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  1. a cost effective idea would be to make the episodes downloadable for Gold members via the xbox marketplace. charge $5 per episode or something like that then if people wanna waste all their memory to play an episode, they can. this would also mean only one person in a household would need a Gold membership cuz they could download it and all could play. i'm sure once the first season is done (still have the second half of the season starting on jan 19th) they will do something like put it on a disc or downloadable. i think they are trying to drive people toward their content and then once the content is finished, they will release it for every1.
  2. there are also terminals on waypoint that unlock and tell the story of didact and librarian. also, does anyone not remember the UNSC ship is on a scientific mission and was reconfigured from a warship to one that could study planets, not fight against the covenant storm and didact? on another note, the didact's "army" was there to protect him. the librarian put him there in hopes he would change his stance on converting humanity with time to think. she's also somewhere on requiem. but i'm sure you all have played spartan ops and unlocked terminals to find out info about the game and story? thought not.
  3. there are always issues with every campaign for every game. i had some too but thought it was a great and epic campaign to say the least. to cover some of your points. Didact - i thought they made him shallow compared to how his character is in the books. but at the same time, i think the focus was on chief and cortana so they didn't want to take away from that story. plus, we're not sure if he is gonna be in the next halo games so why create a villain you can hate for a trilogy if he is only in 1 or 2 games? also, he has a huge backstory, but you would have to read the books or...search on the forums for posts about him, cuz there is a lot of back story on this "villain". Prophets - never hated the prophets. they were annoying. always giving recorded speeches on some covie teleprompter. i liked beating down the one in halo 2, but i hated all covies. also, history lesson is the prophets were allies of the ancient humans you have seen in the terminal footage. one of their worlds was destroyed by a halo array by the master builder. then they went to war with sangheli and formed the covenant. no less or more annoying than didact talking in my head for Halo 4 tho. Prometheans - i agree they were mechanical. but their story offers quite an emotional shift. SPOILER. if you played Spartan Ops, when one of the spartan-IVs is speaking to Halsey he says the same thing you are, that they are nothing but killing machines, but, not to spoil too much for those who haven't played, they are much more. similar to ODST when you find out engineers are prisoners. its kinda like, ohhhh, that sucks. Campaign - it was short, but the way you sound, you haven't beaten the game on solo legendary. cuz that's not easy. Infinity Captain - I thought this character was excellent. he was an ally and protagonist. everything that made sense to the story and you playing as John 117 he was against. it gave you someone to hate without having to fight them. during the first trilogy, everyone was a "yes" man to the great John-117 and Cortana, so seeing how things have changed in the UNSC gives the story more depth. Also, it created the purpose of the Forward Unto Dawn. John's one commanding ally is the guy he saved from the academy. Once again depth and detail that can be missed upon first looking at the game. Also not sure if you know anything about military officers...they're idiots who don't have to put in the work to accomplish the mission. they rely on book strategies for real time events. they don't make sense to anyone. Good points on the pros. The levels did feel small to an extent, but I think they used more of a boxed in area of battle system. When you hit a new area, you were in that small area for awhile until you could move on to the next area. The game also feels different when not running through it on heroic with friends or normal. When you have to take time to strategize how to get to the next checkpoint without dying, you learn a lot about a level you previously thought was easy and small. btw chief lived by getting transported at the last possible moment with the forerunner tech by cortana. its not scientifically explained so it is a stretch, but in Spartan Ops they are starting to show the transportation methods and how fast it works.
  4. rant was about the forum. they don't have to read all the lore. they just have to search on this forum for the stuff they are looking for to get an idea instead of posting questions that have already been explained on the same forum. that was all. not bashing ppl for not reading every book or studying wikis. just sayin to search b4 you ASK a question cuz the answer was probably one click away already.
