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  1. You must've read that title and been like, "Oh god, no way." Well, guess what? I'M DOING ROLEPLAYS AGAIN. YAYAYAYAYAY! So if you don't like it, don't sign up. But I highly encourage you do, because this is gonna be a lot of fun. Hear me out. Halo: War Games is an interactive roleplay taking place in the Halo Universe around 2558, some time after the Second Battle of Requiem and it's destruction. The setting is a UNSC Charon-class light frigate, the UNSC Champion, where a small arena simulation has been set up training Spartan and Ex-Covenant cooperative missions for future battles, enacted by ONI out of fear of the Covenant Remnant and return of the Prometheans. In this simulation, a set of teams comprised of both Spartans and the Arbiter's forces coordinate in invasion-class assaults and stalemates to determine skill among different races and in different fields. You are one of these squad members, and today's ballot day. Sign up below using a formula like I will provide, there are no real limits to this, just stay within the Halo universe's logic. After all have signed up, the Roleplay will start and ballots will determine who is on what team, and depending on the number of players, how many teams there are. Here is the layout for your character sheet, feel free to make changes where needed if you'd like. Name: Johnny Bravo Race: Human (Can choose Elite, Jackal, Grunt, etc.) Class: Soldier (Each race has classes, will list below as well) Weapon(s) of choice: Carbine, Scarab Gun, Frag Grenades, Bubble Shield (Generally anything is fine, primary, secondary, grenade, and equipment, one of each) Characteristics: Blonde, muscular, gorgeous (Just describe your character in any way you can) Backstory: Johnny lived with his 'mama for many years of his life, and after the human-covenant war he developed a hatred for elites (Character's backstory, pretty simple) Classes: Soldier (frontline, can call in ordnance once per game) Medic (mid-range, can bring fallen allies back into the simualtion) Grenadier (longer ranged, can carry more than 2 grenades in a simulation) Ranger (longer ranged, can disable enemy radar) Ultras (frontline, can call in a deployable turret) Zealot (mid-range, can give ammunition to teammates) General (longer ranged, can boost teammates' health) Spec-Ops (longer ranged, can cloak for about 15 seconds) I will alllow you to mix and max, ergo, be a spartan with Zealot abilities, or be a covvie with Medic. Doesn't matter to me. After a few training matches, what's really interesting is we will be having an event where the winning team will determine who scores in the RP. Pretty cool eh? SIGN UP BELOW. My character entry is in the spoiler below if you're interested, I will be RPing too.
  2. Well according to these pics, the Mantis is indeed playable in War Games!! Take a look: From and By: http://halo4nation.com/news/mantis-playable-in-multiplayer/ Also it looks like there will be 3 loadout options for Infected players in the new Gametype, Flood. Unknown (Hunter?), Stalker, and Lurker . Thanks to E1Dav1d on Reddit for posting.
  3. Here are a few examples of why I hate Halo 4 down to my very soul, I love the series but just what 343i has done to this most recent installment is for lack of a better word an "Abomination". *NOTE* Don't think of this post as hatered towards the series, I love the series, but the recent installment has dissapointed me and makes me regret buying the Limited Edition and ever getting my hopes up that it would be a game that you can have fun in. OverPowered Weapons- For one the plethora of needlessly overpowered weapons, for example the Binary Rifle (Basically a hand held Gauss Cannon with a scope that leads to camping, weapon hoarding, spawn camping, and is just a horrible excuse for a "Weapon", it should be instead named the "Rape-Machine"), the Incineration Cannon (Offspring of a Rocket Launcher, a Shotgun, and a cluster bomb leading to excessive "Cross-Mapping" and is also a great "Bunker buster" as you have a chance to dodge a rocket or use cover to avoid it but "Oh No" the Incineration Cannon doesn't give a care in the world about cover going over it and in some cases through it.), the suppressor (A SAW in any battle within 6 feet, not really that bad but still an issue as anyone who goes around a corner and someone camping with this tool will decimate you 9 times out of 10), the lightrifle (Which makes both the DMR and Battle Rifle obsolete, same issue as with the DMR 4 shots = instant death without any time to react or return fire with the chance of surviving), Sticky Grenades (Really not a huge problem until you can now SPAWN WITH THEM, which is total bull anyways as 85% of the time everyone spawns with stickys in addition to the Explosives Support Perk and the other perk which allows you to carry 3 grenades which leads to no one using guns in CQC anymore its just a flurry of sticky missles being hailed at eachother which makes the winning of the game based on who can camp with the Boltshot and throw the most stickys instead of things like "Skill", "Tactics", and "Teamwork" very