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  1. Currently scoped weapons are only exclusively either click to zoom or hold to zoom. I would love to see the same functionality that exists in Halo 3 which allows you to both click to zoom (hard scope) and hold to zoom (quick scope). This feature feels like a necessary addition to help Infinite's gameplay feel closer to previous titles.
  2. This is going to be lengthy, so for those about to endeavor into the black hole I call a forum post, I salute you (TL;DR provided at end). I have been playing Halo all of my life, and I have an emotional connection to it that I don't have with any other game. My dad and I used to play the game together while I was growing up, spending hours upon hours just trying to get all the skulls and beat the games on legendary. I loved every damn minute of it, and that is still considered the best season of my life. My dad died my freshman year of high school, and still today, the halo series is my favorite video game series ever because I can go play it and just remember my dad and how much it meant to him to play with me. We were both so lost in the story of the game, and I had never been happier. I love this series with all of my heart. You have done a great job with what you were given, it is nearly impossible to satisfy an entire fanbase for something as large as halo, and seeing you continue to improve halo 5 well beyond its release is fantastic to see. These will be a few things that I think you could incorporate that would make halo 6 be a game that could rival even the first trilogy (as far as campaign goes). This is more for me than anyone else seeing as how this won't get noticed by 343i First off, Music. This is SOOOO important to many people like me who need to feel the emotion while playing. I felt like a bad *** at all the right times in the original trilogy, and also felt the sadness and seriousness when I was supposed to. The music is so important to this! I think along with a few adjustments to the music style now, the only thing I would touch is the volume. This is very noticeable in halo 4. My FAVORITE song from the halo soundtracks (besides under cover of night) is "Arrival" in halo 4. Pre-release, that song singlehandedly would get me juiced for halo 4. But when I played the campaign, the music was so quiet! that song came on at the perfect moment, but I could not enjoy it. You made such a beautiful blend of badassery and emotion into one song and then let it sit in the background. Please make music more of a focus in H6. Next is keep the extended universe to a minimum please! I didn't read any halo novels until after I completed the original trilogy and everything there was what I needed to know. I felt like the characters mattered, and they were all so cool and real. I come in to halo 5 and IDK what is even going on, like who the hell is this squad and why do I care? Buck is the only person who I was able to even recognize and relate to. Locke was so underdeveloped within the game, and that left a bad taste in the mouth. I don't want to have to spend a ton of time outside of the game to understand why I'm shooting. Just include a better narrative with the characters please! Also side note, please remove the squad system. I know that you want to introduce new things to the game, and i applaud you for being courageous enough to try, but your current campaign style just doesn't go with the halo games. And this last one is something that I have missed so much: REWARDING armor. Make us WORK for our armor, not just randomly give it out. H3 armor was so cool to me, and having to get achievements for armor made me invest so much time into the game, and I loved every second. The hayabusa armor baby let me tell you what I was the flyest 12 year old in the world. And the vid master MY GOD the vidmasters. I loved it and I know a lot of the community did too. Make it so that it isn't just head torso and legs. Add back in arms shoulders. I just want to get lost in the game looking for all of its little intricacies, and I can't really do that with these new halos. I am prob the only one that wants this but..... BRING BACK THE FLOOD PLEASE. They added so much depth and importance to your actions. They were a threat to the whole galaxy, and they were so freaky I loved it. Such a good enemy. It just doesn't feel like halo without them. A fist fight scene with chief. The halo 5 one was disappointing. It seemed slow and not like a supersoldier was throwing a punch. Ever move was telegraphed and easy to dodge. I want to see chief, the man who saved the f****** universe kick someones ***. Make the game rated M again, I want blood like the old days. Shoot an enemy, blood comes out. Simple. Finally, make your marketing campaign as epic, emotional, and gritty as halo 3's. When i see starry night to this day I die a little inside, and I get goosebumps. It was such a genius campaign, I want to feel that way for halo 6 so bad, I really do. The believe campaign was so good. Please 343 if nothing else, THIS. We love you 343i, we just want to see the best for the series that means so much to so many. Thanks for reading guys, have a blessed one. See you on the battlefield! TL;DR Improvements to music, minimizing of need for reading outside materials such as books for depth to story, rewarding of armor not microtransaction lottery thus giving campaign more replay value, bring back the motha F***** Flood, A GOOD fist fight scene with chief, Make the game rated M, and finally take note of the halo 3 believe advertisements.
  3. Heyy, welcome back to the Weekly Site Poll! Poll 34 - 'What are your favorite consoles, handhelds, controllers, and/or peripherals?' - is here if you'd like to read the responses, or post a late reply. Moving on, this weeks question pertains to aggravating entities... What are the most annoying and/or infuriating non-character enemies in video games? The next Weekly Site Poll will be posted on 7/30/16. Feel free to suggest the topic for the NEXT Weekly Site Poll in your response! SD, out!
  4. The Spartan Laser is the most wildly inconsistent weapon in Halo 5. Which is surprising, because the weapon balance is really fantastic for the most part. But I've seen a lot of clips showing just how bad it is. Sometimes it can't even kill a mongoose and in the Youtube Link below, I posted a video where the Laser didn't even kill a Spartan with a direct hit! The Spartan Laser desperately needs a fix in the next update. 343i can we please fix the Spartan Laser? It's really not worth grabbing in game if the hit detection and magnetism is so screwy that players can't even kill spartans with a direct hit!
  5. I have been a Halo fan since Halo: CE. I have to say Halo 5 is the worst one yet. Why? It's a combination of several things. One, and this is the one that frustrates me the most: shield regeneration is not active while running or using armor abilities, such as the now built-in thruster pack. What?! So as never before seen in Halo, you now have to walk or stop moving altogether if you want your shield to recharge. This took me a while of playing to figure out. I was wondering why I was dying so fast - now I know. I'm naturally a very fast player. I competed in MLG for a short time in Halo 2 and have been a FPS gamer for half my life (I'm 25 at the time of writing this). Halo 1-3 were not super fast-paced games. There was no sprinting, and the movement speed was like a fast walk. But still, the game had enough fast-paced factors that a good player could turn one second into what felt like one minute. The modern games have sprinting, though, so I see why in H4 they added it... That's game evolution I suppose. But if you're going to add sprint, then it should be ok to recharge shields as you're sprinting away from an opponent (as in H4). Dont make us stop moving or have to start walking to recharge our shields. Ugh. The second issue is the new "powerslam" ability. I get killed by this probably more than I get killed by guns. Classic Halo is all about guns. It *was* one of the few games left that actually took skill and aim. That's why all the CoD people didn't like playing it. Now you can just run around the map and the second you see someone you just slam into them, taking out half their shield, or sometimes even killing them, without them even having a clue what hit them. Now you might be thinking, that's just like a beat down. But, a beat down is about sneaking up behind someone or hitting them in the back during close quarter combat, and usually the term "sneaky beaver" is awarded to the one who accomplished the beat down. Power slamming someone is not the same. It's cheap and stupid. And as if power slamming while running wasn't lame enough, 343 added mid air power slams as well. You can slam someone to death from above... Another new feature that just makes the game worse and less Halo-like. The next issue is the overpowered weapons. H2 introduced 4shot kill with the BR, and the power players loved it. However, that game could handle 4shot kill because 1) the BR was the only gun in the game that could do that, and 2) the game was much slower in its overall gameplay. With