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Found 5 results

  1. I completed the campaign on legendary and today the title update somehow wiped my progress this has happened twice now please help
  2. Taken from Meet the Pennsylvania City Norristown, Pennsylvania, domestic violence victims get kicked out of their homes for calling the cops too many times. More specifically, a municipal ordinance from this backwards town encourages landlords to evict tenants who call for police assistance, even in cases of domestic assault. The ACLU is challenging that ordinance on the grounds that it violates the First Amendment, and also disproportionately affects women and people of color. The ACLU filed its lawsuit on behalf of Lakisha Briggs, who was threatened with eviction for the first time on May 23, 2012, weeks after police officers responded to a third domestic violence call at her house. In this particular incident, her abuser had “chased Ms. Briggs down the alley with a brick and followed her to her house, where he attacked her.” "You are on three strikes. We're gonna have your landlord evict you," officers told Briggs after apprehending her ex-boyfriend, according to the lawsuit. After a judge refused to force Briggs out of her home, Norristown revoked her landlord’s license and tried to evict her. According to court documents, the ACLU came to Briggs’ defense and stopped the eviction, compelling the city to repeal the ordinance in question. But just two weeks later, the city passed a nearly identical law. Now, the ACLU is challenging the latest version of Norristown’s “disorderly behavior” ordinance, which fines landlords and evicts tenants if someone requests police assistance at a property three times or more in four months. The suit claims the law violates Briggs’ First Amendment right to petition the government, which includes calling for police assistance. The ACLU also claims violations of the Violence Against Women Act, “which protects many domestic violence victims from eviction based on the crimes committed against them” and the Fair Housing Act, “which prohibits discrimination based on sex.” In Ms. Briggs’ case, a victim of domestic assault refrained from calling the police because she did not want to lose her home. After her “first strike,” it was her a family and an unknown neighbor who called the authorities, including a case in which Briggs’ abuser stabbed her in the neck with a shard of glass. Briggs’ did a brief stint in jail, but she was stuck in a bind when he returned: As the ACLU notes, Norristown is not the only city “nuisance ordinances” or “crime free ordinances” that suppress the rights of domestic violence victims. Professors from Harvard and Columbia looked at similar laws in Milwaukee, finding that “Nearly a third of all [nuisance] citations were generated by domestic violence.” The study, published in the American Sociological Review, also found that “properties in black neighborhoods disproportionately received citations, and those located in more integrated black neighborhoods had the highest likelihood of being deemed nuisances.” She let her abuser stay because she felt intimidated and worried that he would harm her or her three year old daughter if she tried to do anything to force him out, and she knew that she could not call the police for help without risking eviction. Lakisha Briggs seeks temporary immunity from Norristown’s “disorderly behavior” ordinance, damages, legal fees and a declaratory judgment deeming the ordinance unconstitutional.
  3. Yes, yes, we've all heard the complaining about SWAT not being present during the first week of the game. I completely understood. At first, I too was outraged by the utter lack of playlists. Then, I remembered that SWAT was not added to Reach until a while after its release. But then I also remembered that Halo: Reach had a permanent SWAT playlist! Looking at the current playlists of Halo 4's matchmaking, I see a bland selection of the typical, vanilla game modes that are present on every Halo since 3. No Grifball, no Rocket Race, no Team Snipers (but wait), no SchWATguns or SWAT Magnums modes under SWAT. "Oh, it's alright, they just haven't had a chance to put the playlists together yet, they just need the community to make maps appropriate for game modes like Rocket Race and Grifball! Besides, 343i says they're gonna be doing weekly matchmaking updates, adding the playlists the Halo community knows and loves, right?" Wrong. Nope. Instead, we're gonna add all these playlists for a week each, unless you're really lucky and we choose to leave them in for TWO weeks! And after that, we'll switch them out with something else for ANOTHER week! If you don't like the new playlist, SUCKS FOR YOU, the old one is gone and you probably won't see it again for a long long time if at all! Go play some more Slayer. "But wait, why can't you just leave the playlists in permanently? If so few people play them to the point where it wastes your server space, you can take them down. Like, I was real excited when you added Snipers. Back in Halo 3, I would always play it every once in a while when I wanted a break from fast paced, run n gun gameplay of SWAT and Slayer. I don't wanna play my heart out on it for a week and then not get to play it ever again! Besides, getting to play Snipers would really help me get that Commendation done a whole lot easier than the ones like Fuel Rod Cannon or Concussion Rifle, where I hardly ever see those weapons in game!" LOL why would anyone ever want to base a game's multiplayer off of the extremely successful and fun one of a previous game? That doesn't make any sense at all! Letting players play whatever playlist they want, whenever they want? What planet are you from? "This is stupid! I like what you did with the progression system and I guess the maps, but none of that matters if I can't have fun playing the crazy, senseless, and completely awesome game modes like I did in Halo 3! I'm going to play Gears of Duty: Assassin's Battlefield 7!" ---- Who knows. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I missed some news post saying that these game modes will eventually be permanent. All I'm trying to get across is that this "weekly rotation" of classic playlists is bad. It takes away greatly from the fun that I can get from this game. FFA Throwback comes out next week. Instead of being able to play Team Snipers, I'll get to play some more vanilla gametypes because the only FFA playlist I can stand is Regicide (implying there are any other FFA playlists anyways). And yes, SWAT is a vanilla gametype that has no business being in a rotation anyways Besides, is it really THAT hard to make fun playlists permanent? Bungie was probably a LOT less funded than 343i, but still listened to what the players thought and kept their favorite playlists permanent, instead of basing the same decisions off of computerized statistics of which playlist was most popular this week or that week. After playing the campaign of Halo 4, I had hoped that matchmaking would be a more redeeming quality of the game, but so far I am disappointed. I'm not a game critic or anything. This post is coming from a gamer who has played Halo since its humble beginnings. I can appreciate the changes that 343i has brought forth in Halo 4, but in this case, it causes Halo to lose its qualities as a unique first person shooter based on the community. I want my experience with multiplayer to be based more upon "Hey, we suck at team slayer. Let's go shoot people with rockets and hit people with hammers" instead of "Hey, we suck at team slayer. Let's go do the same thing, but with an objective thrown in." Whether you all get buttmad and go all defensive for 343i or you share my opinion, I just want 343i to know how I feel, and how the game can be changed, before it's too late. - ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  4. Got any sweet gameplays or clips for Reach, MW3, or Halo 3? Send them in to "Lost ANGELUS LA" over XBL and we'll commentate/Upload them! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0LoAUmVz2c
  5. I was playing HaloReach and then my Xbox live expired, so I went a couple months without playing, then when I got back on and started playing halo I down ranked and lost 1million credits! I use to be a legand and now I'm a hero but I should almost be a Mythic. I don't know what todo! I lost 1,000,000Cr and that made me rank down. Please help me!
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