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Found 11 results

  1. I'm part of a team that enrolls in tons of game for tournaments. Currently we are looking to expand out halo team and need players to join for the Halo MCC. We are Vendetta Esports. If you are interested add me on discord, KickJax#2733. Or add our recruiter FPSwulf#2529.
  2. Hello Everyone, Looking to team up with a laid back gaming community? How about a community that has been around for over 10 years and sends teams to compete in MLG events? Maybe you just want people with mic's who are laid back and just want to game while having a good time? I am the owner of the Galactic Order and I wanted to make a post inviting those who wish to learn more or want to come play to check out our website: http://grmgaming.net/ Looking forward to gaming with you. - Elder Sean
  3. From the success of the Plantronics Gaming Halo 5 Invitational and the additional sponsorship of the Halo 5 tournament at Insomnia57. We are happy to announcing the Insomnia57 Halo 5 Online Qualifier, which will take place on 27th February. Being held across four nights of competitive gaming, where teams will battle it out to become the Plantronics Gaming Halo 5 Champions. The winners will receive free entry into the Halo 5: Guardians cup, being held at Insomnia57 on the Saturday and Sunday (26th and 27th March). To be in for a chance to win, make sure to register yourself here, and come and be part of the Insomnia57 Halo 5 Online qualifier.
  4. To celebrate our latest line of gaming headsets, RIG500. Multiplay are hosting the Plantronics Halo 5 Invitational. Taking place online, eight top teams from Europe will play through a double elimination bracket, with all matches from each round broadcast LIVE on Twitch. For more information on the teams, head over to their websites: Team Infused - http://team-infused.net/ exceL eSports - http://excelesports.com/ Epsilon eSports - http://epsilon-esports.com Team Dignitas - http://team-dignitas.net Viperio eSports - https://viperioesports.com/ Millenium - http://teampro.millenium.org/ Exertus eSports - http://exertusesports.com/ Beginning in February 12th, the invitational tournament will host a prize pool of £2,500. The invited teams will play out the tournament over two weekends. February 12th - First round of the upper bracket. February 13th - Second round of the upper bracket and the first round of the lower bracket. February 14th - Second round of the lower bracket. February 20th - Winner bracket and lower bracket finals. February 21st - Grand finals. Make sure to follow or like Plantronics Gaming on Facebook and Twitter for most announcements on this. Subscribe to Multiplay’s Halo Twitch Channel to keep up to date with all games You can keep up to date on all the action here: plantronics.game.co.uk
  5. Hey everyone, Controller Warfare is a gaming site for clans, free agents, and anyone just looking to add some fun to their gaming. Controller Warfare is based off an XP system. Winning matches, showing 'sportsmanship' in the post game report/forums, challenging members, and participating in ladders reward you XP. When sufficient XP is reached, you will ascend to the next rank. At each rank, free trials of a premium membership(has its perks) and a choice of a secondary prize from the rank rewards list. Ladders are always going. Jump in, battle your way to the top and claim the prize at the end of the season! I host Free to play tournaments for prizes, either microsoft points, XP, credits, cash, games, and consoles! Since the site has been opened, about a month and a half ago, I've successfully held/completed 3 free to play tournaments with about $100 plus given out in prizes. Also gave a winning clan reputation by hosting a image of their clan on the home page. They love it. Gained a few members from it. Forums with game general information and how-to. You have a clan but don't have a site to discuss and showcase your clan? I offer clan sub-forum's and give MOD permissions to clan leaders to do what they wish within those forums, following specific guidelines of course. Just looking for people to play with? Come join! http://www.controllerwarfare.com
  6. Hello fellow gamers! Are you looking for a new competitive community to join and compete in? Do you find Game Battles tournaments to be too big, unorganized, difficult to manage, and not focused enough? Then the Kingdom of Hell Pro League is the competitive community for you! The Kingdom of Hell Pro League is focused on two things; extremely fast paced game play and simplicity in managing your team, viewing your team's current standings, and even viewing your past games on our website or our YouTube Channel! Best of all, we don't hold you responsible for providing us with evidence! Our admins/refs will be in your games, to see your victories personally! Don't worry, every map has trait zones with the appropriate team specific settings to ensure that our admins will not alter or effect your game in any way and our admins will avoid contact with players/competitors in game. To compete or become an admin/ref in the league, all you have to do is click on the second link below, and fill out the try-outs application form on the right, to send me an email. The form requires that you provide us with your name, gamertag, team name, and email address. Good luck out there, and welcome to HELL! A message from aardvark09j and Adventure World Domination Productions Click here to head to kohpl.webs.com to sign up for the next try-outs!
