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  1. I dont know if they need to get rid of the xp cap, as you stated it is really only in place to stop boosters, with that being the case, it should be ridiculously high and completely unobtainable by the average player even when using double xp. It should be high enough that only boosters can reach it and the average player will NEVER hit it
  2. Meh I get it is supposed to be a ranged weapon, but when it is cross mapping more often than a Sniper rifle...thats an issue. BTB has been bestroyed by the DMR. Also the DMR should not be able to take out the banshee or ghost or mantis etc in a few rounds...it is like Reach all over again...the DMR is op and broken
  3. where is the code for the raider helmet? I got the shoulders and torso, but no helmet, the ONI code game me concept art...
  4. it is too bad Swat is not a launch day playlist
  5. You can not unlock the new MC armor. It was confirmed by BS Angel in a bulletin a while back that the new MC armor is a "Cortana Exclusive" only for campaign. You can unlock the regular MC armor for beating campaign on legendary
  6. It was a blast!! I am looking forward to some Halo 4 playdates
  7. There is no fourth grenade. There is the Frag, Plasma, and Pulse only 3 grenades in the game
  8. Yeah haha took my buddy and I around 9 hours on legendary co-op...but we were messing around lol
  9. Lol Halo 3, Jay and a few others and I have been playing Halo 3 for the past 2 weeks. Reach is broken, why play that game when you can play Halo 3 lol
  10. Yeah wetworks seems like it will be good...I like Rogue personally
  11. Where do you take the quiz?
  12. Correct, BS Angel and Frankie said that there would be a DLC Pre-Order Bonus pack available post launch containing ALL pre-order bonuses
  13. Here is a cool video deailing the specializations:
  14. Yeah I see this as being a recipe for disaster. Unless someone tells a female gamer to "get in the kitchen and make them a sandwhich isntead of being on a game", or something along those lines, than I dont see how 343i/M$ can really tell if someone was being intentional or just cursing in general
  15. Yeah I am right there with you...I often dont realize it when I am getting really upset. I have a feeling it will be within a direct conversation with a person of the opposite sex and you have to actually say something sexist. If they start banning people for cursing and somone reports for sexism...that will turn badly for 343i
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