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  1. #1. Starwars Republic Commando #2. Starwars KOTOR #3. Battlefront 2 #4. Halo 2 #5. Starwars KOTOR2
  2. If you did not want to read "A whole page of bullcrap" then why did you comment on said page which you didn't even read and fail understand my reasoning?
  3. Must have gotten the numbers in the original post messed up then. I apologize for that.
  4. Baeztoberfest, The Lightrifle makes both the DMR and the Battle Rifle obsolete in the fact that it does both of their jobs in one package, which in turn allows you to have 3 weapons in your class. The suppressor as I had stated Isn't that bad, but in close range beats all other spawnable weapons besides the Boltshot. Your going to tell me the Binary Rifle isn't a campers weapon? So....what people just run around the map non stop because of the laser sight? Usually no, most people sit in one spot and just snipe people as they run around the map or come to attack them, and if that fails, pull out their sidearm (Usually and almost always, the Boltshot) and obliterate you. I never said the Incineration Cannon isn't a powere weapon, Im saying it's "Over-Powered" being that it results in one hit kills with little to no skill, the fact you "I was glad to have it" in regards to Campaign proves my point of it requiring no skill to kill enemies with it. People have NOT always been able to spawn with Plasma Grenades, if they did that would mean you could do it from Halo: CE to Halo: 4 in every single playlist. So this has not "Always" been a thing for Halo, only Halo: 4. If you had something better to do than "Stomach that read" then why did you comment? Didn't you have something better to do? If your tired of me complaining, then why are you complaining about something you don't agree with as well? I didn't force you to read it. If you actually took the time to read most of it, you would understand the validity of ever single statement, but since you did not you have no room to talk. Maximum Clutch, you sure? I've been killed in 4 shots by the DMR at full health and Shields, I don't know, may have been lag but it happens way too often to be simple lag. Chip Lowery, I've had the same things happen minus the reticule disapearing.
  5. Halogeek99, Halo is where its at and always will be, but not Halo 4.
  6. If you don't like my thread don't read it. If your tired of seeing them then ignore it. Halo 4 has ruined everything that the previous games have created and just forced it into the era of no skill and 9 year olds who get the game through their parents.
  7. I agree with nearly everything in this post, the "servers not hosts" idea I've always agreed with as it dramatically reduces lag. Bringing back armor lock? Ehhhh I don't like that idea so much as it was a cheap way to stay alive, bubble shield I do hope gets a well deserved return as that was always one of my favorites.
  8. I want to be able to change the day/night cycle in forge, also to add trees, shrubs, and weather effects as I see fit. For example a desert landscape with large open ares, perfect for sniping but sniping is very difficult because you added a timed sandstorm which blocks your field of vision allowing you to properly snipe without the use of Promethean Vision, but in using Promethean Vision it allows your position to be found. This among larger Forge maps is something I want, Sand Box would be a nice addition too.
  9. I like this idea, it's unlikely but if it were to be executed 343i would likely need to take a page out of the Bioware handbook as they are the best at these kinds of things. I think it would be best for if your character needed a name/designation it's best to use codenames/nicknames/number designations. For example in an older original Xbox game "Star Wars: Republic Commando" (Great game btw) your squad was designated by 4 digit designations and that could work to an extent for certain situations requiring such. It would also be interesting if after a good amount of time spent in the missions you would come across one of the other groups in the other missions or at least hear of their exploits, thats always something I like to see. Overall, this is a good idea, I like it but the likelyness of this getting implemented is slim to none.
  10. Im a big Dead Space enthusiast, I think improving the Flood's scare factor is well needed and I would enjoy trying to keep some Marines that could actually help alive instead of watching them get gunned down after rushing 2 grunts because they are just horrible at their jobs. I would be very happy should the Flood return and hopefully highly evolved, highly dangerous, and ruthlessly efficient in their mass genocide abilities.
  11. I'm not really sure where to start after all that but...I guess I'm open for more debates. I thank you Absolute Dog for your reopening of my thread.
