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  1. I'm starting this topic for two reasons; Know however, I am new to 343industries.org and thus their forums but have been playing Halo since CE. REASON ONE: PROGRAMMERS-- Whats with the "pathing" in the game? Go play Slayer on Halo 5 and eventually you will notice you shot that enemy EIGHT times in the head with a BR and yet YOU died when they missed you. Or the new Warzone Requisition Issue. I joined multiple games and at level 9 I am "Retrieving Data" for my Reqs, but never get them. These are not the first these issues are mentioned but I want to bring them together. The same pathing issues can be seen in Halo 3 on the MC Edition. Watch Youtube, the videos are everywhere. But I never saw these issues on Halo 3 before, what did they do, re-write the programming for the game? I'm no programmer and won't pretend to be, but I don't see how so many issues in game can be attributed to anything other than the programming, which leads us back to the where the problem starts, 343. REASON TWO: SERVERS-- XBox Live and Microsoft are not to blame for the issues had with Connection and Lag while playing Halo. I'm sure that much is known. It's all 343 Studios. Being said, is it cost cutting that they go with cheap servers, or don't run enough, or don't have the manning to cover them? I don't work there, but its plain to see 343 can't run things right when it comes to servers. The Banhammer alone has issues with it. People who SHOULD get kicked don't and yet if a 343 server has an issue and kicks you off you get Banned. Or watching and enemy Lag across the screen whiole shooting you but you can't shoot them. Rarely have I seen a lagging player BEAT and non lagger. Thats curious in and of itself, but it happens all the time. Conclusion: I'm not a programmer and I'm not a Tech Freak, however I believe its a simple deduction that can be made for what Halo is having issues with. Its 343 Studios. Now, are they inept? Perhaps not, SOME of the ideas they have are pretty cool! I think the problem lies in simply put; MONEY. They are lining their pockets with royalties while putting out a Subpar program and server system because they didn't want to PAY for the better programmers and servers. Well that and they pushed the game out too soon. It wasn't ready either, thats obvious. SO, 343 Studios, you have a decent game here. STOP cutting corners and do it right. If not, don't do it at all. Bungie won't come back, but that doesn't mean Microsoft can't find someone better. But your NAME is 343, which means you were likely Fans to begin with. For anyone that didn't grow up on Halo, 343 is from 343 Guilty Spark in Halo CE and Halo 2. Fix the issues, put the money into the game that it deserves. You picked up a Legacy game and there are fans from its creation that still play. Why disappoint them like this? Do you not even care cause we gave you the money when we bought it? If thats the case, you are whats wrong with the world today. If not, then put that money where it belongs put some PRIDE into your work. Damn Cheapskates.
  2. To start, I consistently lag out of games daily. It is only me that lags out, even if I have 1-4 others playing on my internet with me at the same time. It says I have a moderate NAT, but as far as I can tell, I only have this issue with Halo 5. I have uninstalled the game already, but that didn't help. Has anyone else had this issue, or know what it could be?
  3. I have seen multiple posts about this, with almost 0 acknowledgement. Everyone who has been experiencing the lag issues have enough internet speed, and by now have spread all the basic troubleshooting info to no avail. I myself have done everything possible, to the point that my entire network was completely unprotected and it still did not work. I have been waiting for this game for a long time, and I do like it, but as far as multiplayer goes, I have had maybe 2 games that didn't have game breaking lag for me. I understand that the people experiencing these issues are in the minority, but to be ignored the way we have is completely unacceptable. If the issue can not be fixed then we should be given a full refund of the game. This is supposed to be the ultimate competitive online experience, yet I consider it a huge stroke of luck to see an opponent not jumping across the screen, or running into a wall. Finally I have some pictures I was able to take while lagging, since I was able to walk around the out of bounds areas at leisure.
  4. Here is the list of everything I have done: -gave my xbox static IP -forwarded all necessary ports -QoS priority to xbox -put xbox into DMZ -bought new modem -tried different dns settings I have spent so much -Yoinking!- time and money just trying to play this -Yoinking!- game. This unacceptable, I have done everything.
