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Found 19 results

  1. "UNTO LANDFALL" is a 5v5 to 8v8 map based on the Halo 3 Ad "Landfall" and Halo 3's UNSC Structures. This map was created by PredatorHunterG; Screenshots were captured with PredatorHunterG and Reaper498. Min. Player Count: 5v5;10 Max Player Count: 8v8;16 Creator: PredatorHunterG "Make Every Shot Count!" Gamemode: BigTeamBreakout (in my files; PredatorHunterG) Weapons: Oathsworn, 2 Brute Plasma Rifle, 2 Sentinel DMR, Silenced Assualt Rifle, Silence SMG, Longshot BR, Blood Of Suban, Magnum(Tactical), Sniper Rifle, Carbine, (Full) Turret. Vehicles: Rocket Warthog, Banshees' (2 of each). DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.halowaypoint.com/ Map Download link: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/map-variants?lastModifiedFilter=Everything&sortOrder=BookmarkCount&page=1&gamertag=PredatorHunterG#ugc_halo-5-guardians_xbox-one_mapvariant_PredatorHunterG_3074b85c-7372-42d5-a22c-bc785c5dbd93 Map Download link: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/map-variants?lastModifiedFilter=Everything&sortOrder=BookmarkCount&page=1&gamertag=PredatorHunterG#ugc_halo-5-guardians_xbox-one_mapvariant_PredatorHunterG_3074b85c-7372-42d5-a22c-bc785c5dbd93 Gamemode DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/game-variants?lastModifiedFilter=Everything&sortOrder=BookmarkCount&page=1&gamertag=PredatorHunterG#ugc_halo-5-guardians_xbox-one_gamevariant_PredatorHunterG_cd9e338c-b7c5-492e-8cc0-745837efdc5e
  2. Increasing "Big Team" from 12 players to its original 16 players! Bringing back additional playlists like "Team Doubles" Etc. Hopefully 343 will see this. Big team is my favorite playlist, going from 12 from 16 kind of ruined it for me... I'm used to the chaos or big clan fights, as it is right now I'd rather play big team on Halo 4 or Halo 3 on the Xbox360
  3. With oxygen becoming a scarce resource, this facility was designed to harness the power of the trees. This is a large, very fun and symmetrical arena-style map. There are 2 identical bases, man cannons for vertical travel, snipers on each base, rockets, an Energy Sword, and a few random drops. Oh, and the top level of the map is a greenhouse. It is recommended that 6-16 players play this map. It supports Infinity Slayer and Capture the Flag. Other game modes may be added. DOWNLOAD GREENHOUSE https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/my%20kevins/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=dc26e824-40ac-4f26-afed-0143095f5c66 Rush toward the middle floor of the arena to reach the Energy Sword. Or man the turret and protect your base. Enemies may be lurking in the distance.. After all, your flag is vulnerable. The best option, however, would be to reach higher ground by way of the man cannon. Or through your base.. Where you can stalk your enemies. Or duke it out in the Greenhouse upstairs. And reach your ultimate reward. DOWNLOAD GREENHOUSE https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/my%20kevins/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=dc26e824-40ac-4f26-afed-0143095f5c66 Enjoy.
  4. Ive been gaming since the release of the original xbox. Ive been playing the halo franchise ever since it came out. Lets see, in 2001 I was 6 or 7. That's how long I've been playing halo. And just xbox in general. I played halo 2 casually. Then when halo 3 came out, I stepped it up. I acquired 50s in multiple playlists. TS, TD, Snipers, SWAT, Big Team, and Squad Battle. Now that halo 3 is no longer available online, I've moved to halo4. I actually quit gaming for a year because halo 3s servers shut down. I was depressed. Yes. Depressed. Because the servers shut down. Now im back. I want to get into halo 4 and see what I can make of myself. I've played a little casually. But I want to become one of the best like I was in Halo 3. If anyone has a casual team that I can start out playing with in Halo 4, please shoot me a friend request. I just wanna get my skill up for now. Once I feel like I can keep up with the big dogs, I will either make a competitive team, or join one. If anybody thinks I would make a good extension to there gaming experience, please shoot me a friend request. Much love to the gaming community -ClassifiedSteel
  5. Hello Forums! Darkrain491 here requesting map testers for this coming saturday starting midnight Grenich Meridian Time (London). I am a keen forger that is intent on further promoting a map which i created which has proved very popular and i wish to spread to the community forge thread, but I want some outside opinion and quotes to see how i can improve it before this. So far it has 550 downloads and I am aiming for more. Here is a link to the maps download page for those interested and wish to give it a look over before playing it. the map is Floodgates . http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/darkrain491/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=38248dc3-45fa-407f-a479-11495cb264e9 If you are interested in this playtesting night, please message my Gamertag: Darkrain491 Also you may simply post here aswell Any messages left should be CONSTRUCTIVE. All particapants will be credited unless you do not wish to be, Screenshots will be taken to add to its gallery. If you do not wish to be included in said screenshots, please note in your reply. Map Elements include: Banshee Combat Long Range Medium Range Close Range Sniper Rifle Combat Man Cannons Interior and Exterior Combat Multi Platform Combat Minimum 10 player, Max 16. Rules: No Ordinance will be used Personal Loadouts Allowed. If anyone would like to add a Gametype to the following roster please let me know. Slayer CTF Regicide Dominion Extraction KOTH After the map testing I will be open to further custom games on my other maps if it is desired. maps include any on my fileshare, so download them if you want to playtest them yourself before trying them on the coming saturday. I will be leaving a survey as to what players believed it played best on, please do not use it until after playtesting Floodgates.
