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Found 3 results

  1. Installation 01 is a 100% free Halo fan game and artistic tribute to the series. The above video is our latest trailer. Also, check out our new website at http://installation01.org/! We're also very proud to announce our official partnership and affiliation with http://www.343industries.org/forum/! They will be hosting Installation 01's official forum! It is completely legal. We are carefully following the rules set forth in Microsoft’s Game Content Usage Rules. No content in our game has been “ripped,” it’s all handmade by our team. http://www.xbox.com/pt-BR/Community/Developer/Rules Our Goal is to bring a unique Halo multiplayer experience to Windows, Mac, and Linux. It will contain elements from multiple halo games (toggleable sprint, for example). The release date is roughly 5 months from now. This depends a lot on who joins our team. We are always looking for experienced and/or talented team members. Lots of asset pics here: http://imgur.com/a/HDK4Z Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Installation... Twitter: https://twitter.com/I01_Game Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/I01TheGame/
  2. Time to do some introducing; I'm one of the developers of Installation 01, a Halo game made by fans for fans. This is the game that had that lame "Halo 5 leak" as "promotion". The developer who posted that would like to apologize to those who fell for it or saw it for what it was immediately. If you are worried now because those Halo 5 leaks looked bad or that we used Halo 4 assets, don't be worried. All content from other Halo games are just for testing purposes and will all be replaced with custom content. This project is also a work in progress and nowhere reflects the quality of the final product. What Is Installation 01 Installation 01 is a fan-made Halo game that will feel very classic in design. We are striving to make the Halo game that Halo fans will love. This will be a full game powered by the Unity engine and will be released for free. The game will take inspiration from all of the FPS Halo games, but will mainly be influenced by Halo 3. Installation 01 will include a single player, multiplayer, and other game modes possibly (maybe theater ). I can't give out too many details because it's still early in it's development, but you can expect a public beta when the time comes. This game has a long road ahead of it, but we'll keep you posted every step of the way. Anyways, here is a video of some of our progress. http://youtu.be/SL9C7d-Kis0 FAQs Q: How much will Installation 01 cost at launch? A: Free, we're not legally allowed to make a profit off of this, and why would we charge you in the first place, this is our gift to the Halo community. Q: What game modes will be in Installation 01? A: Currently we have a campaign and multiplayer planned. Things can always change, but these features are basically set in stone. If you were referring to gametypes, expect standard Halo gametypes such as CTF, Slayer, ect. Q: Why does your game look like it was made in 2002? A: It is an early build, again none of this represents the final product. HELP NEEDED We need some help developing, preferably C# coders. If you have skill contact me ([email protected]) Currently the developers are: Cippozzo, MegaSean, ZOBI3KING, HyperGuineaPig, and me. Can't wait to see your guy's feedback on the project, and if you have an idea that isn't overly outrageous (scarab BTB gametypes) be realistic. I'll update this post as things modernize, change, ect. We don't break Microsoft's game usage content rules.
  3. I am looking for an indie development team for help develop a game for the xbox 360 and pc. The game will be using the: Unreal Development Kit and/or CryTek 3 engine. Jobs include but not limited to: Graphics Designer Map Designer Storyboard Designer Firefight Designer Executive Producer 3d Modeler Scriptor etc.... Think of anything and Ill probably need it. Here are the requirements for the job: Must be 12 years or older Must have some experience with video game design Must be able to cooperate and be able to frequently respond via Skype, email, etc Must not complain however gentlemen arguments are welcome. Must be inspired and have ideas on what YOU could do to contribute. If you would like to join the development team please post below and a resume would be nice too. (:
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