H5 being so incredibly fast gameplay now (which is another thing that I hate), a 4shot kill is too quick. Especially with 2-man team BR... You die in .5 seconds. But that's not all. ALL the weapons now have been balanced to match the power of the 4shot BR, which means all the other guns are way too powerful, the worst of which being the pistol. And that leads me to my next point. On every playlist except Big Team Battle, you start out with assault rifle (which now has a scope and kills you even faster than it ever has) and pistol. Of course once you get to any decent rank, the pistol is the one that everyone uses since no true power player likes the assault rifle. And good luck getting a BR - there is usually only one by your spawn and it gets picked up almost instantly by another player on your team. So the game is reduced to pretty much just a pistol battle. You can zoom again with the pistol now (like Halo 1), and it is so powerful that you can pretty much cross-map kill anyone in no more than 5 shots. It's like Halo 1 again except in H1, the gameplay was so much slower, so a pistol was ok to use. Now, it's just pistol fire everywhere and people dying before they even know what hit them. And for all the players like me who hate using the pistol and AR, we are just running around looking for a BR, Carbine, or LightRifle, which are now both hard to find apparently. Because of this, Halo 5 is just pure chaos all the time. This one is huge: the spawns! The spawns are HORRIBLE in H5. Worst out of all the Halos. I constantly spawn about 10 feet from an enemy player. And all the time I have enemies spawn right behind me. And the off chance that I spawn in a neutral zone that doesn't have an enemy near it, the gameplay is so freakin' fast that an enemy is sure to be in that zone before I have even had a chance to realize where I have just spawned. Additionally, sometimes I spawn facing a wall... Really, 343?! I should always spawn facing the battlefield. By the time I have turned around to enter the battle, I get power slammed by someone that wasn't in my radar. The gameplay is too fast, the maps are too small, and the spawns are horrible. And I could be wrong about this one, but I am pretty sure that the radar scan is no longer as many meters as it used to be. Meaning, I used to be able to know when an enemy was coming a good distance away so that I could turn and prepare for a close quarter battle. Now, my radar is almost always void of red dots until they are right next to me. By then it is of course too late as most likely they have power slammed me to death. Seriously, I remember telling my dad who used to marvel at how good I was at Halo 2 that all I do is look at my radar the whole time and then look at the screen as soon as a red dot appears to prepare for battle. Now I find radar to be pointless as again it only shows enemies when they are right next to you. Some people may disagree with this one, but I really liked how in H4, the radar showed which level someone was on. No point in preparing for a close quarter battle when someone is two floors above you. But now somehow the Spartan technology seems to have devolved back to Halo 3 era and the radar no longer shows what level you are on. It's just a red dot no matter what. Now I find myself tensing up at every turn (if I'm lucky enough to actually see someone on my radar that isn't already right behind or beside me), only to realize that the player just be above or below me. Classic Halo there I guess, but to bring that back AFTER Halo 4 seems to be a devolution. And speaking of bringing back old features after H4 set new standards, you now zoom out when shot again, like in all the old Halos. Again, one could say this is a classic Halo feature. Except right when we all get used to Halo 4, where you could snipe zoomed in even when being shot at, they revert Halo 5 back to the old way of being zoomed out when hit. Now because the game is sssoooo fast paced, I'm almost ALWAYS being shot at, so rarely can I actually zoom. Even in my Halo prime, I was never good at zooming in again once I was zoomed out. So, maybe this one is just a personal one that I hate, but maybe others will agree with me. And yet again, another feature from H4 that's liked was the loadouts. It switches up what otherwise is a mundane game by allowing players to choose their own favorite starting weapons. I could understand if some multiplayer game types don't allow loadouts in H5, but nooooo. H5 has totally gotten rid of H4-style loadouts, and now every game starts with the same two weapons: assault rifle (which should be now called the instant death machine as it just rips people in half with its insane fire rate and power), and the overpowered pistol. Finally 343 released Big Team Battle which allows a BR as a secondary starting weapon, but the maps are so large that really a DMR is needed to kill someone across the map. So once again, fail on 343's part. Recently, my dad came over to see my new apartment and I showed him Halo 5. Mind you, he used to play Halo 1 and 2 with me back in the day, and actually got really good (but not as good as me, ha!). He immediately asked if we could play 1v1 like in the old days. Nope. Sorry dad, 343 decided that split screen should not be in H5. Why? Apparently because they wanted to make the graphics and framerate really good..... Since when do Halo players care about graphics and framerate? Computer gamers care about graphics, but Halo is one of the most classic console-only games. Console gamers play for the games not the graphics. And really? Take out split screen???! That was a staple of Halo. Now I have to have a friend or family member buy another Xbox One and TV just to play with me 1v1? Wow. Epic fail. Maybe I'm just keen to Halo 4, but I was also disappointed to see that H5 only came out with 5 multiplayer playlists (6 if you count BTB which was just added this last week). I liked how in H4 there were so many options to choose from. Now I have to wait until the weekends to play my favorite playlists, like Team Doubles (which sometimes gets added for weekends only) or Team Snipers. By the way, head shots are super easy to get in H5. Snipers pretty much always hit the head. I even intentionally aimed about 6 inches to the right of an enemy player's right shoulder once, so that retical was not even on the player at all. Headshot. Not sure how, but I guess the sniper bullet is now a smart bullet that always hits the head. One guy on my friends list said he aimed at the feet of a Spartan once and got a headshot. The days of actually having to aim and have skill to play Halo are apparently over. I suspect it's because 343 is now targeting a younger audience, since more and more young people are playing video games. Idiot kids are wanting faster pace, because they have less patience, and they are idiots so they want to get headshots but don't know how to aim. So 343 gave them everything they want, just like their bad parents do. And now it's the youth of America that have everything they want, including easy H5 headshots. (Lol, sorry - went off on a little tangent there. We'll save the bad parenting of today's America for another forum.) Now, I mentioned this briefly before, but the maps are too small in H5! Why? Well, 343 copied a lot of Halo 3 and 4 maps, thinking we would want them again. And we would have! Except, the gameplay is now so ridiculously fast that the legacy maps all feel too small. It was ok on previous Halos to have smaller maps because the Spartans could not run. Even if they could sprint, they could not power slam and thrust like the Spartans all can now by default. We can literally get from one side of an average Halo 3 map to the other in like 5 seconds or less now. And within that time, there will have most likely already been two players fighting to kill you. Back in the day, you would have a safe spawn, grab a good weapon (or start out with one like in H4) and then have a fair chance of getting a kill. Now, you spawn facing a wall, with an enemy already right next to you, with no BR in sight, on a map that feels small, and it's all just pure chaos. And finally, you all know this one... The campaign. All I can say is, FAIL. Worst Halo campaign I have ever played. Confusing and boring, with the same "boss" appearing over and over. At least in Mario, Bower sometimes had new moves. In H5, the boss is the exact same, over and over. Fifty long cutscenes and identical bosses later, the game ends. And it was the fastest campaign too, being shorter than all the other Halo campaigns. I didn't even mention that this game has no Forge mode, but that is because it is supposedly getting an update which will add Forge very soon. We will see how that is once they finally add it. I also didn't mention the terrible Requisitions system, which is pointless since most of them are beneficial only to the new [stupid] Warzone game type which no power player actually cares about. Overall, H5 is my least favorite Halo. If I could become the CEO of 343, I would remove thruster and powerslam and all that stupid stuff. I'd balance the weapons so that BR can beat AR once again like it should, and I'd