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Found 4 results

  1. Currently scoped weapons are only exclusively either click to zoom or hold to zoom. I would love to see the same functionality that exists in Halo 3 which allows you to both click to zoom (hard scope) and hold to zoom (quick scope). This feature feels like a necessary addition to help Infinite's gameplay feel closer to previous titles.
  2. Just joined the forum to make this post! I'm loving this game, but I'm cycling through controls schemes to find the one that is most optimal for my aggressive style of play. I'm currently using on the Halo 4 control layout, and decided to create this quick mock-up of what I feel would be an ideal setup for people not looking to mod the control itself. I do not care to own it so long as I can use it. I thought I'd name it as well...because like, the others have names too
  3. Okay........I just picked up Halo 4 and I am in no way impressed with the sprint feature added into the controls. It worked perfectly with Reach when it was an equipment choice. Why? Because all of your in game motor functions didn't interact with eachother in a negative and more efficient way. Let me explain. When you're running and the sprint feature was on the right bumper you could still zoom, crouch, and of course, sprint, aim and move without having to make any inconvienient finger movements (Ones that would interact with another function in a negative way). Now with the sprint feature on the left stick and the crouch on the "B" button. When you're sprinting to a safe area and begin to crouch. You take your finger off of the aim function to crouch.....Now wouldn't you think you would need to aim somewhere inbetween that time incase someone started attacking you? And if you're a fast paced player who plays with a high look sensitivity, as I do. Then you probably know taking your thumb off of the controller and putting it back on upon being alerted can cause you to jolt to an unwanted direction, especially if someone is attacking you. Now, the only way I can see this being an efficient way of playing is if someone used a controller similar to the way Walshy does. Using your index finger to press XYBA then you can still do all of your basic ingame motor functions without having to interfere with another. However, thats not very arthritis friendly and feels uncomfortable. In a first person shooter I at the very least want to be able to look, crouch, sprint, aim, move and zoom without having to take my finger off one or the other functions. This is very essential to how fluid the game is and how realistic it seems upon reacting on instinct. That's why you could use your middle finger to press the bumper and your ring finger to throw grenades. Leaving your thumbs to still be able to crouch, look, zoom, and move. Essentially, when one button interferes with another button that has just as important of a function. It cripples you ingame from reacting to things as fast. And considering how smooth and fluid halo's graphics and functions are, They should be just as smooth to use as they are to watch. Other than that, I dont have too many issues other than the sticky medal being removed. The medals give you a drive to get kills as fast as possible. Thus increasing your drive and chances of winning the match not to mention the competition boost. That is all.
  4. I searched and could not really find this here, though this touches upon the idea of a custom control layout, which I would like to see. I think it would help a fair number of players, I know it would help me. Bumper Jumper is great, but I waste too much time spamming grenades and I could actually use the jetpack and still be able to aim, with just a simple swap. The available control schemes are nice and varied, but there is room for improvement. Perhaps it could even help someone with arthritis or some other damage. I also want to have a sensitivity setting higher than 10. 10 is not insane, it is slow. No offense to Spinal Tap, but 11 isn't enough (linearly), at least 2x 10's speed would be nice (personally), but I can see others liking it yet faster than that. I understand many people get sick from moving the screen too quickly, but there is a choice for a reason; please do not artificially retard us. The slow turning of your spartan is a realistic restriction and completely fair, but adding a higher sensitivity does not hurt poor players and certainly could help players like myself. Unrelated, but because I'm already making a thread I'll mention the auto-aim. I appreciate the attempts to make it easier for controller players to aim at what they want, but Reach has an extremely aggravating flaw: when a player crosses in front of your target, auto-aim switches to the nearest target. I had picked my target for a reason. Please make the choice of which player is the target optional between staying on the original target, choosing the nearest target, or even the target with the least health/shields. If you do not add this as an option, then please simply leave it on the original target. It isn't realistic to change targets when you've gotten the original target's shields down, and using it to protect your teammates feels like exploiting an error in programming, not exploiting your enemy and his/her thoughts. Oh, and you could sell some people three copies of Halo 4 if you allow system link multi-screen like Forza, GT, and many PC games of varied genres.
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