underused), Beam Rifle (Offspring of a Sniper Rifle and a DMR which allows for amazing hipfire kills very easily and extremely fast leading to snapshots galore), the DMR (Doesn't sound very overpowered does it? 4 shots kills you fast enough to where you have no time to react isn't overpowered at all [sarcasm]), and last but not nearly the least the unmistakable unthinkably overpowered weapon widely known as the Boltshot (I call it the "No-Skill Insta-Kill as it requres 0 skill and only 2 tactics in addition to you being able to SPAWN WITH SUCH AN OVERPOWERED WEAPON, camp in a corner and wait for someone to walk by and ruin his day with a crossbreed shotgun instant killing machine or they could rush a person with it and with a small amount of hope the defender may kill the Boltshotter but it is in vain as it just incinerates his body instantly with very little chance of success.) Lag- Next on the list of things that make Halo 4 the most poorly designed and executed gane I have played thus far, the LAG and don't respond with something along the lines of. "Oh no your just butthurt because you suck and your connection is crap!" I've heard this all before frankly I don't care if you don't lag if you don't lucky you don't brag about it but for many people with good connections it ruins everything in terms of trying to have fun, the various occurences of lag are as follows, Teleportation (Of me and enemies) spawning under the map and (Committing Suicide), inability to spawn (the game just says "Time to spawn/respawn 0 seconds" for about 1 minute and by that time I'm getting spawn camped by grenades and power weapons), Black Screen Of Death (Because Halo can't have Dedicated servers "OH NO" that be to nice, but no black screens of death routinely happen because the games host or a large amount of players quit (Oh this whole "Drop-In Drop-Out system" is all well and good WHEN IT WORKS because nearly every single time someone quits and I'm playing guess what happens? Black screen of death, some last 5-10 seconds while some last up to 5 minutes leading to me having to "Dashboard-It" just so I can continue playing. This lag I know comes from the fact that Halo "Must" have player host based servers so when that host has a crap connection it leads to everyone in the server getting brought down to his/her level. Were Halo to get some dedicated servers that lag would be DRAMATICALLY reduced. If you don't believe me on this whole "Lag" situation go to YouTube and look it up, you'll see people with perfectly normal connections teleporting all over the place and getting owned. Hackers/Hacking- Now, lets move on to one of the more touchy subjects that people love to start needless flame wars over. Oh yes Im talking about the one thing gamers hate more than lag, Hackers. Now, I could go on a rant on how hackers are obviously bad, ruin the game, and cause people like me regret every buying Halo 4, but I feel this is a pointless venture as someone (Likely many) Halo fanatics will begin posting their opinions on this page about how there isn't any hackers, you just suck at Halo, their just better than you so you have to say they hack. I have heard and seen this before as well and if you think people don't hack Halo than your probably one of them, if you think someone getting temp-banned for 1 or 2 days for hacking is good enough your wrong. So I will restrain myself from doing so and just list as many of the hacks I have seen off the top of my head with some minor comments throughout. Hacking needs to be delt with much more aggressively than it has before because whatever they are doing to hinder the problem isn't doing enough. I have seen countless times examples of "Near fully-Auto DMRs/Pistols", "Weapons with seemingly bottomless clips" (Namely Overpowered weapons such as the Binary rifle, Incineration Cannon, etc...), Active Teleport anywhere in the map, Vehicle jacking beyond the player height limit, Aimbot (VERY SERIOUS PROBLEM, really if you don't fix this 343i there is something very very wrong with your decision making process), the ability for bullets to "No-Clip" through the map, and seemingly infinite health and grenades. These are just a few of the many hacks I have seen throughout the various maps leading to death, again, and again, and again. Maps- How about now I make note of how the current maps in Halo 4 (Including the Crimson DLC) are terrible. Some are good, some are O.K. and many more are just awful. "Haven" for example, one of 343i's poster maps is in the top 3 worst maps of all time on my list. First of all one side spawns at the bottom of a ramp allowing the opposing team to send all of their grenades flying like mortars in and around their position making it difficult to move outside your safe zone, by this time the enemy team has more than likely already rushed over the minor crevice and is on top of the ramp with their advantage of altitude over the enemy team and slaughters them. In some cases the situations can be switched with the side that spawns on the ramp rushing to the top of the ramp uses the fact that the lip of the ramp covers their head almost completely allowing them to fire away and decimate the enemy team with DMR's and Battle Rifles with little chance of retaliation. 