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Found 5 results

  1. With the Announcement of Halo 5: Guardians and the release of it's teaser art has come a lot of speculation about Halo 5 and descriptive reports regarding the art. (If you haven't read it yet, you should definitely check out RedStarRocket91's breakdown of the Halo 5 Teaser Art-HERE) As you can see in the art above, the Battle Rifle has a different scope. Now, if this means the Battle Rifle has been redesigned or if weapon customization is a new feature in Halo 5, we don't know yet. I would like to see weapon customization come to Halo 5 in the following ways: WEAPON SKINS I think that every loadout weapon should have at least 5 different skins to choose from. These skins should be unlocked by completing specific commendations with each weapon. Example: Battle Rifle: 1,000 Kills = New Skin 5,000 Kills = New Skin 10,000 Kills = New Skin (Gold Skin) 1,000 Headshots = New Skin related to headshots 1,000 Assists = New Skin related to assists WEAPON ATTACHMENTS Weapon attachments should be handled carefully. Weapon attachments can greatly affect the way a game is played and the outcome of that game. I feel that with weapon attachments, players can feel more involved and grow closer to their weapon. I don't think they should alter the game significantly but rather, serve more as aesthetic features. Weapon attachments should be unlocked at a rather low level, SR-5 or SR-10 and should continue to be unlocked every few levels. This should include attachments similar to the following: Red Dot Sight (Optimal for medium range) Reflex Sight (Omptimal for medium range) Iron Sights (Optimal for short range) Sniper Scope (Optimal for long range) Buttstock (Aesthetic) Grip (Aesthetic) Bipod (Aesthetic) Bayonet (Aesthetic, but should be implemented in Assasinations) WEAPON EMBLEMS AND CLAN TAGS This is a feature straight out of CoD, but one that I think Halo can benefit from. It doesn't affect gameplay at all, but again, it would be fun to see your emblem appear on your weapon. Unlocked at SR-15 or SR-20. Emblem Clan Tag Those are my opinions on how weapon attachments should be implemented into Halo 5, but I'm really curious as to how you feel about it. Do you think that weapon attachments should be added? How about weapon skins unlocked by completing commendations? Be sure to leave your thoughts on all of this below!
  2. Roman-Legion Roma Invicta! Roman-Legion is a gaming clan, based in Halo 4. We often host custom games, in the form of a fort, or headquarters, really just to hang out or defend it against enemy clans. We try to keep our clan in the Roman-theme of things, in the form of ranks, headquarter's, and general look of most things. We've been around for almost three years now, but we try to get a large amount of mature players that are responsive and active. Tell your friends, and they tell their friends. If you want to join, send a friend request to either sharpblade1508 or fertile01. You'll need to sign up on this website in the process, so please use your exact Gamertag as your username. Roman-Legion is expected by the leaders to be mature, act professional, and respectful. We don't care if your good at any games, and though a lot of clans say that, they kick you out if your not contributing to the score. There are many bigger clans out there, but you don't need to flock to them to be treated as a family member. Roman-Legion has a great relationship with many clans, and we can be one of the largest clans of Halo 4. We only need your help, but why should you join? Roman-Legion treats it's members as family, and it'll be one helluva family-run business. We aren't one of those clans that do matchmaking all the time, but we will do it sometimes. Most of the time we are in forge or custom games. All our custom games are quality and definitely have a reason why we still put them on. If this newfangled "Headquarters" idea is confusing you, fertile01, our Legate, is happy to show you how it works. The items below were copied from our main website. http://roman-legion.spruz.com/ Ranks: Our ranks are slightly modified from the real Roman armies to fit into Halo games and our needs as a clan, not an actual army. Tiro (Your not officially in the clan, yet. Your day consists mostly of fatigue duties and getting yelled at. Prove your worth and you might make it in.) Miles (You've made it into the clan, most people spend their service as a Miles. Your day consists largely of fatigue duties and getting orders. Prove your worth and you might be free of those fatigue duties.) Immunis (Your Immune to fatigue duties, but you cant command those below you. ) (NCO)Principales (You are a non-commissioned officer. There are three kinds of Principales you can be. Though they all are at the same rank, and]dont have authority over one another, each has its own job, that you can decide, or will be decided for you. ) (NCO)Optio Rearrank officer, the more basic NCO rank. The Optio served as the Centurion's right hand man. He assisted him in his tasks running the Century. This included acting as a scribe. The Optio kept notes on all Legionaries within his Century; listing their promotions, achievements and punishments.) (NCO) Tesserarius (In charge of the watch, meaning he's in charge of watching the walls, essentially head