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Found 12 results

  1. When I eventually find a game in the Halo 2 anniversary playlist, I always seem to get paired with absolutely horrendous team mates, and I usually always end up losing because of it. For example I went from a level 9 to a level 1 this morning after 8 consecutive losses. Every one of these games I has to carry my team but unfortunately not to victory. I think there should be a system in place to either not register the loss for the player who is top of the losing team or just prevent them from being demoted. I'm not complaining about the ranking system as a whole, but I think this tweak would be great, because right now, as a good player searching solo, the game is not very enjoyable.
  2. Hey there everyone, first and foremost I'd just like to say THANK YOU 343industries, for (clearly) spending alot of time, resources and talent on making Halo 4 such a wonderful game. This is the first time I've used these forums but I am a long time Halo fan, I've been playing Halo since Halo: CE came out in 2001, when I was 10years old. I'm a bit of a fanboy but was pretty dissapointed in Halo Reach and I am utterly thrilled to see the direction that 343i and Halo 4 is and should be taking. And I really hope you guys get a lot of awards and praise from old fans and new, you guys deserve it. Because the game is so polished I don't really have any complaints, but here are a few suggestions I'd like to see implemented into Halo 4 and/or Halo 5. (I hope you guys check your forums like Bungie did). *Story length: I found the campaign to be a bit on the short side, I'm not too dissapointed because the story was exellent and very well paced and I know Spartan Ops continues the story somewhat. But I hope you guys make Halo 5 a little longer. *Emblems: There is not enough. *Spike Grenades: If/when Brutes make a return in Halo 5 or 6, please bring Spike Grenades back, they're unique and you can setup traps around corners with them. *Meta Game and Leaderboards for it: It would add alot of replayability if you guys added the ability to turn on the Meta Game in Spartan Ops and Campaign and maybe you could implement a friends leaderboards along with it. *Ranking System: I feel that currently, there is no ranking system, because it is only based on how much EXP you have, this is also not unique, as pretty much every modern shooter has this style. You guys should implement a secondary ranking system like Halo 3's 1 - 50. *Skulls: I was dissapointed to see that all of the Skulls are unlocked by default, it's much more fun if you have to unlock them and find them in the campaign first. *Please add clan support. *Please add theatre for Campaign and Spartan Ops. *Hunters should be twice the size and much more powerful, once you kill the first one and break the spirit bond the other should fly into an overwhelming rage. *Pre-order bonuses/Collector's edition: I don't like when companies have pre-order bonuses because it just means everyone misses out on something. Please don't do pre-order bonuses again, or atleast include all of them in the Collector's Edition. *Legendary Edition: I was dissapointed you guys didn't have one, please make one for Halo 5 and if you do you shouldn't just throw in a statue, do something like a suicidal grunt holding a bomb which is an alarm clock. Cheers.
  3. So what's with the ranking system and why the heck is it only viewable through Waypoint?? Is there a reason for it not being in-game as it was in Halo 2 and 3? I love the fact that they brought it back, but why can't it be in-game? That's what makes the game so much fun, to be able to show it off to others and to always see it there and watch it change as you rank up. It's so annoying having to stop what you're doing, go to your laptop, and sign in to your account every time you want to see if you ranked or not. Anyone have any input on this?
  4. As you may have heard, the CSR (Competitive Skill Ranking) System is set to drop early 2013. But 343 is undecided about weather or not to give you a fresh start and start at skill level 1, or put skill ranks in based on what you already have done. 343 says they are tracking your skill rank right now, but just haven't implemented the skill system in yet so you can't see it. Personally, I think keeping the skill ranks instead of resetting it is a terrible idea. First off we don't know what playlists are competitive and which are social. Next, all playlists have Join in Progress. If the Skill system if based off if you win or lose (which it better be) than having people joining and quiting your match could completely mess up your skill rank. And last of all, the game is defiantly not developed enough to start tracking skill. As the game stands now, there are many problems that could interfere with your wins and loses. None of this would really matter, except your skill can get very hard to change if you get incosietant with your wins and loses. Let's say you win a few here, the lose a few there, and overall are just unpredictable winning/losing games. If that has happened then the skill rank can seem to be really hard to move up or down in either direction. A more explained look at the system can be found here: http://www.bungie.net/forums/posts.aspx?postid=14414600 In short, it basically states that inconsistansy = slow rank movement up and down, and vise versa. And since I'm sure most off you had been playing with randoms you probably have already been very inconsistent, and a fresh start would be a much better option for you in that. I'm not for sure saying that's how the CSR system will work, but they are sticking to something very similiar to the old trueskill system. Other concearns I have that we should tell 343 to do is tell them that they shouldn't make your skill rank only visible on Halo Waypoint, which is currently what they plan on doing. They should also keep it win/lose based and not personal stat based system. This is because Halo is a very team based game, and personal stats can't detect your callouts, teamwork, etc. I made this thread so we can make sure 343 makes a great system, because honestly the fate of the Halo series depends on it.