  6. I am proud to introduce a 8-16 player competitive slayer map on Forge Island. This map features several powerful vehicles, jumps, aesthetics, and more! Gamertag- Trio of Kings Map Name- Compitum Gametype- Slayer (CTF, oddball, and other gamemodes coming soon) Player Amount- 8-16 Weapons on Map- Rocket launcher (Defenders), Rail gun (Attackers), Sniper rifle (Neutral) Vehicles on Map (Per Team)- 2x Ghost, Mongoose, Warthog, Scorpion, Mantis; Rocket hog (Neutral) Details- Compitum is a competitive map on the middle island of Forge Islands, and is built in a V shape. On each "end" of the V, there is a base, Attackers or Defenders. At the point of the V there is a sniper on a tower, along with a rocket warthog. This map is Forge compatible, so if you start this map in Forge, just open up the tools, press "Delete by Pallet", then scroll to the bottom and hit "Delete Everything". All the items I locked will then still be there, like the map outline and a small part of each teams' base. Everything else you can edit to your liking. Images- Download- https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/trio%20of%20kings/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=5c87d5f8-f12f-4b6e-b9d0-f01329abedeb Thank you for reading, please consider doing a map review of Compitum. -Trio of Kings
  7. Alright 343, first things first, I think halo 4 rocks. And that's from someone who was very skeptical before playing. The only problem I have is the map sizes, they're all huge! Don't get me wrong, most are great for big team, and there are a few exceptions (haven, abandon to a degree) but overall the maps are way too big for 4v4. I'm a big swat fan and all we really need is two or three simple, uncluttered, concise maps like haven. There's no way that I'm the only one who thinks this too, I've only once seen haven come up as an option and not seen it selected. Maybe I'm wrong, throw in a reply if you agree or disagree. Anyway, overall good job, but some simple small maps would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Gamertag- ShockBolt21 Version shown- 1.0 Latest version- 2.6- major improvements FILE SHARE- (http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/shockbolt21/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0">http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/shockbolt21/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0</a>) Version 2.6 gameplay video HERE. (From 3:02 to 5:14) Armored Strike is a unique, one of a kind map. It is vehicle based, and is set up to represent a UNSC Orbital Landing Craft (Blue/Attacker base) landing forces on the asteroid to attack an embedded base (Red/Defender base), within which the players spawn in every time (no random spawns across the map). This invasion-like set up makes it more realistic, and is a nice aversion from your typical arena map, with players spawning randomly and weapons and vehicles that have been scattered across the map by some unknown force. Anyway, there are a variety of vehicles in the bases, but also several opportunities for a Spartan on foot if no vehicle is available or if he chooses to go without one. The battlefield. Landing Craft on right, embedded base on left. Neutral warehouse also pictured. The battlefield is the entire empty asteroid on Impact, and rocks have been added to the plain so vehicles and spartans can use them for cover. There is also a neutral warehouse with several heavy weapons in it that can be utilized by the infantry spartans if your team has control over it. There are also several ordnance drops for the infantry, so even though your DMRs might not be too useful, players still have several options if they can't grab a vehicle. Inside the Orbital Landing Craft. (Not shown- 2 shades, one on either side of the observation window w/ 200% damage increase) There will be some intense tank battles between the scorpions, with supportive wraith fire shooting in from the red side and banshee air support flying for the blues. The warthogs will also play an important role, providing mobility, transport, and decent firepower. The mongooses can be used for transport, and the ghosts can rush in where they're needed. The team that uses their vehicles tactically will gain the upper hand. The vehicles are... Blue Base- Spacecraft: 2 scorpions, 2 banshees, 1 ghost, 1 mongoose, 1 rocket warthog, 1 gauss warthog Red Base- Embedded: 2 scorpions, 2 wraiths, 1 ghost, 1 mongoose, 1 rocket warthog, 1 gauss warthog Banshee deployment from the rear of the landing craft There are several ordnance drops with anti-vehicle weapons throughout the battlefield, with relatively low respawn times (45 to 65 seconds). This holds opposite for the warehouse weapons. The weapons in there, which are extremely numerous, have spawn times of 2+ minutes. Here are all the ordnance drops: -2 fuel rod guns, one relatively close to each base -2 rocket launchers; slightly farther from the fuel rods but not quite neutral -1 neutral incineration cannon -1 neutral spartan laser View from behind the Red Asteroid-embedded base. (Not shown- rooftop weapons rack for base defense) In this map, the more players, the merrier, with 10-16 being the optimal player count. Works with slayer, king of the hill, and capture the flag. I am not, by any means, new to forge, but this is my first online upload, so I would highly appreciate some criticism and feedback. This map, Armored Strike, can be found in the file share for my gamertag, ShockBolt21. Also, make sure to check out my latest map "Tank Superiority" for some pure scorpion combat on a significantly larger map. You can download both maps on my File Share.
