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Found 7 results

  1. Im leaving my Discord server open to those who like Halo Reach. There server is about modding Halo. Check it out! https://discord.gg/mDyhNFJ
  2. Hey guys welcome to Halo Online Eldorito Discussion thread, for those who are thinking Halo Online PC is fully shutdown, incase you don't know there is modded version of eldorito that allow us to play multiplayer WORLD WIDE and there is no micro transactions at all because the modders completely removed it. You want to play just like how you played on halo 3 engine xbox 360 and xbox one? don't worry this game also runs lower end PC's and you won't have any problems with it. However you may come across with bugs but I promies you some of these bugs will be fixed in the next update of 0.6.0. Beside this version of halo online eldorito is alot better and I want to make a promies so that you won't think it's just a junky mod. We will need you guys to make this big! Alright, let's start downloading Halo Online Eldorito free to play! The latest version of eldorito is "" and the next update for "0.6.0" will be much better because some of the bugs have already been fixed and aswome features will be going in the update aswell System requirements OS: Windows Vista, Windows 8, or Windows 10 Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 (or AMD equivalent) Memory: 4 GB Ram Graphics: Nvidai Geforce 9600GT (or AMD equivalent) Storage: 4 GB hard disk space Internet: Broadband Gamepad: Optional 1) Installation Download Halo Online Eldorito from here! You can download full game on Mega https://mega.nz/#!M4VkzCJb!Y2JwWIrAPm8yHVyxWImU4asq23uQoY7GWFFWLHWEg3o You can download full game on Torrent https://mega.nz/#!05kEGBBA!f-CGZGqPhPDwXvW-M4vCg0FpbxUWDoxGs8y_JcxcXWU 2) You can Extract the zip file with 7-zip or WinRAR into any folder (Except Program Files) 3) now just run "DewritoUpdater.exe" (Oh reminder if dewritoUpdater.exe crashes just install .NET 4.5.2 4) Then Click "Play Game" (If the game crashes or doesn't start, run the files in the TPI folder.) 5) How to use Halo forge on pc and main menu. Main menu 6) HOSTING A Server Portforward the following ports (This is necessary to host): 11775-TCP 11775-UDP 9987-UDP Once these ports are forwarded. Open your game and Click Multiplayer or Forge. Change the Network type to "Online" and click "Host Game". Congrats your server is now online. If it fails to show in the server browser. Press your console key again and type "Server.Announce". You can view http://YOURSERVERIP:11775in your browser if you wish to see yourports were forwarded successfully.(This might not work for all routers) Alright that's it for now. anyways we need more build techinicians, that's our biggest bottleneck. We have an awesome Eldorito developers that have worked hard on halo online The issue is that we have less programmers, The devs are working on hard on this as possible. We have too many problems because we need stronger power and right now we have less people. If you are experienced with programming please do head to Halo Online reddit at https://www.reddit.com/r/HaloOnline/ and make a new topic that you want to contribute. The population is pretty low however we need more people to get involved in this game. Oh just to remember you guys are totally free to post images, videos, WIP, and modding in this THREAD as long it is Halo Online Eldorito topic.
  3. 343 what are you doing about the horrendous cheating problem in H4 mm? It doesn't seem like you guys over there care because incase you didn't know Rumble Pit is getting unplayable because of this issue. Threre's lots of lag switching, but my main complaint is these guys double shoting the BR (like in H2). They are modding the fire rate on the BR to fire it as fast as they want, and yes it makes you die faster. Also, I see players that are still able to stay alive much longer than they should like they have modified damage resistance. Most people probably don't notice these issues and just think the person is really good, but a trained eye can tell. I see this happening multiple times daily. I do play lots of Halo though. Trust me, it's happening. The population isn't that high so I don't see how it can be so hard to catch and ban these players. Please do something about this because this is driving a good clean player to quit.
  4. Was playing a round of BTB this morn and some very strange things were going on.. Being after nighshift I am sorry to say I did not record the round for further viewing. However a few odd things seemed to be going on. There was some lag which is normal enough and could be to blame I suppose. Some of the enemy team seemed to be able to 3 shot me with DMR's for almost the entire round, also they took out vehicles with amazing speed, now all of this I had put down to lag but then wierd stuff started to happen... When i was fighting a guy 1 on 1 and winning all of a sudden my DMR turned into a PP, now I did not prss x so its not a case of accidentally picking up a weapon (oh and this happened twice versus I think the same guy, it was in the same place anyhow) Ordinance did not appear when dropped and the banshee seemed to come back way faster than usual... Now all of this could be lag related and probably is but I was curious is there anything a person may have been doing to cause this?? I am not really up to dat on modding etc. so have no idea what is possible. Any thoughts was one hell of a random round hahaha.
  5. My friend and I were playing on Halo 4 war games, Infinity Slayer to be exact. We came across quite a few players that seemed to us as if they were modding or hacking, because they would shoot in a direction not even close to where we were and were hitting us, we found several players that were doing stuff like that. I'm not sure if it's just a glitch in the game and it obviously wasn't lag because it happened in multiple games and i have a moderately good connection, as does my friend. But the basic problem was the fact that they didn't even have to aim at us to get headshots. Could you please fix that because it really dampens the gameplay.
  6. Not sure if anyone else has encountered this issue, but the last 8 games i have played i have noticed when it shows my death cam the guy wont even be looking at me and his reticul turns red and when he shoots his bullets go straight towards my head no matter what direction he looks, as long as i am somewhere on his screen. Has anyone else encountered this? i mean the game hasnt been out a full day and people already are modding in this game.
  7. Ok, so I actually do know HOW to mod Minecraft, but I don't know HOW to mod Minecraft. I even have some ideas, but I am missing something crucial. I can't read Java. I also can't make mobs very well because I am on a Mac, and PC is better for making mobs. So, I propose 2 things: 1. I need someone to teach me to read Java. That would be excellent, and I would be eternally grateful. 2. I need someone to work with me to make mobs. That would also be great. So, those are the two things I need. If you can help out, just let me know, and we'll start modding Minecraft. First objective: Green Hill Zone!
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