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  1. that is if the flood even comeback to the campaign hope it does though
  2. Hey man been happening to me a lot too. for the last month Ive seen it millions of times. Here are some examples.. Maths equation = 11.7 Random Phone number = 8357 3691 1737 Maths book = Working out = 1 1 7 Playing Dead Rising 2, I look at what time it is...1:17am those were only for the past hour!!! for me
  3. Great idea, but this would mean like taking doing soo much work basically like Covenant taking over reach but this time UNSC taking over, again. If you know what I mean, it would not have much affect on the original story.
  4. Chief will proably reject it and end up disobeying orders like in Halo 4, but have to force to accept it or something
  5. Great idea, really loved that mission in Halo Reach "Long Night Of Solace". t would also be awesome to have like in action sack or a gametype when you can play Multiplayer sabre or banshee fighting in space against other players
  6. would be nice, to have red team back in your team but keep in mind, in the halo story, the spirit of fire was declared lost with all hands in like WAY before the battle for reach happened, so it WOULD be weird if they just suddenly poped up out of no where... but still great idea
  7. Okay So, they have announced that Halo 5 is an exclusive to Xbox One, and will come out only for it just so people come over to the Xbox one, I can see why but, I plead of 343industries at least to make like a copy of Halo 5 maybe a bit of a while after the official release on 360? It would be so awesome!
  8. They have changed the Xbox One ALOT, so maybe I MAY reconsider getting it, I will most likely try it out first when a friend gets it at their house...but at the moment... 80% = No 20% = Yes
  9. Hey All, Check by any new posts I sent recently, check them out when you have time!!! ^_^

  10. Hey All, Just wondering and want to know everyone's opinion, When the Xbox One comes out, what would happen to the Xbox 360, and is the Xbox One worth getting? Like there are some good thing about it like: Pros (Good things): Awesome 60 fps reached! Exciting Games (Halo 5, CoD Ghosts, AC (Assassins Creed) Black Flag and many more!!!) Cons (Bad Things): Way too expensive ($500 estimated) Internet connection from it to Internet meaning your internet will be drained ALL the time even if Xbox is turned Off. No Offline Mode for private gaming Games NOT selling on discs, you must but them online like from the console itself, not at JB or Eb Games or anything, also meaning you kinda, cant buy your friend a game. So as you can probably see, there are quiet a lot more Cons than Pros about the Xbox One. So the main quetion here is: It is Worth Getting??? For just like Games and stuff? Give me your opinion by leaving a reply!!! P.S:If I made a mistake about anything or am wrong about anything, tell me and I will have the information removed thanks!!!
  11. Hey Guys, we all know that Halo 5 is coming onto the Xbox One and that alone, if that does continue (and it will), what will happen to the 360??? It would probably lose, more than 3/4 of all the players that play on it, because of the Massive switch over from 360 to One, will 343 shut everything down (Like all online Servers) like with Halo 2? or would they keep it there, but with very small amounts of people... P.S:Of course Im not just talking about Halo 5, but other games too, but main thing is, what will happen to 360 after the release??? Tell me what you think here...
  12. Scarab Gun definetly, and maybe a a hard and clever way to get it like in Halo 2, however the Scarab Gun still remains a mystery in both Halo 3 and Reach...Halo 4, dont think so, Halo 5-6 Hell yess!!
  13. In the Past, the controls for the past few Halo games have keep changing. Such as in Halo 3 -->Halo Reach change in controls were quiet big and was a bit hard to get used to for me. Then changed it again slightly for Halo 4. So Anyway, Should the new Halo 5 and 6 have same controls or different controls from the past?
  14. This wasnt as much of a vehicle, but more of an armor type from Halo Legends. Possibly, a specilization for Halo 5? Brilliant Idea! The Mantis does look weird and the cyclops looks better however, it would be good to add the weapons from the Mantis to the Cyclops!
  15. I liked the mauler in Halo 3 better. And besides people, this is like 2500+ in years than we are in now...(2013), why need revolvers? we can have more Hi tech stuff but still, wouldnt mind them in the game. Im just saying to have something so old tand been around for ages feels a bit weird to have in the VERY far future
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