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  1. You can't "stop" them. How? if people could have stopped them currently they would have done, but it seems that their location cannot be traced, other than they live in the US. The only people who can take them down properly is another group of people who do similar things. Petition won't make much difference, also i don't believe that the government really cares tbh, it's not affecting them directly. Why would they?
  2. I know you're kidding but Advanced Warfare is actually pretty good
  3. So..This is a starcraft ranking system? This is the exact same as Starcraft, which is considered the best ranking system. Hopefully it works just as well.
  4. Hi Mystica, welcome. We are not the actual 343 forum, but instead a community forum, but i will try my best to help you. The game is really buggy right now, and there are updates planned to fix this. Just remain with it and please be patient
  5. If you read this: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/85d779d52cfd46918b4f8b638f2e3c7b/topics/matchmaking-launch-issues-update/42893877-4f95-40a0-a9d3-d0f8ab188568/posts It explains how they understand the faults and will release an update to try and fix this.
  6. Try re-installing the game This may also push forward the pre-order install as well
  7. Servers are down/broken right now. Taking a long time to find games, will be fixed soon.
  8. So, you want the 1 shot Rifle from Halo 4 as a bow just with time to wait for full charge? I never liked that gun anyway so i don't agree with this, a nice concept, but no.
  9. Have you tried reinstalling the game? It may of been a problem during installation.
  10. Have you played it? You don't know if it will feel like Halo or not, so don't judge before playing.
  11. I have heard in some places there are problems with connecting to people. Give it time
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