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Found 23 results

  1. I'm not talking about earning REQ points, I'm asking: During Warzone, does the entire team's REQ level go up together or do you unlock REQ levels personally? Also I've noticed that when I use an XP boost during Warzone, in the loading screen for the next game I play, it still looks like it is active. Do XP boost cards last for multiple games or are they 1 time use?
  2. Anyone around here been wondering what types of items we can see within the new REQ pack reward system? Well, luckily there is a site out there that posted additional photos and information about these weapons. All sources linked below this post. First up, we have the GameStop exclusive rifle. Here, we have the BR85 service rifle decorated in the Bloodthirst battle rifle skin, with a laser target and scope! This weapon has extra accuracy. Our next weapon comes straight from the Amazon pre-order. This is the SMG, with a Long-barrel and the skin called Potence! It is assumed this weapon has longer range. Next up, for those of you who pre-ordered directly from Best Buy, you will be given the Longshot Assault Rifle with a Recoil Compensator. Decorated with the Steel skin! This weapon has less recoil. And for anyone here who pre-ordered from the Microsoft store, you will be given one of the coolest looking weapons I've ever laid eyes on... The Recon Assault Rifle with an Energy Bayonet, decorated with the Lagrange skin! This weapon has a buff on melee attacks. As of now, there is still one weapon that doesn't have a pre-order location yet, and that is the Recon DMR, with a silencer and decorated with the Clash skin! This weapon is suppressed, and most likely will not have many effects due to it. And for anyone who is worried about never getting these, don't fret! Josh has confirmed that you can indeed, get these skins in variations from normal playtime. All you need is a little luck with your REQ packs. Sources: 1. http://mp1st.com/2015/06/24/new-halo-5-guardians-weapon-skin-pre-order-bonuses-guaranteed-on-day-one/#.VZGiQvlViko 2. https://twitter.com/JoshingtonState/status/613463164445814784
  3. I've made this thread for anybody who wishes to make up a Legendary Weapon that they deem to be pretty friggin' cool. This way, we keep the forums clean. Here, I'll start. Weapon Name - Halo: CE Magnum What Makes it a Legendary - 3 Head shots to kill Specialties in Animation - Classic Pistol whip melee attack How to balance this weapon out - Raise the recoil in order to delay aiming time / Slower reload speed Appearance - Like the Halo: CE Magnum, just more modern Have fun. P.S - Hope this helps you think:
  4. I will need some ppl who I can rely on to help me test a maps effectiveness and maybe help forge with me. They need to be able to get on at EST early morning hours
  5. Hello, everyone. This is my first topic here, so go easy on me. I have been playing Halo 4, since it's release and found it to be a very fun experience. It's all good. The campaing, spartan ops, and the matchmaking. Everything. But something in particular on matchmaking caught my attention. Most players preffer to use precision weapons over fully automatic weapons. Not that I dislike presicion weapons, for I also find them to be convinient and acknowledge their upper hand on the battlefield. It's just that I find that some weapons are not giving their full potential at their field, thus they make most precision weapons a strong choice. Which are these weapons that fall back? Well, just as the tittle suggests, the weapons are the following: Assault Riffle & Storm Riffle The assault riffle and the storm riffle. Weapons made to fight from medium range combat, and ment to destroy from close-quarters. Of course, these weapons don't fare well on long distance battles. Most should be aware of this. However, when these weapons encounters certain precision weapons on it's field of effeciency, they falls back. The suppressor, in my opinion, doesn't seem to have this problem. If I were to make a suggestion, these weapons should have a slight boost on their damage. Nothing too substancial, just a bit to make the difference, since they have a good fire rate. Covenant Carbine The convenant carbine is a great weapon. It shares the same advantage as the other precision weapons. The weapon has a great fire rate in contrast with the other two precision weapons, but it's fire-power, is greatly cut-off in return. This weapon doesn't seem to fare well in the battlefield, but with a little boost on it's fire power, it should be balanced with the rest. Again, it should not be given a great amount of fire-power, because the weapon has the advantage of speed over the other two precision weapons, it just need a slight boost. Besides, this matter, the game itself is a pretty good addition to the series. I would like to thank 343 and all of those in the making for keeping this legend alive. Well done.