  5. Here are a few examples of why I hate Halo 4 down to my very soul, I love the series but just what 343i has done to this most recent installment is for lack of a better word an "Abomination". *NOTE* Don't think of this post as hatered towards the series, I love the series, but the recent installment has dissapointed me and makes me regret buying the Limited Edition and ever getting my hopes up that it would be a game that you can have fun in. OverPowered Weapons- For one the plethora of needlessly overpowered weapons, for example the Binary Rifle (Basically a hand held Gauss Cannon with a scope that leads to camping, weapon hoarding, spawn camping, and is just a horrible excuse for a "Weapon", it should be instead named the "Rape-Machine"), the Incineration Cannon (Offspring of a Rocket Launcher, a Shotgun, and a cluster bomb leading to excessive "Cross-Mapping" and is also a great "Bunker buster" as you have a chance to dodge a rocket or use cover to avoid it but "Oh No" the Incineration Cannon doesn't give a care in the world about cover going over it and in some cases through it.), the suppressor (A SAW in any battle within 6 feet, not really that bad but still an issue as anyone who goes around a corner and someone camping with this tool will decimate you 9 times out of 10), the lightrifle (Which makes both the DMR and Battle Rifle obsolete, same issue as with the DMR 4 shots = instant death without any time to react or return fire with the chance of surviving), Sticky Grenades (Really not a huge problem until you can now SPAWN WITH THEM, which is total bull anyways as 85% of the time everyone spawns with stickys in addition to the Explosives Support Perk and the other perk which allows you to carry 3 grenades which leads to no one using guns in CQC anymore its just a flurry of sticky missles being hailed at eachother which makes the winning of the game based on who can camp with the Boltshot and throw the most stickys instead of things like "Skill", "Tactics", and "Teamwork" very underused), Beam Rifle (Offspring of a Sniper Rifle and a DMR which allows for amazing hipfire kills very easily and extremely fast leading to snapshots galore), the DMR (Doesn't sound very overpowered does it? 4 shots kills you fast enough to where you have no time to react isn't overpowered at all [sarcasm]), and last but not nearly the least the unmistakable unthinkably overpowered weapon widely known as the Boltshot (I call it the "No-Skill Insta-Kill as it requres 0 skill and only 2 tactics in addition to you being able to SPAWN WITH SUCH AN OVERPOWERED WEAPON, camp in a corner and wait for someone to walk by and ruin his day with a crossbreed shotgun instant killing machine or they could rush a person with it and with a small amount of hope the defender may kill the Boltshotter but it is in vain as it just incinerates his body instantly with very little chance of success.) Lag- Next on the list of things that make Halo 4 the most poorly designed and executed gane I have played thus far, the LAG and don't respond with something along the lines of. "Oh no your just butthurt because you suck and your connection is crap!" I've heard this all before frankly I don't care if you don't lag if you don't lucky you don't brag about it but for many people with good connections it ruins everything in terms of trying to have fun, the various occurences of lag are as follows, Teleportation (Of me and enemies) spawning under the map and (Committing Suicide), inability to spawn (the game just says "Time to spawn/respawn 0 seconds" for about 1 minute and by that time I'm getting spawn camped by grenades and power weapons), Black Screen Of Death (Because Halo can't have Dedicated servers "OH NO" that be to nice, but no black screens of death routinely happen because the games host or a large amount of players quit (Oh this whole "Drop-In Drop-Out system" is all well and good WHEN IT WORKS because nearly every single time someone quits and I'm playing guess what happens? Black screen of death, some last 5-10 seconds while some last up to 5 minutes leading to me having to "Dashboard-It" just so I can continue playing. This lag I know comes from the fact that Halo "Must" have player host based servers so when that host has a crap connection it leads to everyone in the server getting brought down to his/her level. Were Halo to get some dedicated servers that lag would be DRAMATICALLY reduced. If you don't believe me on this whole "Lag" situation go to YouTube and look it up, you'll see people with perfectly normal connections teleporting all over the place and getting owned. Hackers/Hacking- Now, lets move on to one of the more touchy subjects that people love to start needless flame wars over. Oh yes Im talking about the one thing gamers hate more than lag, Hackers. Now, I could go on a rant on how hackers are obviously bad, ruin the game, and cause people like me regret every buying Halo 4, but I feel this is a pointless venture as someone (Likely many) Halo fanatics will begin posting their opinions on this page about how there isn't any hackers, you just suck at Halo, their just better than you so you have to say they hack. I have heard and seen this before as well and if you think people don't hack Halo than your probably one of them, if you think someone getting temp-banned for 1 or 2 days for hacking is good enough your wrong. So I will restrain myself from doing so and just list as many of the hacks I have seen off the top of my head with some minor comments throughout. Hacking needs to be delt with much more aggressively than it has before because whatever they are doing to hinder the problem isn't doing enough. I have seen countless times examples of "Near fully-Auto DMRs/Pistols", "Weapons with seemingly bottomless clips" (Namely Overpowered weapons such as the Binary rifle, Incineration Cannon, etc...), Active Teleport anywhere