  7. What's up guys? Hope everyone is enjoying Halo 4 so far. I was wondering if anyone knew about any local tournaments or events in the northern Indiana region? My team has been looking for events and attending as many as possible without having to travel too much. I'm also looking into hosting a Halo 4 tournament somewhere around the Rochester, IN area sometime in early 2013 which would have a team bracket and an FFA bracket. I won't be having it unless I can get enough teams and contestants though. So how many people would be able to attend this? You guys can check out details if you want on my website: SCIL Films. I'm not allowed to post links or anything so you guys will just have to use Google. Anyways, put up a reply if you know of any tournaments around the region. I'd also like to have an idea of how many people would be able to attend one if I were to host. Thanks guys, and keep gaming.
  8. Hello, my name is Sean and i am the co-owner/founder of Lead with Valor a professional eSports organization we are seeking players for the halo 4 division and i am the leader of it. If you belive you have what it takes to become one of us with the following things that we are looking for below please respond and add me on xbox my gamertag is hi5 ipwn please send me a message saying something like i saw your post on the 343 site or something but we are sponsored once again we do give league fees to the teams we had but we are regrouping as we just got a new website u can also email me on the website at www.Valor-Gaming.org by going to contact is and finding Sean " SEANIMAL " P and sending me an app in. Once again if u have the following things we are looking for below to be apart please copy the following questions below and paste it and answer questions to reply to this topic. 1) Age (16+) 2) Are you mature 3) Mic (NO kinect mic unless your gonna buy one soon) 4) Have you played in any leagues/tournaments (if so please tell me what leauges and or tournaments) 5) Timezone (East,central,west) 6) How long can you play and what days do u play (Example like say weekends then be like anytime or give an range if your not on your not on u have a life) 7) Gamertag (Whats your gamertag if we accept your app) Contact ( u can put email/gamertag or whatever u want if u want a phone we can text you just say phone) 9) What other games do u play or do u play mostly halo 4 ( please type just halo 4 or halo 4 and others) 10) Do u rage alot ( yes or no give a reason if yes - we all rage once in our life so just one) Please copy and paste the following 10 questions and please answer them truthfully. Sean "[sEANIMAL] / hi5 ipwn" P SEANIMAL is my pc gaming. Lead with Valor : www.Valor-Gaming.org CS | CSS | CS:GO | TF2 | LoL | Xbox | Etc |
  9. All, I'm sure by looking at that topic one of two things is in your head. 1)What's FraggedNation? 2)Sounds fun...What's the catch? Well, FraggedNation is a competitive gaming site which is home to several games across all major platforms. The one major thing that sets FraggedNation out above all other competitive gaming sites is the ladders aren't setup by someone that might never play the game or have only played it once. Our public ladders are there for the gamers by the gamers which means if you don't like something we'll change it. Another thing that sets us apart for the others is the fact that all members are allowed to set up their own ladders and tournaments. So if you don't like what you see make it your own! Enough about FraggedNation for now. This Community Game Night will take place on May 19th, 2012 from 9p to 1a EST. Join the staff of Halo Combat Evolved/Custom Edition as we frag it out with both members and non-members. We will be in the FraggedNation Official Server and will also be streaming. More information on streaming in a latter post. IP Addresses of the servers: (Halo Custom Edition) & (Halo Combat Evolved) So, join and check out FraggedNation. You won't regret that you did. -King Thomas 92
  10. Hey, my GT is DRG Iridescence, I'm a part of an online gaming community called DRG or Death Row Gaming. We are a non skill based community. We offer nightly activities, events and tournaments where you can win MS points and other prizes. If you like playing Halo Reach are 14 or older and want some fun people to play with check us out at DRGLive.net or send me a personal message or game invite. We are over 600 people strong and are always welcoming new people who want to play to have fun.
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