  6. With the 2v2 playlist penciled in for early February, this is a good time for the community to discuss what would work best. Source of news: http://mltiplyr.com/...ate-january-28/ Also releasing in February is the Majestic Map Pack which is confirmed to feature two smaller maps. This should help buff 2v2's worth in matchmaking. - - - As we know, 2v2's are a staple within competitive Halo play. Being a competitive player myself, I also understand the balance of simplicity and complexity necessary to allow such maps to work within a 2v2 environment. In this thread we will discuss why a map could or could not work for 2v2's. Please list pro's and con's for each map presented and we will collectively add them to the OP in hopes of achieving a near perfect experience in Halo 4's future 2v2 playlist. If there is a community map presented, please share the corresponding gamertag and as much info/media as you can. A link to a post with media would be best. Below are a few to get started, please share your input and we'll amend the list in a unified manner based on community feedback. I will list various maps below and a consensus category next to each, showing how we collectively feel about each one. The range will be Positive | Neutral | Negative. - - - Maps for Double Team Map: Lockout Consensus: Positive File: http://www.343indust...perfect-remake/ Pros: Lockout is a staple within Halo's 2v2 lore. If features the perfect balance between mix up and execution, meaning players are able to outsmart, outmaneuver and out shoot the opponent equally. Halo 4's Lockout in a 2v2 playlist would have to be 1:1 scale. While the game is marginally faster than it's predecessors, the size is perfectly fitting in a 2v2 environment and all of the jumps, line of sight, etc. would need to be retained. Cons: _____ Map: Haven Consensus: Positive File: Standard Halo 4 Map Pros: Symmetrical, balanced competitive map. Tried and true. Cons: _____ Map: Relay Consensus: Neutral File: Standard Halo 4 Forge Map Pros: Symmetrical, balanced competitive map. Cons: Slightly large, corridor based. Open space. _____ Map: Simplex Consensus: Positive File: Halo 4 Community Forge Playlist Pros: Symmetrical, balanced competitive map. MLG ready. Cons: _____ Map: Adrift Consensus: Neutral File: Halo 4 Standard Map Pros: Tried and true. Cons: Fairly large. _____ Map: Abandon Consensus: Neutral File: Halo 4 Standard Map Pros: Size is appropriate for 2v2. Cons: Potential spawn imbalance.
  7. Friendly Fire needs to go!! Sick of getting a good weapon and than ran over by a teammate so they can steal it! Or getting a vehicle and teammate throwing nades because someone beat them to it. Friendly fire has gotten a lil better but needs to be completely removed, to help Halo be a better game. To many lil kids and big tempers ruining the game. It's just plain ridiculous, if it stays the same I am done with the Halo Franchise.
  8. Hi guys I have a question that one of you may be able to answer. My level is capped at 70, does the XP I earn at the moment count towards my rank when the specialisation codes are released on the 30th?
  9. I feel like thee should be a Big Team Slayer playlist option for match making. Now im not talking about Infinity Big Team, myself among many others I have spoken to, think that the option to order power weapns after as little as three or four kills is somewhat overpowerd. That is not to say that there is no place for Infinity Big Team, for the most part it is enjoyable, but on Ragnarock for example this feature can seem at best 'gimmicy' because of the excessive amount of 'camping' snipers due to the ordenace drops. I think that adding the playlist option of a core Big Team will end this sometimes frustraighting problem by adding an alternative to it.
