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Found 11 results

  1. Finally got a match in and ended up shooting a guys nade in his hand and killing him haha. Hopefully fixes come soon to have more moments like this.
  2. Hey, Just looking for a few players that are fairly serious of temperament who wanna play. I play to win and that's hard to do in team games with random players who are seemingly clueless. Don't care if you have mic or anything cause mine is broken right now anyway. Just need a few people that can aim. Add iKrameTrain if you are interested.
  3. The video will tell you what you need to be and what to do. Just do what I do
  4. This video explains everything you need to do and be. Very easy, simple and understandable. Enjoy
  5. As you may have heard, the CSR (Competitive Skill Ranking) System is set to drop early 2013. But 343 is undecided about weather or not to give you a fresh start and start at skill level 1, or put skill ranks in based on what you already have done. 343 says they are tracking your skill rank right now, but just haven't implemented the skill system in yet so you can't see it. Personally, I think keeping the skill ranks instead of resetting it is a terrible idea. First off we don't know what playlists are competitive and which are social. Next, all playlists have Join in Progress. If the Skill system if based off if you win or lose (which it better be) than having people joining and quiting your match could completely mess up your skill rank. And last of all, the game is defiantly not developed enough to start tracking skill. As the game stands now, there are many problems that could interfere with your wins and loses. None of this would really matter, except your skill can get very hard to change if you get incosietant with your wins and loses. Let's say you win a few here, the lose a few there, and overall are just unpredictable winning/losing games. If that has happened then the skill rank can seem to be really hard to move up or down in either direction. A more explained look at the system can be found here: http://www.bungie.net/forums/posts.aspx?postid=14414600 In short, it basically states that inconsistansy = slow rank movement up and down, and vise versa. And since I'm sure most off you had been playing with randoms you probably have already been very inconsistent, and a fresh start would be a much better option for you in that. I'm not for sure saying that's how the CSR system will work, but they are sticking to something very similiar to the old trueskill system. Other concearns I have that we should tell 343 to do is tell them that they shouldn't make your skill rank only visible on Halo Waypoint, which is currently what they plan on doing. They should also keep it win/lose based and not personal stat based system. This is because Halo is a very team based game, and personal stats can't detect your callouts, teamwork, etc. I made this thread so we can make sure 343 makes a great system, because honestly the fate of the Halo series depends on it.
  6. This is to win a premium Xbox theme! solve my riddle first and i'll PM it to you. I'm grown from an animal, You eat me with glee. I go great on everything, just try me, you'll see. I'm Breakfast, I'm dinner, An anytime snack. So there. There's my riddle, Give it a shot, take a crack. Only Post ONCE!!!! One guess!
  7. Hello I am LSG Saint real name Alex. I am part of a new community Legion of Shadows Gaming with only 7 members right now and others ready to join with ambitions to make it pro or help our people get there if we can’t. Our community is extremely structured with a system based off the military to keep it organized. We compete on multiple websites and are currently getting ready for our first boot camp or team building (what I think of it) to get our first possible team together and ready to compete. We are looking for mature gamers only that are 18+ or if they are 17 maybe. We are big with communication both in game and real life. We in LSG aren’t just game friends. Over the past year we have built friendships even if we are in different states. Me personally you can’t find that in other communities. If this is something that you want from a team, clan, or community visit us at legionofshadowsgaming.com and apply or send a message to LSG SAINT, LSG SUPREME, or LSG Immortal if you want to talk. “Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.”
  8. Kilo Team is now in recruiting season, which means that we will allow all and any members to join with all exceptions. Here is all of our best offers: Join our clan and receive either a promotion to a high grade or a FREE Mega-XP Code! Join an ally clan and host a Halo 4 forging/custom game playdate! Support in a clan battle and earn help with campaign! Send a friend request to an existing member and receive a matchmaking playdate! ​So what are you waiting for! Join now by any means! Offer ends on 11/20/12. Resignation will result with removal of friend request and so forth.
  9. Rules are simple, state a game, and only one game per post, you can post multiple times, but only after someone else has posted theirs! (no Duplicate naming of games, and please lets not try to spam post this topic much) Halo: Reach.
  10. Post your signatures in the comments below and you could win a 2day xbox live pass. I will judge based on: relevance to halo awesomness creativity colorful You can score up to 5 stars in each category. You have until January 21 2012 to submit. Winners will be announced and awarded on January 31 2012. Be sure to invite your friends
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