  12. So basically...you want Army of Two, Borderlands, and Dead space 3 rolled into a game dubbed "Halo 5" I am not seeing it.
  13. Twinreaper at least 90% of all replies to my post you have made make no sense or are irrelevant, Firstly, "Promised us nothing"? So the fact that they said things like, "Everyone is going to love this game" and "We made this game the best we could" Well according to the loads of evidence they didn't do their best and obviously a good majority of people think it is a load of lies and disapointment, of course surely some people wouldn't like the game, that is to be expected but this large of a group of people hating it means there is some kind of problem here. Secondly, about your second response to the weapons. I AM NOT talking about reach, I AM NOT talking about the target locator, but since you do let me explain a few things. One you cannot compare the target locator to the Incineration Cannon because it wasn't in any matchmaking playlist. I don't know why you think it was, the only playlist it was in is Firefight and Campaign, so where your getting your large amounts of false data from I'll never know, have you even played Halo? Because by many of your responses it seems you know next to nothing about what actually goes on. Why does the fact that it isn't an official 343i or Microsoft site make it instantly false? No, you don't need to be on every moment of every day to see the data, you can just log in once every few hours and count the people online for that time, post it, and in a couple more hours come back and repeat, if you actually looked at the chart you may have realized that it doesn't document it by seconds or minutes its on an hourly basis, and it's not even every hour it's about every four hours. Sure they could tweak the data but for what point? You could just log into Halo 4 and look at it yourself to see the real thing if it was tweaked. This isn't about Bungie I'm talking about 343i and Halo 4, I don't think Halo 4 is terrible because Bungie isn't developing it, It is terrible because of all the problems 343i made with it, I had high hopes that maybe 343i could produce a quality game, but they failed. Why must you constantly speak of your "Experience" and "Knowledge", "Over my 30 years of gaming"? Does thirty years of gaming matter to you that much to where it needed to be involved with your statement that has no relation? "Shooters becoming less popular"? Have you seen the growing population for COD and BF3? and Far Cry? And games similar? The number of mature people who play these games is declining but the number of immature children who play are increasing at a drastic rate, the fact of the economy being in the toilet does effect game sales on a normal basis but on major holidays the sales just keep going up for shooter games, because for the most part you can just put the game on layaway and they get their parents to buy it.
  14. Paulic83 I applaud the fact that besides the others who tried to hate on me personally for this post I made, you are the first to make several responses to my rebuttal no matter how unintelligable some of your sentences may be. Now onto the statement which I have replied to at least 3 times before already, I do not hate the game or the series, if I did why would I go outt of my way to buy the Limited Edition? Why would I spend 4 hours with the original post to document the most pressing things I hated about Halo 4 if I hated the game? I want the game to be improved. All Halo games have had their problems, and all of them I have dealt with. I don't want some remake of Halo 2 or 3 despite how fun and enjoyable those were and by far better than this, no I want the Halo 4 that 343i promised, and so far...It hasn't even scratched the surface of what they promised it to be. It had so much potential, and I will not stand idly by while 343i ruins this great series and pushes out veteran Halo fans to different games that involve skill and welcome immature people who would abuse the already terribly held together system. I made this out of respect for the series and you are focused solely on one topic I have covered. You yourself said you never even read the whole thing, you "Brushed through it" then I ask, what right do you have? What right do you have to attempt to rebuttal against my post when you havn't read it in it's entirety? The fact that TornadoFlame has brought up is new to me and I thank him/her for posting it as it is further proof oof people being driven away from this once great franchise. "Times have changed", on this I shall agree with you, but not for the better. You think I don't play the game? I payed one-hundred and twenty dollars for it so I'm playing it every time I have a free moment. "Banging on about it", if there is no sense about it...then why are people agreeing with me? Sure even if no-one agreed with me I would still respond to the posts when I can, but why? I wouldn't waste my time here talking to illiterate people who are bathed in their own ignorance to understand that people have opinions, I respect yours but do not agree with it. The least you could do is try to see my point of view instead of this childlike defense of a game.
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