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Found 92 results

  1. Looking for a Easy going Competitive Clan that mostly plays CTF, Dominion, Grif Ball with the potential of competing professionally!
  2. Hello all, I'm a 'casual' gamer who enjoys playing team based modes. Most of my RL friends have given up this FPS lark so I'm often playing solo or wishing I was when teamed up with tweenies with mics. If there's anyone else who plays UK evening time who'd like to party up and grab flags, fondle balls etc then let me know. I'm pretty easy going however the ability to put together a sentence including real words would be a welcome novelty.
  3. Welcome to the recruitment Page. I'm restarting this clan again and Im looking for fun and dedicated members. To get started here are the basic requirements -Must be 16 or older -Must be active 3-5 days out of the week -Name Change -Must have a Mic. As soon as you join our clan. Yes there will be tryouts but after that once we have enough members. We will hold weekly/ Daily events such as Weekly meetings Friendly/competitive Tourneys against each other (Win a squad leader rank, A higher Rank, or even Microsoft points etc.) the Points will be provided by me Saturday Clan Fights(Training) this is where we Put all of our hard work into to become a better clan a better team(or squad), and most importantly communication skills we'll have weekly or Daily Squad wars Achievement Hunting. Clan Details: Ranking system is Custom/Military, This is a Friendly/Competitive clan. Once you own your squad you can decide what you want so take advantage of this fresh start. But I'll explain the role of a squad leader once and if you get the Rank. I will explain more details Once you message me. We cover Mostly Halo 4 and Black ops 2. the Side games are MW3 and Reach. My GamerTag is TBR Gohan. Message me there if you're interested in joining if you got any questions reply on here or message me on my gamertag. Your Choice. Hope you to see some new recruits soon. See ya at the try outs.
  4. Does anybody know when 343 industries will add the MLG and Team Doubles playlists. In my opinion Halo 4 will be more fun if those two game types are added. I believe that MLG is the best game type and needs to be added because, people all start to communicate and improve their skill and that makes the game more competitive and fun. f you have the MLG game types and maps let me know where to get them please.
  5. We are the one and only known pro-life Xbox Live clan! Our goal is to build a pro-life community in the world of gaming, and share our message in a way that it has never been shared before! I Stand for Life™ is a non-denominational organization that promotes pro-life enlightenment through scientific and spiritual discovery, media sharing, and dissemination of pro-life materials. Team ISFL Requirements: - Supported Game: Halo 4 on Xbox Live - Ideology: ISFL is non-denominational, and welcomes all races, religions and ethnic groups - provided you personally believe that: a.) human life begins at conception, and b.) EVERY preborn human being has the right to life. - Skill Level: all skill levels are welcome to participate in Team ISFL gameplay and functions, and as the ISFL Team grows, special units may be designated based on factors such as: hours that members are able to play, skill levels of members, specific team-on-team competition. - Age: Players must be 16 years or older at the time of their request to join Team ISFL. - Uniforms: when participating in competitive ISFL sanctioned Halo matches/tournaments/games, you are expected to represent ISFL solidarity in team colors as follows: primary color: ice (light blue), secondary color: white. The team service tag is "ISFL." Our team logo is an ice (light blue) ring with a black background. - Profile Info: We ask that all team members list I Stand for Life's website address in their Xbox Live Bio. Just add www.istandforlife.org to the bottom of your profile to represent Team ISFL! - Time: There is no minimum amount of playtime required. Play with (or without us) as much as you'd like! Our main goal is to represent ISFL, and you can do that with other ISFL players OR alone! Rules Of Conduct: ISFL Team members are expected to respect one another. While salty language is tolerated, personal attacks on team members will not be, and should be reported to the appropriate ISFL administrator for investigation. Serious offenders will be removed from Team ISFL as pertinent to their representation on ISFL web pages, as well as prohibited from participating in all ISFL team functions. Mission Statement: Have fun! While being competitive in the universe of online gameplay is encouraged, team-work and good-will are paramount to establishing the ISFL Team as an exciting unit that brings like-minded individuals together to participate in some of the best online multiplayer gaming available! I Stand for Life™ looks forward to a great year for Team ISFL. Thank you for your support! If you are interested in becoming an I Stand for Life™ Team member, send a message to Xbox Live Gamertag "April xoxo," "Gnash Britches," or "SgtRock12." You can also send an email to " admin@istandforlife.org". Don't forget to check us out on Facebook! Thank you!
  6. Amplify Gaming has newly spread from black ops 2 to halo 4 with over 1000 members, us halo players are trying to push Split it 50/50! Weather you play competitively or just like to kick back and socialize, AGC has it all. Just go to www.amplifygaming.com to sign up and say Johnnyhand18 sent you! also add me on xbox live for more info!
  7. Hey, i've been playing halo since the beginning, even when i was 7 i would play with my neighbor and it's always been my favorite. I've attempted to stat a Halo 4 clan for a few day but just can't get one going. If anyone is looking to recruit my GT is EnV Da MoNsTeR. Im not looking for a huge clan with 1000+ MEMBERS!, no i want a small clan of skilled players like around 10-20 who want to tare s**t up. Message me on xbox if you either want to hlep me start a clan or want me to join one, and please, not 12 year olds with squeaky voices haha. BTW if it helps i'm currently lv 66
  8. any british members add UmaraiL and we'll talk on xbox and anyone who wants a clan but cant start it up or only has a couple of members we can make you a team leader and your recruits can stay in your squad remember add UmaraiL and we'll talk on xbox mate
  9. I am looking for anyone interested in starting up a clan with me. I of course will be a leader, but in my clan there will be a ranking system. I currently have yet to select a name for this clan, but I do have 3 ideas. 1.)F.W.S. (Forever We Stand) 2.)Crimson 3,)Immortal/Immortals. I would like to have those who want to join to vote on which name they like the most and when I feel like I've decided on a name based on your opinions then I'll announce it. So please join, vote, and hit me up online so we can play some Halo!