  5. Hey I had this idea about Halo's ranking system that made a lot of sense. And does a great deal of justice to the actual canon of Halo. I posted a thread on The Flood on bungie.net about it: Here's the link to the thread: http://www.bungie.ne...iewreplies=true But here is the premise of my argument: The ranks for the multiplayer system for Halo's mulitplayer should have been Naval since Halo 3. But they weren't, they were a mix of Army/Marine ranks with the only Navy rank being "Commander". However it seems as if the ranking system for multiplayer isn't even following the ranking system of Halo's UNSC canon in the first place. Spartans are technically Navy right? Created under the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), part of the NAVAL SPECIAL WARFARE COMMAND. I am mean why else would Halo's main bad ass be called a "Master Chief?" Here's the ranks for the UNSC Navy: http://halo.wikia.co...Navy#Navy_Ranks Here's what proves the Spartans are part of the Navy under the Navy Special Warfare Command: http://halo.wikia.co...2FNavSpecWep.29 So if 343i decides my idea is valid, I think the option I mentioned in my flood thread should be considered. "Another option they should add is whether a player would want to stay enlisted or become an officer. And have pros & cons for both choices." "Maybe something like enlisted are better fighters, officers get better equipment, or probably have some aesthetic differences at the least. Besides what Halo fan wouldn't want to have their rank be Master Chief." Also as a disclaimer, I am an enlisted member of the United States Navy. And as a Sailor I would rather see my 7ft. tall juggernaut Spartan who is suppose to be Navy have the correct ranking system.
  6. Recently, I have had many people ask me what the ranking system was after posting it multiple times. So, instead of PMing each one of you, I decided to make a new thread. This information was actually released a couple of months ago in a gameplay video; one of the first we ever seen at the time. It was near the end, when the game was over. On one player`s screen, was the level up screen. And here is what I got from it: Basically, they have merged the Halo 3 and Halo: Reach ranking systems. They have brought back EXP and credits. Credits, as you may know, are now called Spartan Points. How this works, is that you earn EXP the same as you do for Halo 3, for every kill, assist, headshot, and mostly anything you can think of worth anything. Now, Spartan Points are handed out differently. Instead of getting them after each game, you get a set amount upon every time you rank up. Spartan Points are redeemable for weapons, armor, equipment, and other things for your custom loadout. Following me? Now, I understand some of you may be confused with the merging of the 1-50 numbers and the symbols from reach. Before I explain, think; Have you ever counted the ranks in Halo: Reach? If so, you would know they lead up to the number 50. 1 being recruit, 50 being inheritor. So basically, with your numbered rank, you get the corresponding Halo: Reach symbol. For example, lets say you just got the game, and you are 1-Recruit. You would then, once you get the EXP, will rank up to 2-Private. And all the way through to 50-Inheritor. Anyway, I hope this cleared up a lot of confusion surrounding the ranking system. If you have any additional questions regarding the system, post here in this thread, or fire me a PM. Again, hope I helped! Bullet, out.