  9. All my big team buddies have quit playing halo 4 because there is no big team objective. We have played big team CTF together since halo 2. It is our favorite game type. My buddies are not good at just slayer, but put a flag on the map and they shine. The current CTF team size is too small. Why is there still no big team objective. Halo 4 has some great maps that are not being utilized well because there is no BT Objective. We are a team of 8 and we are begging you to please add this game type (that should have been released with the game). To say my buddies are disappointed is an understatement, they have quit playing halo period. Please help.
  10. Hey there everyone, i wanted to start this topic so that if anyone who needed a map tested could come here and see if it works well get feedback ideas and other thoughts, i will be testing with everyone i am currently working for a bachelors for game are design so i could help alot with maps and how smooth they work. SO WHOS WANTS TO TEST SOME MAPS!??!?!?!?!?! IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO GET A MAP TESTED PLEASE PLACE YOUR GAMERTAG BELOW WITH A BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE MAP THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TESTED -gamertag: ElJefeWay Id like my map tested. Gamertag:ElJefeWay Description: a big team slayer map , no special game types just big team slayer and ffa. Its a map made in impact with atroid fields for banshee warfare, it has 3 banshees, gauss hog, ghost and mongooses. i would like to test the gameplay of it with the smoothness of the transitions between random drops and intial drops tested i will be on here all day
  11. Gamertag: Fraw Lawk Map: Orange_H4 Gametype: Orange_H4 Player Count: 12 - 16 Alrightythen everyone, its time to lay this first map to rest. I apologize for reposting this map for the third time but I've made changes from time to time and now its finally completed. This map is made for an epic battle using dominion mode. The amount of players that I recommend doing is 16 players or 8 v 8 to get the full chaos out of it. Orange_H4 is semi symmetrical because of some issues I had to deal with like lack of budget and structure. I've put out more vehicles (wraiths and regular warthogs), changed up a few weapon choices for objective drops. "Orange" doesn't sound like a cool or original name for a map but the reason why I named it orange is because it was supposed to be a remake or tribute for this map http://gamebanana.co...om/maps/46051�� Orange maps are made not only in TF2 (Team Fortress 2) but are in many other games that have an editor tool (Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, Left 4 dead series, etc.) so its kinda like a tradition to have a Orange map so I brought it into Halo 4. Hope you guys like my first completed map, Have fun! Overview of the map Bases Middle Base ©
  12. Gamertag: Fraw Lawk Map: Orange_TF2 V1.6 Gametype: ORANGE_TF2 Edit: LAST EDITED 12/12/12 Thread is outdated, see newest here http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/23392-orange-h4-final/ Here is my lastest update from my previous version here http://www.343indust...-tf2-dominion/. Nothing really dramatically changed, just some minor details for both bases and added team colors for walls, decoration, etc. Especially at C area, I've made the building and around it orange because why not? There is an added Bigscreen for second floor in C, and brought some of the colosseums and natural rocks together to avoid seeing gap holes. I swear no matter how many times I magnetize the wall colosseums that make the floor layout, they won't stay 100% together. Really, its one of the most aggrivating things about forge. A closer look at the spawn area. Finding a way to build w/o using grids makes me feel so much better about my forging skills, lol. Middle, C, however you would call it. 1st floor of C 2nd floor of C I really need some playtesters please! As always, look for it in my fileshare "Fraw Lawk"!