  10. I am looking for an indie development team for help develop a game for the xbox 360 and pc. The game will be using the: Unreal Development Kit and/or CryTek 3 engine. Jobs include but not limited to: Graphics Designer Map Designer Storyboard Designer Firefight Designer Executive Producer 3d Modeler Scriptor etc.... Think of anything and Ill probably need it. Here are the requirements for the job: Must be 12 years or older Must have some experience with video game design Must be able to cooperate and be able to frequently respond via Skype, email, etc Must not complain however gentlemen arguments are welcome. Must be inspired and have ideas on what YOU could do to contribute. If you would like to join the development team please post below and a resume would be nice too. (:
  11. Hello everyone, I didn't see a spot that was seperate from this to post a "looking" ad, I hope that putting one here is okay. I was a rifleman in a previous group some years ago during Halo 3. I took a break from the genre after Halo 3 and have come back with Halo 4. That said my skills are not as honed as they once were. I am looking for a group of people who enjoy playing Halo. I kept a positive K/D ratio for most of my career, went mostly undefeated in Halo 2 1v1. I tend to favor, as one might expect, mid-range weapons. I enjoy objective and slayer games. Logistics: Eastern Time Zone U.S. GT: ElyonPravus I go by X or Elyon. Feel free to send a message on live or reply here.
  12. Can we please remove the friendly fire in Spartan Ops? Please? I'm so incredibly tired of jerks running around, and for no readily apparent reason, blowing me the heck up. I don't think I've done anything. I'm sorry if I've offended you. Please leave me alone. I wish I could say these things, but if I took the time to do so, they'd take the chance to blow me up and t-bag me for a few minutes leaving me with no other option but to scream "******!" at the screen. Dear all jerks who play Halo 4: Please stop. Just stop everything. Playing, breathing, reproducing. We don't need you. Stop.
  13. Hey I am looking for a static team of minimum 4 players to play with. A team where you can communicate with. And get used to eachother. I have about 1,40 KD and i am only getting better right now. If you're interested in a static team add me Gamertag: Dark Lord Doku
  14. Hey I'm sckull152 im looking for a team the title says it all.
  15. Hey I'm recruiting players for Palidon. Here is a link to our website http://www.i-m.co/siminoux/PalidonHq/ We are looking for serious yet casual players. All we ask is that you be cooperative and competitive if in a battle. Please no racism, sexism, trash talking member. And about all else please respect the chain of command. And there is a ranking structure which is on the website. So if interested please contact me my gt is Fullerscroll, or leave your gt below. join us and have fun!
  16. Welcome Spartan think you have what it takes. Join Palidon and test your skills. This team will do campaign, custom games, war games (from Infinity slayer to swat), spartan ops. So if you Think you have what it takes send a message to gamer tag FullerScroll or put your gamer tag below. Palidon runs on a ranking system. To view said system got to the Palidon website. http://www.i-m.co/siminoux/PalidonHq/ So join Palidon today and see where your carrier takes you! If you don't have a headset you can still join! Headsets are not a must and will not make us say no! All we need is YOU!
  17. So 343 you got Halo 4 out! CONGRATZ!! Now it's time to see what playlists you guys unleash! I just want to recommend the next playlist that be introduced to halo 4: TEAM SNIPERS!! So 343 community if you back this please post your support and make it visible. - From a Halo sniper extremist.
  18. I have been with a team since Halo 2 until we disbanded at the beginning of Halo 3. We have skill, team work and we call out the enemy team's position for support fire. Our fourth man has a lot to do and can not be on the game very much at all. We need a new man to be our fourth in order to compete in Matchmaking, Game battles and Online tournaments. Add me: Fatal TnB. Or post on here. We need asap!
  19. Hey, 343i. When do you plan on adding Team SWAT? It's killing me that I'm basically being forced to play Infinity Slayer & Big Team Infinity Slayer all the time!
  20. Hey guys, Im looking for a team. For the campaign achievements and in general to have fun in matchmaking. I already beat the game On legendary alone. Now Im just looking for a team. Message me On TBR Gohan on xbl
  21. We are now having MLG tryouts so if you want send me a friend request and you can tryout for the team and this team is part of the UNSC. What the UNSC offers Friendship To become better at Halo To be a Pro MLG Player To be a better Team Player To be a better leader ​So join today by sending me a friend request or message me. Are Theme Song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znye1DGK3YE&feature=BFa&list=PL34AB2FEA56C7BAA7
  22. Kilo Team is now in recruiting season, which means that we will allow all and any members to join with all exceptions. Here is all of our best offers: Join our clan and receive either a promotion to a high grade or a FREE Mega-XP Code! Join an ally clan and host a Halo 4 forging/custom game playdate! Support in a clan battle and earn help with campaign! Send a friend request to an existing member and receive a matchmaking playdate! ​So what are you waiting for! Join now by any means! Offer ends on 11/20/12. Resignation will result with removal of friend request and so forth.
  23. Looking to get a Halo 4 team together to play mlg in Raleigh, NC. Serious gamers only. Looking for the best! Gamer tag: X06DEATH
  24. Gamer-tag: TheCorruptGamer Map: Space Station Game-type: Space Description: This is a gametype and map which I created to try and make trait zones in reach and I succeeded. When you enter a room you will be given gravity and reduced distance on the radar, when you leave and go outside you are given low gravity and a higher distance on the radar. To gain points control the buildings (this is a territories game-type (still a competitive feature, rather than a mini-game)). Best for 10-16 people, or as a 4v4. Game-play video (to view on xbox) Enjoy!
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