  7. This video has a HUGE amount of new info about Halo 4, including spawn changes, ordinance drops in Infinity Slayer, the new ranking system, IS promethean vision overpowered? Also, he says that medal changes are 100% confirmed! Hope you guys like it
  8. I'll start off by saying that I've been a fan of the franchise since Halo: Combat Evolved, and that I'm currently studying game design. These are my impressions of Halo 4 so far after spending roughly five or more hours snapping up every tid-bit of information on the net and from E3. I'm going to focus on the things I DON'T like, there are a lot of things I'm excited for about Halo 4 including Campaign, Spartan Ops, the fact that they brought the BR back into the sandbox, etc. Please realise that I'm writing this for the love of Halo. ARMOUR ABILITIES should be removed, or toned down. They slow down the gameplay too much, they imbalance the gameplay, they're unnecessary for a fun, engaging experience and most importantly they go against the core principle of halo gameplay, that everyone has the same abilities (when I say that, I'm talking about moving, shooting, reloading, jumping, etc.) and everyone starts off a match on equal footing. I'll go into a bit of detail about the new armour abilities and why I think they're unnecessary. -Promethean Vision, the radar is a classic Halo staple, and gives players everything they need in terms of player detection. Seeing through walls also focuses the player on visual detection too much and detracts from the simply awe inspiring sound engine that's been in every Halo. -Active Camo, not sure if this has actually made the cut or if it's coming back as a powerup from an ordnance drop, in which case I wouldn't have too many problems with it. But in it's armour ability form, active camo slows down gameplay A LOT, promotes camping and is activated too often, making radar redundant. -Hardlight Shield, for those that don't know is Halo 4's version of armour lock (what I like to think of as the spanner-in-the-works of Reach) and appears like a riot shield. It's much more toned down than armour lock however most of the same problems remain. It promotes defensive gameplay, ergo slowing down gameplay, and makes 2v1 situations (traditionally always an interesting dynamic where the underdog always has that chance for the double) untenable for the lone player. It is also far too useful in team situations where focus firing should be rewarded as an active component of gameplay and is instead punished by the press of one button. -Thrusterpack is implemented like a toned down version of evade from Halo: Reach. It detracts from the gameplay because it makes grenade placement and aiming redundant when combined with the new grenade indicator (just like the jetpack did in Reach) ergo slowing down gameplay, it promotes double bashing, it makes close combat weapons like the sword and the Promethean shotgun overpowered as players are able to rapidly close distance between targets, it makes escaping far too easy and thus promotes elusive playstyles, slowing down gameplay even more. -Hologram, from what I've seen it seems to be implemented the same as it was in Halo: Reach and the same problems remain, it doesn't really add anything to the gameplay as players will use it EVERY fight, it's possible for it to trick a skilled player but most of the time it's just a small irritant, therefore it's unnecessary. -Jetpack (I really hope this doesn't make the cut) it has all the same problems as thrusterpack with the added problem of having to make all maps abuse-proof and an unhealthy redundancy of power weapons like the rocket and sword. PERKS are not as bad as armour abilities, but still unnecessary. They also go against that main tenet of core halo gameplay. SPRINT, sprint is unnecessary because; 1. Halo has never needed sprint to produce dynamic, fast, fun and engaging gameplay. 2. It rewards players for playing elusively, thus slowing down gameplay. For example it makes the important positional gameplay of Halo 2 and 3 redundant because players can high tail it out of situations with sprint that they should really be punished for entering. 3. It makes close combat weapons like the sword overpowered. 4. It promotes double bashing. The RANKING AND EXPERIENCE SYSTEM of Halo: Reach that rewards mindless playing. I'm not against an exp system that gives unlocks and shows how much a player has played in a holistic sense, but I'm more of the mind that it NEEDS to take second place next to a WORTHWHILE RANK that accurately displays a player's LEVEL OF SKILL. RANKED PLAYLISTS should not be thrown in the same category as "social" playlists like the Arena in Halo: Reach. It should have it's own category to make it seem worthwhile and important and encourage players to try it out. This was one of the main reasons the Arena in Reach is a wasteland, along with the fact that the rank attained in the Arena isn't visible outside that playlist. If armour abilities, perks, loadouts and unlocks absolutely must be in Infinity Slayer, then so be it, but RANKED PLAYLISTS should NOT have these, they should remain a more pure, traditional halo experience that I'm confident 343 can deliver. BLOOM is another major element that ruined Halo; Reach for me, it introduced far too much luck. Rather than promoting skilful shooting as it was intended, it rewards players that spam the trigger and get lucky with the bullet-spread at the more common encounter ranges. From what I've seen and heard, bloom isn't as major an issue in Halo 4 as it was in Reach but I'd like to see it removed and have distance dps modifiers implemented in a different fashion. tl;dr To sum up, and continue, SUGGESTIONS FOR HALO 4. -Remove armour abilities from the game, if they must be in, give them a long cool-down, for example 60- seconds, so that they're only usable in every 4th or more encounter rather than every encounter. OR, simply have them in a separate playlist from everything else. -Remove Sprint, Bloom and Perks from the game. -Ranked playlists separate from "social", without armour abilities, perks, bloom and with fixed loadouts. -Ranks attained in ranked playlists that are worthwhile, accurate, and given a priority on a player's gamer card in-game. -Maps to bring back from the franchises' past (me faves) Guardian, The Pitt and Sanctuary. Although I love a lot more, there's no point listing everything. -A no-scope medal! Thanks for reading.