3rd possible case that happens at the beginning of the game, both teams rush to the middle but the team that spawns at the ramp gets their first because of their close proximity uses the middle cover and decimates the coverless opposing team. Any of these ways the teams get virtually slaughtered with one side losing little and the other losing everything due to the unbalancedness of the map. secondly this map is a prime location for Boltshot campers due to its large number of sharp inescapable corners leading to death after death, especially at the ends of the man cannons which in addition to Active Camouflage can render the person who lands off of the ground dead without any chance of survival. Another example of an unbalanced map is "Abandon" in which one team spawns above ground and has the advantage of making it to the middle first giving them the advantage of being above ground and they almost in all cases decimate the opposing team which has to rush up from their poorly defended and nearly useless cover coated spawn and pray that they can get some kills before death. Lets make an example of a horrible "Crimson DLC" map, this map is a glorious waste of money, Oh sure they look impressive but in use they are all disgustingly unbalanced. Take for example "Harvest" on the SWAT game type. In this it is just a rush to the top of one of the many excessively tall rocks to get Cross-Map headshots instantly with amazing cover leading to a monotonous game of "Spawn-Die" with little chance of retaliation. There are several more maps I could go on about but this paragraph is getting a bit lengthy so I'll stop this note of unbalanced and horribly designed maps here, the maps may look amazing but looks mean nothing when you are getting spawn killed over and over by enemies. Spartan Ops- Lets get off this topic of "War games" problems for a moment and move on to a different game mode "Spartan Ops" Oh don't get me wrong I thoroughly enjoy spartan ops but the fact that each chapter can be easily finished on heroic in just around 10-15 minutes with very generic "Go here, pick this up, drop off over here, then go kill this group of people, then hold out against their reinforcements." this gets monotonous and boring amazingly quickly, Firefight In Halo: Reach didn't get this boring this fast. Spartan Ops really needs to be expanded in a more exotic way doing more things that are a challenge and fun to do as most things that happened in season one that looked very impressive was almost always in an uninteractive cutscene. Here's and idea on a cool mission idea: Fly a pelican "Litearally fly it, that would make it more fun" Infiltrate a covenant cruiser, battle-cruiser, frigate. etc... and you have to fight your way through waves of the ships inhabitants to get to the ships captain and subdue him "Likely an elite" and have to drag him to your pelican and then fly away as the infinity nukes the ship from orbit leading to an epic and fun escape and infiltration mission. Also you never see yhe Infinity use it's massive array of firepower on really anything which makes it just a "Dog with all bark and no bite" show off the ships abilities 343i, you made it, show it off make it look good don't make it just some floating paperweight that doesn't help really at all. In addition to the monotonous gameplay, when attempting to play with your friends over xbox live it is heavily difficult to play because the once again lag which is the fault of not having dedicated servers and everyone being forced to run off of one persons connection forcing me to play online with people I don't know who just rush in, take your kills, run you over with vehicles, and troll you in addition to still lagging albeit not as much or alone which isn't very fun when in the missions it always talks about "Team" Crimson, a 1 man team is kind of difficult to believe, you are a Spartan IV not Master Chief. Also why does every time you get extracted in spartan ops you never actually get in the vehicle to leave you just stand next to it and it flys off without you? it's a little complaint but you cant just code an extra 5 seconds of gameplay to actually see your characters walk or jump in? That just seems like lazyness to me. Spawning- How about "Spawning"? which does coincide with maps but I feel it deserves it's own "Mini" paragraph. Spawning has always been a problem I've seen in Halo Multiplayer but in Halo 4 it takes the cake of just unplayability. for example In a dominion match, why would it spawn me inside an enemy owned and occupied base with no chance of survival? Why would I spawn directly in front of the enemy and get immediately assassinated in Slayer? Why when I spawn in Big Team Battle my face gets torn off by the sniper bullet of some player the second I spawn? Why I ask must enemies spawn on your side of the map at the beginning of the map and kill you instantly? please if you could explain why this is necessary please go ahead I'd love to hear it, because it isn't getting any better, the more I play the worse it