  10. So two days ago, I hit the level cap for players who didn't buy the Legendary Edition (70) and have continued playing regardless. I was playing Slayer Pro on Solace about 15 minutes ago and halfway through the game I received a message saying that I have been banned from Matchmaking for 7 days. I have never once in my life cheated, I never did the "Complex Glitch" people are talking about, I've never "boosted a challenge", and I never once changed my timezone or whatever it was people were talking about. It's not going to be the end of the world for me if I don't get out of this completely random ban, but I'd really like to know why I was banned in the first place. I spent $60 on the game to play matchmaking with my friends after all. =p For reference, my gamertag is AymacK. Any guidance, explanation, or suggestions would be very greatly appreciated(:
  11. Hello there 343 studios. Working hard or hardly working? dohohohoh, but seriously, my guess is you are hardly working... On your latest and only game at least. I got a problem with this game, a big problem and that problem is the matchmaking. I'm actually writing as I wait for a game to start. I got mad for the crippled matchmaking of Halo 4, opened the wordpad and started writing ths post. Where to start... well, let's start with how the game makes teams... or tries to make teams. I don't see any effort into making even teams. Most of the times the game puts low leves at one side and high levels in the other. Not only that but I also noticed how the game reaches the point of placing the first 4 players in one team, and the rest in the opposite team. This is a true story: it isn't the first time I start a match with 5 players and the game makes a blue team with 4 players and a red team with 1 (and vice versa). Your matchmaking simply doesn't work. The game can't make teams, it can't. It randomly puts players in one team even if it means a 5 players team against 1 player team. But wait, there is more. The game takes tooooo much time finding players. Actually, it reaches a point where some matches simple won't start because the teams aren't full. I've waited 10 minutes for a match to start (I'm still waiting by the way), because the game wanted a 16 player match for Big Team Slayer. This is embarassing to say the least. We are in 2012 and this game can't even start a game without a full player match. This doens't happen all the time, most of the times the game just make ridiculous matches with one team filled with +50 lvl players against 15 or lower level players, or even making uneven teams in terms of number of players. Either way, I rarely play an online game without being plagued with those problems. Maybe instead of filling the game with useless playlists like Team Sniper, you should actually focus on making the online functional. I'm sorry if I'm being too agressive with this post, but the game already got 2 updates and I see the same problems with the matchmaking since day 1. My guess is, there isn't enough people bothering with complains about this subject. I hope you fix this problem, I hope you make Halo 4 multiplayer at least nearly as functional as previous Halo games. Best of luck, from a pissed Halo fan. PS: I gave up on waiting for the match to start. The game stayed in the matchmaking screen for 15 minutes and then restarted the search. I said enough and turned it off. Considering seriously at going back to Halo Reach...
  12. FaTaL

    FaTaL's Review

    This is not a rant post, if you want to flame please do not do it here. I know 343 has a lot of updates planned, but as of right now we have no idea what there future intentions are for the game. So, here are my thoughts of what I think needs to be improvised about Halo 4 Matchmaking for the most part. SLAYER Pro/ Infinity Slayer:Matchmaking has ALWAYS been the competitive side of Halo. The system should not allow a game to start without an even number of players on each team. Too many times have I entered into a MM game and we have been outnumbered sometimes 5v3, but for the most part 5v4. This altars many things and causes a lot of issues. Such as: K/D ratio (Many players wish to keep this number in good standing), Win/Loss record (another stat a player would wish to keep in good standing), it takes the fun out of most of the game especially game types like oddball where one team mate has to hold a skull with no weapon to fire, thus making it practically 5v3 or 5v2 if the teams are unmatched like mentioned earlier. Team Doubles / 3v3 playlist: I have never heard of a playlist dedicated to 3v3, but I believe it would be quite a hit if it were made into a real game type. Some of us can not find a 4th player to play with, or maybe some of us are just like my team and would love to stick to a smaller more tactical 3v3 schematic setting. As far as Team Doubles..This game type should have never been removed from the Halo series in the first place. This is a huge game type not only in previous Halo games, but also GameBattles and MLG. Doubles is the one game type where you can use the chemistry with only a yourself and a friend, making it much more diverse, tactical, strategically difficult and would require more communication. Capture the Flag: Why is their no single flag game types? Single flag sets a whole new type of strategy for the two teams playing each other. You have to have a complex defense strategy for defending your flag only, as well as a well planned offensive strike against the opposing team set up to defend the flag. With only multi-flag it is like a slayer match with 2 flags on either side. Given it is fun and all, we all need a break from 2 flag CTF every now and then. Oddball: ....343 let me just start off by saying BRAVO with the ability to throw the ball. I love it, it gives it that extra sense of urgency and maneuverability that both teams need in order to win. The strategic setting of this game type has not doubled if not tripled in my own opinion. Not only that, but it opens up room for fun recreational custom game types like football or basketball. The one hit beat downs also do this game type justice. I like the fact that a defenseless player can 1 hit beat down another player, it makes the ball holder more useful and a skilled ball holder just as deadly as a defending team mate. Assault: Assault was such a fun game type that I can't imagine the