in the map, Vehicle jacking beyond the player height limit, Aimbot (VERY SERIOUS PROBLEM, really if you don't fix this 343i there is something very very wrong with your decision making process), the ability for bullets to "No-Clip" through the map, and seemingly infinite health and grenades. These are just a few of the many hacks I have seen throughout the various maps leading to death, again, and again, and again. Maps- How about now I make note of how the current maps in Halo 4 (Including the Crimson DLC) are terrible. Some are good, some are O.K. and many more are just awful. "Haven" for example, one of 343i's poster maps is in the top 3 worst maps of all time on my list. First of all one side spawns at the bottom of a ramp allowing the opposing team to send all of their grenades flying like mortars in and around their position making it difficult to move outside your safe zone, by this time the enemy team has more than likely already rushed over the minor crevice and is on top of the ramp with their advantage of altitude over the enemy team and slaughters them. In some cases the situations can be switched with the side that spawns on the ramp rushing to the top of the ramp uses the fact that the lip of the ramp covers their head almost completely allowing them to fire away and decimate the enemy team with DMR's and Battle Rifles with little chance of retaliation. 3rd possible case that happens at the beginning of the game, both teams rush to the middle but the team that spawns at the ramp gets their first because of their close proximity uses the middle cover and decimates the coverless opposing team. Any of these ways the teams get virtually slaughtered with one side losing little and the other losing everything due to the unbalancedness of the map. secondly this map is a prime location for Boltshot campers due to its large number of sharp inescapable corners leading to death after death, especially at the ends of the man cannons which in addition to Active Camouflage can render the person who lands off of the ground dead without any chance of survival. Another example of an unbalanced map is "Abandon" in which one team spawns above ground and has the advantage of making it to the middle first giving them the advantage of being above ground and they almost in all cases decimate the opposing team which has to rush up from their poorly defended and nearly useless cover coated spawn and pray that they can get some kills before death. Lets make an example of a horrible "Crimson DLC" map, this map is a glorious waste of money, Oh sure they look impressive but in use they are all disgustingly unbalanced. Take for example "Harvest" on the SWAT game type. In this it is just a rush to the top of one of the many excessively tall rocks to get Cross-Map headshots instantly with amazing cover leading to a monotonous game of "Spawn-Die" with little chance of retaliation. There are several more maps I could go on about but this paragraph is getting a bit lengthy so I'll stop this note of unbalanced and horribly designed maps here, the maps may look amazing but looks mean nothing when you are getting spawn killed over and over by enemies. Spartan Ops- Lets get off this topic of "War games" problems for a moment and move on to a different game mode "Spartan Ops" Oh don't get me wrong I thoroughly enjoy spartan ops but the fact that each chapter can be easily finished on heroic in just around 10-15 minutes with very generic "Go here, pick this up, drop off over here, then go kill this group of people, then hold out against their reinforcements." this gets monotonous and boring amazingly quickly, Firefight In Halo: Reach didn't get this boring this fast. Spartan Ops really needs to be expanded in a more exotic way doing more things that are a challenge and fun to do as most things that happened in season one that looked very impressive was almost always in an uninteractive cutscene. Here's and idea on a cool mission idea: Fly a pelican "Litearally fly it, that would make it more fun" Infiltrate a covenant cruiser, battle-cruiser, frigate. etc... and you have to fight your way through waves of the ships inhabitants to get to the ships captain and subdue him "Likely an elite" and have to drag him to your pelican and then fly away as the infinity nukes the ship from orbit leading to an epic and fun escape and infiltration mission. Also you never see yhe Infinity use it's massive array of firepower on really anything which makes it just a "Dog with all bark and no bite" show off the ships abilities 343i, you made it, show it off make it look good don't make it just some floating paperweight that doesn't help really at all. In addition to the monotonous gameplay, when attempting to play with your friends over xbox live it is heavily difficult to play because the once again lag which is the fault of not having dedicated servers and everyone being forced to run off of one persons connection forcing me to play online with people I don't know who just rush in, take your kills, run you over with vehicles, and troll you in addition to still lagging albeit not as much or alone which isn't very fun when in the missions it always talks about "Team" Crimson, a 1 man team is kind of difficult to believe, you are a Spartan IV not Master Chief. Also why does every time you get extracted in spartan ops you never actually get in the vehicle to leave you just stand next to it and it flys off without you? it's a little complaint but you cant just code an extra 5 seconds of gameplay to actually see your characters walk or jump in? That just seems like lazyness to me. Spawning- How about "Spawning"? which does coincide with maps but I feel it deserves it's own "Mini" paragraph. Spawning has always been a problem I've seen in Halo Multiplayer but in Halo 4 it takes the cake of just unplayability. for example In a dominion match, why would it