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Found 16 results

  1. This nifty little thread is intended to help keep you from bans in Halo: Reach. I can only list a few things that will get you banned. If you know of more, post them and I will update the list. I intend to have a full list here on hand to help others avoid bans. AND to keep the would be boosters away from boosting. So far, what is known that can get you any type of ban is: -Being AFK for too long. Usually they will return you to the lobby, but sometimes this results in a Credit Ban. -Spawn Killing another AFK team or spawn trapping, etc. This is serious, the Banhammer can detect spawn killing on AFK players, but forcing others to be spawn killed in CTF, etc sometimes can not. 343 will eventually catch up and will consider it a serious offense when they do. Even a first offense can result in a bad Credit Ban or even worse, such as your account being banned from XboxLive. -Using aimbots and other external utilities to amplify your game is very serious. Even if stealth-patched, they can still Credit-Ban or Matchmaking Ban the account if it is obvious within a theater video that one is being used. Contact would have to be established first to report it, which is unlikely. If not stealth-patched you may get a banned XBOX. -Unplugging your ethernet cord as you earn a challenge to repeatedly earn it will also result in either a Credit Ban, or a Credit Reset. 343 will catch you. -Manipulating the network or lag-switching can be caught as well, unless you have illegally stealth-patched your XBOX. This can result in punishments such as a fine or a full-out XBOX ban. Meaning your XBOX is banned. -Quitting or betraying too much can get you a temporary Matchmaking Ban. So far, that is all I can remember right now. I'm sure there are more that I forgot or haven't learned of yet. That is the purpose of this thread. Post any more that you know of and I will update the list. And you will get a free like. Contributions so far by: Mr. Payne Victory Element The Director
  2. My x box live account had a message pop up during a game of griffball stating that I was temporarily banned from earning credits, I was wondering as to why, and if there was anything I could do to lift this bann, I love playing halo and I hate cheaters and I would never try to boost points or try to trick the system, please 343 industries help me get this credit bann lifted so I can continue playing halo reach, and if there is anything I can do to get this lifted or prove myself to you please let me know THANK YOU FOR READING Also forgot to mention that my gamer tag is, A Body Piercer Also forgot to mention that my gamer tag is, A Body Piercer
  3. I am always low on credits and struggling to gain ranks. How can I gain them fast?
  4. Okay so my topic is Currency to Purchase Armor, Emblems, Stances etc. In Halo 3 there was no Currency whatsoever, As you Got more Acheivments you earned more armor. In Halo 3 ODST it was when you completed another Mission you earned a Character model for Firefight, however that would not work. In Halo Reach Credits Came and when you did anything ( exept for theater) you earned more credits that alowed you to Purchase armorin means of using the credits. Then in Halo 4 343 went over board and made everthing have a price including emblems! So on another topic what species can the player play as? Tell me your thoughts about it?
  5. I created an account here soley to put at least some kind of protest to this apparent credit cap. I bought a ton of Doritos getting ready for the 200 games of double xp. I finally get a night free after having class for 2 days after launch and play the crap out of the awesome new Regicide playlist. 6 hours later, after having completed a few campaign challenges and grinding out War Games, I lose the ability to earn credits. Lame as hell. Get to SR-30 and BAM! I have a precious 4 hours before I have to go to class again, and I'm not allowed to progress my rank. 343, you guys made an amazing game and the multiplayer is great. But please fix this credit restriction. At least create a better system that differentiates between boosters and grinders... because this sucks. Thx -Kinetic
  6. Hi I need credits and i was wondering which Matchmaking category gives more credit than everything else ? I'm actually playing Grifball and i get 2000 cr per game. But is there a mode where you get more ? If yes, which one ? Or is there a way to get credit faster (no hack, no mods) ?
  7. Last week, I let a friend of mine play on Reach as my guest. He did terrible. Reach's poor AFK detection thought I was cheating and banned me from earning credits. XBox Live support was completely helpless on this issue. Is there anything that can be done to get unbanned? It should be obvious from any of the save films that my guest was indeed trying. Are they resolving this issue in Halo 4? If not, I would either have to be a jerk and tell my friends who suck at reach that they can't play, or I may just avoid the title entirely. Why not just drop AFK players from the game instead of having a ban based only on score? The current system was poorly thought out. Some people just can't get a kill when they first start playing.