gets. Forge- Forge, theres a game type many wouldn't complain about but the problems I have for forge are minor in the least and can very easily be corrected should 343i take some initiative. I would like for the build limit for all objects to be increased the needs I have require a much larger variety of resources, Reach had a perfect amount of things to forge with for my various projects but the amount of materials in Halo 4 seems to be lacking to a serious extent restricting me to small pointless maps. In addition to this, it would be nice if there was a map dedicated to Forge like "Forge world" from reach it was monotonous but it was perfect for almost anything you wanted to build, the possibilities were limitless but in Halo 4 the possibilities are very limited by the low amount of resources I am able to use. Weapons and vehicles- Not merely just "Weapons" I am covering in this paragraph, I am asking why. Why does the "UNSC Infinity" have such a "Large and Expansive" armory that holds not only weapons from the UNSC but the Covenant and Forerunners but in such an armory not a single SMG is held? Flamethrower? No missle pods? You would think they might have some spikers? some needle rifles? they had the DMR from reach but not the Needle rifle? No grenade launcher? it may be obsolete now but no plasma rifles? or plasma repeaters? no plasma launchers? Im getting at there were all these great weapons from past games and you advertise how large the armory of the infinity is yet you don't even have an SMG? Really? Come on, the SMG is a great weapon and just adds diversity to the inadequate variety weaponry in Halo 4. The Infinity being bigger than some cities houses thousands of people, and thousands of vehicles in their garage bay and in this garage is strictly pelicans, mongooses, warthogs, and scorpions? No Hornets? Vultures? Grizzleys? No transport warthog? No Falcon? my favorite aerial vehicle the Falcon is not in the infinity? 343i you have set in the lore of the Infinity that it is such a superstructure that houses so many weapons and vehicles but in reality your variety is very little in both vehicles and weaponry, I am not saying you don't have many vehicles or weapons, I'm saying the variety of choices is limited. A majority of the new weapons in Halo 4 are all Power weapons and of the vehicles returning the choices are little especially since you can only fly a Pelican once in the entire game. Also why is it no longer possible to dual-wield weapons? Spartan Palmer can in a cutscene but I cant? Really? Don't say that "Dual-Weilding is unfair and unbalanced" Because almost everything you have done with war games makes it unfair and unbalanced to everyone who trys to play for the fun of it. Armor Customization- I believe this is the last major complaint in this long list, Armor Customization. It seems like something 343i has already done but Reach did an amazingly better job than Halo 4 did, Several of the helmets, chestpieces and vambraces have changed and I believe there should still be the same armor choices in reach in Halo 4. For example the EOD helmet was my favorite helmet in Reach but now you changed it to where I just hate it I should have the option to have Reach's version. Also where did the MK. V Helmet go? I know many people that loved that helmet and to just take it away like you did is really really uncool. It was much more creative when you could put health packs, storage, wrist Tac-Pads and the like on your spartan no matter how useless they may have been they were interesting and added more in the line of armor customization.I know many people that miss the loss of the cybernetic replacement arm and the pilot helmet, as with the health packs, tac-pads etc... they may have been useless but they added a new and interesting way to customize your spartan. You replaced all of these things with the stances.....That is so creative (Sarcasm) it is so creative to have 16 people in a match and every single one of them have either the last stand or the assassin stance. If you wanted to make these limited amounts of stances more creative you could have added where you could customize what weapon your spartan holds in the picture based on what commendation they have mastered and they can choose how it looks. But no of course this didn't happen along with a seemingly never ending list of things that could have been done better but were not even touched upon, What 343i did with Forward Unto Dawn was very creative and I enjoyed it, it helped me get ready for the release of Halo 4 I was so excited I preordered the Limited edition and now after all of this... It feels like just a waste of money, I could probably make another 10 paragraph post on 10 different things I hate but this is growing tiresome and I highly doubt anything I have written today will have even the slightest effect on your future decisions in regard to the Halo series. I have been putting off writing this for weeks now because I knew if i did it wouldnt matter and people would just insult me because of their ignorance.   Good luck in your continued efforts to make Halo a game for people who would see it abused.          