spawn me inside an enemy owned and occupied base with no chance of survival? Why would I spawn directly in front of the enemy and get immediately assassinated in Slayer? Why when I spawn in Big Team Battle my face gets torn off by the sniper bullet of some player the second I spawn? Why I ask must enemies spawn on your side of the map at the beginning of the map and kill you instantly? please if you could explain why this is necessary please go ahead I'd love to hear it, because it isn't getting any better, the more I play the worse it gets. Forge- Forge, theres a game type many wouldn't complain about but the problems I have for forge are minor in the least and can very easily be corrected should 343i take some initiative. I would like for the build limit for all objects to be increased the needs I have require a much larger variety of resources, Reach had a perfect amount of things to forge with for my various projects but the amount of materials in Halo 4 seems to be lacking to a serious extent restricting me to small pointless maps. In addition to this, it would be nice if there was a map dedicated to Forge like "Forge world" from reach it was monotonous but it was perfect for almost anything you wanted to build, the possibilities were limitless but in Halo 4 the possibilities are very limited by the low amount of resources I am able to use. Weapons and vehicles- Not merely just "Weapons" I am covering in this paragraph, I am asking why. Why does the "UNSC Infinity" have such a "Large and Expansive" armory that holds not only weapons from the UNSC but the Covenant and Forerunners but in such an armory not a single SMG is held? Flamethrower? No missle pods? You would think they might have some spikers? some needle rifles? they had the DMR from reach but not the Needle rifle? No grenade launcher? it may be obsolete now but no plasma rifles? or plasma repeaters? no plasma launchers? Im getting at there were all these great weapons from past games and you advertise how large the armory of the infinity is yet you don't even have an SMG? Really? Come on, the SMG is a great weapon and just adds diversity to the inadequate variety weaponry in Halo 4. The Infinity being bigger than some cities houses thousands of people, and thousands of vehicles in their garage bay and in this garage is strictly pelicans, mongooses, warthogs, and scorpions? No Hornets? Vultures? Grizzleys? No transport warthog? No Falcon? my favorite aerial vehicle the Falcon is not in the infinity? 343i you have set in the lore of the Infinity that it is such a superstructure that houses so many weapons and vehicles but in reality your variety is very little in both vehicles and weaponry, I am not saying you don't have many vehicles or weapons, I'm saying the variety of choices is limited. A majority of the new weapons in Halo 4 are all Power weapons and of the vehicles returning the choices are little especially since you can only fly a Pelican once in the entire game. Also why is it no longer possible to dual-wield weapons? Spartan Palmer can in a cutscene but I cant? Really? Don't say that "Dual-Weilding is unfair and unbalanced" Because almost everything you have done with war games makes it unfair and unbalanced to everyone who trys to play for the fun of it. Armor Customization- I believe this is the last major complaint in this long list, Armor Customization. It seems like something 343i has already done but Reach did an amazingly better job than Halo 4 did, Several of the helmets, chestpieces and vambraces have changed and I believe there should still be the same armor choices in reach in Halo 4. For example the EOD helmet was my favorite helmet in Reach but now you changed it to where I just hate it I should have the option to have Reach's version. Also where did the MK. V Helmet go? I know many people that loved that helmet and to just take it away like you did is really really uncool. It was much more creative when you could put health packs, storage, wrist Tac-Pads and the like on your spartan no matter how useless they may have been they were interesting and added more in the line of armor customization.I know many people that miss the loss of the cybernetic replacement arm and the pilot helmet, as with the health packs, tac-pads etc... they may have been useless but they added a new and interesting way to customize your spartan. You replaced all of these things with the stances.....That is so creative (Sarcasm) it is so creative to have 16 people in a match and every single one of them have either the last stand or the assassin stance. If you wanted to make these limited amounts of stances more creative you could have added where you could customize what weapon your spartan holds in the picture based on what commendation they have mastered and they can choose how it looks. But no of course this didn't happen along with a seemingly never ending list of things that could have been done better but were not even touched upon, What 343i did with Forward Unto Dawn was very creative and I enjoyed it, it helped me get ready for the release of Halo 4 I was so excited I preordered the Limited edition and now after all of this... It feels like just a waste of money, I could probably make another 10 paragraph post on 10 different things I hate but this is growing tiresome and I highly doubt anything I have written today will have even the slightest effect on your future decisions in regard to the Halo series. I have been putting off writing this for weeks now because I knew if i did it wouldnt matter and people would just insult me because of their ignorance.   Good luck in your continued efforts to make Halo a game for people who would see it abused.          
  6. So lately I've been getting bad lag during online Spartan Ops games. It's been happening in every game I join. My internet connection is fine in other War Games. Anyone know why?
