imgur.com/wsESg.png
  14. I agree, mark V was the best but hopefully they have allowed armour to be in DLC!
  15. I don't really care but I did like the older one.
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