  4. ok so i've been trying to access war games for an hour now and it says only basic matchmaking is available? it says 8 people are playing and only in slayer.. how long will the servers be down? i just got home from work and all i wanna do is play some games. and every time it says player incoming, it cancels and says searching for player again. it's really frustrating, i'm not the only one experiencing this am i?
  5. I'm trying to unlock the Venator armor set to help complete my armor collection, but I've had very little success with achieving successful assassinations. I've been told that playing SWAT is a good way to get them since the No Motion Sensor handicap prevents the enemy from seeing me wait for them to pass by, but I haven't even passed the Novice level of the Assassination commendation. What maps might be good to try this on? And are there other game types that SWAT that would prove fruitful?
  6. Hey, Just looking for a few players that are fairly serious of temperament who wanna play. I play to win and that's hard to do in team games with random players who are seemingly clueless. Don't care if you have mic or anything cause mine is broken right now anyway. Just need a few people that can aim. Add iKrameTrain if you are interested.
  7. Hello. I'm sure this has been brought up before, but I have tried multiple methods of solution to no avail. I purchased the Halo 4 Limited Edition that included the War Games Map Pass, but, like many others, have come back to play Halo 4 after a few months only to find that I am unable to get the latest two maps because it is not recognizing that I have the Map Pass. "Go to your Download History and re-download it." -- I've looked in my Download History. It shows all of the separate pieces that were included in the War Games Map Pass, but not the War Games Map Pass itself. At least, not under that name (is it under a different file name?). "Make sure to do a License Transfer." -- I've had the same Xbox 360 since I downloaded the War Games Map Pass, but I did this anyways. My Licenses are all up to date on this system. '"Are you using the same Gamertag?" -- It is the same account, but I have changed my Gamertag since I purchased Halo 4. Please, help. I'm so frustrated and sad, but mostly just sad.
  8. ok so before I get straight into it, I will note that I would like this to be a full on large project, not a half effort try, if people would like to help we would have to keep minimalism on continuity errors which means we must have knowledge about the background of halo before implementing ideas. I have already started working on this project, the idea is that extending spartan ops with more missions would be cool, so I started forging linear maps that use dominion, extraction, etc. to create the missions. I have found it difficult to split the red team loadouts from the blue team's and am stuck on using a communal weapon as a primary with no secondary and the spawns have ordinance drops with all the team weapons. If anyone has knowledge of a game type that splits red team loadouts from blue team loadouts or to simply remove the weapon, that would aid me significantly on this project. The only game modes that need this are: -dominion -extraction -king of the hill -flood. If this does not exist than the communal weapon would have to stay. That should not be too much of a problem however. Another note is that when I renew my gold membership I will be hosting/joining games for this project once the maps and gametypes have been fully tested and refurnished. The first episode takes place after the halo 4 events when infinity arrives back at earth and a full covenant invasion is taking place. If anyone has any ideas/questions for/about the project, post them and I will try to implement/answer as many them as possible. Also if anyone has any experienced knowledge of forging professional maps I will gladly send the maps/invite to forges for refurnishing. The more help the better.
