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  1. Thank you for that clarification. I guess that this slow down is directly related to the development of the game and the responsibility falls on 343. Do you know if this is an issue that can be addressed and resolved through a releasable update?
  2. Will there be an update released that will fix the issue of online multiplayer lag while using split-screen? I regularly play with another person on a daily basis, but I am on the verge f trading this game in because I am becoming so frustrated with the amount of lag that is present. Other titles, such as Call of Duty, do not have this problem. I feel robbed because I spent $60 for this game to basically play online. If it were not for split-screen, the Halo franchise would not be what it is today and it is very disappointing that this issue exists. Some maps, especially "Complex", are not playable at all. Nowhere on the game box does it state that the game will be ridiculously laggy on split-screen so I definitely feel betrayed by 343 and Microsoft. I have been a fan of Halo since day one and remember when I was in the Marine Corps living in the barracks playing multiplayer with eight people on linked XBoxes. Please fix this issue or a dedicated fan will be forced to move on to other titles and not be able to speak well of this franchise anymore.
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