  7. Hello everyone! Just like all of you I recently bought HMCC hoping to play Halo 2 matchmaking again and to relive those happy days I had as a younger self. Unfortunately there are numerous issues with this and that is a bummer; however, there is still CUSTOM GAMES, right? WRONG!!!!! Everyone is so concerned with matchmaking that some of the most annoying problems are being temporarily overlooked. We must have the ability to party up and stay together otherwise what's the point of fixing matchmaking if we can't play with friends.Below are a list of issues me and my friends are having while trying to play HMCC custom games: 1) The in game roster doesn't load or doesn't allow joining a friend where 'join player' is grayed-out 2) If you finally get everyone into a game the team switching is bugged and teams are completely different on other players' screens 3) When the teams are finally even and the game finally starts HERE COMES THE LAG! Teleporting, dropping frames, jumpy killcams, and so much more. These seem more prevalent if someone disconnects while in the middle of the game 4) After that frustrating game ends your party may or may not be broken up and be forced to re-join. 5) Ok, here is the most frustrating thing in the universe besides the holocaust. When trying to re-join a friend there is some cache data bug that is telling the person who is joining's xbox that he/she is already in that session. The only way we've found to work around this is by letting EVERY SINGLE PARTY MEMBER restart his/her game completely to allow re-joining. And the viscous cycle of frustration continues until everyone just gives up. I'm posting this because I haven't seen any talk about it and would like to know if it is just a second priority or if we are the only ones this is happening to. PLEASE comment and tell me if any of you are having these problems. These issues seem just as bad as the matchmaking ones to me and should be fixed first in my opinion. Thanks for listening to my rant!
  8. Hey everyone, Have been playing high level Halo, SC2, LOL, chess for a good while now and now playing DOTA 2. Halo is by far my favourite game out of the above.... When it's played on LAN Going by online standards, I would rate Justin Beiber better then Halo (yeah Justin Beiber the little a-hole) Halo puts all the properties of the competitive games above into a space age FPS. Halo : Highly strategic, High skill cap, Requires great team work, Very fun, Constantly updated to maintain balanced gameplay Competitive (On LAN) but highly frustrating and imbalanced online due to peer 2 peer lag Now what makes a game competitive? Most importantly it need to be an equal playing field, one player/team cannot be given an advantage from random properties that are implemented into the game. Examples : Random ordinance drops in Halo 4, Bloom in Halo : Reach. The No.1 thing that makes online gaming fair is a dedicated server, It allows every player to have the low ping based the distance they are from the server. But what if the server is located in L.A California and players on the east coast have 70 ping instead of players in L.A having 12. This is unfortunate but you have the same opportunity to relocate to L.A giving all players equal opportunity to optimal connection. Where as Peer to Peer connection which has been used in every Halo game so far does not allow for this consistent location of the host so you can assume your average ping and adjust over hundreds of game to playing on 70 ping that it becomes very normal to you and only hinders give the players on 12 ping a slight advantage. But in peer 2 peer you will get a random host from new York who has bridged himself host and deliberately downloads torrents while he is host of the game causing 500-1000 ping for all the other players. In online Halo where you have 2 teams of 4 versing each other from opposite sides of the country or even the world, the team with host will be at an immense advantage, all 4 players on the team with host are sitting on less then 60 ping while the other team are all well above 400 ping, so how is it one team being able to 4 shot every time while the other team would be lucky to pop the hosting teams shield with 5 or 6 shots and melees don't register. I'm sure everyone on the website has experienced the games where it takes your full BR clip to just pop and enemies shield or players teleporting and getting assassinations while they are in front of you, or standing on custom for 3 seconds shooting the enemy while he runs straight at you, for him to still pick the overshield up over you and kill you and then tea-bagging you because he thinks he made such a great play...... (insert rage face) In league of legends, the server I play on is located in Sydney Australia giving me an average of 27-29 ping (if nobody is downloading porn from my net ). The only time I will get high ping is when the server crashes (rare) or I am uploading or downloading other content. Now in peer 2 peer I can not be downloading and will match a player across the other side of the world and one of us will have to put up with 300+ ping while the other player is playing on LAN connection. Now since having a equally fair playing field is a must for a competitive game, how can one player having to play with 300 ping delay while the other plays with 0 ping delay be fair? It's not fair, plain and simple. Online ranked matchmaking in Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo: Reach's Arena, and Halo 4's CSR crap. are all a farce due to none of the games being eligible for competitive ranked play since they were not balanced. Fair enough dedicated servers were not really available to console gaming back then but there is no reason in the modern day for Halo 5 to be peer to peer if they intent to be a competitive game. So putting above into a nutshell. Peer 2 Peer online gaming is a random property. Competitive games eliminate random properties. Dedicated servers are consistent. Halo 2 : anniversary and Halo 5 multiplayer need dedicated servers or you may as well not bother with ranked matchmaking.... because who the hell would play unbalanced ranked gameplay on peer 2 peer connection, when the titles I mentioned above have created great competitive titles on dedicated servers. Thanks for reading, feel free to post any feedback.