  9. Just a problem that I saw while playing War Games. It's great that the BR and DMR are back, but the balancing is wrong, IMO. For the BR, you have to constantly aim at the head to achieve maximum damage and a quick kill. Not with the DMR. You can aim anywhere on the body for full damage and aiming at the head isn't really required. You can still 5 shot a person even if 4/5 of the shots are on his or her body. Not to mention the DMR fires faster to. Sometimes I'll even get the first shot on a DMR user, but they'll still kill me due to superior firing speed and the ability not to shoot at the head for full damage. You can say I just suck, but this has happened to me numerous times even when my aim is perfect. All I ask is that the DMR is tweaked a bit so that shooting the body does less damage than shooting them in the head. It gives the BR a chance in mid range against the DMR, which is the way it should be because the DMR should be a dominant long range weapon. (IMO)
  10. I'm looking for players either interested in forming a full team for dominion, or a team for completing legendary co-op. Let me know if you're interested!
  11. I really am satisfied with Halo 4, However, it needs some updates to patch the flaws.. The game overall is great, but it lacks playlists in Matchmaking! I know Swat Game mode was just added ,and Snipers will be here sometime next week.., but they are removing swat from the playlists! WTH? Another thing that needs to be fixed is that not all maps are playable on every playlists! Im not saying that the Largest maps need to be on Regicide, but maps like Valhalla/ Ragnarok need to be accessable on Infinity slayer That is not it.. Custom Games seems to lack things as well.. Remember the awesome games like Ghost Busters? Well that game is non-creatable in H4 This is because the Flood can not pick up weapons..( I know that the settings in flood or other game modes has caused a majority of great game modes to dissapear.. but i can't think of any other examples..) The Custom Games settings are unnaceptable! They prevent the creation of awesome classics! If they don't fix War games playlists and Custom Games, i know a lot of people will stop playing the game. Also ..I wish Invasion would Return! My question is how do i bring this to 343i's attention? Feel free to post what you think needs to be fixed!
  12. i'm starting of by saying everything think it needs, you guys add to the list. WHAT IT NEEDS: - fine editing in forge. - normal, non-curvy-edged blocks in forge. - scoping in as an oracle in forge. - UNSC Flying vehicles. WHAT WE WANT: - spartan customisation: - size. - gun holster customisation. - attachable aesthetics like: camouflage nets and torches. - armour effects. - armour effects that change some traits depending on current ability fitted during gameplay. - forerunner vehicles. - weapons belonging to previous humans (different designs, also adding a new faction to halo).
  13. Hi there, love playing Halo 4 custom or war games but too old to talk about Ben 10 or whatever crap is the in thing with 12yo's today? I have a few friends all over 25 who play for fun but like to win. We aren't big on talking but still want more players of a decent age who know when to run around lone wolf style and when to stand together and shoot the crap out of the enemy as a team. Ideally NZ or Au players due to time zones, and a sense of humour and good connection essential. Don't need to commit to certain times or anything as most of us can't either due to kids and jobs and life, etc. Gamertag is Lijii, send a request and mention this forum.
  14. I recently got into making new forge and custom games maps in Halo 4 like I did in Reach and 3. I was saddened to realize Custom Games is missing huge amounts of game settings. I was hoping that after reading this, that someone in 343 could add those game settings that Reach had, and Halo 4 doesn't into the next title update. One big setting improvement would be the setting "Weapons on Map" from Halo 3 and Reach that allows not only ordnance, but also placed weapons to appear on the map. I found that this setting is limiting my progress a lot in the Flood (Infection) game type, because none of the weapons I placed on the map are there when in a custom game. Thanks for your Consideration, Nihenbin ​I just found out this is the wrong place to post this and cant figure out how to delete it. Sorry for the bother.
  15. Sup, I'm Aquox, but you might remember me as xxJesus Homiexx if I new you on BTB.net, anyways back in Halo 3 I created a clan named UHG, (United Halo Gamers) Requirements: must be at least 13 years of age and have a mic! Reply or messege to join!