reasoning behind taking it out of Halo 4. The fact that you had to get into a base by either sneaking or killing the opposing team, plant the bomb, and run out of the area to win the round..was just down right awesome.Assault is one of those game types that people would grow instantly excited when they realize the game they were playing. This should be implemented back into Halo! A few smaller things that kind of annoy me are: When sprinting, the time it takes for your reticules to show up after you stop the sprint. The fact that when hitting "back" to check the score, your guy can't move. There not being an ability to pair up with another team of 3 to make it 3v3 like back in the older Halo games. How weak the grenades are. The lack of the ranking system. Matchmaking feels more like "Social Slayer" rather than competitive matchmaking, even guests are allowed to play in MM....Not cool. The last thing I can think of at this time is the DMR being way to powerful. It is now a 4 shot kill (just like the BR), it shots WAAYYY further than the BR, it has up close precision and in my opinion it is more accurate due to it only shooting 1 shot per trigger pull rather than 3 shot burst (making it more accurate than the BR)..thus concluding that it is overpowered and if you wanted to bring the BR back in style then you need to downgrade the DMR to equal the playing field. Trust me on this one, You have converted many die hard BR fanatics over to the DMR scene because the BR just doesn't compete with it. I know you guys are trying your best, but hear us out about some of this stuff. Being different and making a drastic change to Halo is a good thing, 343 has done an AMAZING job upgrading the game since Halo 3. But, you can not take everything away and rid too many things just to be different, players had an expectation required for 343 to meet and they haven't quite gotten to that point yet. What do you guys think about this..- FaTaL
  13. Short Hand: Increase health of sentry turrets, add shields, and vary type between races and weapon type. Add more levels of fortification with more features. Increase time limit and score limit, reduce reward. Descriptive Section: Excellent new game mode that I wish more games would do more of. Unfortunately, it needs a little bit of balancing as is obvious to most. The turrets and base defense systems are too weak and too few levels of fortification. I suggest that the base health of the turrets should be increased and as the level of fortification increases shields should be added, then change the weapon type to say a rocket launcher to as crazy as a gauss cannon and vary up the type of bases and weapons to the individual races. Like a covenant, UNSC, promethean, and flood weapon if you got the time. You have two stationary turret types for multiplayer, yet you have several vehicles with possible turrets on them that you could use to amp up these locations. You make it feel too weak and short lived making it anti climatic, when it should be explosive, large scale, extreme, and fulfilling. Add in more vehicles and heavy weapons to take out those defenses. The time limit and maybe the top score should be increased and the amount of points a team receives should be adjusted to suit that. ect. (open to revisions, simply post and I will give you credit and make it so.)
  14. Before I delve into my gripes about Halo 4, I have to say, this game is awesome. I love it. I just see many limitations especially as time progresses. I want this game to be successful so these are just my thoughts/changes wanted. 1.) Big Team Battles. Ok so this may be my biggest issue overall. The main thing I used to play were Big Team Battles, and now that we only have Slayer, it's very depressing and gets boring. I desperately want Big Team CTF, I poured hours into that game mode in the past and now that we don't have it, I find myself getting annoyed/bored already. My fix would be to imsply implement these game modes, I don't see this being an issue at all really. 2.) Weapons. Now my problems here aren't the weapons implemented into the game, overall, I have no problems with the weapons themselves. My problem is with the weapons on the maps, or the lack there-of. There aren't even pistols available. Very few grenades. Overall, I just feel no variations on the battlefield from one battle to another, which is what made Halo famous. I see two-possible options here. More ordinances but reduce the lickliness of power-weapons. Or, simply place weapons on the map. 3.) Warthogs. Arguably the most faous vehicle within the series and it's ignored in every game I have yet to enter. I think the issue is just the lack of armor. A couple DMR's rip into the 'Hog which really shuld be the case. 4.) Forge/File Sharing. I'm not sure what the issue is here but when you look for any files; whether it be videos or custom maps, nothing shows up when you search or go to a section like "Most Downloaded." 5.) Custom Games. We should be able to search for custom games that players are currently playing. Just make the games unranked. I just think this would be a fun way to variate the game, practice, and see what creations other players have done. Just moy thoughts towards the game. Let me know what your's are.
  15. When I was online, playing Match Making in War Games, I noticed that the majority of the players under the rank of SR-15 are using the Battle Rifle. No doubt that they don't know how to save spartan points or choose good weapons. The Battle Rifle has a magazine of 36 bullets, and fires in bursts of three bullets, allowing it to shoot 12 times. It is overpowered in my eyes, and if feels like I only hear two shots being fired per burst. The newbies that are using the Battle Rifle really think that the Battle Rifle is a middle to long ranged weapon, where as in reality, it is a short to medium ranged weapon. I seriously don't see why so many people want to use a weapon that doesn't even resemble the Battle Rifle I used in Halo 2 and Halo 3, rather than using the DMR, which we are familiar with in Halo: Reach. Halo 2's Battle Rifle in comparison to Halo 4's Battle Rifle Halo 3's Battle Rifle in comparison to Halo 4's Battle Rifle Notice how the angle shape on the top is too elevated? It looks like a FAMAS from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. Notice how similiar they look? Once again, my point is valid.