  9. Just hoping this gets fixed soon, or something helps it. There are two lag issues that have been going on for a while now, and it is getting rather irritating. I do not recall Halo 3, or Reach having such a terrible lag when two people were split screened, so why is it in Halo 4? Now I'm not saying it lags on every map, but it does however always lag on custom forge maps. (Shutout, Simplex, Opus, Black Site etc.) Whether it is a guest or not, if two people share a screen, 98% of the time there is a horrible lag. This makes for insanely frustrating play when playing snipers, swat, and even flood; Not to mention having people quit out because it can get to be that bad. I don't know how this issue can be solved, but it has been going on long enough so why ignore a large issue when it comes to match making? Doesn't 343 want people to play their games? Another issue is trying to play BTB or Multi-team on Complex, because the map has an awful lag. Suggesting to remove the map from both playlists, because there is just too much going on for that map to apparently handle. If anyone knows the best ways to fix the lag if it is even possible, please let post it here; I know I am not the only one dealing with this problem.
  10. Today I just played 6 games on doubles and all of them I was put into blackscreen so I just turned it off..... is the 343 servers that bad or people just cheating? because there no way my internet is bad. This is my internet speed check it on speedtest.net
  11. evilive

    Lag Lag Lag

    Is it just me or is there an extreme amount of lag in this game? Seriously. It seems like every third game I get in is non-stop lag. I love this game so far but my god, I find it so irratating to play when I keep hopping around because of lag. Has 343 addressed this? I've looked online and its not just me experiencing all of this. Could it be to the new christmas traffic or is 343 just not as good as bungie (true)?
  12. Here's the deal: I have an older Xbox 360 (white with 30GB HD) that has the trapezoidal shaped output for either Composite or Component. I have been using it via Composite (red/white/yellow) on an SD TV (480i) for some time now due to ease of use. With Halo 4 coming out soon, I want to play it on my 55" HDTV (Sony Bravia model# KDL-55ex710) for the full effect. I transferred the Xbox 360 over and ordered an HD Component (red/white/red/blue/green) cable since my older model doesn't have an HDMI output. I popped in Reach, and the resolution and image of it looked quite wonderful. It was running 1080p no problem. The only problem is that there was about a 0.5 second input lag with the haptic feedback. I pressed the A button, and my Spartan jumped 0.5 seconds later. It was extremely agitating. I switched back to my SD TV since there is input lag whatsoever, but now yearn to play on the HDTV for Halo 4 due to the amazing graphics, larger TV, and, I mean, come on, it's a 55" HDTV. My question is: what can I do to reduce or completely eliminate input lag on the HDTV? From the research I've conducted so far, I've found that a "Game Mode" on the HDTV eliminates a lot of the background video processing, but my Sony Bravia doesn't have one. I've also asked myself if upgrading to a new Xbox 360 (black one) and use the HDMI output (since it's a digital cable instead of optical) would reduce or eliminate the input lag, but have found that that wouldn't produce a noticeable difference. Does anyone have any suggestions or methods that they use personally? I would love if an avid techy could supply some recommendations! P.S. The Bravia has 120Hz Trumotion, if that tells you more about the refresh rate. TL;DR - How do I eliminate input lag on an HDTV for gaming?
  13. Was playing a round of BTB this morn and some very strange things were going on.. Being after nighshift I am sorry to say I did not record the round for further viewing. However a few odd things seemed to be going on. There was some lag which is normal enough and could be to blame I suppose. Some of the enemy team seemed to be able to 3 shot me with DMR's for almost the entire round, also they took out vehicles with amazing speed, now all of this I had put down to lag but then wierd stuff started to happen... When i was fighting a guy 1 on 1 and winning all of a sudden my DMR turned into a PP, now I did not prss x so its not a case of accidentally picking up a weapon (oh and this happened twice versus I think the same guy, it was in the same place anyhow) Ordinance did not appear when dropped and the banshee seemed to come back way faster than usual... Now all of this could be lag related and probably is but I was curious is there anything a person may have been doing to cause this?? I am not really up to dat on modding etc. so have no idea what is possible. Any thoughts was one hell of a random round hahaha.
  14. I don't know why but for me and my friends whenever we play spartan ops the lag is almost so bad we cant even play, But during multiplayer we have zero problems and campaign is the same way, Any Help????????
  15. Maybe this should go in matchmaking but this is the only place that i can post. I read a post somewhere talking about the system that 343 has in place to make it more balanced for players with bad connections. The way I read it is that if you have a good connection it brings you down and the people with slower connections have an advantage. Is that true? I am getting very sick and tired of watching the kill cam and seeing the player who killed me shooting at a wall and not even looking at me. Is there something that can be done to fix this? One game i get 3 hit kills with the dmr the next its 7. Is that because of lag?
