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  1. GT: Redifer I'm wanting to join a more serious clan just message my gamer tag I play all gametypes except swat
  2. i know you dont want to see this but if anyone has a extra 48 hour trial they are willing to give me i would really appreciate it just send it to my gamertag (Redifer) Thanks!
  3. I agree the mantis can be annoying (especially if they have both) But on CTF they can spawn trap which is so annoying but it only happened to me once and me team wasnt trying to use plasma pistols
  4. Im sure im not the only one who actually misses playing Halo3 and would love to go back and play it but nobody does. My friends are too worried about CoD and halo4 just doesnt have the same Halo feel that you get from playing halo 3. We need to get the old halo community back not halo4s
  5. Soooooo True and guardian, heck bring back all the original maps they were all great
  6. I agree they souldnt take down ther servers
  7. I don't know why but for me and my friends whenever we play spartan ops the lag is almost so bad we cant even play, But during multiplayer we have zero problems and campaign is the same way, Any Help????????
  8. I don't have the map pack yet and i love halo4 but im not sure if its worth it. Should i buy it?
  9. I feel even on legendary that its way to easy and you never have to worry about how many times you die. Should there be a limited amount of lives? How many? Or maybe checkpoints?
  10. Im sure im not the only one but Heroic Campaign for Halo 4 was way to easy for it to be Heroic. But the legendary difficulty was so much more difficult. The Heroic was more like a normal mode to me. Was legendary suppose to be that much harder?? Plus i constantly ran out of ammo during legendary which didnt help.
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