make larger maps with better spawns. I'd also add more multiplayer playlists and add loadouts back in to select playlists. Any game type that has vehicles MUST have the option for starting with plasma pistol, or at LEAST put lots of them on the map. Otherwise, it's just vehicles going around without dying for like 5 minutes straight. Zapping a vehicle with a plasma pistol and then boarding it was a staple of Halo 3 and 4. Now it's rarely seen and if you have a vehicle you can pretty much get on a killing streak. That is, unless you're playing against good players that know how to focus their firepower on the vehicle, which now kills the vehicle super quickly if done right. But most BTB games it's just noobs with vehicles killing everyone and going for a long time without dying. Ugh. So many reasons why H5 sucks. The main issue for me is that I used to be able to buy the latest Halo and become good at it within days, quickly ranking up to the highest ranks available. But with H5, the gameplay is so different and the kids that play are so much "better" because of the assault rifle starting weapon and lack of BRs on the maps, it's hard for a good legacy player to actually enjoy the game and rank up. I'm finding myself just wanting to play Halo 3 and 4 again, which is why I just bought Halo: MCC and will pretty much be quitting H5. Hopefully 343 balances the game and fixes a lot of these issues. Doubt it, though. Also, I didn't even mention the ranking system. It was fine when it was 1-50. Now it's more confusing than ever. Diamond 2, Platinum 3, what is all that?! Anyway, ya'll, here's a temporary solution to a lot of the issues mentioned above: TEMPORARY SOLUTION I believe I have found a solution to many of the problems I listed. A random player I teamed up with heard my complaints and agreed, and he suggested that 343 make a game type (or even a whole game, like Halo 6 if we're lucky) that is JUST like Halo 3. So, we went about creating this custom game type. We increased the distance on the radar to 120%, which now feels MUCH closer to Halo 1, 2, 3 and 4. We disabled sprint, and decreased default player speed to 90%. 90% was too slow but 100% was still too fast. There was no option for 95% though. We set starting weapons to BR and AR. Increased default armor by 10% (meaning, the Spartan can take a bit more damage before dying). This created a GREAT game. It was much more like Halo 3. Gameplay slowed down quite a bit, but it finally felt NORMAL. Someone's comment earlier was "just get used to the game" -- well, true Halo fans ARE used to the game already. We have been playing since it came out in 2001 (probably before you were born LOL). So, it's hard for us to get used to an ultra-fast-paced game like H5 when it is nothing like any of the other Halos we have been playing for years. 343, if you are reading this, some custom game options that we would have liked to do but could not seem to find were: Change the default starting power weapons on the map. We wanted to change the stupid Plasma Launcher to a Rocket Launcher. Could not seem to do that. Do something about the excess of grenades in H5, which is another issue I never even mentioned in my main article. There are way too many grenades in this game, and I think it's because when someone dies, they drop their grenades and their dead body stays there for a while, like how it was with Halo: CE. But, because of the fast pace of the game, there are always grenades in my inventory. I could throw two and then immediately pick up two more. We wanted to change this dynamic, but could not figure out how other than to maybe start with no grenades at all. I suggest adding an option to enable or disable auto-resupply, or make it so that grenades dropped upon death just disappear right away. Eventually, we would also like to have sprint but limit it more like H4, so that sprint ends after 4 seconds and must "recharge" before being used again. Additionally, we would like the ability to disable all thruster abilities (with the option to toggle some on while others are off). Currently, disabling sprint automatically then disables the ability to thrust into an enemy Spartan, which kills two birds with one stone, making the gameplay slower AND getting rid of the stupid Hulk smash ability. So, this is what we will continue doing for now. We could call a game type like this "Slayer Pro" or "Classic Slayer" or "Slayer MLG" or something like that. Not only do I hope that this becomes a standard custom game template that is built into the game, but I also hope to see a multiplayer game type using these settings. And, like I said, if we're lucky, maybe Halo 6 will be more like a hybrid of Halo 2, 3, and 4. And, as for Halo 5, I just hope a major update "rebalances" the weapons to be more like Halo 3 and at LEAST increases the default radar distance so that we can see people running up to Hulk smash us.
  6. This long-awaited instalment in the Halo series finally sees 343 come into their own with a host of gameplay additions, but does it all come together to convince us this is Master Chief's finest outing?
  7. Image from IGN IGN has released a number of gameplay videos from the upcoming Halo game Halo 5: Guardians. The videos show them taking on a pair of Hunters in a 4 player co-op battle, we get to see a Banshee battle between Fireteam leader Jameson Locke and Covenant Remnant forces. We also get to see almost 4 minutes of Locke taking on the new Remnant Covenant weapon "The Kraken" in the new Forerunner aerial vehicle "Phaeton". Here are the links to each gameplay video. 4v4 co-op Hunter battle Banshee battle Kraken battle IGN also released a video featuring a new cinematic of Blue Team. Click here to watch it. Halo 5: Guardians releases October 27th for the Xbox One. Leave a comment below and let us know what you think about the new gameplay.
  8. In the cinema first look we get a glimpse of the thought process behind Halo 5. How did the things that are now come to be? Check it in the video down here: Those are some awesome visuals. They did cut out a few frames that leaked a while back though. I won't go into detail since you know... spoilers, but you might know what I'm talking about. In the gameplay capture we are provided with some campaign footage that isn't all too... spoiler-y. (Yes that is a word, you don't know me) We get a great look at how open the area we move around in is going to be like, how you can maneuver around to flank your enemies, and take advantage of your surroundings. And again the stunning visuals Take a look down here: Did I forget to mention the visuals??? I can't wait for more of Spartan Buck's banter What are your thoughts on the visua... I mean video's? Let us know down below! Thank you for reading!
  9. NEW HALO 4 PROMETHEAN WEAPONS VIDOC! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15Ksq4dvLuk&feature=g-all-u In other news the Halo Bulletin was released today, Here's what 343 has to say has to say about the weapons: *Lots more info coming soon!* Chris King (Lead Sandbox Designer), David Ellis (Spartan Ops Designer), and Christopher Blohm (Senior Sandbox Designer), along with Josh Holmes, Alyson Szymanski, Humberto Castaneda, Jeremy Patenaude, Brad Welch, Vic DeLeon, Paul Featherstone, Ali Zandi, Bill Clark, Kynan Pearson, Robert Pearsall, Chase Thompson, Jayce Diaz, Annie Wright, Leonard Holman, Sam Wolpert, and Tom Mathews joined me to share their thoughts about this particular subset of weapons. The Forerunners utilize the following base weapons: BOLTSHOT DESIGNATION: Z-110 Directed Energy Pistol/Exotic MANUFACTURER: Unknown/Forerunner Origin MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 10 Forerunner particle dilator used for both its precision at mid-range and its burst functionality when up close. David - It’s taken a while for me to completely wrap my head around all the combat options the Boltshot provides, but I think I’m finally there. In fact, for non-vehicle maps it’s pretty much my go-to secondary weapon at this moment in time. Timing the bolt blast effectively sets the average player apart from someone who will gladly wreck your face with a pistol. The animations in particular help to set this weapon apart as a beast. The first time you pick it up, your Spartan’s entire arm convulses as if you’re not sure if your Mjolnir will be able to contain all the energy packed into this tiny weapon of destruction. Chris B. - This is a fascinating secondary weapon. With two fire modes, it gives you options… and we all need options. I rate it slightly under the Magnum when firing normally. The beauty comes when you figure in the charged shotgun-like blast. For players who enjoy the corner fight or lurk-about it can be a killer. Also on some maps, like Adrift, it can be used to great effect. I should say great effect in the right hands. It takes some skill and time to get a feel for the optimum range and the timing, but it is extremely satisfying to disintegrate a hard charging enemy that dismisses your pistol. Chris K. - This gun has a bit of a learning curve on it but once you figure it out, it’s a ton of fun. It features two firing modes (similar to a Plasma Pistol). The