  5. highly satisfied with H4. graphics - not sure if anyone knows this, but H3 didn't start on an artificial forerunner structure...once again, not an artificial forerunner structure. its like comparing turf at dallas cowboy stadium to the amazon rainforest floor. of course there will be a lot more detail in the amazon...cuz it's real. of course there will be moss growing on rocks, cuz its real. requiem is not a real planet...once again, requiem is not a real planet. its all about context. am i at a republican-democrat debate here? storyline - i understand many don't understand the back stories and haven't read anything...at all, about halo's universe, past, present or future. so they don't understand the purpose of this story, or how it is factually based on literature specifically written and approved for the halo universe. they would rather have an inaccurate story (Reach) which doesn't follow the events written in a book called...wait for it...Fall of Reach. campaign gameplay - probably the best of all the halos. there were issues with each campaign where players wanted more of this or less of that. as far as epicness goes, H4 had several epic and memorable gameplay moments. fighting your way through waves of enemies (see CE Library) was great and very difficult solo legendary. i've completed every Halo campaign on solo legendary and it's never been very difficult until now. also exploring the levels before running to the next checkpoint has offered a large amount of content, from logs by UNSC personnel to messages from covenant storm to terminals with intriguing background info that helps explain the campaign people think feels rushed. p.s. the enemies in H4 move far better than H3. recall coming across a group of brutes who are supposed to work as a team, but all they do is move forward and back to cover before one at a time they attack you. pretty easy to move around an object and melee then pop a few shots and wait for the next. don't get me started on how easy the hammer guy was on legendary difficulty on H3. spartan ops - innovative to say the least. essentially combining firefight with a purpose...which was asked for on forums like this for the past few years. its easy to do with four players on heroic, but count your number of deaths solo legendary and see how easy it is. also, the continuation of the story has never been done before in an FPS for a multiplayer gametype. this is absolutely amazing. what 343 has done is created content content and more content. war games - is it just me, or has no one read about what is happening with war games. first, your current leveling up is strictly for specializations and customizations. every 50 levels you unlock a new way to play multiplayer. of course they don't want to make you getting the 8-10 specializations incredibly difficult. every1 here understands there will be ranked playlists coming which will mirror H3's version of ranking up? this is the barebones of the war games and introduces us players to customizations and loadouts that show individuality amongst players. its not meant for your recruit armor and loadouts and AAs to be the only way to play for the next few years. also, i like the varying weapons. as was suggested by a hater on this post, its relatively easy to level up to SR24 where you can get some promethean weapons available. the point system is definitely interesting. has anyone who hates H4 tried creating a custom game? aside from the usual gametype variants you also can adjust the point system so that fratricide can be crippling while assassinations can be game changers. the whole point is to give players options while keeping the current minimalistic playlists an intro to possibilities. overall, best halo. 343 is working on more content, more improvements, more playlists and finishing up more maps. so yeah, there are issues but why complain the first 3 days of a game coming out knowing that there is more to come? ADHD i guess. god bless america.
  6. Just a quick rant for all the Halo "fans" who have now completed the Halo 4 campaign but are confused about the story. If you are gonna *post* questions on this forum like "who is this new villain?" or "where is the arbitor?", I understand, you don't have a lot of background info. Maybe you didn't explore previous halo games for terminals or read the books. But check it out, if you are *posting* on this forum, all you have to do is put a keyword in the search function and your answers will magically appear cuz "fans" who have explored and have read have already answered most of these questions on the very forum you are posting on. it's too eazy. If you want to know the stages of AI rampancy, I can GUARANTEE you it's been delved into on this forum in great detail. If you want to know why there is some sort of love story between didact and the librarian, I GUARANTEE you it's been discussed on this forum. If you want to know why MC is fighting the covenant when UNSC had a truce after Halo 3, then stop posting. SERIOUSLY. stop posting and start searching.
  7. okay "fan" let me break it down for you. there are four aspects to the game: campaign, spartan ops, war games AND forge. knowing the background to the story has everything to do with immersing yourself in gameplay. that's what 'fan'atics do with real games, immerse themselves. if all you do is hop on a game and play multiplayer, then you are a CoD fan or a kid, cuz that's all that game is good for. i completely agree with if you don't like it don't play it. i personally don't like playing infinite slayer for a long time, so i switch to another gametype and enjoy something different. it's too easy. try using that "godly boltshot" on a promethean knight playing on legendary difficulty level and then after you respawn, tell me how godly it is. like every multiplayer FPS game company, they will adjust the damage ratios in due time, but of course, "fans" will complain when they adjust them as well. you will have "fans" on this forum saying that everything was fine until they adjusted the damage ratios, now they won't play this game anymore cuz it sucks. the killcams are what they are. i don't watch them much anyway. its called blinking. take a long 3-5 second blink and you don't have to look at the kill cam til you're ready to respawn or just instant spawn. it doesn't take away from the game unless you are obsessed with figuring out how you got bested again and again. the flood game is innovative. i also like how difficult it can be to hold your own against multiple attackers working together to kill you. the camping of living dead is not as prevalent. HALO 4 is going to be copied for the next 3-5 years by every other FPS on the market in every way. can't wait for next week's spartan ops chapter or to complete campaign on legendary solo or for when the SWAT variant and other maps come out or to play some custom FORGE levels submitted by the "fans". good luck with black ops 2.
