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  1. Hello, I've been having this problem with Halo 5, and it is that basically it does not show my season rank on the main menu, even though I'm able to see it through the website and even from the game it self by going to the service record. I've already contacted Xbox support twice but my problem still persists, I already tried redownloading my profile, reinstalling the game, deleting local content and restoring the console and then relogging to my account and redowloading the game. This is the SR# 1337719612 from the last time I contacted Xbox Support. They told me to come here and post my problem. These are a couple of screenshots that show what my problem is, I've had this problem for kind of a long time, so waiting for the season to reset or waiting for a major update of the game won't solve the issue (since both things already have happened and the problem still persist). They were taken one after the other one.
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