primary firing mode does headshots and fires extremely fast. However, it doesn’t have a scope and each individual shot is relatively weak. This makes it a great option for playing cleanup on enemies up close. The secondary firing mode is where things get really interesting. If you hold the trigger down, four flaps on the gun flip open and it does a powerful charge shot that functions like a shotgun blast. The blast is extremely powerful but it is also hard to pull off as you will need to learn the timing as you can’t hold the trigger down indefinitely (much like the Railgun, it will eventually auto-fire). It’s also only effective at extremely close ranges. I think of all the Forerunner weapons, this one has the coolest animations of the bunch (and that’s saying something, as they are all pretty cool). The reload and charge-up animations are totally rad! Paul (Assistant Director of Photography) - The Boltshot has become my go-to sidearm in MP because of the double functionality of the charge blast. Nailing someone coming around the corner with a one-shot kill is always satisfying. Sam (Software Development Engineer) - I love the Boltshot because of its secondary fire mode. It's the ultimate risk/reward trade-off: you have to start charging at exactly the right time or the blast will fire before your enemy is at point-blank range. Get your timing right, though, and this handy little Forerunner pistol will send your opponents straight to deathcam with a single shot. Unleashing the Boltshot on an unsuspecting player coming around a corner is immensely satisfying. It's also a great weapon to pair with weapons that are more effective at longer ranges, like the BR, DMR, and LightRifle. Charging opponents wielding short-range weapons got you down? Don't worry, a couple of encounters with your trusty Boltshot will make them think twice about coming near you, making it that much easier to pick them off with a series of well-aimed headshots from your rifle of choice. SUPPRESSOR DESIGNATION: Z-130 Directed Energy Automatic Weapon MANUFACTURER: Unknown/Forerunner Origin MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 48 Fully automatic Forerunner infantry weapon, firing bolts of hard light in rapidly accelerating succession. Chris B. - People say “spray and pray”. I say, in the right situations, feather the trigger and dance on the corpses. On tight maps, one of my favorite loadouts is the Firepower package with a DMR and Suppressor (DMR for the heavy lifting and the Suppressor for the CQB and cleaning up). Mid-range combat with a Suppressor, just say no. Seriously. David - At first glance, the Suppressor might seem like a less accurate cousin to the AR, and you might not be entirely wrong in that initial assessment. However, this Forerunner SMG has a special place in my heart as it just plain shreds enemy Knights at close quarters. As Chris said, this weapon should only be used at closer ranges, but if you’re smart about positioning your Spartan relative to sightlines and geo, you will be rewarded. Chris K. - If you like close-quarters combat in tight spaces, this is the gun for you! Individual shots are relatively weak, but it more than makes up for it with sheer brute force. It features an enormous clip (48 bullets) and the fastest firing rate of any of the fully-auto primary weapons (roughly 150% faster firing than the AR or Storm Rifle). The projectiles slow down over time so to be effective, you really need to use it like an SMG, although you can still psychologically overwhelm enemies at range with a barrage of projectiles. I find myself always rolling with the Suppressor on Adrift as the tight hallways really favor the strengths of the gun. It’s oh-so-satisfying to have someone come around a corner and be able to unload half a clip into them before they even realize what hit them. Alyson (Producer) - The suppressor has slowly won me over and become my favorite Promethean weapon. It feels good, sounds good, and breaking a Knight’s shield just before finishing him off or the popping death of a Watcher is a satisfying kill. Annie (Editor) - There are players who operate like armored ninjas with guns: Swift, precise and most of all stealthy. This gun is not for those people. This gun is for players like me, whose strategy (if I can be said to have one) is more along the lines of “Expect to die, shoot anything that moves, and try to take as many of those moving things with me when I go”. I’ve always preferred closer combat to long-range attacks, and the Suppressor allows me to get fairly near and still cover a pretty decent area without sacrificing too much in the way of power. Combine with the Ammo Upgrade to put your carrying capacity over the top and Shield Package to make up for lack of cover if you want to experiment with the Suppressor on larger maps, and you’re in pretty decent shape! Brad (Lead Designer) - At very close range, the Suppressor lays down the smack far more quickly than either the AR or Storm Rifle. It's a great weapon in maps such as Adrift where you have plenty of cover and corners. If you play the ambush game or use cover to quickly close distance, you can be devastating with it. The Suppressor's effective range drops off quickly, so you don't want to get caught in the open or a long hallway with it. Pair that sucker with some form of precision weaponry - a Magnum or use the Firepower Tactical Package to get a second precision primary. SCATTERSHOT DESIGNATION: Z-180 Close Combat Rifle/Asymmetric Engagement Mitigator MANUFACTURER: Unknown/Forerunner Origin MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 5 Close-combat weapon with a deadly blast at short-range and a versatile ricochet effect against hard surfaces. David - The Scattershot is a perfect example of the combined efforts of the sandbox designer plus the animation, art, and sound teams really creating a showpiece weapon. I think it’s been mentioned before, but the Scattershot (in its current incarnation) helped the team for a cohesive vision about the Forerunner weapons in general. Much like the UNSC shotgun, it’s absolutely satisfying to blast away foe after foe in close quarter encounters. Word of warning though: Because of the lightshow ignited with every trigger pull, this weapon is more difficult to conceal than its human-themed counterpart. Chris B. - Not your Dad’s UNSC Shotgun. It’s not as straight of a beast as the raw power of the human tech, but it gives you a little more tactical flexibility. I find its range slightly extended from that of the a shotgun and occasionally will try to bank shots with the higher ROF of the Scattershot. Plus… disintegration. Chris K. - By now, I’m sure most people are pretty familiar with this one. It’s a Forerunner shotgun, with ricocheting bullets that allow for really interesting tactics in tight spaces. Oh, and if you blast a guy up close, you get that totally sweet Forerunner incineration effect. This gun is definitely in my top three favorite power weapons. The FX, the animations, and it’s just so satisfying to fire. If you use it correctly, you can go on an absolute terror. One pro-tip – I see some people try to use this from longer distances than they should. Don’t be fooled by the projectiles; this weapon is lethal up close but you won’t have much luck starting a dual against a DMR player 100’ away. Vic (Lead Mission Artist) - I love the Scattershot because it’s so much freaking fun to use. I can’t compare it to any other weapon. You can aim for your target like most weapons, which is no doubt how you will fire it for the first time like I did, but once I understood the projectiles and how they ricochet off hard surfaces (the non-meat-made surfaces), I started using it more strategically – aiming at floors, walls and ceilings. I’ve been able to bounce shots off corners and nail players, taking out shields then going in for the death blow. (It’s true, I have been known to shriek wildly when I get one of these in a game). Josh (Creative Director) - The Scattershot is what would happen if a shotgun and a roman candle made deadly babies. Essentially a futuristic shotgun that explodes with the heat of a miniature sun, the Scattershot will disintegrate anyone that takes the full brunt of its attack. As an added bonus, you can bounce projectiles off surfaces, making bank shot kills utterly possible. Kynan (Lead Multiplayer Level Design) - I like the Scattershot because Brrrrauwwww… Brrrrauwwww… Brrrrauwwww… Brrrrauwwww… Brrrrauwwww!! LIGHTRIFLE DESIGNATION: Z-250 Directed Energy Engagement Weapon MANUFACTURER: Unknown/Forerunner Origin MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 36 Precision weapon that uses particle acceleration to fire beams of hard light for mid-range to long-range combat. David - Best of both worlds, master of subtlety, these are terms that I just wrote to describe the LightRifle. Neither quite captures the complexity of this piece of kit. I find both firing modes are a tiny bit less forgiving than the DMR and BR, but definitely put in the time to master the subtle idiosyncrasies of the LR. Your efforts will be rewarded. Chris B. - Of the rifle class, the LR offers a bit more tactical options for