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Found 4 results

  1. 343 Industries, Thank you for allowing a player named "BLACKMARCOS" (tag: AQUI) to destroy all of our Mantis during the SHOOTOUT IN VALHALLA (TWO GIANTS). We could not kick him out or betray him. I appreciate the awesome game I DID NOT have while he was destroying us. I understand you do not want people killing each other in the game, but you can still destroy each other's vehicles. Way to make that possible. I am not a fan of Halo 4 for many reasons. 1. What is the deal with the shark and the sting ray? 2. The scoring on this game is horrible. Kill/Death ratio should determine how good your score is, not random medals. Who cares if someone gets a railgun kill if they have a K/D ratio of -4. 3. Carnage Report is difficult to read. Put us all in one screen so I don't have to scroll down to see people please. 4. Ordinances are horrible. You're giving special weapons to people who play well. Very unfair. 5. The lag on Spartan Ops is getting out of control. The missions are not even fun anymore. 6. I can only vote once on a map? I can't change my mind? 7. Too many loadout options. Dumb. 8. How about putting some weapons on the maps. I run out of ammo every time before I can find another weapon. 9. FRIENDLY FIRE SHOULD BE TURNED ON!!!
  2. I'm serious guys, i know gaming now a days feels like it has to hold peoples hands, but seriously, no more team killing? I get that it's supposed to stop betrayals and crap but at the same time people that use explosives recklessly aren't punished by killing their teammate. Usually if someone fires a shot at a guy and their teammates grenade finishes them off the original damager gets the kill. That kept so many people from firing rockets without thinking and throwing grenades into a group of their friends. 343 i think you have done well with Halo 4 but come on. The one thing i want is the ability to hurt your teammates again just to punish people for being stupid.
  3. Can we please remove the friendly fire in Spartan Ops? Please? I'm so incredibly tired of jerks running around, and for no readily apparent reason, blowing me the heck up. I don't think I've done anything. I'm sorry if I've offended you. Please leave me alone. I wish I could say these things, but if I took the time to do so, they'd take the chance to blow me up and t-bag me for a few minutes leaving me with no other option but to scream "******!" at the screen. Dear all jerks who play Halo 4: Please stop. Just stop everything. Playing, breathing, reproducing. We don't need you. Stop.
  4. Hey guys, One I would like to see controlled a little better would be team killing in halo 4. (SO far I have every bit of confidence in halo 4). I admit, I do get annoyed of the constant team killing, wether it just be totally random, or over a power weapon, sniper, rocket, etc. Though instead of whinging, I actually have a solution. THe idea is this, its kind of like Shield vampirism, but in reverse. So when your team mate shoots you, it actually doesnt affect your shield/health at all, but takes away health on their shield/health. The second part to this feature would be, if they self kill themselves twice consistantly then they get autobooted. The only negative I can see to this is, if you accidently shoot your own team mates, but when that happens, its usually only a one burst/shot mistake. Perhaps it could be made that the first bullet does not count, that way when noobs jump in front of their team mate sniping...the sniper does not get penalised. What are your thoughts?
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