of security.) (NCO) Cornicularius (Administrator. You keep everything in check, from peoples locations to enemy intel.) Subaltern (Junior Officer) Centurion (You lead the entire platoon. This is when the ranks get more complicated, because you can go political, be a general, or enter an army. The General takes the longest to get to, and you can enter an army right as you get to this rank. General rank doesn't give as much power as people think, as they only control centurion and lower, and cannot host headquarters.) Senior Officer Tribunus (There are three of these to every legion. They are in charge of everyone from centurion to below.) The Legions There are two legions, and upon becoming a miles, you will be placed in one of the two legions. Soldiers from seperate legions cannot command each other. A Centurion from one cant give orders to a Miles from another. IV Flavia Felix: In 88 the Fourth participated to the retaliation invasion of Dacia. It also participated in the Dacian Wars of Trajan, being victorious at the Second Battle of Tapae. The legion also participated at the final and decisive battle against the Dacians, conquering their capital, Sarmisegetusa. VI Legio Victrix: Soldiers of this unit and X Gemina numbered among the first settlers of Caesaraugusta, what became modern-day Zaragoza. The cognomen Victrix dates back to the reign of Nero. But Nero was unpopular in the area, and when the governor of Hispania Tarraconensis, Servius Sulpiciu Galba, said he wished to overthrow Nero, the legion supported him and he was proclaimed Emperor in the VI Victrix legionary camp. Galba created VII Gemina and marched on Rome, where Nero killed himself. Praefectus Your third in command. He is not in a legion. Legatus The second in command. The rank is rivaled only to the clan leader. Caesar The clan leader, you dont tell him what to, he tells you what to do. Rules You must follow these rules, it will be hard to get anywhere in the clan without following these rules. 1.Listen to the higher rank. Don't complain, or your service wont last long. We don't want to have to tell each individual person the same thing, if we say something in general, you probably apply to it. 2.During a clan Headquarters (HQ), you shouldn't take any vehicles unless you are cavalry 4. Know who the authorities are before you tell anyone what to do 5. Be mature. I understand that might be hard for you, but just try to grow up as much as you can. 6. Don't kill friendlies. Just because someone annoyed you, doesn't mean you kill him for it. If someone kills you, do NOT kill him for revenge, or even just for the hell of it. HQ's aren't slayer games. 7.If your told to do something by a higher rank, you do it. You can deviate from your orders for any reason. Tell a higher rank and he will surely put you in a more interesting spot. 8.Know who the friendlies are and who aren't. Shooting an allied clan is not a good idea, so read the names above their head before you shoot. Letting an enemy inside the HQ is even worse. 9.US CODE: Do not shoot unless fired upon. Seeing a stranger, don't assume he is an enemy, then again, don't turn your back against him. We expect the same from you. 10.If you want to do a specific job, you better be good at it, or else your gonna have a bad time. 11. No camo in the base. If an enemy is using camo in our base, we wouldn't know, because you're also using it. So turn it off.
  3. Taxicab17


    I was wondering if anybody knew if new emblems where ever going to be added, I've been using the "vortex" emblem since halo 2 and I was REALLY disappointed not to find it in halo 4
  4. Hey Guise! Narf narf! Now onto a more serious note, I have just watched some Youtube videos about the PAX event that took place somewhat recently. In the video, their were quite a few of the classic emblems ie// Rooster, cowboy kitty, ape face.. and even that weird bug like thing that reminds me of a 'zipping' preying mantis that I used to use as my emblem on halo 2. But personally, since halo 3, I have adored using my Red Vs Blue cross-swords with medium yellow/gold shield as the background. I take pride in having this emblem. It was not actually available in Halo 2, but already I have grown quite fond of representing Red Vs Blue as a big part of Halo's history. Come to think of it, I love the idea of representing my 'Bungie' Name Plate as well. Now I even hope to see Name Plates.. But, I doubt that they will have any 'Bungie' representing plates available. Goodbye nameplates I guess! ______________________________________________________________________________________ How many of you guys have actually grown fond of using a specific emblem to represent your spartan? How about Name Plates? Post and let me know about what emblems you are hoping to see in Halo 4! How would it effect you if YOUR emblem is not available? What would your back-up emblem be?
  5. Customized or not, Halo 4 should have emblems more in depth or MORE choices. I was a bit disappointed in reach's emblems. Halo 3's emblem were ok, as at the time it wasn't really manditory to have a large selection. Personally, Reach disappointed me with their choices, so now I really hope and believe that 343i will bring us more options than before. What're your opinions on said topic? =P
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