the player (I’m sensing a theme here). It gives you the best of the BR and the DMR, depending on if you are scoped. Don’t be thrown off by the distinctive sound or the scope; use it to its strengths in all encounters, and you will be happy. Chris K. - The LightRifle is a long-range semi-auto precision rifle. It features a 3x zoom, hitscan projectiles that do headshots, but, most importantly, it features two firing modes. The best way to think of it is a hybrid of the BR and DMR. When firing from the hip, it fires in three-round bursts, similar to a BR. Once the player zooms however, the gun switches over to a more powerful firing mode and combines the normal three projectiles into a singular shot. When zoomed, the LightRifle can kill a Spartan in four shots (w/headshot). That being said, there are still tradeoffs here that make it balanced in line with the other semi-auto weapons. It fires slightly slower when zoomed, and it’s just a smidge less viable from the hip versus the other stuff. Overall, this is a formidable weapon and has developed a cult following internally at 343. Josh (Creative Director) - The Light Rifle provides the ultimate in versatility when it comes to a mid-to-long range precision weapon. In many ways, it's a combination of the BR and DMR. It's a little slower to transition into zoom compared to the BR and DMR, and you give up some additional situational awareness, but the sound alone is enough to strike fear into the heart of your opponent. BINARY RIFLE DESIGNATION: Z-750 Special Application Sniper Rifle MANUFACTURER: Unknown/Forerunner Origin MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 2 Extreme-range sniper rifle, designed to take down even heavily armored infantry with a single shot. David - Poo-inducing. That’s how I describe the gut-clenching terror shuddering through my body every time I see the telltale laser sight of the Binary Rifle projecting across the map. Unlike other sniper rifles, this beastly harbinger of death is a one-hit kill rifle. ONE HIT. It’s a pretty rare ordnance drop and in Matchmaking, it doesn’t carry much ammo. But if you see the HUD marker announcing its arrival on the battlefield, RUN. Either towards the Binary Rifle in a mad, Hunger Games-like scramble, or away as fast as possible in the hopes that person wielding this weapon has difficulties tracking targets over extreme distances. Chris B. - Boss. That’s really it (This gun rules. It has a hefty tell, but when your enemies are nothing more than carbon blowing away on the wind, why do you care?). Chris K. - This gun is absolutely devastating! When someone manages to get one of these in MP, it’s a game changer. At its core, it’s a Forerunner sniper rifle. Unlike the other sniper weapons in the game, you don’t necessarily have to get a headshot though to score a kill. If you hit a Spartan anywhere, they will quickly incinerate from the point of impact in a spectacular fashion. That being said, there are some significant tradeoffs in using this weapon. For starters, it has a clip size of two, meaning you will need to reload more often than you will with the other sniper rifles. In addition, it is extremely inaccurate when shooting from the hip (think shotgun-sized firing cone, meaning you shouldn’t expect to have much luck no-scoping unless you are in someone’s face). And finally, when scoped, several laser sights on the gun are enabled that act as a tell to opposing players (think a more in-your-face version of the Splaser tell). I love the way this gun instantly changes the dynamic in MP, though. When someone gets one and scopes it and you see the lasers aiming towards you, it’s time to stop what you are doing and get to cover pronto! Humberto (Producer) - I absolutely love disintegrating enemies with the Binary Rifle, which is essentially the Forerunner sniper weapon. Watch out for Crawlers peeking out with that ominous red light, though. All they need is an instant and then… ZAP! Total protonic reversal. Josh (Creative Director) - Like the name implies, the Binary Rifle is a one-shot instakill when you hit anywhere on your opponent's body. Nothing is more satisfying than zooming in and nailing an opponent from across the map, and watching as they are immediately incinerated from the point of impact. Chase (Audio) - I love watching someone derez after a headshot with the Binary Rifle. That weapon just feels so dangerous and powerful, and sounds so huge that I can’t resist picking it up every time I see one! Jeremy (Franchise Writer) - This weapon is no friggin’ joke. Last week, we were playing Regicide on an unannounced map, which is a large symmetrical map that fans will unquestionably dig – evergreen, plenty hilly, and Forerunnerlicious. Generally speaking, you don’t play Regicide on maps this large, but we were doing it, and it was AWESOME. At any rate, I had been trading the King spot with one other player the entire match, and it looked like he was going to pull away with it because time was running out and he had just climbed into a vehicle that is a straight-up death dealer. He was about to square-off against three other players who were rushing him with small arms (not sure what they were thinking). They didn’t have a chance, it was a certain win for him... until an ordnance drop fell from the sky: The Binary Rifle! I raced to it, drew it up and fired on two of the other players, instantly turning them into ash. I reloaded, fired on the third for another instant kill, and then fired on my nemesis to secure the victory. And his -Yoink!- exploded into a million pieces. Such a crazy ending to such a crazy match. Jayce (Spartan Ops Designer) - The Binary Rifle, or Bi-Ri as it’s affectionately called, is my favorite Promethean weapon hands-down. It’s incredibly powerful in the right hands (or wrong hands, if you’ve come up against a Knight Ranger). The trade-off here is the two-shot ammo capacity, but two shots are all you really need. If you’re good, an Elite will go down in one hit, while a Knight typically takes two. Just don’t miss. Ali (Systems Designer) - The Binary Rifle is a great way to spear through multiple Spartans with one shot. It’s quite interesting because it will give away your position when you are zoomed in as a counter balance to its lethality. You can also try to use it like a shotgun, which is quite BAUS! Robert (Test) - Lift the Binary Rifle to your eye, double zoom-in on a Promethean Knight, reticle between his eyes and pull the trigger to feel the WHUMP of the energy leave the weapon as he derezzes. Kynan (Lead Multiplayer Level Design) - The Binary Rifle is my favorite Halo power weapon ever. It’s like Christmas every time you pick it up. A one-hit kill no matter where you hit an enemy. It’s sooo good when you just barely clip someone’s foot and then watch as they fragment into thousands of angry burning embers. I also love that even though it’s incredibly powerful, when someone is zoomed in and looking to take a shot, you can see a laser leading to everything they are looking at. Points you right to where they are. INCINERATION CANNON DESIGNATION: Weapon/Anti-Materiel Z-390 High-Explosive Munitions Rifle MANUFACTURER: Unknown/Forerunner Origin MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 1 Powerful shoulder-mounted weapon that launches highly charged particles at a target with explosive results. David - I love watching someone use the Incineration cannon for the first time, as it often ends in hilarity and self-immolation. The submunitions offer a new wrinkle to the concept of the traditional “rocket launcher” weapon class. You definitely want to make sure you keep your distance from your intended target in as many situations as possible, but I try to use the particular personality of this weapon to my advantage. Enemy camping around the corner? Well, fire your main shot as close as possible and watch the submuntions bounce and explode right on top of your unsuspecting foe. Campaign pro tip: Beware the Incinerator-wielding Knight Commanders. They are deadly. You cannot outgun them so you’re required to outthink them. Chris B. - Devastating, and at times fickle. The main round is slightly less deadly than the UNSC Rocket Launcher but also MIRVs into four submunitions. These subs can catch the people that try to jump the main round, as they can bounce out and hit people on the edge of the area-of-effect that survived the main, and they can break your heart occasionally by missing entirely. With great power comes great heartbreak (or something like that). It’s a fun weapon to use in all cases, especially against vehicles and groups of enemies. Try shooting it at a low ceiling above an enemy sometime. Chris K. - This is another Forerunner Weapon that has the ability to incinerate opponents. This can lead to especially impressive multi-kills given the large area-of-effect/submunitions. Not too long ago, I was able to kill four enemies with one shot, and watching them all dissolve in front of me was about as satisfying as it gets. Another cool moment I witnessed with this one involved a teammate firing it near a speeding Warthog with three enemy passengers, all of which were killed and starting dissolving while