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  1. I have seen multiple posts about this, with almost 0 acknowledgement. Everyone who has been experiencing the lag issues have enough internet speed, and by now have spread all the basic troubleshooting info to no avail. I myself have done everything possible, to the point that my entire network was completely unprotected and it still did not work. I have been waiting for this game for a long time, and I do like it, but as far as multiplayer goes, I have had maybe 2 games that didn't have game breaking lag for me. I understand that the people experiencing these issues are in the minority, but to be ignored the way we have is completely unacceptable. If the issue can not be fixed then we should be given a full refund of the game. This is supposed to be the ultimate competitive online experience, yet I consider it a huge stroke of luck to see an opponent not jumping across the screen, or running into a wall. Finally I have some pictures I was able to take while lagging, since I was able to walk around the out of bounds areas at leisure.
  2. I also have this issue in Southern Califor ia. The multiplayer has been pretty much unplayable for me. Since I have been trying a lot, and doing everything under the sun to fix it, my KDA is already destroyed. I have only finished like 15 games since the launch, all of those I never actually saw them finish cause I was lagging to death. I have a physical copy woth Time Warner Cable. I seriously don't understand how the hell they haven't said anything at all about this game breakin issue.
  3. Here is the list of everything I have done: -gave my xbox static IP -forwarded all necessary ports -QoS priority to xbox -put xbox into DMZ -bought new modem -tried different dns settings I have spent so much -Yoinking!- time and money just trying to play this -Yoinking!- game. This unacceptable, I have done everything.
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