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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, In This post I'd like to mark down some Ideas for some new Vehicles and Weapons. For all UNSC, Covenant and Prometheans. 1.The Spectre, The Spectre in Halo 2 was one of my favourites. It was the equvilent to the UNSC Warthog. They should also make something like a Promethean version too. 2.Promethean Vehicles: Yes I know everyone wants them very bad. I want some too. Here are some Ideas I want about them. When you like get inside one itll like Transform and something like that. Like how the promethean weapons when you hold them for the first time in the game. Do not make them spawn to much for as they may be overpowered as 343 may make them. 3. Bring back Dual Weilding of weapons. And bring back some of the main dual weild weapons such as SMG and Plasma Rifle. 4. In maps they should have more randmon oradance drops and maybe some random guns laying in the ground like in previous Halo's. 5. Maybe bring back Grenade Launcher from Halo Reach or even have it as a Warthog Turret type. That is all my ideas. I will keep editing the forum as I may keep getting my own new ideas! Feel free to leave your own ideas in the reply section too. May Halo 5 be a good one!
  2. In the Past, the controls for the past few Halo games have keep changing. Such as in Halo 3 -->Halo Reach change in controls were quiet big and was a bit hard to get used to for me. Then changed it again slightly for Halo 4. So Anyway, Should the new Halo 5 and 6 have same controls or different controls from the past?
  3. Am I the only one who thinks they should put some sort of boat or at least an amphibious vehicle? I mean come on! Spartans can't swim and having the ability to fight from the water can add a new type of gameplay to the series. Just imagine naval battles or bombing a shore from a boat!
  4. Okay So, they have announced that Halo 5 is an exclusive to Xbox One, and will come out only for it just so people come over to the Xbox one, I can see why but, I plead of 343industries at least to make like a copy of Halo 5 maybe a bit of a while after the official release on 360? It would be so awesome!
  5. Hey Guys, we all know that Halo 5 is coming onto the Xbox One and that alone, if that does continue (and it will), what will happen to the 360??? It would probably lose, more than 3/4 of all the players that play on it, because of the Massive switch over from 360 to One, will 343 shut everything down (Like all online Servers) like with Halo 2? or would they keep it there, but with very small amounts of people... P.S:Of course Im not just talking about Halo 5, but other games too, but main thing is, what will happen to 360 after the release??? Tell me what you think here...
  6. Hi, My New Post was somehowe accidently deleted so I will re write my ideas here yes again. And I kinda forgot them so Ill put down as many as I remember or I come up again. 1. More Armor Variety Like in Halo Reach. 2. Bring some of the Armor Abilities From Halo Reach like Armor Lock and Drop Shield. 3.More Weapons For Each Faction (UNSC, Covenant and Prometheans) See my Other Forum "Halo 5 New Weapon/Vehicle Ideas?" and post your own weapon and vehicle ideas there not here please. 4. More Vehicles, again post your vehicle ideas in this forum please not this one thanks. "Halo 5 New Weapon/Vehicle Ideas?" 5. Bring back the Arbiter and the truce between Elites and the UNSC, and have Arbiter kill Jul'Mdama and some awsome Elite on Elite action! 6. Maybe keep Spartan Ops Or FireFight or Even Both? Vote at this forum "Halo 5 And/Or 6: Longer Campaign Or Spartan Ops?" 7. Add some more Armor Abilities. There a few Armor Ability posts out there find them what you think about them? 8. Make AI's Smarter especially at driving! lol Well thats all the Ideas I remember. Leave your own reply of your own ideas and what you think about my ideas. I will also keep editing this post unless I come up with some new ideas or I remember some from before.
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