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Found 6 results

  1. My Halo 4 Rank has Reset! Hello, I am here to share a very large concern of mine. My halo 4 rank appears to have been reset. I spent about 2 hours on Microsoft Games Customer support, trying to resolve the problem. After checking my systems, the only other explanation was either a Huge Glitch, or a Ban / Suspension. I have had no run-ins against Terms of conditions, i have always followed the rules, never boosted, never hacked, and have always been a respectful player, as i even provide hours work of forge maps to the community. I encountered the problem yesterday, i got on the Xbox, as normal. Played the new episode of spartan ops, did a little bit of infinity multilayer and then had a break while i let my little brother go on. After signing back in after a couple of hours i found the following: - In the lobbies my armour was black recruit armour, with the back dogtag emblem with the recruit visor and stance and SR1. - In the spartan Hub i have all of my loadouts and armour, as normal. - I cannot use my loadouts. - When i go into infinity there are only about 6 playlists, each one only containing about 5-10 or 200-400 players. - All the players, with an exception of few individuals, have the same armour defaults as me, with SR1, yet on their service records they have ranks up 60! - My Service tag is random in game. - I am unable to earn XP. - I am unable to play Spartan ops at all. - I can't view my challenges or Commendations. - When i turn of xbox live my stuff reverts back to normal, with the obvious exception that i cant do anything online. - All other live users on my console are fine and have no problems. The event has really upset me, due to the fact, i worked hard all year in two part time jobs so that i could buy A new Xbox (The halo exclusive one) and preorder from mighty ape for my favorite content (Which cost me a fortune). And now i cannot use the content or even play online which is massively upsetting after working even harder and maintaining a respectable rule guided player online. If anyone knows what my problem is that please post below. and if Any 343i Forum moderators spots this post please have a word with me about this issue. My GT is: RAXS SLAYER My Emails Is: [email protected] Thank you.
  2. Hey guys I know I may sound like total blond and dumba- for asking this, but is there a way to 100% reset your stats on the Multiplayer for Halo 4? Now why am I asking this? Because My K/D is utter trash, because Halo 4 was the first Halo ive ever purchased and quiet honestly im a person who likes to improve. My K/D is .69 with roughly 28,000 Deaths to 19000 Kills (no lie) Yes I know theyve done something with the CSR system thing where they match you up with players of your ability but I look kinda pathetic for such a bad stats~ Mind if anyone gives me information on this?~
  3. I started up Halo 4 a few days ago and found that my Xbox thought that it was the first time I had ever put the disc in. I got the opening cinematic when I clicked on Infinity and then I came to realize that everything was reset. All my armor was set back to Day 1, as well as my load outs. The game also thinks I've never played campaign. All of my armor and weapons are still unlocked it just says "256 New Items" and "97 New Items", if that makes sense. I've waited a few days hoping that it was some sort of glitch with the Halo 4 servers but all of my stuff is still showing on Waypoint. I've come to the conclusion that this is an issue with my Xbox and I was wondering if this kind of thing has happened to anyone else. I can take the time and redo all of my customization, but the point is that I shouldn't have too. And I'm pretty pissed that my campaign is totally gone. I can't do anything except start it over. And it thinks I haven't beat it all when I've beaten it on legendary both co-op and single player. Any suggestions? Or am I just SOL. Another point I thought that I should add, my girlfriend has her own Xbox Live account on my Xbox and none of her Halo 4 stuff was reset. Just my stuff
  4. Hi, I am in the middle of going through Halo 4 solo on legendary. Made it as far as Shutdown so far, doing a mission a day to save my sanity. Anyway I wanted to play some more today when, upon logging in, it appeared my Halo 4 had done a hard reset. All my mp stuff was gone and I got all the intro messages as if I just bought the game. My rank was still there though and as soon as I leveled up somehow I unlocked everything again. However I did not have the same luck with the campaign. For some reason in the mission selection everything was gone, but my current mission (Midnight on easy) still had a saved checkpoint. I therefore decided to load it up and do a speedrun in the hope that completing the final mission would unlock everything again. That's when I found this: I have already considered a corrupted save, but nope everything's fine. I tried moving the save files between storage devices but no change. So I wanted to ask, has anyone else experience this? Is there anyway to fix it? Does this mean I have to replay the entire campaign on legendary again? Hoping someone on here can help.
  5. I pre-ordered Halo 4at Gamestation, and received codes for special Arctic BR, Oceanic armor, Specialization codes. i redeemed them all once i received the game and got the items, except for the specializations. a week back or so, my load outs were reset and now i can not find the items anymore. I tried to redeem the codes again but it says codes already used, which makes sense. I still have not reached level 50, so i cannot unlock specializations yet, but a few days ago ALL specializations were showing but locked, now the first two only show. So i take it my specialization code was reset as well. is this a bug, any body experiencing this? any mods or 343 guys can solve this or tell me who to contact at Msoft or 343, as i believe all codes that i have entered have been reset and are lost as they can't be re-entered appreciate the help
  6. As of 11 pm last night my SR was still resetting to 1 after every match, sometimes I would lose access to my loadouts during the match. Exiting to the dashboard would fix it, but only for one match, sometimes not even that long. Additionally Challenges and Commendations were not updating either. It's pretty disappointing to not be able to enjoy multiplayer. I feel like I'm at a disadvantage in addition to dropping behind in xp. Hopefully this will be fixed soon, otherwise I will have to return the game.
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