  8. Alot of Reach, my characters armor will lag out, and I will be set to the defualt spartan (all grey, defualt armor, septagon emblem, no service tag) and when it does that, I can't earn credits and sometimes the Reach servers will be unavialable. PLEASE HELP!
  9. I logged in recently and once I started halo reach, I received two messages. The first saying my account was banned from earning credits and the second saying my entire console was banned as well. I can still play matchmaking games, I just don't earn credits. I really want to earn credits, i'm finally on vacation and I can finally reach a higher rank. Please Help. :S
  10. my account and console has been temp. banned from earning credits and i dont know why. can some one please tell me why i have been temp banned from earning credits when i have done nothing wrong thanks
  11. I just tried this on Halo Waypoint and it is pretty cool. At the end of every terminal you find in CEA, there will be 5 symbols, if you write these down (in order) and press X at the main menu for Waypoint, you will see a combination of multi-colored circles, press the buttons on you controller matching these colors, and you will be brought to a page with several symbols you have seen in the terminals. Enter the symbols in the order you saw them in the terminal and you will get 7000 Credits!! (37000 for the terminal in "The Maw") The terminals must have been found and activated in your game for these codes to work, so you can't just use youtube, although it helps with remebering the codes, as they do not vary in different copies of CEA. This is a nice boost of 100,000 credits total in Halo Reach, so go out there and find some terminals. -Snake :sorcerer:
  12. I have no idea how to start a poll and i'm pretty sure they have already decided how ranks are granted but I along with many will quit/never play halo 4 if the ranking isn't like Halo: Reach, many reasons but the top is derankers, people who are willing to sacrifice there rank to ruin everyones fun, such by commiting suicide, not listening, purposely getting killed, betraying perposely, or plain not knowing what they are doing, many people are complaining about it needing to be like 2 or 3 but they fail to see what will go wrong if it's like that, Halo Reach there are many many people on it having no idea what they are doing and those people WILL be on Halo 4 as well, at least on Reach anyone can play and get to top rank and all armor, the rumor of armor really doing something other than just for looks and the old ranking system will be too unstable and unfair due to people (nothing against it, i'm a legend on the way to mythic myself) no lifeing the game having the best armor possible will ruin halo, despite the rank put together system (people will derank to fight less exp people causing others to unwillingly derank) if you can't be promoted down then i'm cool with that, as long as you are not able to lose your rank at all, but the skill to be need to rank up is completely fine as long as rank CAN NOT be lost period.
  13. I was playing HaloReach and then my Xbox live expired, so I went a couple months without playing, then when I got back on and started playing halo I down ranked and lost 1million credits! I use to be a legand and now I'm a hero but I should almost be a Mythic. I don't know what todo! I lost 1,000,000Cr and that made me rank down. Please help me!
  14. i just got a new (replacment of old) xbox 360 "S" Ive never played on XBL before and have "Genuiely" earned my credits offline up to LEGENDRY Rank. With this new xbox ive got live 12 month subscription and good and well so far...... When i wwent to play Online i was prompted to trade in my credits for online ranking or somthing, im not sure what exactely.... If i accept this and lost all my credits WILL my online and offline ranking DROP??? will my armour be locked again ??? I choose NO but wondering why and what will happen.. anyone out/in there/here know ???
  15. So last night i was playing swat and i got a 18,000 credit jackpot. I was wondering if that is for every playlist and all the time now. Cause i know when Bungie was still over halo reach we had super jackpot playlist every weekend. so can someone enlighten me on this issue?
  16. UAF (Urban Assault Force) is now recruiting!! We have several officer positions open, as well as Squad leader openings, such as swat squad. Officer positions open: Drill Sergeant(4 spots open) Master Gunnery Sergeant(3 spots open) Lieutenant(2 spots open) Commander(3 spots open) Being an officer means taking charge of lower clan members, being respectful, and training recruits. As an officer you have the ability to organize fun nights, such as movie night, red dead night, and infection night. Any questions about joining or our Code of Conduct and prerequisits for joining just message me or CapitanCheify. My schedule Mon-Wed I am on from 11:00PM to around 2:00AM, and then the rest of the week im on most the day. CapitanCheify is on most days around 1:00PM
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