  16. Halo 4 has literally unlimited potential with War Games, and there's a lot of good ideas out there on the forums so far. If you have any ideas for future playlists, game types, gameplay tweaks, etc., post them here. I'll get it started: Split War Games playlists into two categories: Standard and Competitive. Competitive playlists will have a visual rank (probably 1-50), and will have set loadouts from which the players can choose from, whereas the Standard playlists contain War Games as they currently are. For Example: Competitive Gametypes: FFA Team Slayer BTB SWAT Team Snipers Team Doubles Team Objective Standard Gametypes: Infinity Slayer BTB Infinity Slayer Regicide Flood Grifball Action Sack Community Playlist (shown below) Bring in a community playlist containing player-made maps and gametypes. Bring back one of the UNSC flying vehicles. Make the Battle Rifle a 4 shot weapon like it was in Halo 2/3.
  17. Hey so I live in Denver Colorado and today is December 3rd, 2012 and it's currently 11:11 am. I still haven't received the early access to specializations by email even though I have played online everyday from launch through the November 20th deadline. Just wondering if anyone else still doesn't have their codes, and this is pretty ****ty because I'm stuck at level 70 without anywhere to go. Just looking for some feedback as to when/how I can obtain my early access code and continue gaining XP on Infinity War Games once again. Thanks, V
  18. I'm SR53 stuck at 6249/18240XP after every game I play I don't receive any XP from matchmaking/spartan ops. Anyone else having this problem? It's extremely annoying and is discouraging me to play Halo 4.
  19. Let me start off by saying I have been a very dedicated and loyal Halo fan since day one. I appreciate that 343 has some big shoes to fill. The visual quality of Halo 4 is awesome and the nuances and additions to Halo 4 are growing on me as I become more comfortable with the game. I can't even begin to imagine the complexities behind building and maintaining a game like Halo 4 and because of that I have remained patient. However my patients are wearing thin and I am so saddened by the issues I have had with Halo 4 and the lack of customer support that I have finally reached out to this community. Seems as though the glory days of Halo are behind us. Disappointment and frustration are quickly becoming the two words I use most to describe Halo 4. I do not understand the business or entertainment value behind the move to limited XP during a 24 hour period and once you have reached level 70. I have the opportunity right now to play a lot and I was looking forward to it. 343 is telling some of the most dedicated Halo fans that our dedication is not appreciated and our long term enjoyment of this type of entertainment doesn't matter. How does it makes sense to neglect and penalize the most dedicated and loyal to the franchise? Why would I want to keep playing the game and get nothing in return? My XP from commendations and challenges evaporate so it feels like it is illogical to continue to play now with my friends as I am wasting the time and XP. For those who say "Why care about the XP?" I say "If It didn't add to the enjoyment and experience of online play, then why have it in the first place?" Clearly there is a rewarding feeling behind levels and and there is a huge emphasis in Halo 4 on gaining XP. After two new routers, one new xbox and 4 hours on the phone with Xbox tech support (as 343 didn't offer any) I have yet to determine why during almost every game I play online I get booted from my live party mid-match and then sit waiting on the "starting game" screen while everyone else is playing still. It's not the same as when everyone gets frozen because someone dropped out of the game as I will die multiple times during the freeze by the time I return to the game. Why is my DNF count so high. I don't quite mid-match ever? Why would I want to be dropped into a match that is almost over? Regardless of if I'm on the winning or loosing team. I'd rather wait for a game to start from the beginning. Why let players back out of matchmaking once they see the maps and they don't like them? This is just increasing the amount of people dropping and increasing the need for random players to join games mid match as well as causing games to load with only people on one team. I purchased the limited edition and still only have two specializations. Last but not least in the venting of my frustration, what purpose would my friends or anyone else have to want to level up if at the end is so easy to reach and there isn't anything you can do to further your online career once it's obtained? Though I feel this message may never reach the eyes of those who should be reading it. I hope at least that others can read this and feel as though they aren't the only ones that feel insulted and abandoned by 343. Good day and have fun!
