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Found 6 results

  1. From the album: My Weird Webcomic

  2. From the album: My Weird Webcomic

  3. Let's say you are on this site to share photos and whatever. And you've posted many times, but you have let's say 75 watchers, but for each submission you only get 2-4 comments or favs. Despite having many page views, and people respecting you, wouldn't you expect more feedback? Even if you had lots of favs? Wouldn't you find it a little strange? I am talking about myself btw, on a art site called Deviantart, I joined April 4, 2012. I am very happy with it, but this has bothered me.
  4. Here's what happened: So, my friend and I decided to play Regicide on XBL. He signed in as my guest, took his time 'customizing' his loadouts, and when he was finally done (thank god!), we started searching for players. We found 4 more, but, when we were voting for map, all of them disconnected, except us. It was only me and my friend left and we, uhh... maybe I enjoyed the game Why did this happen? It also happened to me back to Reach and I think it's lag's fault (or all of them decided to leave at the same time lol). This is one of the glitches I want to happen again, especially playing against this friend. (I did 25-2 lol)
  5. Wassup This Is Just A Random Kinda Topic Kinda Thing, Where You, Me, Us, We Talk About Random Things It Can Be From Music To Sports To Gaming, Anything You Like Just Spit It Out, And Well I'm Gonna Start Off The Topic With Music, Because I Love Music Soo Soo Much What Kind Of Bands/Artists Do You Like ? If You Listen To Gaming Soundtracks, Which One Do You Like ? What's The Genre You Listen To Most ? Have You Ever Sang A Song Once Playing A Game ? Do You Get Carried Away By Music, Which Leads You To Die Often ? What Current Song Do You Listen To More often Than Others ? Does The Music You Listen To Change Your Fashion Sense ? Can You Live Without Music ? What's The Latest Song You Listened To ? What Would Be The Last Song You Would Like To Listen To, Before You Die ? ---------------------------------- Are You A Noob ? ^^^^ Random Question Got Bored Hehe :3
  6. Alright, the last time i wrote the other post, I was pissed off due to personal reasons. Here is WHAT i really think we should do. ...Fine. I was really pissed off when I wrote that other one, so why don't we consider this? Armor lock nerf=good 75% bloom=I can adapt, but can you consider this? 50% bloom? Bleedthrough=No, just no. At least not this much. I don't want to be able to pump two shots into my enemy then punch him, and he immediately dies. 3 shot pistol SOUNDS perfect, but we have to remember that in Halo 1, or CE, there were TWO head shot weapons. It was also harder to get kills. Now there are rifles The pistol should be worse than the Dmr/nr, yet better than the AR. No sword block=WTF? It's as simple as kubgd, switch weapons and shoot once. Guaranteed kill. Sword block wasn't even an issue. It's rarely seen. I know it's supposed to be a power weapon, but come on, sword block occurs once every 10 games, and the person who sword blocks usually dies anyways. (Excluding infection) 4 shot headshot weapons.=Fail. The NR is now OP because of it's auto fire. Also, the game goes too fast with the rate of fire being too high and the AR killing super quickly. Active camo was fine just the way it is. If you want to screw around with armor abilities screw around with armor lock. Armor lock=Why don't you make armor lock repel POWER weapons and vehicles, but be susceptible to regular weapons. That way everyone is happy. I think that's it. But please, just at least make the update optional. I hate having to switch playlists. BTB, since the update, is usually down 1,000-2,000 players. Also, try to make it more fun. Also, take away base recoon
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