seated in the ‘Hog. Rad! Worth noting here, this weapon has an especially long reload time; you have to reload between every shot, and the projectile itself is fairly slow. This means you really need to connect with your shot, or you will be at a disadvantage to your opponents. Bill (Software Development Engineer) - My favorite weapon is the Incineration Cannon. Even just the initial warhead is punchy and powerful. When you add in the chaos of the submunitions flying around, it’s a recipe for mayhem and destruction. The fact that whoever you just wrecked is dissolving into a million glowy bits is the icing on the cake. The awesome reloading effects as you prepare for another shot is the cherry on top. Leonard (UI Engineer) - You just gotta love the Incineration Cannon; it’s like a Rocket Launcher that spawns baby Promethean bombs. It’s a pain in the ass when your enemy has one aimed at you since you know you’ll likely turn into Promethean fairy dust. However, when the tables are turned and you’ve got one of these bad boys slung on your shoulder, you know whoever you see next is pretty much dead. Another cool thing about this gun is, if the initial hit doesn’t kill, the splash damage will likely finish what your aim couldn’t, plus it will likely take out anyone or anything near it! The only real drawbacks are the reload speed and that you’ll likely shoot your eye out if you’re not careful... splash damage works both ways. Sam (Software Development Engineer) - Apparently, the Forerunners don't mess around when it comes to blowing stuff up. The Incineration Cannon is probably my favorite weapon in the game. It's like the Rocket Launcher, if the Rocket Launcher fired an oscillating cluster of energy that disintegrated any unfortunate soul it came into contact with. Rockets explode on impact; on impact, the projectile fired by the Incineration Cannon divides into *more* packets of energy that *also* disintegrate anyone unlucky enough to be in the way. Explosions are awesome. Fountains of disintegration are awesomer. Tom (Software Development Engineer) - This thing is a beast. If you see it pop up on your HUD, get ready with your grenades as you close distance because there’s going to be another few Spartans making a beeline for it. Once you have this beauty in your hands, aim carefully because you have to reload after each shot. But it’s so very, very worth it: the gentle pull of the trigger sends out a number of projectiles weaving towards your foe. Upon impact, these projectiles then blossom out from the initial detonation into a cascade of secondary explosions. Nothing feels better than slamming a fresh round into the cannon while watching three or four of your enemies disintegrate into electronic dust. PULSE GRENADE DESIGNATION: Z-040 Attenuation Field Generator/Localized MANUFACTURER: Unknown/Forerunner Origin MAGAZINE CAPACITY: N/A A field-effect-generating attenuation device used to overload both simple and complex power networks, forcing them temporarily offline. David - The Pulse Grenade is an odd beast. It’s extremely powerful in the right hands, but it requires you to use it differently from other Halo grenades. I find it be most useful as an anti-vehicle or area-ofdenial weapon. Chris B. - The Pulse Grenade adds a lot to the dynamic of the battlefield. It does constant damage for the life of the sphere, but you should be most concerned about the blast when the sphere forms and when it collapses. Since it doesn’t bounce, you can place it accurately. Try throwing at a person’s feet for a huge hit on their shields, or throw it behind them and force them back into it. Or, if you need to run for your life, throw it down and go. Enemies rarely will charge through it, and the screen shake can throw off that final killing shot. Remember, you only get one with a normal loadout, but it can change the battlefield, so don’t shy away from its use. Chris K. - Functionally, this is somewhat similar to the Halo 3 Power Drain. It’s a bit different from the other grenades in that it doesn’t bounce off surfaces; instead it will stick to the ground/walls and then pop out and detonate a split-second later. This means you can be a bit more precise with it than you can with the frag or sticky ‘nades. It also makes for some interesting ambush options when you consider the bounce (for example, toss it above the ceiling in front of a door way to surprise someone before they run through). It’s great for area-of-denial and is a favorite of mine for objective-based MP modes. As mentioned above, one significant tradeoff with the Pulse Grenade is that you only get one grenade by default in MP (two w/the Grenadier Armor Mod). And that wraps up today’s feature about Forerunner weapons. Stick around, though, because I still have lots to talk about. And “lots” is an understatement.
  10. Imagine if you have never played halo before, you've always been a CoD/Battlefield man, and you are about to delve into the world of halo, it can be quite scary, but also quite a fun experience as you will notice while obviously the game is very different, it always to seem to have a competitive aspect, something that both CoD and BF lack in that respect. So lets get started, so again, imagine you've just bought halo reach, and you have never played any other Halo's before, and you are worried about what its gonna be like, if your going to suck at it or not, or if you will do well. 1. Play the Campaign. You'll be surprised how many people don't actully play the campaign and just go straight into multiplayer, this is never a good idea as if you don't know the weapons and how to use them, you will get ****** over quite badly. Now i understand that the Campaign in Halo reach probably isn't the best campaign ever, but it is quite good at letting you use every weapon (Sniper, DMR, AR, Etc) and letting u get good with it at your own progress, the campaign is pretty good for a new halo player, & can certainly help you a lot and make you much a better player, by the time you finished the campaign, you will be surprised how much better you are at the game already. 2. Play with Friends! (Campaign/Multiplayer) You'll be surprised how much friends make a difference in a game, as they can guide you in the right direction and try to tell you mistakes you make, and can overall can just make the game more fun and exciting, as you know you can have fun while playing. Instead of finding some super-serious Kids who think winning is the be-all and end-all, you can play with friends & have a much more fun and enjoyable time because, they will kind of let you learn at your own pace as you won't have people screaming down their mic "YOU SUCK! QUIT THE *Insert Language* GAME!* Im now going to Imagine you have finished the Campaign and have played a few multiplayer matches, and you are kind of experienced. 3. Play Team Slayer and stick with it for a bit. In my opinion, Team slayer is a nice way of getting up in skill levels and skill in general, because, in team slayer, there are a LOT of people who don't know what they are doing, bit like the person who is going to read this (presuming they are new) and will be in the EXACT same position as you, new, just got out of the campaign, and are ready to try their luck at multiplayer, i will talk about winning/losing next, but for now, just stick with team slayer and play it for a bit, until you have a good idea of what you are doing and are enjoying the game mostly, if you aren't enjoying the game, you mighyt as well not play it, because the #1 reason you play any game, is because you enjoy it, hell, if you don't enjoy something, don't do it simple as. 4. Don't worry about winning/losing The one thing that makes me mad in ANY game, is people's Ego's and the fact they think winning and losing is the be all and end all, because, in reach anyway, Winning and losing means **** all, as long as you are enjoying yourself and want to keep playing, that is good enough. As Day[9] would say: "GET YOUR EGO OUT OF THE F****** GAME!" don't go into a game thinking your going to be the best instantly, because, lets be honest, unless you are naturally talented at gaming, you are not going to be great at it instantly, just keep playing and ignore all the hate people will give you 5. Move Onto Other Playlists Im going to presume now you are doing Ok in team slayer, getting about 8+ kills,and dying a lot less then you were, lets say when its your first game of Team slayer, you are a better player already, so now you should move onto different playlists, whether is Team Objective, BTB, or Swat, any of them are good, just, again, as long as you are learning and enjoying yourself, for now, that is all that matters. I wouldn't recommend the following playlists until you are really good (i will explain why not to pick them in the next entry i do.) 1. MLG. 2. Team Snipers In Entry #2, i will be explaining about the DMR in great detail, why not to go into MLG and Team Snipers, as well as Positioning in certain maps and how to use a sniper effeicentally, i hope you enjoyed reading this, and i hope you can't wait for entry #2 (Will Be Done Every Wednesday & Sunday Until Told Different) Have fun in halo reach!