  16. Disclaimer: I am by no means discrediting what 343 has done, "crying", or stating "THIS NEEDS TO BE DONE OR I QUIT" I am only trying to add a suggestion and I put time and thought into this post so please, have the same courtesy when replying, voting, or giving your suggestions. Hello Community, I created a similar topic, in the general thread but feel that this thread for matchmaking is the better thread for a topic like this, seeing as this heavily involves the matchmaking system, etc. I want to first start out by saying that the lag compensation in the game right now is kind of game breaking. At times you feel like a boss out DMR-ing people, etc. and at other times you get the "WTF" just happened moment when the person out DMRs you and in the kill cam he is looking at the wall. I have an immense amount of experience in First Person Shooter games ranging from the (arguably most competititve) CounterStrike to the fun but still awesome BF3. I have been a fan of Halo for years and played at high levels in H2 (level 46 slayer legit) , H3 (multiple level 50s) and Reach (Onyx ranks). (The only reason I stated this was to give a foundation so that I do not get laughed out of the forum for being "bad" or "you just cannot aim", etc. Right now, we have something called lag compensation in the Halo 4 matchmaking system. This is a good mechanic. It needs to be in any modern game, it has been in games for years now and even other competititve shooters, such as, Counterstrike have come to develop the lag compensation system. Games that have succeeded in the implementation of this system allow for the user to "Damper" the lag compensation to meet the connection strength of the user. Games that have utterly failed in the lag compensation system are games, such as, MW3 that did not do this. A simple change is needed, and it would cost 343 next to nothing to implement. A damper system should be put in place for lag compensation. Why? It would give people who have good connections the ability to turn down the compensation and people with not so good internet connections the ability to turn it up. A system such as this would work: In the options menu, 343 could add something that deals with connection (duh). The menu would have three options: 1) Low (for higher connections) 2) Medium (For mid-grade connections) 3) High (for connection speeds that are considerably slower) Now I do not have numbers in front of me on connection speeds that would fit each category but for the purposes of this suggestion we could assume connections with a: 1) Low (connections with a rating of A to B ) 2) Medium (connections with a rating of C) 3 High (connections with a rating of D to F) These ratings could be obtained from speedtest.net and would allow 343 to implement a system that could suggest a damper for the user to select based on the following ratings or speeds. This would create a highly competitive and FAIR environment. The current lag compensation is not good, plain and simple. It catters to connections with lower connection speeds while punishing higher connection speeds. I am not the one to brag, but I have a B+ grade connection and I am lagging horribly during BR / DMR fights and this needs to stop. I have had instances where I get shot once, then the guy appears on my screen (well, lets do the math 1 second makes a difference in competitive play. You get one or two shotted before you can react you lose). I have read several posts that pertained to the kill cam showing people getting shot when they are not even being aimed at (this pertains to lag compensation). Community, let us vote on the ADDITION of a damper/buff system for lag compensation which would establish a fair and consistent environment for online competititve play. 343 has done many things right, and I feel that this is the big one they need to NAIL. Please keep the negative comments to the minimum and vote. We also do not need people crying out imbalances, flaming, or acting like a troll. Read this and understand this before you post to avoid negativity. We are all in this in the long run and 343 has had an extensive track record for listening to the community (i.e. Halo Anni. and Reach). If you think there could be a better way to add something like this to the game, please share your insight. Thank you community and happy gaming! -UnSeEnz EDIT: I forgot to add something, completely removing the lag compensation system is a NO. It needs to be in multiplayer gaming now to create more fair environments and having none is just... no. Plus it would be like reworking the ENTIRE network code and that is A)costly and like creating a whole new game. SO before you suggest "Remove l4g c0mpens4tion GRR" remember this. Plus, adding a dedicative server list is expensive, this is a less expensive awesome addition. EDIT EDIT: I just realized how innovative Halo online play actually is comparably to most games, would it not be absolutely electrifying if they were to develop a system for lag compensation settings for consoles? I shiver at how awesome this could be. The best way to get 343 to listen is to vote and keep this thread alive.
  17. The new forge maps are not smooth online. The maps are to large and become choppy. Shutout (Lockout) is one of the best maps in halo history and I would love to play it everyday online, all game types. But the maps ever need to be made permanently and not on a large canvas.