  8. they actually allude to the opposite. master chief is the next in human evolution. not sure if you caught that. and i'm sure what the librarian remnant did to him will have a huge impact. but that's for another post. halsey also alludes to cortana not being a regular human built AI. hint, hint. amazing how many "fans" don't know anything about the story except for what they see in the games. gotta be fanatical to be a fan
  9. if you start to explore the levels on campaign, you'll notice a record from halsey stating that cortana has some recessive anomaly from ancient AI that could make the 7 year rampancy moot. i think its an indication that she can beat the rampancy. i expect her to be back, just not in the same form. lots of content to uncover and unlock that will explain more. also the third book in the forerunner trilogy is going to be released soon which will explain more. don't trust just what you see in the gameplay as the end all be all of the storyline.
  10. they could offer the seasons offline once they are completed on xbox live. you don't have to be a gold member to purchase content from the marketplace. sounds like a good business idea. it will be like buying an extra offline campaign and since its already available for xbox live subscribers, it wouldn't be hard to adapt it to downloadable content while reaping profit.
  11. First, let me guess, you haven't beaten the campaign... 1. there are weapon spawns in game modes. when you first jump into a game, some white weapon locations that are shown on your visor that are up for grabs. these "spawns" change and are posted at certain points of the game. they are not the entire game or like before where every time the weapon you picked up is empty, it starts a countdown for a new weapon to appear in the same place. i've already fought for the sword or been sniped trying to get a spawned rocket launcher cuz everyone on the map knows where it spawned. 2. i've been a victim of nade spamming already...and guess what, still had fun shooting the grenade tossing spammers in the head. 3. instant respawn is alright with me. i don't always use it. you do know you can wait 3-4 seconds to respawn if that's YOUR preference. why are you worried about having more opportunities to kill by instant respawners? 4. luv the menu. everything is easy to figure out once you explore. guess this is more of a post on a 12 year old "fan for life"'s vision of halo 4 than a fan who started playing at 19, plays campaign and spartan ops immediately and reads the background stories rather than believing the games are the epitome of the haloverse. there are so many nuances to every aspect of this game. crying two days after it comes out sounds like something my 12 year old nephew would do. just started re-exploring the campaign solo on legendary and unlocked most of the terminals and beaten spec ops on heroic. there is so much content and intricacies put into the game. nade spammers and instant spawners? not as important as enjoying the game i've been waiting for years to come through.
  12. the Infinity was repurposed for scientific exploration. most of the personnel on the ship are scientists. they have some Spartan IVs and some marines for security who are armed with basic UNSC weapons and warthogs. The Elephant-like vehicle from the cutscene is evidence of this. its not a war vehicle but a transportation vehicle for large equipment and personnel. I also don't believe that Requiem is housing some WMD. It's a trilogy. So if the purpose of Requiem were to house a destructive and massive weapon, then whats the point of the next two sequels? The AI are defense AI who perceive the chief, the infinity and the covenant as threats. They may be controlled by someone who could call them off certain targets, but their purpose isn't gonna be about a large weapon like a halo array. Although I'm certain the ancient evil will play a role.
  13. Okay, my issue with this is the same as it has been before. If the precursors were driven off by the forerunners, and precursors were graveminds, then forerunners would have knowledge of how to defeat them or at the very least "drive them off". whereas all info, especially this posting, shows that the previous gravemind was interrogated first by humans. so the timeline makes no sense. you have precursors creating life and carrying the mantle. you have the precursor sons, humans and forerunners. precursors choose the human son as the inheritor of the mantle. forerunners rebel. humans are then "tested" by floods and are failing which causes them to cast aside the worlds which the flood was overrunning. in order to flee with massive populations, they had to find other worlds to populate. these were occupied at least partially and under the control of forerunners, who, seem to have no idea the flood is around or that they are at war with the humans on the other side of the human controlled territory. once the forerunners defeat the humans, they discover the flood and begin to empathize at least partially (especially didact) with the human expansion into their territory. so, if forerunners were fighting graveminds (precursors), they would have interrogated or have knowledge in their archives about how graveminds came to be, etc. if forerunners had fought the flood (precursors), they would have experience in succeeding to drive them away. instead, they build a bunch of rings which wipe out the flood food supply. i'm guessing the halo rings are also based in precursor technology. this brings up other questions, but also answers the fact that forerunners had no prior knowledge of flood/gravemind/precursors which would mean whatever beings they drove out were not these flood/gravemind/precursors. there is definitely a link between precursors and the timeless one. but it does not seem to be that the timeless one is a precursor itself.