  9. Hello everyone just want to hear some opinions on a type of ranking system you would like to see in halo 4 on xbox live. I personally loved the way they did it in halo 3. It gave it a real competitive edge to it. Trying to get rank 50 was some of the funniest things to do in halo 3. And just to say "Yeah Im rank 50" felt so good. Plus it is a noob filter (though it is fun to snipe noobs now and then, but that was what social slayer was for), and a way to get better. So I would like to see 343 add that in to halo 4.
  10. It seems like this is a pretty big deal among the players that the game should have a clear and easy to understand ranking system. My idea is fairly simple and adds on to past halo games and takes some ideas from other games and expands on it so lets go... First when you join a lobby you see each persons gamertag and next to their gamertag you would see two ranks (1-50), 1-100 the number really doesnt matter. The first rank would be your individual slayer rank which would be based on kills, assists, multikills, perfection medals, and so on. The second rank would be your objective rank which is SOLELY based on flag captures, bomb plants, territories captured, flag grabs, kills with the objective (bomb, flag, oddball, etc). Next when you click on the gamertag to see their stats (win%) you would also see that players individual weapon ranks (1-50, 1-100 whatever) The weapon rank would be based on kills, accuracy, multikills, headshots,etc. This way you could see if you have a crazy good sniper or someone that uses the rocket launcher excessively which would allow you to plan your strategy ahead of time. Also in objective playlists, the amount of kills you have has no affect on your objective rank (unless the kills are from the objective) and has no affect on your slayer rank. This means that you could tell if a player on your team would be just going for a large amount of kills (low objective rank in a lot of games). I know this is long but it takes Halo's past ranking system and expands it while allowing players to see their opponents playing tendencies. I think this idea could make games even more competitive.
  11. I have no idea how to start a poll and i'm pretty sure they have already decided how ranks are granted but I along with many will quit/never play halo 4 if the ranking isn't like Halo: Reach, many reasons but the top is derankers, people who are willing to sacrifice there rank to ruin everyones fun, such by commiting suicide, not listening, purposely getting killed, betraying perposely, or plain not knowing what they are doing, many people are complaining about it needing to be like 2 or 3 but they fail to see what will go wrong if it's like that, Halo Reach there are many many people on it having no idea what they are doing and those people WILL be on Halo 4 as well, at least on Reach anyone can play and get to top rank and all armor, the rumor of armor really doing something other than just for looks and the old ranking system will be too unstable and unfair due to people (nothing against it, i'm a legend on the way to mythic myself) no lifeing the game having the best armor possible will ruin halo, despite the rank put together system (people will derank to fight less exp people causing others to unwillingly derank) if you can't be promoted down then i'm cool with that, as long as you are not able to lose your rank at all, but the skill to be need to rank up is completely fine as long as rank CAN NOT be lost period.
  12. We need to be strong HALO community and not allow for 343 to make the same mistake BUNGIE ended up doing. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring back a ranking system - makes the game have a meaning. GET RID OF BLOOM - it ruins the game. Get rid of perks or at least Armor Lock who ever thought that that was a good idea, well we all know, LOL. Bring back the BR or a gun similiar what on earth was the replacement in REACH. IF none of this is considered HALO will simply goo bust people prefer COD or Battlefields and the only originality Halo had was lost in Reach when they stupidly tried to copy them with EXP systems and STUPID perks. I would love to speak to 343 and Im sure millions of experience HALO gamers would too. One more question who actually plays REACH anymore?
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