  18. mmmmmpi

    XP Disappearing

    There are so many things I love about this game, but the daily, weekly and monthly challenge xp disappearing is not one of them. It's so frustrating to complete a monthly challenge, move up to the next level and then logging in the next day find those 17000 xp missing (even though the challenge shows as complete) and your back to your previous level. I've learned not to count on the challenge xp at all in match making. I haven't noticed this issue in the other game types yet. Lag is my other complaint. 1 out of 5 games has major lag. Who else is frustrated with these?
  19. Hey everybody, I'm new to this website however I've been a big halo fan since combat evolved and was a pretty active member on bungie.net. However now that 343 is in control, I've come to this site with some questions, and will hopefully receive some answers in return. For the first week of halo 4 since it's release date, everything went extremely smooth for me. Spartan ops, multiplayer, and co-op campaign were super smooth and amazing. Now it seems that I've hit a bump in a road. For atleast the past five days, I've experienced "playable" multiplayer, however I have to be patient with teleporting enemies/vehicles, slow framerates at times, and freezing br/dmr duels that result in my shields suddenly disappearing and resulting in my death. When it comes to spartan ops, a good day online involves another "playable" game, but is riddled with horrible lag and frame rate issues. Pulling my trigger and having shots fired one to two seconds later has become a norm for me on online spartan ops. I do have a wireless connection, however I have open nat, and a great strong signal. I also went to the extent of forwarding ports for xbox live. I have never had these issues before (besides in Halo Reach Firefight) with any other halo game online. In conclusion, I'm really just curious if anyone else is experiencing these problems recently, if these issues are going to be fixed, or if 343i has addressed any these issues at all.
  20. Here's what happened: So, my friend and I decided to play Regicide on XBL. He signed in as my guest, took his time 'customizing' his loadouts, and when he was finally done (thank god!), we started searching for players. We found 4 more, but, when we were voting for map, all of them disconnected, except us. It was only me and my friend left and we, uhh... maybe I enjoyed the game Why did this happen? It also happened to me back to Reach and I think it's lag's fault (or all of them decided to leave at the same time lol). This is one of the glitches I want to happen again, especially playing against this friend. (I did 25-2 lol)
  21. I am lagging in every wargame I play. I am almost 100% sure its not the internet connection. What can I do?
  22. Will there be an update released that will fix the issue of online multiplayer lag while using split-screen? I regularly play with another person on a daily basis, but I am on the verge f trading this game in because I am becoming so frustrated with the amount of lag that is present. Other titles, such as Call of Duty, do not have this problem. I feel robbed because I spent $60 for this game to basically play online. If it were not for split-screen, the Halo franchise would not be what it is today and it is very disappointing that this issue exists. Some maps, especially "Complex", are not playable at all. Nowhere on the game box does it state that the game will be ridiculously laggy on split-screen so I definitely feel betrayed by 343 and Microsoft. I have been a fan of Halo since day one and remember when I was in the Marine Corps living in the barracks playing multiplayer with eight people on linked XBoxes. Please fix this issue or a dedicated fan will be forced to move on to other titles and not be able to speak well of this franchise anymore.
  23. Does anybody know how to contact 343? I'd like to say to them that they are a bunch of incompetents for constantly putting Americans and Europeans together in matchmaking, when the Americans always get host and it's virtually impossible for the Europeans to do anything. 343 should really consider doing something about this when games like Battlefield have proper servers to solve any problems like this. However, Dice being European understand the importance of servers, 343 being American probably don't know where the UK is on a map. Thanks very much 343 for continuing to screw us over like Bungie.
  24. This same thread has been made before, but I'm making it again because it can't be overstated. I'm frustrated to no end with jumping into a game where I can't communicate with my team because the connections are such that they jump all over the map or I do. I check my speed and I'm running 20/2 up/down. You can't tell me it's my connection. That connection works flawlessly on every other game I own. The piss poor connectivity is truly the only thing that bothers me. I know maps are coming out, but you could have release more from the get-go. Another point along the same lines is that I miss the options from previous Halo games. I'd rather wait an extra few seconds and get into a game with people that have better connections than get dropped into a lag fest because we are trying to have an international orgy online. It's ridiculous. So much good in this game. Likewise, so much room for improvement.
  25. I have been playing this morning and the lag has been out of this world.... This has been a common problem one I accept can and will occur but today game after game in Big team has been crashing so no points despite most of a round played. I have tried a few other games to check it is not me and well they work fine. Any others hitting this problem?? Based in Ireland?? Any idea if the servers will be up and running properly soon, as yesterday I was demoted to what seems to be some kind of backup server where I was back to SR1 (very annoying) ^^^ Being aimed at any 343 rep who may have any news. forget all future updates just fix the lag honestly what a useless crowd they are the usual excuse of servers being overloaded is getting old honestly were you expecting it to be a flop????????????? Stupidity in itself working hard to bring out new stuff while ignoring basic problems
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