  20. 17 kills. All without dying. What gives, 343i? Why you make me want to break things? :C
  21. Hello. I don't understand how such a big game like Halo 4 DOESN'T HAVE DEDICATED SERVERS. Halo has one of the, if not THE biggest player base on Xbox 360. Lag compensation in H4 is ridiculous, it made people with horrible connections being able to play and people that are paying a lot of money for a decent connection not being able to. And don't come saying your netcode is good, because it isn't. Just get the dedicated servers, what do you do with our money? BF3 wasn't as big as Halo 4 and they got dedicated servers. Dear 343, We will not stop. We will not pause. We want dedicated servers.
  22. I find the fact that we cannot change the Alpha Zombie starting weapon (any Zombie for that matter) most....disturbing. This is a huge mistake on 343's part in my opinion because it almost completely disallows many of the wonderful mini-games that we have come to enjoy since the launch of Halo 3. I would ask that 343 release a patch allowing us to change the Zombie starting weapons, even if that means we can no longer use the Flood player model. That is all I ask of 343.
  23. We Need Better Custom War Games! Because of the recent hype of precision weapons being unbalanced, it is obvious that the maps are one of the biggest influences on the hype, due to that most maps are oblong and stretched, what we need is a tight corridor map, something like mazes, but that are actually oriented to the competition. These tight corners and hallways will lead to our great ascendance of gameplay that we truly desire as loyalist Halo fans. Thus, this is once we were forced to with Halo: Reach, and It's going to take some hard dedication and some serious builders to orchestrate these masterpieces that we speak of. And so I call out for you strong forgers alike, in the hopes that we can revive the spirit of custom War Games in hopes that the affordable experience that was once lost shall return. Now you may be dumbstruck by my vocabulary, but do not be frightened, for I am one of you as well. I am humble and relaxed, but I must have the efforts to stop an inevitable fate that we will succumb to in our future, known to us as the File Browser's defeat in Halo: Reach, and I simply won't let it happen again... I also call out for you who seek rich flavor of custom gameplay in my occasional lobbies of such. If you feel the need to start anew, attend for me at the gamertag of DeathRhinoAC130.
  24. It seems to me that more and more players are camping in the Halo matches. Sitting in a corner with a shotgun waiting for someone to walk by. Whenever this happens to me and I get killed I get pretty upset. It seems like a "cheap" thing to do, or something that is just flat out annoying. But I started thinking. Is it really cheap, is it really a novice move, or is it an actual strategy? In past games it was always considered a novice move (newb, noob) move. In other gaming franchises it's also considered a noob move. However in this Halo, with the upgraded armor mods, can it be called a strategy? You can have the active camo armor ability so you're invisible to passerby, which certainly aids in camping. Also it does take a certain amount of patience to sit in one spot and wait for people. I'll admit, I've tried to camp, and I just can't seem to do it. I get to impatient. So I'm not sure what to think about camping. Is it becoming a strategy in online shooters, or is it something that is truly a noob tool? I'm interested to see what others think.
  25. From Friday (yesterday) until this morning (Saturday), I was playing with some friends. In Campaign mode, War Games and Spartan Ops. I started late yesterday, so I had no issues with the XP Cap until 11:30 PM or something like that. So I just wated for it to reset at 00:00. When it was resetted, I kept playing like before. Already at 2:00-2:30 AM this night I reached the XP Cap again (I believe it's around 75K Xp). Well, it's alright I guess. I'm not only playing for Xp, although it's nice to see progression except for kills and deaths. But then I noticed. I kept completing random challenges (different tiers), but after the matches was finished, there was no progression in my XP. This is ridiculous 343i! It's one thing to remove our ability to gain XP after a certain amount of playtime (75K +/- XP), but not letting us obtain the XP from Challenge Rewards... (facepalm ) I've completed alot of tier 3-4 challenges which would normally give me from 750xp to 2500xp per challenge, but I haven't gotten them. This also happened to me some days ago, but I just thought you'd get the XP Rewards afterwards, but no... Now I'm 2 games from the Weekly Challenge (117 War Games Completed). Knowing that I won't obtain the 17K XP from completing that Challenge makes me not want to play. 17K XP = 30 minutes of Spartan Ops (with a average team), or an hour with War Games. Seriously, think about it. Maybe fix it in the next Patch update? - Recon
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