  16. where can i find my online profile with my K/D and medals and such and such from match making?
  17. Hey Community, If you have played Halo 4's version of match making called "War Games" then you may have noticed a game type called "Flood" which is essentially Infection but 343's iteration. So far, this is one of my favourite additions to the game except for one thing that I believe will make the game even better: The Radar. Personally, whenever I play a game that involves a group being hunted by an enemy that resembles a Zombie, I want to feel the most intense anticipation ever. I feel that the whole time any one plays Flood, they are just Radar Hugging, and there really isn't any anticipation at all, since you know when someone is within 25 meters of you. This gives the survivors the upper advantage considering a lot of the time in these games, they will hide inside of buildings. My Suggestion: Take radar off of the game mode for both the survivors and the infected. I believe that this would make the game type a lot of more fun and a lot more suspenseful. Also, this gives the Armour Ability: "Promethean Vision" a real concrete reason for being in one of the loadouts. Either way, I will still continue to play the game mode, and I will especially continue to enjoy Halo 4. Good work on making a Halo game really feel like a Halo game, 343. What do you think?
  18. I just thought of a brilliant idea (and I know that the game has gone gold so shush!) What if we make a playlist where you can either play as a Mantis or a Promethean Knight? Figuring that they are bout the same size, It would be like BTB Infection. If only we could have Knights in multiplayer...
  19. Since I was a little kid when Halo CE and Halo 2 were out, I never got to experience online multiplayer of the Territories gametype. I hope I will be able to play Territories in Halo 4 Match Making.
  20. Hi guys. i was watching youtube videos the other and and i ended up going through alot of videos made by THFE (the halo forge epidemic). i saw one videos where they were talking about how they git some of the invasion maps that they forged into matchmaking. this gave me an idea that halo 4 should have a game type that only features maps and game types created by players. how this could work is that there would be a page where people submit maps that they've created and would like to see in matchmaking. then someone from either THFE or 343 would go through and test out maps to see if theyre good enough to be in matchmaking. i realize that this would be time consuming for whoever would be reviewing the maps. what they could do is choose like 10-15 maps that they want to be in match making and once a month, swap the maps for different ones. if you think this is a good idea or have any suggestions then please comment
  21. Hello, My friend was playing Halo Reach, he just got the game yesterday the 12th (yes new to halo) And just today or now 11:53 he was temporarily banned from match making due to quitting and skill. Yes I understand the quitting part but he's only made it to Warrent Officer Grade 2 and he's been banned for skill. But I guess he does somewhat deserve it for quitting. (I hate quitters) But him and myself do not understand the skill part. I think Bungie or 343 one of the two should have made the temp. ban more complicated so it can tell if a player is new to halo and what not. But that's my opinion. His Gamertag is: SwAGG SWiFT
  22. I always thought of this for a new Infection in Match Making. I want there to be a 16 player team on a map and for everyone to try and survive the Flood! I think it would be a great gametype and what not, Just waves and waves of flood come everywhere till everyone dies or kill every last infection form. (Hope none get stuck or anything) But just a fun idea I had for awhile.
  23. halo needs to have the competitive players and the fun players serperated in order for everyone to enjoy the game so this needs to happen DERANKERS AND QUITTERS RUIN THE GAME for players that are dedicated so we need to fix these issues so that so we need to get rid of this so that halo can progress MLG PLAYLIST -A ranking system similar to halo 3 after a couple wins you level up with 50 or so being the highest -Banning someone for weeks or even for life from THAT PLAYLIST ONLY if they are caught quitting -A report system for derankers so that person is banned and easier track people -A surrender option similar to leauge of legends when a person quits- giving the team that is now 3 down the chance to surrender without any repercussions of loosing experience BUT if that team of 3 chooses to stay they loose the same amount of half of the exp for that game -count lost connection and people turning off there xbox's count as a quit -FASTER GAMETYPE UPDATES FOR MLG make this game with mlg in mind is all i can say and will keep posting about this game make it the most competitive thing out there
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