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Found 7 results

  1. We are recruiting Spartans that have a thirst for blood. We are looking for heartless leaders to push our dark forces on anyone who dare get in our way. We live by the Dark Spartan Code. We are loyal men and woman brothers and sisters who respect our leaders. We are mature and we dont let people make us feel. This is just forming so the first few to join will become leaders. Message me on Xbox Live- MFG XxAFROxX Also its only for halo 4
  2. The Knights of Valhalla clan is a military based clan operating uniquely on Halo 5. We are a serious, disciplined and tactical group separated into 4 divisions. The "Special Forces" (Infantry), the "Armor Corps" (Land vehicle experts), the "Air Forces", "C-SOR" (Commando Special Operations Regiment). To know more go to our website or message on of our recruitment officials on Xbox LIVE. Website: - knightsofvalhallaclan.weebly.com Recruitment Official: - Wolf Bane P90
  3. Hello everyone, If you know what Forge Cafe is was, please participate in this discussion on DesCaf for the potential to reopen the site: http://www.destinycafe.net/topic/1032-forge-cafe-will-it-happen/ All opinions are welcome (Short post, sorry, not much else to add ) Cheers
  4. Hi, my name is Sen or Sen Ten. I live in the Pacific time zone, I have no life so I'm on a lot, and I'm pretty awesome. So add me! CheckeredZeebra
  5. Edition Inside Flip these 2 words around lol Nowadays gossips within the forums I got the chance to catch up with gossip man/girl These are the latest gossips. -Twam is Bill gates son What do you think? -GSD is a husky What do you think? -The moderators get paid minimum wage -Sparky is a spy -Edward Kenway stole into the news group files to get incredible news stories. - Azaxx took donuts shouts? -Bacon is no longer allowed at 343 - The website issues are from Twam dropping a piece of pizza on the controls. - The 343ibot is a woman? word on the streets of the forum is that winners of the USF Election get promoted to C-Mods shortly after Dog is joining the Community Moderators! 21. May be offensive Add in your gossips This is ALL made up in my head, and gossip girl/man is ibot. Dont take anything serious, as this is a way of having a good time on the forums.
  6. Ok so With some remnants of Red team out in who knows where of space, and Gray team from a mission on a prowler, i think that maybe another few Infinity-class ships are made and the machinima follows the U.N.S.C. Longbow (unofficial name) as they try to find more forerunner relics to advance in technology. Machinima Name in 2556 the UNSC built a small number of gargantuan ships called Infinity class cruisers, The UNSC Longbow launched 2554 has a job to find any other halos, shield worlds, or line installations. 7 years earlier, the UNSC (name) has returned from Gray teams sabotage mission (of something) and Gray team has been sent on a mission, we lost contact with Gray team 6 years ago. While the UNSC longbow is flying around, it stumbles across the destroyed remnants of a UNSC planet, the longbow sends troops to see what had happened, while the Longbow supports the Spartan-IV project, one of their teams is sent to the surface to investigate a forerunner artifact, the Pelican gets shot down, Fire Team Titan (the spartan team on the mission) emerges from the crash with barely scratches, the armor up and fend off what they found out is a giant Insurrectionist Colony that has kept themselves secluded and hidden far from UNSC space. Titan is taking lots of fire and is about to be overrun when suddenly a unknown persona emerges and kills them all, this ends up being Adriana-111, she helps them out and they get rescued, she is brought to the bridge to see whats going on, Adriana talks about the mission and what is happened, she also talks about how Mike crashed the one of the prowlers lifepods, and was immediatly attacked by heavily armed rebels he was overrun by 100s to 1 odds and was killed, Jai and Adriana had went down in seperate pods and searched out to for Mike to see him dead. Jai and Adriana go setup for rescue, and how 4 months ago Jai was on a scouting mission when his suit was attacked by a major EMP and he was taken capture, she then asks for help from the crew to save him, this ends up in a series of battles and fights, to where Fire Teams Titan and Ankh with Adriana have made it to Jai's holding cell to find him in such injuries even a Spartan would have a hard time surviving, he is immediatley taken aboard the Longbow where he is attempted to survive, after his healing they decide his injuries are far beyond compare, although the rebels got nothing from it, Jai asks if he can get his revenge by attacking them where it hurts, he talks about how he wont make it anyways and that if he can nuke them off it will surely help the Longbow escape (the rebels have used forerunner tech to there prototype ships and its causing the longbow a lot of trouble, the captain approves and Jai does his mission with the help of a Elite Marine Squad. Season 1 ends. Season 2, now with only Adriana left, the Longbow requests for her to stay aboard. While Traveling to find the artifacts, the Longbow engages a anomalous Human Ship (this turns out to be the Spirit of Fire) over a planet which seems of some intrest, The Longbow sends down Ground teams, Titan finds a small group of soldiers and a Spartan saying he is Spartan-042 of the UNSC Spirit of Fire, Titan unbelievingly brings him aboard and figures out that It truely was Douglas-042, he explains the ship was hit from an anomaly and they had to wake up from cryo sleep and evac the ship about 6 weeks ago, the 3 Spartans were separated as well with the rest of the crew. Douglas soon finds out Adriana is onboard and is excited to see her because lots of Spartans were separated for their vast missions, and Douglas' team and Adriana's team were more friends among them then lots of the others. The two Spartan-IIs go with the rest of the spartans and marines to find the crew of the "spirit." and it could go on, but if anyone wants to use the idea in some way, Message me, my GT is NeptunesShadow. I would love to see this become a hit and watch it, it seems like a good idea one what happened to thes spartans that were litterally M.I.A. or Just basically forgotten about.
  7. Hey I'm sckull152 im looking for a team the title says it all.
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