  13. I know people normally complain about ragnarok being played to much, but lately I have noticed a significant increase in the amount of times exile is being voted in bts. It's like every time i get thrown in to a match it's on exile. The game needs more maps I know but until then i think there should be more balance in the choices (maybe 343 should throw erosion into the vote), I don't know if it's just me but ragnarok hardly even comes up for vote anymore.
  14. Hello, I just started playing the halo series again recently, i played a lot of halo 2 and 3, not so much reach or odst. I have only been playing halo 4 for a little while so i'm on SR 28 as of right now, but my K/D has been over 1.1 since i started, so i think i'm not too bad. I'm really just looking for a group of people to play with online, either for fun or in competition. If that sounds like something you're into, just reply. Peace. GT- Kjoyea
  15. I feel like thee should be a Big Team Slayer playlist option for match making. Now im not talking about Infinity Big Team, myself among many others I have spoken to, think that the option to order power weapns after as little as three or four kills is somewhat overpowerd. That is not to say that there is no place for Infinity Big Team, for the most part it is enjoyable, but on Ragnarock for example this feature can seem at best 'gimmicy' because of the excessive amount of 'camping' snipers due to the ordenace drops. I think that adding the playlist option of a core Big Team will end this sometimes frustraighting problem by adding an alternative to it.
  16. I'm serious guys, i know gaming now a days feels like it has to hold peoples hands, but seriously, no more team killing? I get that it's supposed to stop betrayals and crap but at the same time people that use explosives recklessly aren't punished by killing their teammate. Usually if someone fires a shot at a guy and their teammates grenade finishes them off the original damager gets the kill. That kept so many people from firing rockets without thinking and throwing grenades into a group of their friends. 343 i think you have done well with Halo 4 but come on. The one thing i want is the ability to hurt your teammates again just to punish people for being stupid.
  17. Before I delve into my gripes about Halo 4, I have to say, this game is awesome. I love it. I just see many limitations especially as time progresses. I want this game to be successful so these are just my thoughts/changes wanted. 1.) Big Team Battles. Ok so this may be my biggest issue overall. The main thing I used to play were Big Team Battles, and now that we only have Slayer, it's very depressing and gets boring. I desperately want Big Team CTF, I poured hours into that game mode in the past and now that we don't have it, I find myself getting annoyed/bored already. My fix would be to imsply implement these game modes, I don't see this being an issue at all really. 2.) Weapons. Now my problems here aren't the weapons implemented into the game, overall, I have no problems with the weapons themselves. My problem is with the weapons on the maps, or the lack there-of. There aren't even pistols available. Very few grenades. Overall, I just feel no variations on the battlefield from one battle to another, which is what made Halo famous. I see two-possible options here. More ordinances but reduce the lickliness of power-weapons. Or, simply place weapons on the map. 3.) Warthogs. Arguably the most faous vehicle within the series and it's ignored in every game I have yet to enter. I think the issue is just the lack of armor. A couple DMR's rip into the 'Hog which really shuld be the case. 4.) Forge/File Sharing. I'm not sure what the issue is here but when you look for any files; whether it be videos or custom maps, nothing shows up when you search or go to a section like "Most Downloaded." 5.) Custom Games. We should be able to search for custom games that players are currently playing. Just make the games unranked. I just think this would be a fun way to variate the game, practice, and see what creations other players have done. Just moy thoughts towards the game. Let me know what your's are.
  18. Name of Map: Seige Canvas Map: Forge World Link to MAP: http://halo.xbox.com/en-us/haloreach/filebrowser/Details/24452306 Recommended Player Count: 12 Game Variant: Slayer Gamertag: ksi church2135 the map was made when my gamertag was KSI Church2135, dont let the name discourage you lol, i left the clan and now my gamertag is Powerpunchplus. it is a symmetrical slayer map, best for 8-12 players, but can play well on big team battle. no vehicles, multileveled castle with multiple ways to get in and out of any situation. A moat on either side that can be used to get in the lower level on the castle once the front gate closes at 3 minutes into the game. mancannons act as catapults to shoot players into the second story window and a central mancannon appears at 2 minutes in to catapult players to the top of the level where the sniper spawns. twoway teleporters are at the sides of the bottom level to take you into the second level and on a platform that you can get to by a staircase in the middle of the second level there are two teleporters to bring your spartan to the top or the castle. this is a bigger map that is well balanced and fun the scenery changes around the player at certain intervals of the game to create new ways to get around and change up the gameplay.
  19. Hello everyone I will be hosting a 16 player match of alpha zombies. Winner gets a 25 doller best buy card to use online. if you would like your card in person i can walk you through the process. Gamer Tag:AchangeofFate. Disclaimer:I take all responsibility of this contest.343 industries has no part in this contest.Its just for fun.
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