  14. correct me if i'm wrong, but didn't Master Builder use it on one of the Prophets' worlds? I thought i read somewhere that some of the prophets were trying to go back on their underhanded treaty that left the humans without their allies and ensured the forerunner victory in the human-forerunner war. then MB 'tested' a halo array on one of their worlds and obliterated it. i think its more semantics when talking about UNSC "protecting" outer colonies. the outer colonies and Harvest in particular were a first line of defense. attempting to stop the covenant encroachment on human controlled space was a natural military move. it wasn't about saving the rebels as much as saving a world (Harvest) with resources needed and stopping the covenant from digging further into human space. and once again, i vaguely remember reading that by the time of the attack on Harvest, UNSC knew the covenant was looking for earth. not positive though. so to me, that wasn't about saving the outer colonies as much as using the outer colonies as the front lines to protect the inner colonies. Also, make no mistake. Spartan IIs were basically assassin squads who would destroy high value rebel targets and kill any rebels in their way. the covenant sidetracked the Spartans' original mission. if they hadn't shown up, Spartan's would have been looked upon by the outer colonies as terminators. and I agree about it being a theory. I wrote it simply because if it proves to be right, I don't wanna be one that comes on the forums saying that I thought that was what happened with no proof of my thoughts. also thought it would be good conversation.
  15. to clarify the destiny thing. pre-destiny and luck are two different things. luck is almost like a Dr. Halsey (as an un-religious scientist) being able to explain why chief is somehow able to do what he does. destiny is a less scientific way of explaining the same thing. i didn't bring it up, just thought it was an interesting side topic on master chief as it pertains to gaeas. if you look at all the situations and near death experiences he has had, how could gaeas, which as i understand it, are basically preset commands that either allow you to perform an action you have no knowledge of being able to do, or to influence a sort of drive or desire such as how a desirable human woman should look. i'm not saying the chief has no gaeas because that could be why he is a reclaimer. my point is for gaeas to be given to the first humans to come out after the halo arrays were fired, and passed down through generations, would mean millions if not billions of humans would have the same gaeas. yet master chief is special, so for him specifically to have gaeas which make him "lucky" doesn't make sense. i was speaking of the librarian specifically, who seems to be the one who would have implanted gaeas into humanity or possibly didact the way people are posting on this topic. for her or him to specifically implant gaeas that would get to master chief would suggest they knew someone like him would be in a specific family tree and implant a specific set of gaeas that only he could unlock through the extremely weird circumstances that they saw 100,000 years before. even then, those gaeas don't affect his "luck". what i was saying about his predestiny is that because of the way halo has gone so far, from MC being called "the demon" by the covenant and gaining so much fame as a warrior, and in keeping with sci-fi tradition and a belief that MC was "destined" to do all he has done so far and all he will do, i am predicting that there will be some ancient text, most likely precursor, that speaks of some great warrior in the future who will do what chief has done and what he will do in the relcaimer trilogy. not that there is some ancient painting on a cave wall that looks like MC in a MOLNJR suit. this revelation will play a role in the upcoming games. that's why I wrote, "I'm sure that at some point". it's a prediction of how the story will turn and has nothing to do with forerunners believing in or having pre-knowledge of MC's existence in the future. just a theory. if someone is pre-destined to perform a great act, in science fiction, there is usually a character close to that person who "believes" they are 'the one'. that comes from some form of prophecy or prediction of the future from ancient times. point is, i don't think gaeas plays a role in John's average actions or interaction. they could be an explanation for some major things such as activating the ring. but even surviving the SPARTAN program was a long shot for John and the ones that made it. so for gaeas to have that type of impact on John and only John doesn't make good sense to me. it is an interesting angle to approach events in Halo though.
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