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Found 3 results

  1. I'm starting this topic for two reasons; Know however, I am new to 343industries.org and thus their forums but have been playing Halo since CE. REASON ONE: PROGRAMMERS-- Whats with the "pathing" in the game? Go play Slayer on Halo 5 and eventually you will notice you shot that enemy EIGHT times in the head with a BR and yet YOU died when they missed you. Or the new Warzone Requisition Issue. I joined multiple games and at level 9 I am "Retrieving Data" for my Reqs, but never get them. These are not the first these issues are mentioned but I want to bring them together. The same pathing issues can be seen in Halo 3 on the MC Edition. Watch Youtube, the videos are everywhere. But I never saw these issues on Halo 3 before, what did they do, re-write the programming for the game? I'm no programmer and won't pretend to be, but I don't see how so many issues in game can be attributed to anything other than the programming, which leads us back to the where the problem starts, 343. REASON TWO: SERVERS-- XBox Live and Microsoft are not to blame for the issues had with Connection and Lag while playing Halo. I'm sure that much is known. It's all 343 Studios. Being said, is it cost cutting that they go with cheap servers, or don't run enough, or don't have the manning to cover them? I don't work there, but its plain to see 343 can't run things right when it comes to servers. The Banhammer alone has issues with it. People who SHOULD get kicked don't and yet if a 343 server has an issue and kicks you off you get Banned. Or watching and enemy Lag across the screen whiole shooting you but you can't shoot them. Rarely have I seen a lagging player BEAT and non lagger. Thats curious in and of itself, but it happens all the time. Conclusion: I'm not a programmer and I'm not a Tech Freak, however I believe its a simple deduction that can be made for what Halo is having issues with. Its 343 Studios. Now, are they inept? Perhaps not, SOME of the ideas they have are pretty cool! I think the problem lies in simply put; MONEY. They are lining their pockets with royalties while putting out a Subpar program and server system because they didn't want to PAY for the better programmers and servers. Well that and they pushed the game out too soon. It wasn't ready either, thats obvious. SO, 343 Studios, you have a decent game here. STOP cutting corners and do it right. If not, don't do it at all. Bungie won't come back, but that doesn't mean Microsoft can't find someone better. But your NAME is 343, which means you were likely Fans to begin with. For anyone that didn't grow up on Halo, 343 is from 343 Guilty Spark in Halo CE and Halo 2. Fix the issues, put the money into the game that it deserves. You picked up a Legacy game and there are fans from its creation that still play. Why disappoint them like this? Do you not even care cause we gave you the money when we bought it? If thats the case, you are whats wrong with the world today. If not, then put that money where it belongs put some PRIDE into your work. Damn Cheapskates.
  2. Hello fellow halo players, Me and a lot of other players are getting banned by the loss of my connection to the server, when nothing seems to be wrong with my internet connection after having had contact with my internet provider. Because I never had with any other games, issues like this, it seems unlikely to me its my internet, it's already open NAT-type (see here).This problem occurs almost always after a played match and therefore I must sometimes wait inbetween matches for a period of time because I am afraid to be banned again. (not sure if that helped). It is therefore unfortunate that halo 5 can not distinguish between dropping out of the match or connection loss.The ban is becoming longer and longer and am afraid for my xbox live reputation / account. I've recently also got myself banned because of ending a campaign mission, how is that even possible? (see here) I've been posting around everywhere, but get little to no help. I need help and I do not mean the xbox live support help page that makes me none the wiser. Let's hope this problem will get more attention when it gets around. Thanks in advance. Sincerely, JxGlenn video Link 1: video Link 2:
  3. Hello to all that might be reading this. I hope that i get a response from 343 Themselves.. I have experieced in the past a 24 hour credit ban from halo reach server (which is operated by 343). I didn't think much of it until I did some research. To typically recive a credit ban, the person most likely would be boosting and got caught. For example the person that is the primary player would get an insane amount of kills while the person that is playing split screen would be getting negative kills. Now one would expect for the negative kills to be in the -20's or -30's. I would have to say that the person in split screen getting at the most -2 sometimes, but usually 0 is NOT BOOSTING. I could care less about how much more kills i could get. The real situation is that my 4 YEAR OLD SON is playing with me. He asks me every day to play Halo Reach and now he can't because I have been banned for a second time. This time the ban was for a week. I have heard that if I get banned again, it will be a permenant ban on my console and my account. Since then I am much less excited to get Halo 4 because of the fear of getting a bologna credit ban from 343. Please 343... Re-Evaluate your "Credit Ban Polocy" and ban the guys who are really doing the damage. I have been a Halo fan since the first game came out, but now I'm starting to second guess this franchise/developer for a small-town cop who has a itchy trigger finger to ban anybody and everybody for the teeniest, tiny reason. Come on guys get a grip! Please respond so I can see that you actually care about your fans!
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