  11. Hey guys; I've been a competitive Halo 3 die hard fan ever since I was a jit and now I'm 20. I haven't played halo since Reach. The game was okay, I stopped playing when I became a general or something. I lost the eagerness of trying to rank up because it didn't matter wether or won or lost I still rose in EXP. I saw halo 4 over some gameplay and thought it looked horrible. A lot of the aspects of the multiplayer didn't make sense to me from the variety of weapons on the map and random weapon drops to how the maps were constructed. But that's my personal opinion and a lot of people I know agreed with me as well as some people I read reviews over online. The online multiplayer was almost entirely unbalanced and just watching the gameplay hurted my eyes. Halo 4 isn't Halo, it's a completely different game. More or less a bad reboot of a Halo title. What keeps real Halo players playing after finishing the campaign is the multiplayer, everyone knows this. If the multiplayer is phenomanol for example: Halo 3 and Halo 2 then you'll gain a tremendous loyal customer fan base playing for years on end, waiting for the next sequel of the game to be mentioned. I sometimes have the urge to play Halo 3 but I'm busy studying most of the time for my next exam. I truly for the love of God don't want to see another grand disappointment from Industry 343 again in another Halo game; So here I am trying to make an attempt to reach out to the developers of Halo 5 in maybe making a difference in how the developers might change a few things. And I'm a point out some suggestions for you guys First off : 1. I don't need a 'guy' shouting in my ear piece about kill streaks and wether or not I get a double kill or a triple kill. Take the kill streak guy talking down a notch, it'll quickly get annoying for me and as well as other players. On top of that the 'Guy' doesn't have to narrate about the gameplay, "4 against 1", "3 against 1", like shut up lol I wish there was an option to shut him up. And the 'Guy' doesn't have to narrate of which game mode I'm about to play, I'm pretty sure I know what game mode I'm about to play when I choose from the option menu in multiplayer. Another thing too the 'Guy' mentions when and where the power weapons respawn again for Ex: Sniper, Sword, Rocket Launcher. I remember back in my day we had to memorize how long it took the power weapons to respawn. From my perspective the 'Guy' talking sucks the seriousness out of the game and brings the difficulty level down a lot. He talks a lot during gameplay it feels like he's always saying something It doesn't feel like I'm playing halo, you guys are trying too hard to make the game "cool", yeah it'll probably appeal to younger gamers but for older gamers that have played the previous games from Bungie, we don't like that. Haha. Make it an option wether or not we want more voice interaction from the game. 2. Did I see a deathcam in the beta? That has to go. This is not COD. This will ruin an old strategy everyone knows called "camping". Trust me, when I got a good camping spot with my sniper I don't want any enemy player knowing where I am. 3. The animations are cool and all but can they be a little quicker or can you just vanquish them all. I remember when I was playing Reach in a competitive game it'd take a whole millennium assassinating someone. When in Halo 3 it just took a little tap in the back to kill someone, and that kept the competitive flow of my game undisrupted and didn't leave me exposed to another enemy player since I can't do anything during the animation. 4. The game looks too easy with the jet-packs. You don't have to break a sweat trying to jump on a ledge, the jet packs do all the work for you. I remember in halo 3 that you'd have to find ways to get to those sweet secret spots and it took a skill to jump onto far away platforms not everyone could accomplish so easily. You built up that skill and make it into one of your tricks and that inhanced your competitive edge against other players who don't know the move. To be honest, that factor was one of the best things about playing halo 3 online. Maneuverability looks far too easy and can make the game sort of boring. Make the jet pack an option in one of the game modes. Like lets say Hardcore mode or Classic mode. 5. I didn't play the game my self so I can't say much else. I saw one other thing too; the stomping ability when you're in mid air and you can kill your foes underneath you is obviously taken from COD advance warfare. That has to be taken out or put as an option for a multiplayer match. You can easily just fly around stomping everyone you see in sight and them not knowing you're there. ________And that's it guys thanks for investing your time to read this I know it's kinda long but I had to say what was on my mind and I would like to see a difference in the new installment of the game. I care and I know a lot of my suggestions where opinionated remarks so don't critise me for speaking out I apprecaite it. I just signed up but I'm sure there's a lot of Bungie forum individuals here. The new Halo community shows promise trust me. You're company has great potential, hear us out and maybe we can make a great game together soon.
  12. Halo: The Master Chief Collection Stonetown/Zanzibar walkthrough and gameplay IGN recently showded us a walkthough of one of the remade maps that comes with The Master Chief Collection which was Coagulation. Now they continue the walktroughs with another map, this time it's Stonetown otherwise known as Zanzibar. Just like last time we get a tour by one of the developers. This time it's Max Hoberman. He leads you though all the changes Including aesthetical changes, new routes and new vehicles/weapons. He'll also show you some secrets and how it all came to be. Here's the walkthrough: Along with the walkthrough we also get to see how the maps plays out in multiplayer. A classic 1-flag game to be precise. See how it plays down here: What are your thoughts on the new Zanzibar? Let us know down below! Thank you for reading! Special thanks to Hell Verruckt/Self Destruct for linking this with me! Source: IGN
  13. Greenskull from Ready Up Live has posted a gameplay video of the level "Gravemind" from Halo 2: Anniversary. In the video we get to see the Gravemind himself in the cutscene created by Blur and a playthrough of the entire level. We are just under 2 weeks away from the release of Halo: The Master Chief Collection and no doubt this will get fans more excited to jump in and finally play it themselves. 343 Industries has also just release a new cinematic trailer for Halo 2: Anniversary and if you play attention to it we see recreated footage from Blur of the cutscene "Another Day at the Beach". That cutscene was a bonus scene that was included in Halo 2's Multiplayer Map Pack that showed what happened to the crew from second Pelican that was shot down by the Scarab in the Outskirts cutscene from Halo 2. Could we be seeing this bonus material in Halo 2: Anniversary? It sure looks like it. Leave us your thoughts in the comment section below.
  14. Hallo, I just tried to start a solo mission of Halo 4, it goes through the start movie with dr. Halsey but then it goes right back to the first menu start halo 4. Can someone help? Please help, getting really frustrated and annoyed with the game. I just want to play the game that I paid for. Thanks Carolyn
  15. Greenskull from Ready Up Live has posted a gameplay video of the level "Gravemind" from Halo 2: Anniversary. In the video we get to see the Gravemind himself in the cutscene created by Blur and a playthrough of the entire level. We are just under 2 weeks away from the release of Halo: The Master Chief Collection and no doubt this will get fans more excited to jump in and finally play it themselves. 343 Industries has also just release a new cinematic trailer for Halo 2: Anniversary and if you play attention to it we see recreated footage from Blur of the cutscene "Another Day at the Beach". That cutscene was a bonus scene that was included in Halo 2's Multiplayer Map Pack that showed what happened to the crew from second Pelican that was shot down by the Scarab in the Outskirts cutscene from Halo 2. Could we be seeing this bonus material in Halo 2: Anniversary? It sure looks like it. Leave us your thoughts in the comment section below. View full article
  16. Halo: The Master Chief Collection Stonetown/Zanzibar walkthrough and gameplay IGN recently showded us a walkthough of one of the remade maps that comes with The Master Chief Collection which was Coagulation. Now they continue the walktroughs with another map, this time it's Stonetown otherwise known as Zanzibar. Just like last time we get a tour by one of the developers. This time it's Max Hoberman. He leads you though all the changes Including aesthetical changes, new routes and new vehicles/weapons. He'll also show you some secrets and how it all came to be. Here's the walkthrough: Along with the walkthrough we also get to see how the maps plays out in multiplayer. A classic 1-flag game to be precise. See how it plays down here: What are your thoughts on the new Zanzibar? Let us know down below! Thank you for reading! Special thanks to Hell Verruckt/Self Destruct for linking this with me! Source: IGN View full article
  17. Here is more gameplay of the highly anticipated Master Chief Collection, courtesy of Gamespot: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bAjzdd4uJtM The gameplay features more Cairo Station footage and more multiplayer footage from Ascension. Also confirmed in this trailer, Halo: NightFall will be available to watch November 11, 2014. Remember the Master Chief Collection releases on Xbox One November 11, 2014.
  18. Bungie has just released a new Destiny gameplay video titled "The Devils' Lair" as it follows a team of guardians fighting their way through the depths of Old Russia. In this seven minute long video we see a Fireteam of Guardians on a strike mission beneath the ruins of the Cosmodrome in a location called "The House of The Devils' Lair" in Old Russia as they take on the Fallen and the Hive, two of five enemy races Humanity will battle against to save Earth and their colonies. Destiny is a completely online game that encourages team play with co-operative modes that involves raids and strike missions as it is shown in the video. This has been the first proper video of solid full length gameplay since Bungie's presentation at last years E3. Fans itching to see more Destiny content will surely be tied over until more of it returns in just less than two months at this years E3. What did you think of the new gameplay, are you looking forward to the game?
  19. Bungie has just released a new Destiny gameplay video titled "The Devils' Lair" as it follows a team of guardians fighting their way through the depths of Old Russia. In this seven minute long video we see a Fireteam of Guardians on a strike mission beneath the ruins of the Cosmodrome in a location called "The House of The Devils' Lair" in Old Russia as they take on the Fallen and the Hive, two of five enemy races Humanity will battle against to save Earth and their colonies. Destiny is a completely online game that encourages team play with co-operative modes that involves raids and strike missions as it is shown in the video. This has been the first proper video of solid full length gameplay since Bungie's presentation at last years E3. Fans itching to see more Destiny content will surely be tied over until more of it returns in just less than two months at this years E3. What did you think of the new gameplay, are you looking forward to the game? View full article
  20. With All Of These Reviews And News Articles Flying Around About CoD: Ghosts I Think Its Time We Turn Our Eyes To Something A Little Less Noticed: DEAD RISING 3 IGN is a luck group as they get to put their hands on consoles and games far before any of us do, and one of those games happens to be Dead Rising 3. Mitch Dyer of IGN sits down with Josh Bridge of Capcom and plays threw the first 15 minutes of Dead Rising 3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZoBTcXPfpw0 Get the full scoop over at IGN
  21. Bungie is revealing new Destiny gameplay for the first time at E3's Sony Press Conference. Watch the Destiny gameplay trailer today -or anytime you want after 9:00pm EST/ 6:00pm PST Monday, June 10th. Here's the Bungie news page with the actual official Destiny gameplay reveal cut from the Sony Press Conference. Big thank you to Smokin Shadowz for bringing us the actual trailer. Here is the Gameplay Demo. Here is a Live Gameplay Demo So if you'd like, watch E3 here on the site and head on over here later to watch the Destiny reveal. The news page on Bunge.net has a livestream setup for the Sony Press Conference.
  22. This was Bungies first E3 presentation in 3 years and we finally got to see some destiny gameplay. Below are videos of gamelay, trailers and interviews. Destiny E3 Trailer [uK] Destiny E3 Demo + Interview with Deej Game Informer interview with Harold Ryan Destiny Gameplay walkthrough Adam Sessler and Bungies Joes Staten Deej's E3 Video Blogs This post has been promoted to an article
  23. This was Bungies first E3 presentation in 3 years and we finally got to see some destiny gameplay. Below are videos of gamelay, trailers and interviews. Destiny E3 Trailer [uK] Destiny E3 Demo + Interview with Deej Game Informer interview with Harold Ryan Destiny Gameplay walkthrough Adam Sessler and Bungies Joes Staten Deej's E3 Video Blogs
  24. Here are some ideas i dreamed up for halo 5 Halo 5 weapons and vehicles: UNSC Vehicles: -Warthog •Gauss •Rocket •Chain Gun -Mongoose -Scorpion -Mantis -Viper (Light assault aircraft) •Equipped with heat seeking missiles and light machine gun •Highly maneuverable (on the level of the banshee), weak armor -Hornet -Falcon • Assault (has a front mounted chain gun which can be controlled by the pilot as well as two .50 cal door guns, can carry 2 passengers who can shoot their personal weapons) • Light (door guns only, can carry 2 passengers who can shoot their personal weapons) -Pelican (Heavy Transport aircraft) •Pilot controlled forward heavy auto cannon • equipped with 2 .50 caliber door guns on back. Can hold up to 8 personnel who can shoot their personal weapons •contain two small arms racks in cargo area UNSC weapons: -Magnum -SMG •can be used as a sidearm -Battle Rifle -DMR -Assault rifle -SSMG •the silenced SMG from ODST -Frag grenade -SAW •buffed H4 version -Grenade Launcher •fires projectiles similar to the sticky detonator that will explode on contact or await detonation depending on firing mode(Utilizes a 3 round magazine) -Spartan Laser •similar to the reach version -Sniper Rifle -Rocket Launcher •Fires two types of rockets, Anti-personnel rockets (which appear green on your HUD) are unguided and deal high splash damage, while anti-vehicle rockets (blue on your HUD) track ALL vehicles and have high penetrative power, dealing twice the damage against vehicles. -Railgun •Halo 4 version -Heavy Railgun •One hit kill on ANYTHING, including pelicans(comes with 1 extra round and takes 5 seconds to charge and fire) -Hyper Rifle • 3 shot kill, low ROF • battery operated, batter holds energy for 36 shots • emits high intensity atom laser Detachable Turrets: -Machine gun -Flamethrower Emplacements: -Rocket Turret •Fires volleys of 4 rockets, rockets become guided when the operator enters first person mode and looks through the emplacements holographic optics. Range 1000m -Gauss Turret • Identical to the turret mounted on the back of a warthog -Mortar Turret •Starts with a target locator, the player who acquires the locator can use it to call in mortar fire anywhere on the map. • locator creates a red circle around its target and sticks to objects, including vehicles and personnel. •Mortar fires 3 rounds volleys, each round yielding the power of 2 antipersonnel rockets. Covenant Weapons: -Plasma Pistol -Plasma Rifle -Storm Rifle -Needler -Needle Rifle -Covenant Carbine -Assault Carbine • 5 shot kill, fires particle beam with extreme accuracy at extreme range • low rate of fire -Beam Rifle -Concussion rifle -Fuel Rod Cannon -Plasma Launcher • identical to the one in reach but with a longer range -Energy Sword -Plasma Grenade Covenant Vehicles: -Ghost (reach version) -Banshee (reach version) -Wraith -Revenant -Spectre • holds 2 passengers, 1 gunner, 1 driver • equipped with 1 dual barreled plasma cannon, the same as that of the banshee -Phantom (Heavy troop transport) • equipped with 1 forward rapid fire concussion cannon which is controlled by the pilot, as well as 2 door mounted light plasma cannons • Capable of carrying 8 personnel who can fire their personnel weapons •Contains 2 small arms crates in cargo area Turrets: -Plasma turret Emplacements: -Plasma cannon shade •Identical to the one in reach but with higher projectile speeds -Fuel rod shade • like the ones in the reach campaign • Firing homing fuel rods rounds that tracks land and air vehicles Brute Weapons: -Spiker -Brute shot -Mauler -Brute plasma rifle (halo 2 version) -Gravity hammer -Napalm grenades (halo 3 version) -Spike grenades Brute vehicles: -Chopper Armor abilities: -Jetpack -Thruster pack (buffed h4 version) -Active Camo -Evade -Berserk • allows users a brief burst of extreme speed once their shields are removed (like the h2/h3 brutes) -Regen Field -Stability • allows player to remain scoped in while taking fire -Thermal • shows players and vehicles in bright red/white, terrain is darker blue. • Residual heat signatures will reveal enemies hiding around corners by slightly brightening the air next to the corner (YOU CANNOT SEE THROUGH WALLS) Equipment: -Anti vehicle Mine •Fits into a slot on your HUD next to the grenade slots, destroys warthogs in one hit as well as personnel -Bubble shield •remains active until destroyed -EMP field •Immobilizes vehicles and SLOWY drains shields within a 20m radius You may notice that i left out forerunner weapons and vehicles, that is because (in my opinion) the forerunners are utterly boring and annoying to fight. I would love to see the brutes return as a sort of pirate like rouge faction in halo 5, possibly attempting to invade and take control of a weakened Sanghelios which we must defend alongside the arbiter. In addition, many of the vehicles i listed are only plausible if used in a 16 vs 16 or 32 vs 32 playlist (such as the pelican and phantom) which will hopefully be possible with the processing power of the next gen xbox.
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